scrappers give thanks!

>> Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hi y'all!

Hoping everyone celebrating Thanksgiving this past week has had a safe, fun, warm and heartfilling (tummy too) day of gathering with family, friends and/or acquaintances!

This year, I had the privilege of participating in the project, Scrappers Give Thanks 2012 and I wish to share with you all briefly what it is about if you've not heard of, nor have been a part of one in the past.

Scrappers Give Thanks is the brain/heart child of the amazing Jennifer Wilson, creator of the website, Simple Scrapper.

Each year, around this time of Thanksgiving, this wonderful charitable event comes together within the online scrapbooking community.  It is a way for us as an online community of scrapbookers to give to an organization that has been recommended to us and then voted on.

Projects in the past have included Operation Write Home and Scrappers Give Thanks 2010.  Each highlighted link will give you a description of each project!  So heartwarming.

This year's project is in the form of a monetary donation with proceeds going to the American Heart Association in memory of a long-time and dearly beloved digital designer in our community who recently passed away, Eva Kipler.

There is no default amount to give, although there is a $1 minimum when you enter your amount in the cart.  This is a tax-deductible donation.

As a thank you for your giving this year, you will receive a collection of scrapbooking tutorials to download from volunteers who have contributed their expertise!  You may find the list of each tutorial included in the collection, as well as the full description and directions for donating, here!

I am late in presenting this wonderful project with you due to a power outage we experienced on Thanksgiving Day.  I had a few technical issues to sort out and I am just happy to be here today to share and to also tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of you! 

Christmas Day, December 25th, is the last day of giving to this years Scrapper Give Thanks project.  Please do share this with your scrapbooking friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc!

Thank you so much for taking time to stop in and I shall be back soon!  Ho, ho, ho, ho.  Happy, happy y'all!!!


a special weekend, fall edition addon has arrived ... it's free too!

>> Friday, October 5, 2012

Life is good!

I've been a mad cleaning woman as we prepare to celebrate our early Thanksgiving with my sweet hubby's father, four of his seven siblings, and one sister-in-law this coming Sunday and Monday!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!  *sigh*

The last time this particular group of 'Ohana gathered here at our home was when I was out-of-state for the birth or our grandson, Henry!  Speaking of Henry, I had a surprise Skype call from Henry's mommy this afternoon and was able to catch up with his milestones, peek into his big blue eyes, and be mesmerized by his precious little smile!  

Henry and Mommy took me outside for a tour of the fabulous garden the kids planted in the Spring of this year and the new deck that April's awesome hubby built off the room I stayed in while visiting!  My heart was filled to overflowing and I had a smile on my face all day while cleaning house!  *big smile*

This has been an incredible week and it is definitely going to end with a bang!  I hope y'all have had an amazing week as well and it is my wish that you enjoy this little gift by way of an add-on to A Special Weekend (Fall Edition).

Ready ... Set ... Scrap!!!

(double-click on the gray box!)

Please feel free to share by way of the social media buttons below.  I shall greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for visiting me today and keep on scrapping happy!


a special weekend ... scrapatit!

>> Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Special Weekend, Scrapatit One is here!  Sorry for the delay.  I had to cancel my scheduled post near the last minute to correct an error I made and then got sidetracked in the kitchen making dinner!  LOL!  And those that have followed me for years know how detailed my eyeballs are!  *sigh*

Below is a preview of the little add-on I will have posted for you this Friday, October 5th.  I am going to proof it again later this morning and, hopefully, catch any of my little boo-boos before scheduling it to go live Friday afternoon!  *smile*

You might find a few extra goodies not seen in the preview when you download on Friday!  All word art is in a separate PNG file for your own customized placement.  You will also find my usual two files of each, one being regular print and the other a rub-on.  The two journal cards used in the Frame Cluster are also included in separate files, as is the Multi Grunge Print!  For anyone new to digital scrapbooking, you can use any of the papers from the blog train and your download on Friday to clip onto the word art for a cohesive look on your layouts or hybrid projects.  Have fun and experiment with new techniques!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below and I will answer them as quickly as I am able to.  Generally, you will hear back from me within a 24-hour time period.  Y'all know how that little thing called life sometimes gets in the way, right?  You, of course, can always email me directly at bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com, if you prefer to communicate privately.  

Do y'all ever come back to see my reply to the comments you leave?  Thank you Valinda!  I saw your reply to my reply come in earlier today!  Disqus sends through emails at least once per day, which helps tremendously in my keeping up with you.  While I try my very best to reply to your comments right away, sometimes it may be a day to a day-and-a-half before I am able to get each one posted, but I do reply to each and every one of you that stop in!

Also, just a reminder that I've switched up my social media buttons hoping to have made them easier for y'all to use when reading and/or downloading.  Don't be shy!  Every time you share, it helps to give me more exposure.  *big smile*  I thank you in advance for helping me to get the word out, especially since I don't have my business page complete on Facebook yet and I am working my way back to Scrapland on a more regular basis!  *happy dance*

I just wish you all to know how much I truly appreciate you and your continual support.  It means the world to me!  Y'all inspire me you know!

