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>> Saturday, January 29, 2011

And just where have y'all been for the past month?  Hmm?  Oh ... that's right.  It is I that has been MIA.  Fancy that!  LOL!  *blush*

The first three weeks of this month found me sleeping until 11-ish or so every morning.  No matter what time I went to bed!  Can you say say "hibernation"?  I was really beginning to get a feel for what the bears go through every winter! And to think, I do not live in a cave!  Or, do I?  He, he ...

January 4th, I quit everything.  Cold turkey!  Wheat, gluten, sugar, caffeine (I am determined to figure out what my digestive tract is rebelling against :) ... so I thought, perhaps, my body detoxing was the madness behind my sleeping for 10-12 hours each night, however, my better half informed me that there was a much simpler explanation.  No sun.  Three weeks of fog and cold.  Brr.  However, that did not stop us from our daily trek up and down the luscious green hills of Copperopolis!  Oh no.  I am sure that is what kept me sane in all of the gray and bone-chilling cold!  There is more to the story, so I am sure several things factored into my long winter's nap(s)!

One week ago, the sun appeared.  Guess what?  I woke up at 9:30.  I woke up at 9:00.  OMGosh.  I was up at 8:00 even!  My sweet man was SO correct.  It was, indeed, the barometric pressure!  I am now back to my regularly scheduled programming!  LOL! 

What, if anything, has affected your daily routine this past month?

Last you heard from me, I was working on a kit (two actually), one of which I have now renamed.  That is what happens when I abandon ship mid-stream and try climbing back on board the same boat!  HA, HA!

*Warm Winter Wishes* will be coming your way once I've put on the final touches, sorted my files, zipped them up and uploaded them.  I simply must have it delivered to you prior to the February Blog Train departing on February 1st, which will be *My Heart's Dream*.  I can't wait to share! Delicious!

Meanwhile ... I leave you with a sneak-peek of *Warm Winter Wishes*, which moves in the opposite direction of snow and ice and reflects our traditional winters here in the foothills of Northern California!  In fact, the more I look at this sneak-peek, along with what I've already described to you, the color palette fits our winters just about perfectly.  We rarely see snowfall here.  If we do, it's a dusting and is gone in less than 24 hours! 

The skies at night are typically black, clear and strewn with stars, while the daytime hours, without the sunshine, are gray, green and cold.  When the sun is out, the glow is spectacular and it truly warms you from the inside out!

Of course, y'all know I've just got to have a bit of glitz going on in my kits!  Wouldn't it be amazing to find those lovely pearl berry branches growing wild and some silver glittered stars hanging from the sky?  Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?  LOL!

Details at 100%.  Photos courtesy of my BFF, Dawn of Snowsmoon's Design - thanks girlfriend!

So, what exactly is "Reverse Scrapmosis"?  Here is my definition (please feel free to help me tweak it!):

A method of producing pure (refined) scrap (digital and/or traditional) by which a solution passes through a semipermeable (scrap) brain in a direction opposite to that for natural scrapmosis, after having been subjected to outside pressures (distractions of any sort and/or over doses of inspiration, the kind that hijacks your mind and leaves you unable to focus on the project at hand) greater than the normal scrapmotic pressure!

And just what does that look like for real?

A good example is the scrapatit I am giving you today!  Totally in "reverse" of my usual offerings isn't it?  I had to practice a little "Reverse Scrapmosis" to be able to complete *Warm Winter Wishes* after having been horribly distracted (to the tune of those three weeks of hibernation), leaving me to move in the opposite direction for a solution to my polluted "scrap" brain by which I would be able to finally refine my scrap into a palatable product!

Yes, the little men in white coats are at the door as I type!  He, he, ha, ha, ho, ho! *big grin*

Our grandson, Jace, upon his uncle Luke's shoulders just a wishing and a hoping that his uncle Matt does not don that ugly and scary Halloween mask again!  I'll have to share the little video clip I captured on my phone.  Too, too precious.  "Put it away now", exclaimed Jace in a very serious tone of voice.  Mind you, this all took place the day after Thanksgiving when Mark, Jessica and Jace came down to visit. Yes, the story will be told on an adjoining page! *wink*

 I am feeling so good.  I've scrapped.  I've designed.  I've blogged.

Let us celebrate!  Stay-tuned for my next post (Monday, January 31st).  Along with *Warm Winter Wishes*, I shall give you the details on how you can win a $10 GC to the store of your choice (provided they offer them) from me!

Have an amazing weekend and don't forget to get your scrap on and to stop on in to say hello! 

 Download Scrapatits 

I have been reading about the dislike of 4-shared's long wait time over the past several months, so I've decided to use Windows Sky Drive as used by Deb aka The Scrappin' Cop.  I have found downloading fast, easy and painless!  I have but one request.  Please leave comments here on my blog.  I do so love hearing from you and it is easier for me to keep up with you here and I do reply to each and every comment personally.  On occasion I get behind, but for the most part, I check them every day or two.  Thanks so much for your support and Bon Scrapatit!  XO

*Please give me a shout if you experience any issues with Sky Drive as this is my first time to use them on a personal basis.  I am working on getting my own FTP set up on my website and once I get it all figured out, that shall, hopefully, make things easier on all of us!* :)


2011 and the january blog train have arrived!

>> Saturday, January 1, 2011

Embellished Word Frame from *Grandma's Quilt* by Bon Scrapatit Designs


Welcome to 2011 everyone!  My wish, hope and prayer for everyone is that the new year find y'all experiencing even more love, joy, laughter and success than the past year!  

Thank you for your continued support of my determination this past year to keep on designing no matter what obstacles have come my way and I am looking forward to a bright and beautiful new year filled with endless possibilities and hope that you are as well!

I cannot think of a better way for Scrapland to start off 2011 than with another amazing blog train hosted by one incredibly lovely lady, who never disappoints us with a fabulous color palette and theme bi-monthly, Trish Heffner, owner of Enchanted Studio Scraps!

You should have found your way here from Darlene Designs

I hope you left Darlene a lovely note of thanks and there are still a few snags in the blog list, as some designers have not been able to make it and have been removed, which sometimes causes the train to jump the track, but nothing we cannot have fixed in the first day or two!  With that said, I am not quite sure how you've arrived at Bon Scrapatit Designs!  LOL!

Remember that we have over 100 designers participating from all over the globe, so if you don't find a blog ready to download from, try again later.  Everyone should be up and running within 24 hours.

Here is what awaits you at each train station ... er, uhm ... I mean designer blog! *smile*

I may sound redundant but I always wait out the first week to do any downloading as it cuts down on the traffic overload for 4-shared, which is who most of us use for our zip files, and then I am not faced with time-outs and/or incomplete downloads, which we all know can be frustrating!

Your next stop on this beautiful heritage train ride is my long-time designer colleague and beautiful friend from across the pond, Vicki of A Work in Progress!  Please leave her some love for the both of us! *wink*

Here is the link to The Blog Train Blog in the event you are lost, or wish to see the entire list of blogs participating this trip!  While you are there, why not join me in giving Trish a heartfelt thank you for her dedication, time and hard work in keeping this train on schedule every other month for the past several years! 

My preview for my contribution to *Grandma's Quilt* with download links beneath.  I always try to keep each link under 30 MBs for those with a slower Internet connection and/or limitations.  This time, I am also adding one link as well for those who have the ability and/or prefer to download all in one fell swoop!

May this be your scrap-happiest year ever!


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