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>> Sunday, September 2, 2012

It is September already!  Only four more months until the beginning of a brand new year.  I am repeating those words as I type for I can hardly believe that my favorite time of the year is nearly here!  Fall.  Love it! Can you tell I'm getting older?  He, he ...

What better time for another fabulous blog train than as we near the end of summer.  Kiddos are back-to-school, temperatures are slowly declining (jumping up and down this side of the screen) and y'all are most likely preparing your scrapbooking schedule for the fall and winter months, aren't you?  Yes, I am sure that y'all are more organized than I am!  *smile*

September's blog train theme is, *Inspire Me*.  My contribution this ride reflects a few of the things that have been inspiring me this summer, especially now that I am back in my designer chair.  *squee*  Music, flowers and the latest trending shape, hexagons have all kept my eyes and ears quite busy lately!  I will share more about all of that next post.

I hope that you are enjoying your ride through Scrapland and please do come back and visit me next week, sometime after Labor Day.  

I will have a couple of extra goodies to add to *Inspire Me*, that I truly hope will inspire you!

Have a safe and fun Labor Weekend everyone here in the USA!

You should have found your way here from:  Trixie Scraps Designs  

If you've lost your way or wish to see the slideshow and/or the entire list of participating designers, then head on over to The Blog Train Blog.  

Reminder:  There are designers participating from all across the globe, so please try to give a full 24-48 hours for everyone to post their goodies before giving up!  I'm late this time around and I know that sometimes things happen between getting files uploaded and working properly or even finding something out of kilter and needing to fix it before posting!  Thank you for your patience and I'm sure you'll enjoy my instant download.  *big smile*

Here is a peek at my part of *Inspire Me*:

Sorry, this link has expired.  You can find it in my shop sometime on or about the 15th of October :)

Thank you for stopping in and I hope that you enjoy your goodies today :)

Bon Scrapatit!

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