Here is your download for Wednesday in the wee hours of Thursday morning!  

(double-click on the gray box!)

Have an amazing day everyone.  Get your scrap on and I hope to see you Friday!  


a special weekend ... dsf october 2012 blog train!

>> Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy first day of October y'all!

Come and join me on my very first blog train ride with the wonderful designers participating over at Digi Scrap Forum!  The theme this month is, Special Weekend.  While I consider every weekend to be a special one, some are naturally a little more special than others, right?  *big smile*  

Jump on board, here we go!

You should be stopping in from Snackpack Gu's Designs

Here is the contribution from Bon Scrapatit Designs:

(double-click on the gray box!)

Your next stop on A Special Weekend blog train ride is Ponytail Designs

If you get lost along the way, wish to see the list of all participating designers, take a peek at all of the previews, or want to browse around the site, visit Digi Scrap Forum!  Should you decide to register as a member, please list Bon Scrapatit Designs as the member who referred you - thanks!  If you are a designer and interested in participating in future blog trains, you are most welcome and encouraged to register!  Lissa, the founder of DSF has all of the necessary information posted on site.  If you have any questions, she is quick to answer!

Should this be your first visit to Bon Scrapatit Designs, head on up to the top of my sidebar on the right and sign up for my feed to be delivered right to your inbox to be alerted to more freebies, new products, contests, etc!

Come back and visit on Wednesday, October 3rd for a free scrapatit as shown in the layout below.  Minus the photo and journaling of course!  *He, he ...*  On Friday, October 5th, I will have a little add-on posted for you.  We are having family visit this weekend for an early Thanksgiving (everyday is Thanksgiving, right?), therefore I have automatically scheduled Wednesday and Friday's posts to ensure they are ready and waiting for your return!  *smile*

Layout created using *A Special Weekend (Fall Edition)* plus some of the goodies from Add-on coming 
Friday, October 5th.  Photo taken by Linda Walton/Bon Scrapatit Designs.  Font used for journaling is Allura.

Journaling reads:  
Surrounded by scrub oaks here in Copper, the lack of color changing leaves is made up for in the 
stunning Autumn afterglow after sunset.

Thanks for visiting Bon Scrapatit Designs and enjoy the rest of the blog train ride, the week ahead and the wonderful month of October!  Please feel free to share with your friends and family via the social media buttons below - thank you!  *big smile*


september blog train has arrived ... be inspired!

>> Sunday, September 2, 2012

It is September already!  Only four more months until the beginning of a brand new year.  I am repeating those words as I type for I can hardly believe that my favorite time of the year is nearly here!  Fall.  Love it! Can you tell I'm getting older?  He, he ...

What better time for another fabulous blog train than as we near the end of summer.  Kiddos are back-to-school, temperatures are slowly declining (jumping up and down this side of the screen) and y'all are most likely preparing your scrapbooking schedule for the fall and winter months, aren't you?  Yes, I am sure that y'all are more organized than I am!  *smile*

September's blog train theme is, *Inspire Me*.  My contribution this ride reflects a few of the things that have been inspiring me this summer, especially now that I am back in my designer chair.  *squee*  Music, flowers and the latest trending shape, hexagons have all kept my eyes and ears quite busy lately!  I will share more about all of that next post.

I hope that you are enjoying your ride through Scrapland and please do come back and visit me next week, sometime after Labor Day.  

I will have a couple of extra goodies to add to *Inspire Me*, that I truly hope will inspire you!

Have a safe and fun Labor Weekend everyone here in the USA!

You should have found your way here from:  Trixie Scraps Designs  

If you've lost your way or wish to see the slideshow and/or the entire list of participating designers, then head on over to The Blog Train Blog.  

Reminder:  There are designers participating from all across the globe, so please try to give a full 24-48 hours for everyone to post their goodies before giving up!  I'm late this time around and I know that sometimes things happen between getting files uploaded and working properly or even finding something out of kilter and needing to fix it before posting!  Thank you for your patience and I'm sure you'll enjoy my instant download.  *big smile*

Here is a peek at my part of *Inspire Me*:

Sorry, this link has expired.  You can find it in my shop sometime on or about the 15th of October :)

Thank you for stopping in and I hope that you enjoy your goodies today :)

Bon Scrapatit!

If you like what you see, I would love for you to share with others using the social 
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pin my preview to Pinterest now!  My new favorite place to browse for all kinds of
inspiration.  What a great place to collect recipes too! 


celebrating a century with julia child ... bon appetit to bon scrapatit ... a gift!

