merry christmas ... mele kalikimaka!

>> Saturday, December 25, 2010

*Wintree Wishes* by Bon Scrapatit Designs
From our home to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!
And to 'ohana, Mele Kalikimaka!

I have had my house and my hands full of everything but my mouse this past week!  Your gifts shall be forthcoming and I am only sorry I could not have had at least one of them to present to you on Christmas.
I am hoping to get the remainder of my technical issues sorted with Dell the beginning of the week and we will also be seeing my eldest son off as we take him to the airport early Wednesday morning to begin a new chapter in his life!  Hint: "Way up North ... " *smile*  

Have a wonderful day, weekend and/or week of celebration y'all and thank you for a MOST incredible year in Scrapland!



looking back and moving forward ...

>> Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aged frame used is from Kim B's set of Framers #8

Photo actions used: 

Photo texture used:
Free photo textures from Love that Shot when you sign up for their newsletter!

Fonts used are Lisa Script and Mom's Typewriter 
I played with Blend If under Blending Options in Photoshop
to get a worn and aged effect to my journaling.

Yesterday was my firstborn's birthday! April is now a very young 33 years of age and it seems like "yesterday" that I was bundling her up in the Christmas quilt given to her by the Women's Auxiliary at the hospital!

While in the garage searching for a few missing Christmas items I use for decor, I came across a few Rubbermaid bins of my children's keepsakes and found a photo of April's first visit with Santa.  She was just about a year old here.

I played. I played. I played some more! I just can't seem to get it to look the way I think it should, but am posting anyway because that was my goal before bedtime! LOL!

I think it started out as a bad scan and the original has some horrible blue casting to it making her naturally blond hair look very dark.  Oh well, you get the picture.  Ha, ha, HA!  It's rum-dummy hour over here as I'm getting silly!

Robert thinks this Santa looks a bit strange.  I agree.  I think it's that he looks young and we all know that Santa is not young, right?  He, he ...

I'm still a little under the weather and have, amazingly, just about caught up with everything outside of Photoshop!

Photo #1 - We had the absolute pleasure of Robert's baby sister, Yvonne, helping us to trim the tree this year!

Photo #2 - One of my favorite and oldest ornaments.  Some 15+ years ago, I was into handmade/homemade crafts big time.  My oldest and I made a lot of these type of ornaments in a variety of shapes to sell at various boutiques.  April painted and glittered.  I trimmed.  They really look pretty against the white lights and give off quite a shimmer!

Photo #3 - Our bedroom is right off of the living room/great room and I really wanted a cohesive look this year so we could leave the double doors open during the day, allowing the two areas to flow into one another.  My gift to us, Robert and I, was a new festive bed set, as the palm trees just were not flowing!  LOL!

Oh, and these photos will give you an idea of how much I am really wishing for a new DSLR in the near future.  Very grainy photos when used in manual mode, indoors with no flash.  Still happy to have them however! *wink*

The house is clean, fully decorated, Christmas cards are in the mail and all of my pre-Christmas shopping is complete.  I am happy to say that I did it all online this year!  No crowds.  No lines.  No long trips.  No gas money spent, which is quite a bit when you add it all up after the distances we would have to travel.

When all was said and done, shipping costs were far less than the gas it would have taken to either pick the items up at a, not so local store, or to make several trips to find everything on the list!  Not to mention that I got some killer deals and could shop several stores at the same time! 

Please understand, I might not be saying all of this if my children were still young and I was in my 30's or 40's!  I loved going out shopping and I loved shopping on Christmas Eve!

Well, that was yesterday and I am moving forward y'all!  Filing right in line with today's modern technology and capabilities.  Know what?  I rather fancy most of them!  *big smile* Next post, I will share a few of the reasons I am thrilled that we have certain methods of technology available to us today!

Are y'all finished with your running around, shopping, wrapping and holiday preparations in general?  Tell me something different that you have done this Christmas season, or what you'd like to change up next year.  Has anyone else accomplished all of their gift buying online this year?

What are your favorite family traditions pre-Christmas?  Things you do alone, as a couple, with your children, your grandchildren or the entire family!

Do you take in a performance of the Nutcracker?  Watch special Christmas specials or movies?  Is there a long-standing family recipe that you use every year?  This inquiring mind would love to know and so would your family heritage albums!

Y'all know your answers to the above questions also make for some great prompts for some holiday scrapping, right?

