free coordinating "camp" 3X4 journal cards have arrived!

>> Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hmm.  Somehow, Friday has rolled right on into Saturday, but I've made it in to post the free coordinating *Camp* journal cards for y'all!  Woot, woot ... yeah!

I was not satisfied with all six of the cards, so I redid a few and tweaked some of the others.  I, typically, would add some word art, however, there are so many wonderful word snippets and such from the July Blog Train that I decided against doing so this time!  I did, however, add an additional set of journal cards with rounded corners!

Do y'all like using the journals?  Anyone participating in Project Life?  Do you prefer your cards squared off or with rounded corners?  Or, do you like having the option of both?

Oh. my. I hope I did not pose too many questions at one time, but I am going to attempt to do my own version (kinda, sorta) of Project Life a la digital and would love some feedback as to what you've tried or are in the process of doing with your Project Life projects.  I am actually going to use a combination of ideas and am truly hoping this will inspire me to get my scrap on ... big time!  Like, starting this weekend perhaps!  *smile*

I hope you find these journal cards useful in your summer scrapping - Enjoy!

Sorry, link has expired.  Look for these journals in my shop soon and thank you for stopping in!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and I shall see you soon!  

Thank you for visiting and keep on scrapping happy :)

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