>> Saturday, August 18, 2012

Google Doodle Celebrates Julia Child's 100th Birthday!
Experience life with Julia through a tribute written by Suzy
Davidson, Executive Director of the Julia Child Foundation
and the creation of one of Google's latest doodles by
Willie Real - Doodler  HERE

Warning - long post!  Grab a snack and something to drink.  I wouldn't wish anyone to pass out at the computer!  *giggling*  Just kidding!  Hold your breath twice and swallow three times and you'll be finished!  *wink*

The woman I dub Queen of culinary skills, who first studied French cooking at the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in France after moving there with her husband, and who wished us an enjoyable meal by way of her delightful rendition of "Bon Appetit" at the end of her television segments, would have been a century old Wednesday, August 15th.  Nonetheless, Julia Child is ever present among us in spirit and through her incredible legacy.  Surely Ms. Julia shall go down in history as one of the, if not the most, important persons to have had such a profound effect in American kitchens by taking our culinary skills to a new level, and teaching us to laugh at ourselves when we make a mistake.  "Remember, there is no one in the kitchen but you", Mrs. Child would say!  I dare say, we've not looked back and are still moving forward in our kitchen expertise while producing a fine group of Master Chefs who continue to come forth in mighty numbers, both male and female!

How has Julia Child influenced your life, either directly or indirectly?

Why am I posting about the 100 year celebration of the author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking?

The reason is two-fold.

First and foremost, I enjoyed watching Mrs. Child over a span of several decades off-and-on. Standing 6'2" tall, possessing a unique and unmistakable voice that captivated an audience, as well as her incredible sense of humor while cooking in the kitchen, Julia Child was difficult to pass over.  My desire to be more versatile in the kitchen as a young married woman is mostly attributed to Julia Child, followed only by my very first cookbook from Betty Crocker.  Yes, I still own that very cookbook today, which is now accompanied by a collection of many others, and most likely has acquired some dust since I now pin recipes on Pinterest!  He, he ...

It would be unfair and unkind of me not to mention that I came from the home of two incredibly talented cooks.  My father, known to his patrons as The Singing Chef while owner/head chef/bartender (does this remind you of the phrase, chief cook and bottle washer?) at his own restaurant, prior to my birth in the early 1950s, was a gourmet cook.  Oh, how I remember the rich and filling meals of Lobster Thermidor (a French dish) and my favorite desert, Baked Alaska!  My stepmother, born and raised in the South, magically spread our table with Southern fried chicken, fresh vegetables from a garden growing in our backyard, and cornbread made in a cast iron skillet to name a very few.  Naturally, I learned to cook at a young age and was summoned to help in the kitchen on a regular basis by the time I was a teenager.

Skillful meal preparation is a family heritage, which has now continued into the third generation that I am aware of.  All six of my children (2 girls, 4 boys) can and do make magic happen in the kitchen!

Secondly, my design name, Bon Scrapatit Designs, came about from my nightly food prep and delivery to our two outdoor family members, Chloe (after the French perfume) and Max (meaning, the greatest).  My evening ritual included some petting and a kiss on the bridge of each of their noses, followed by an exuberant outburst of, Bon Appetit, inspired by none other than Julia herself (I can hear her voice each time I say it)!  The light bulb came on (it actually does light up on occasion!) and this particular evening, I found the ingredients for my passionate desire to cook up some delicious digital scrapbooking goodness and gave myself the name, Bon Scapatit Designs!  Loosely translated, Bon Scrapatit would mean, enjoy your scrapping or happy scrapping!

Do y'all remember the beginning of Bon Scrapatit Designs in June of 2007?

My original blog banner minus a wee bit of verbiage!  
Background photo was taken in the sweet village 
of Capranica, Italy during my one-month stay the end 
of 2000 into the beginning of 2001.

Do you remember when avatars were a hot trend?  Oh my.  I employed the services of a well-known designer some five years ago and was so thrilled at what (or who) she had created! Naturally, I was taking on the image of an, obviously, confused Italian Signora secretly desiring to be French with a zest for life and a true passion to share my creations with scrapbookers across the globe.  You could say that my mantra was along the line of, leaving no scrapper behind!  It has truly been my heart's desire that any one who wishes to be able to preserve their family's most precious and priceless memories should, indeed, be able to do so.

I really had no idea how well received this ... Signora would be!  She was fresh, vibrant and filled with recipes for preserving memories.  It was difficult to give up this charming persona during a blog redo a few years back, however, she is still very much alive within my soul!

Where is Bon Scrapatit Designs today?

While the menu here at Bon Scrapatit Designs has seemingly all but disappeared, my somewhat dormant designing skills have made an appearance bi-monthly for the blog train I, along with nearly 100 other designers, participate in.  Each time I would post my contribution to the blog train, I would wholeheartedly expect to return full-time, but to no avail!

What y'all did not know, prior to this posting, was that my dearly beloved had been out of work for nearly two years, until recently.  It just hit me, upside the head, one night last week that my inability to be here consistently leaned very much on the fact that my husband and I were together 24/7.  Hey, on the upside of that, we are both still very much alive, in love, and my sweet man is now happily employed!  Woot, woot ... yeah!   Yes, and we are both living proof that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!  *heartily laughing*

With a few other important family needs tossed into the mix, my intermittent health issues, plus the recent 100 degree temps inside of our home (cooler was on the fritz and we were awaiting a new motor) this past week, I am finally beginning to adjust to Robert's new hours and find myself some sort of a new routine.  Now that the heat has, for the most part, found it's way out of my office space, things should become much easier in my transition!  He, he ...