Later today, I shall put on some of my favorite Christmas tunes and do a little Christmas wrappin' so we can mail off the last of our packages! He, he ... after which, I shall make my way back into the office to do some Christmas Photoshoppin' and see if I can't finish up your *Wintree Wishes* freebie!

Happy, happy y'all!


stuck in a "graphic" jam to india and back!

>> Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo is of a VisionTek Radeon HD4350, courtesy of

Happy Friday y'all!

Hope to find everyone happy and healthy and enjoying the spirit of the season! What have you been up to? Please share. I'm feeling a bit disconnected and need to get up to speed with y'all!

I could write a book on the events that have taken place the past few weeks! Long story short (He, he, now you know better than that, don't you? LOL!), I had the opportunity to upgrade my graphics card in the midst of purchasing a second monitor, something I've longed to do to help make my designing a wee bit easier on these aging eyes!

I know Dell is not everyone's favorite, but they've been really good to me the past six years and it is what I can afford, when I can! LOL! I used Dell's on-site analyzer to find which graphics card would be appropriate for my computer while I was purchasing the monitor and a few other goodies. I was so excited to finally be able to see clear, crisp edges on my embellishments and, especially, on the shapes I create! I mean, such a simple thing to create a shape, however, mine would always have jagged edges and it has become disheartening in my designing to not see what y'all might be seeing.

My new graphics card arrived in two days. I had already rearranged my office space, moved my older computer, cleaned out both CPUs and was just waiting to put that new baby in and start it up! My SIL arrived back home so I was back-and-forth while installing the software and drivers, came into the room to find that two portions of the install had failed. UGH! I was looking at identical images on both monitors, but found that my CD-ROM drive was not working after the initial installation. I called Dell and the tech I spoke with apologized when I told him that I had contacted AMD directly and was told that I was one of several phone calls received each week due to an improper graphics card recommendation for a slim CPU.

Y'all make think me strange, but I always look at these obstacles as learning experiences and this trip, soon to be trips, was no exception! We ordered a proper card for my slim CPU and I was equally as excited to receive it so that I could get a move on, only I was a little disappointed to have to give up 1MB of memory on the first card for 512 MB! Lessons learned thus far - call to order parts rather than online and never again will I purchase a slim CPU for convenience! ROFL! Ha, ha, ha, ha, HAAAAAAAA!!!

Two days later. New card arrives! Weeeeeeeee ... UGH! Installed. No graphics! On either monitor! Help!

My first phone call to Dell last Wednesday and my second trip to India! It was a pleasant visit with an equally pleasant gentleman bending over backwards to help me. I think we'd been on the phone an hour and 45 minutes when we were disconnected and I realized that he did not have my phone number to call me back. I decided this was a good time to take a break!

My next call to Dell proved very productive and also what a novice I am! HA! The new graphics card had two short connectors, placed fairly close together, whereas, the first card had one short and one long connector. So, why were my monitors not showing any graphics? Any guesses? LOL! Well, The first card was perfectly proportioned to fit in the PCI express slot and the new card ... well ... uhm ... it just did not look like it fit into the same slot, but I found one right beneath it that had exactly two short openings and it did fit!

After unplugging everything and making sure there were no issues with connections on the outside, etc., the tech asked me to remove the graphics card and to re-install it! Okay, sounds good, just to make sure it fit snug into the slot. This would be easy! *wink*  I then mentioned to the tech that that this card's connectors were quite different and that I had installed it into the slot beneath the original one. Mind you, I am upgrading from on board graphics so my first time to use one of the graphic slots! The tech gently says to me, "no ma'am, you need to install it into the same slot you did previously". Ah, the light bulb goes off and into the correct slot goes my new graphics card. I reconnect everything, fire it up and voila, I see graphics! WOOT, WOOT! LOL!

This wonderful man was so patient with me. I don't think I have ever had anyone spend that much time helping me correct my own mistake and remain so calm! Funny thing is, he kept stopping every once-in-a-while to thank me for being so patient and telling me how most customers just are not as patient as I was being. Having worked Customer Service many moons ago, I totally understood what he was saying. Of course, I just had to tell him that I believe this was one reason I was given six children! Not much of anything ruffles my feathers, except for injustice. That is my button and my only button! LOL!  

So y'all, seven hours later, I'm fairly good-to-go! YAY! I still had one issue and that is when we found that the optical drive on my CD-ROM is not working and the tech helping me found malware in my registry. This was also my first time to give any one remote access to help me resolve a problem. Very cool!