Having been given designer wings and set into flight sooner than I had anticipated back in June 2007, I feel as though I've spent more time trying to catch up over the years than having the ability to work ahead.   I am hoping to change that!

Adapt.  Overcome.  Improvise.  Three powerful words written on a chalkboard by Robert's #2 son, Joshua (an ex-Marine with three deployments to the Middle East) and the topic of many a conversation with my father-in-law, who is retired from the Navy!  Thank you Josh and Poppa!

What does the future hold for Bon Scrapatit Designs?

Another transformation is in the making!  It is quite fascinating to watch the marketplace (thank you Pinterest!) and to see before my eyes the many changes, from the geometric shapes in design to new forms of typography and graphic art.  When one is as far removed as I have been for so long, it can be a little overwhelming, if not down right intimidating ... for a brief time.  Key word, brief!  I have adapted.  I am overcoming.  I shall improvise!

I would not be who, nor where I am in the digital scrapbooking industry if not for each and every one you!  My early days here at Bon Scrapatit Designs were driven by my fellow digiscrappers from around the world - y'all!  Unfortunately, life this side of the screen had temporarily robbed me of much of that drive, but all things for a purpose.  I love a good challenge and I have come to know myself as both a fighter and a survivor with an incredibly determined spirit.  I am sure a good many of you can speak the same of yourselves, as we all have a story or two to tell. What better way to tell them than on the pages of our scrapbooks!

I shall also be embarking, at last, on my own journey of preserving memories once again!  I have recently taken a dive back into the genealogy research pool, head first!  I am loving every new little tidbit of information I come across.  I, of course, will share with you all from time-to-time and might just pick your brains (remember, mine is now fried from the heat wave!) for some information regarding your own experiences!  *smile*

I am also working on a new website!  I will post in the future to let you know what you will need to do to keep following along when I leave Blogger and move over to Wordpress.  This blog will remain intact here on Blogger, however, I shall not be moving all of it's content.  I am going to start fresh, with the exception of a very few items, such as tutorials!

There will also be a newsletter forth coming!  I find this to be a more effective way to get news out quickly so you won't miss new product, giveaways, sales, special events or something time sensitive that might otherwise be missed due to feed not being picked up and/or delivered in time!  And yes, there will be special gifts for newsletter subscribers only too!  *smile*

This coming week, I will finally be adding product to my MyMemories shop and come the first of September, another blog train will be departing.  This one shall not only inspire me, but you as well!  You won't wish to miss it.  *big smile*  

How timely for Julia Child's 100th birthday to be celebrated this week!  It was just what I needed to jump back in here and let y'all know where I've been and where I am headed.  I miss designing.  I miss scrapping.  I miss chatting with you!

Summer time slows things down quite a bit here in Scrapland and I am hoping to accomplish enough to be a little more present come the holidays so as to share some goodies with you!

Hmm.  You know my having been away this long, I cannot leave you without a little something, right?  Uh, huh.  You would be 100% correct!  I thought I'd pack up the chalkboard journals shown above for y'all to use on your scrapbook pages.  Or, you can print them out to use in a mini-album, for note cards or adhere a magnetic strip on the backside and put them on the refrigerator with a list of things that you might be learning to adapt to, etc.

I had fun playing in Photoshop and creating my own chalkboard background.  I still wish to create more when I have a bit of time to experiment.  My attention has definitely been captured and the creative juices have begun to flow!  I'm so happy!  *big grin*

Summer vacations are coming to an end with many students already in school and more to follow.  Have an amazing weekend everyone.  Go out and make more fabulous memories for lots of cold-weather scrapping this Fall and Winter!  Naturally, this will not apply to those of you already enjoying Winter!  *wink*

What has been your most memorable experience so far this Summer (or Winter?)

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Bon Scrapatit!


one score and three years ago ...

>> Monday, July 16, 2012

I was blessed twice within nine minutes!

John Craig Walton and Luke Odell Walton
February 23, 1990 at Seven Months of Age
Photo Courtesy of Olan Mills 

Today, I am recovering from an amazing weekend with family and sitting here with y'all reminiscing the birth of the youngest of my six children, twins Luke and John.  They are 23 years young as of 4:54 (Luke) and 5:03 (John) am this morning!  Carried full-term and weighing in at six pounds, 14 ounces and six pounds, two ounces respectively, my baby boys were two precious little bundles of baby boy joy who have both become amazing young men and wonderful human beings.  For that, I am forever thankful and I love them beyond measure!

I am listening to Chicago as I type this post.  Yes, while I don't really claim favorites, Saturday night while watching and listening to them in concert (along with the Doobie Brothers), I did, indeed, declare my heart loyal to the years and decades that they have provided me (and the rest of the world) with some incredibly amazing talent and fond memories.  I am a sucker for brass, especially the saxophone, followed very closely by a full-fledged drum solo!  These gentleman have not lost their touch with wowing a crowd.  I stood in awe of the reception they received from the large gathering of fans and, naturally, a standing ovation at the end!  I captured much of it all on video to remember all the rest of my days!  *wink*

Those of you who have read my posts over the past three to four years might remember when I posted a music widget with a playlist filled with Chicago songs along with my free Saturday in the Park scrapkit and extras.  I was amazed to find how many of you would listen throughout the day as you did your housework or while scrapping on the computer.  They truly have appealed to many generations, haven't they?

Wishing everyone a most glorious week!  It's only the beginning of what I want to feel forever ... *big smile*


free coordinating "camp" 3X4 journal cards have arrived!

>> Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hmm.  Somehow, Friday has rolled right on into Saturday, but I've made it in to post the free coordinating *Camp* journal cards for y'all!  Woot, woot ... yeah!

I was not satisfied with all six of the cards, so I redid a few and tweaked some of the others.  I, typically, would add some word art, however, there are so many wonderful word snippets and such from the July Blog Train that I decided against doing so this time!  I did, however, add an additional set of journal cards with rounded corners!

Do y'all like using the journals?  Anyone participating in Project Life?  Do you prefer your cards squared off or with rounded corners?  Or, do you like having the option of both?

Oh. my. I hope I did not pose too many questions at one time, but I am going to attempt to do my own version (kinda, sorta) of Project Life a la digital and would love some feedback as to what you've tried or are in the process of doing with your Project Life projects.  I am actually going to use a combination of ideas and am truly hoping this will inspire me to get my scrap on ... big time!  Like, starting this weekend perhaps!  *smile*

I hope you find these journal cards useful in your summer scrapping - Enjoy!

Sorry, link has expired.  Look for these journals in my shop soon and thank you for stopping in!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and I shall see you soon!  

Thank you for visiting and keep on scrapping happy :)


coordinating camp cluster freebie and a little picture story ...

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I mentioned I would be telling y'all the inspiration behind the tire swing that I just had to include in my contribution to the July 2012 Blog Train.  Here's my story ...

To go shopping in Sonora from where we live in Copperopolis, we must cross the bridge you see in the photo above.  Even though we have to travel a minimum of 20-30 minutes to shop retail stores(we do have a lovely full-service market in town) such as Walmart, Lowe's, Kohl's and a few others, we enjoy our drives immensely!  What is not to love about driving in less than minimal traffic and ogling a breathtaking view along the way?  Not a thing!

With summer in full swing, no pun intended, on our return trip home from Sonora, it is not unusual to see cars parked bumper-to-bumper off the road just before the bridge.  There is a trail that goes up the mountain and it also leads to a very special tree!  This tree has been used for as long as I've lived here (17 years), to accommodate a rope swing from what, apparently, has been a very reliable and sturdy branch that hangs out over the water.  Might I say, instant refreshment on one of our notoriously hot, triple-digit afternoons!  Yup!  And people will climb out of the water and hike back up the hill to take the plunge over-and-over again!  Ah, to be so young and carefree. *smile*

When I was growing up, I loved inner tubes both in the water and hanging from a tree!  Those were some fun times for sure and it is pretty common place to find tire swings in more rural areas aka country, such as where we live or even back in the day when swing sets were not a modern convenience in every backyard.  I guess that would be way back because my brother and I did have a swing set in our backyard and that was in the 50s!

Photos taken by me using my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone and processed
with an Android app from Google Play called BeFunky using the Vibrance effect.
I then created a collage from four photos using another wonderful app for Android, 
PhotoGrid.  Both apps used are free!  Have I mentioned that I am hooked on 
Instagram?  That is an whole 'nuther story! *wink*

I'm sure y'all have noticed the, "No Jumping or Diving From the Bridge" sign as well, eh? Now, most of us have at some point in our lives come to the conclusion that it is human nature to do the exact opposite of what we've been told not to do.  Case in point.  How many times has someone said, "don't look!" and your immediate reaction is to ... what?  Uh, huh.  You look! I know I have and I am generally very good about following directions!  *wink*  There is just something that takes place in the human brain that has us doing the opposite when it comes to "No" and "Don't"!  For the most part, we get better about controlling that urge to look as we get older.  I think.  Don't we?  He, he ...

Well, you just know that lovely piece of concrete that connects us to the other side of the lake has been host to many a diver and/or jumper!  I have witnessed it with my own eyes on more than one occasion.  Thank goodness I never witnessed my own children jumping, as my youngest son (twin turning 23 this month) has just informed me that he and, most likely, all three of his brothers have, indeed, taken the leap!  Having been a single mother to two girls and four boys (mostly the boys), I will adamantly state right here and now that I am thankful there were a few things I was oblivious to.  I mean, after all, didn't I teach them to use common sense and to obey the laws of the land?  *rolling eyes*

Specs for this collage are the same as above, but with better views of our beautiful 
Lake Tulloch!  This is North Shore where you will find Lake Tulloch Resort and
Drifter's Marina.  Traveling west on Hwy 108 and tucked away in the outskirts of the 
quaint town of Oakdale (home to a large Hershey's plant/store until just a few years ago 
and yes, we toured the facilities a couple of times and left with our free candy bars!)
is South Shore, which houses Lake Tulloch RV Campgrounds and Marina.  Lots of
history in this part of the Motherlode.  We are also about a hour and half's drive
from Yosemite National Park.  Robert and I hope to be taking another road trip soon, as
it has been nearly two years since venturing out in that direction.  Here's hoping that
gas prices keep going down!  *wink*

For those of you with grown children, what are some of the events that you might be thankful to have found out when they were older rather than at the actual time they occurred?  Have you documented or scrapped those events?  To those who have yet to have a family or whose family is still growing and/or young, what might you wish never to know, if anything at all?  

Today, I leave you with a sweet (or should that be, swinging!) little cluster featuring my favorite piece in my contribution to the July Blog Train - the tire swing!

I hope that you are enjoying your trip down the July Blog Train track through Scrapland thus far and are finding lots of treasures to help you preserve your summer memories!

Have an amazing rest of the week everyone and to all of you here in the USA, may you have a fun, safe and celebratory Fourth of July!

  *Sorry, this link has expired*

If you happen to be out-and-about in Scrapland, come on back to visit me this Friday, July 6th, for a set of 3X4 coordinating journaling cards for your downloading pleasure!  

Remember:  It is scrap-happy hour 24/7 here in Scrapland!  


july 2012 blog train ... summer, july and camp are here!!!

>> Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer is in full swing here in Copperopolis, California, home to the beautiful Lake Tulloch!  
Temperatures have been soaring across the USA and, would you believe, the West Coast is the only area not affected at this time!  So unusual, but I am not complaining ... promise.  This California girl likes her days on the cool side.  Is my age showing?  *wink*
Hoping to find all is well with everyone!  I have missed you.  Life has truly been on this side of crazy!  *sigh*
My thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the horrific fires in Colorado.  What devastation.  I can only hope that the brave and amazing teams of firefighters will get everything under control as fast as is humanly possible. 

Today, is the first day of July and the departure of the July Blog Train!  Y'all will be happy campers as you follow the train through Scrapland, filling your hard drives with summer scrapping pleasure! *smile* 
*Camp* will find you preserving family camping trips to the lake, the mountains and the ocean.  Scout camps, summer camps, reunions, day hikes, youth groups and more will be beautifully preserved!  Ready to get your scrap on?  Climb on board!  Here we go ...

You may have found your way here to Bon Scrapatit Designs by way of:

Your next stop down the track might find you fishing for some cleverly created designs by:

If you lose your way or wish to get back to the main listing of all participating designers:

We have over 70 designers from around the world contributing to *Camp*!  Remember to allow at least 24 hours for everyone to have their portion of the train posted due to different time zones. I've already spied a few things I wish to add to my stash for some of my summer scrapping!  *Squee*

I am thrilled each time I get to sign up for another train ride through my most favorite place online - Scrapland!  My home away from home while still at home!  *He, he ...*

Here is my contribution:

Sorry, these links have expired.  Look for kit in my shop soon! 

Come back to visit Bon Scrapatit Designs on Tuesday, July 3rd for a sweet little coordinating cluster that will also show you the inspiration behind the tire swing, or as we called them back in the day, inner tubes!

Have an amazing week y'all and Bon Scrapatit!


the sweetest and most atomic cupcake in scrapland ...

>> Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BriAnna Schultz, owner and Master Photoshop Action Creator since 2005, is sadly closing shop the end of May.  Atomic Cupcake has been a household name in the digital scrapbooking industry and has been in operation since my earliest days in Scrapland (January 2005)!

For those who have purchased actions, templates and scrapkits from Atomic Cupcake in the past, you might wish to mouse-click on over and pick up anything you might have missed before the last day of May, which is the day after tomorrow already!  Eeeks.  Where has this month vanished to?  *perplexed look upon my face*

All product at Atomic Cupcake is 30% off until the doors close.  For those newer to the community and who might not have yet found your way to the sweetest cupcake ever, this would be a perfect opportunity to stock up on some very cool deals on some very extraordinary Photoshop magic!

I have several favorites that I often go to in creating my designs and/or in my personal scrapbooking. Please feel free to share with those you think may be interested!  *smile* 
This is definitely one cupcake that shall be especially good, as well as sweet, to the very last byte!



may 2012 blog train ... "a royal wedding"!

>> Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All aboard!

Okay.  Y'all have already boarded and where was I?  Too horrifying to recount so I'll spare you and me the horrid details.  *sigh*

I've held up the train long enough so I'll simply apologize for the chain of events that threw a wrench in my blogging roll!  *argh*  I am so sorry everybody!!!

I lost three things - my blog post (ouch, and you should be able to here this cry on the other side of the globe), our electricity and as a result of that sweet little adventure, some templates I had been working on!   I am desperately in need of a battery backup.  I think this is the only important facet of safekeeping that I've neglected for the past seven years! 

With all of that behind me, I say, "good morning y'all"!  Happy Hump Day!  Hope you are having a fabulous time making your way through Scrapland and admiring all of the delicious goodness awaiting your digital and hybrid memories,.  *smile*

You may have arrived here at Bon Scrapatit Designs from:

Your next stop will be at:

Virginia State of Mind Designs (I'm betting this lovely lady lives in Virginia.  Whatcha think?  *He, he*)

If you've lost your way or are not able to find what you are looking for, stop by the Blog Train Blog for the entire list of links for all participating designers plus a lovely slideshow of what's on board May's train ride:

We realize that it is difficult to leave comments for all 77 participating designers on our personal blogs, even though you know we love it!   If you are pressed for time, you can always leave a thank you with Trish and Tanya on the Blog Train Blog!  XO

Lest I forget, my little mini-kit includes just about everything in the four colors I chose to focus on from the color palette!  The King and Queen journal cards and frames come in four colors.  One set includes a coordinating color border on the inside and I've also included a plain frame.  If you wish to add the colored border, all you need do is to layer the plain white frame on top of anyone of the King/Queen frames with border and clip/merge them together and voila! 

I'm hoping to create a couple of scrapatits and a few more flowers to coordinate.  Once I got going, I was finding it difficult to stop!  This is a good thing y'all!  It means my mojo is kicking in and I'm having fun!  LOL! 

Here is a preview of what you will be getting here at Bon Scrapatit Designs for this month's festive theme, *A Royal Wedding*:

Sorry, links have expired and will be added to my shop soon - thanks for stopping in!

Thank you all so very for your continued support of Bon Scrapatit Designs and I wish 
you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy reading all of the comments you leave when 
downloading.  The digital scrapbooking community is the most incredible place on 
the Internet!  Besides preserving our most precious and priceless memories, we develop
strong ties and long-lasting friendships based primarily on our common interests.  How
much better does it get than that!  *big grin*

 Bon Scrapatit!


"spring sun and easter fun addon" freebie

>> Monday, April 30, 2012

 Product used:  Doodled Arrow RubOn and Word Art
from *Spring Sun and Easter Fun Add-on* 
by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Happy Monday y'all!

As promised, I'm back with a little add-on to *Spring Sun and Easter Fun*! (checking pulse and in shock that I'm here ... I am actually here!)

Know what?  I love my peeps!  Yup.  That would be y'all!  *sigh*

A special thank you to my darling granddaughter, Kate (and her mommy) for the use of her sweet little peep loving self this past Easter.  *big smile*

I have not attempted anything hybrid in quite some time and thought printing out the journal cards I've included in the add-on to be a great place to start for a couple of reasons, the most important of which is to make sure that you are getting quality product! *squee*

As declared in my TOU, everything I design is created and saved at 300 ppi (pixels-per-inch) for superior quality printing.  I printed the six journal cards on White Card Stock (110 lb weight) by Georgia-Pacific.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit just how long I've had this, barely, used package!  I can guarantee you that I shall be using it much more often now! *yay*

While I am not officially taking part in Becky Higgins, Project Life, I love the genius behind it and with the sensation the 3X4 journal/fill-in cards have made across Scrapland, I have thought of many uses for these little gems aside from slipping them into photo sleeves:

  • Gift Card (punch a hole through the top and attach to a gift bag or wrapped package with Baker's Twine, ribbon or string)
  • Thank You Card (tuck inside of a purchased or homemade small envelope to mail, hand deliver or place inside of your mailbox to let your mail carrier know what wonderful service they are providing :)
  • Memo/Fancy To-Do List (I'm going to be using mine for this during the month of May!  I already have them cut and stacked on my desk and they look so purdy ;)
  • Dinner Place Cards (conversation starters, share one of your recipes on the back, unleash your creative genius ;)
  • Love Notes (slip one into your hubby's pocket before he leaves for work or into your children's lunch boxes for an extra dose of love and/or encouragement)
  • Inspirational Refrigerator Magnets (print your favorite quote, scripture or motivational message, laminate and use a peel-and-stick magnet or glue one onto the back.  Decorate to your heart's content and give a few as gifts!)
  • Coupons/Rewards (an extra hug, a foot massage, back rub, extra treat,  extra points toward a prize, one less chore, a car wash, solo shopping trip with Mom, a mani-pedi, not to mention multiple uses for homeschooling families :)

I'm sure that y'all have many other fabulous ideas in mind too!  I'd love to hear them. *smile*

Journal Cards are printed out and ready to cut!

Above, you see the journal cards after they have been cut with my 
Fiskars 12-inch Cutter.  I was not happy with the job done, but then
I've not used the cutter for quite a long time and even though the 
blade cartridge was new when last used, it had some serious
issues.  Come to think of it, my cutter has never cut decent straight
lines.  There has always been a bit of a curve/jag on one end.  Now, I'm
not sure whether the cutter itself has an uneven spot or if I need to
chalk it up to operator error!  *Ha, ha* Anyhoo, they are sweet
nonetheless and I shall definitely have fun using them!  I'd love to
know what your recommendations are for a good quality cutter.

A quick reminder that the May Blog Train departs tomorrow, May 1st!  My post should come through about the same time as this one today.  Hope you enjoy the download!

Have a fabulous week scrapping and making new memories everyone!

Sorry, this link has expired. Will be adding to my shop soon. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Bon Scrapatit!

Enjoy and remember, it is scrap-happy hour 24/7 in Scrapland! 


a taste of the scrapping life ... finally!

>> Sunday, April 29, 2012

Product used:  3X4 Journal Card, Doodled Arrow RubOn, Floral Cluster
and Glittered Butterfly Scatter from *Spring Sun and Easter Fun Add-on*
by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Hello my sweet Scrapland friends!  Hope this posting finds y'all happy, healthy and full of scrap!

I've truly not meant to be away for so long, however, the past two years have found me doing just that more often than not.  This post shall be short and sweet and, by way of future posts, I shall share with you my current plans for Bon Scrapatit Designs and a little bit about what is behind my not being able to spend quality, productive time on the computer!   

No novel.  Just a fairly quick synopsis of my life this side of the screen and how it is changing for the better after an aha moment as to what the real root issue was that kept me in a daze (I suppose confused could go right along with that, eh?  He ... he ...), unable to focus, far too easily distracted (even though I've had plenty to keep me from what I love doing the most) and not even having the desire to sit here for days/weeks at a time.  OMGosh!  Is this me I am talking about?  Yup.  It sadly is, but no more of that.  Uh, uh.  Nope.  No way Jose!  (Sorry Jose, nothing personal I promise *smile*) This girl is not only on her way to vibrant health, she is on her way back to Scrapland in a way she has only dreamed of for nearly two years.  Woot, woot ... yeah!  *big grin*

Oh, how I have missed y'all and anything scrapbook related!

Question.  Do you still have some Easter/Spring scrapping to do?  Please let me not be the only one.  Pretty please!

I am sharing with you today a scrapatit (Bon Scrapatit Design's version of a quick page, pronounced scrap-uh-teet) from a layout I made using a couple of photos that my daughter, Joan, emailed to me the week following Easter.  Of course, my heart skipped the usual few beats when oogling my precious, adorable granddaughter, Katelyn Rose, who is now 21-months-old! 

Hasn't Kate grown?  She is as busy as a bee can be and I miss and love her so.  Scrapping this layout was not only good therapy to cure my scrapping/designing deprivation, but good for my Grandmotherly soul!  

No novel Linda!  Oh, but there is simply so much news to share!  *biting tongue*

 Layout created by:  Linda Walton
Product used:  Paper, Embellishments and Word Art from 
*Spring Sun and Easter Fun* by Bon Scrapatit Designs
(from the March 2012 Blog Train)

I am including a couple of photo placement guides to make it easier to properly align your photos in this scrapatit.  The two openings are a little tricky since they are not flush to the background from being shadowed and it might take some tweaking to get them layered properly and such, so this little afterthought got me a little excited about saving y'all some time!  

The templates are proportioned precisely and I hope you find the instructions simple to follow.  They will, naturally, be covered up once you clip your photos to them!  *tada*
For those of you who might be downloading and using this scrapatit right away, I would so love your feedback as to whether you find the photo placement guides useful.  While most of you visiting me are seasoned scrappers, I know there are always new digiscrappers popping in who would welcome any timesavers.  Come to think of it, I am a fairly seasoned scrapper and I still enjoy timesavers!  *big grin*

For those who might not have already downloaded my blog train portion of *Spring Sun and Easter Fun*, you can click the image on the sidebar, or grab it here.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the add-on.  If you download the scrapatit, you will find a preview of the add-on included!  It feels good to be even a wee bit ahead of myself for a change!  Knocking on wood.  Both this post and the one for tomorrow with the add-on are being scheduled ahead of time so that I can hunker down and prepare for the departure of the May Blog Train on Tuesday, May 1st!  Yes, yes, yes ... it is time to climb on board and find yourself some scrapping goodness from nearly 80 designers once again!  It is my hope that you be royally pleased!

Wishing each of you an incredibly beautiful week ahead.  May it be a most scrap-happy one at that and I am looking forward to spending more time with y'all and helping you to preserve your most precious and priceless memories!  Uhm ... you know, that part of my logo/branding that tells you I'll be giving you a taste of the scrapping life!  *wink, wink, wink*


 Bon Scrapatit!


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