I will have to order a new CD-ROM drive, but have to wait until one last item from my original shipment has arrived before I can obtain an RMA. I can live without the drive for a week or so! Just so happy to be able to see graphics on my monitors again! WOO HOO!

And after all of that, I awake the next morning not feeling good and I spent three days in bed for most of the day, except to take care of a few chores. I've just not had the steam, until late last night, to sit down at the computer to attempt a post. Please forgive my long absence.  I have so much to catch up on, including my Christmas decorating here at home (we just got our tree inside and decorated earlier this evening), so I hope to be able to complete the two scrap kits I've been working on and get them to you ASAP! 

I've added a Christmas Playlist on my sidebar for your listening pleasure!  I think I collected around 72 tunes to keep me happily singing and scrapping/designing along.  I hope you'll find a tune or two you'll like as well!

Thank you for your patience.

Wishing everyone a bright and beautiful holiday season! 


technical issues, please standby ...

>> Thursday, December 2, 2010

I shall get my goodies posted just as soon as I am able. I'm having some technical issues ... ARGH!

Hope y'all are enjoying all of the holiday treats out-and-about Scrapland. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!


from bon appetit to bon scrapatit!

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi y'all! Hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving is home safely and has digested thoroughly!

I'm just out of the kitchen, after being held hostage for the better part of the past five days! Our house has been full and so have our tummies!

Two of the boys and I fixed Thanksgiving dinner. We gave Robert the day off this year as he is usually the one to cook both a turkey and a ham. Well, he was not off the hook entirely. He was the ham! ROFL! Just kidding, but he did keep us all laughing, which is pretty much the norm around here. *smile* 

Friday was filled with leftovers and transporting kiddos to-and-from work. Come Saturday, I was making homemade turkey soup from the remains, which we have dug into for the second time for dinner tonight. Yesterday, I made the best batch of split-pea soup to date and we just finished that off for breakfast this morning!

Yup, we are trying to stay healthy over here! My baby boy, John, had Robert pick him up from work early yesterday complaining of tummy issues. Oh my, the poor boy was sick from the time they came through the gate until sometime late last night. Not sure if he contracted a bug or a food-born illness. Either way, it was not a pretty sight!

And, of course, in between all of the above lots of football and Christmas movies have been watched! LOL!

I'm in here for a quick post (okay, y'all know I really, really try to be brief sometimes *wink*) to let y'all know that I'm still not finished with *A Thankfall Heart* and I wish to thank you all for helping me out with some suggestions!

Tomorrow is December 1st and the kick-off of this year's *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* event, so I am focusing on getting my contribution together for posting tomorrow and then I will follow up with *A Thankfall Heart*. 

Happy December everyone and I'll see you back here tomorrow! MWAH!


"a thankfall heart" that needs your help ... please!

>> Sunday, November 21, 2010

I throw myself at the mercy of my beautiful friends and readers in Scrapland! ROFL! I have come against a major distraction, a deadline and the need to finish a project and need your help to finish this one before Thanksgiving!  Can we do it? *big smile*

Yup, this is a never before plea from me. I don't need you to name this kit, I need you to help me complete it!

Why? Hmmm ... well, it goes like this. I posted last Monday and then spent the next two days scouting around Scrapland looking for some quick inspiration to help me put together a photo book that must be completed, uploaded and ordered by tomorrow. UGH!

It takes me forever to scrap one page (y'all know me now, don't you? :), so I was looking for some templates, but was not finding anything to fit my need until I'd just about given up and called it a night. I think this was late Wednesday night.

Anyhoo, I was taking care of some advertising business when I came across some new templates by SweetMade that looked too close to perfect for scrapping my grandson's photo book! I quickly purchased, downloaded, unzipped and took a closer look. WOW! I love them! And ... they are gender neutral, are fully customizable (PSD files included and you can change colors to suit your need) and even include a cover and back page, not to mention at a price I could afford!

Thank you Aneta! MWAH!

I was so stoked. Still am!

So, what kind of help do I need from you all?

I like, uhm ... so need you to help me finish *A Thankfall Heart* so that I can have it posted for you either Tuesday or Wednesday! That is, if y'all would like to have it! Leave me a comment as to whether you wish me to finish *A Thankfall Heart* (a Thanksgiving gift from me to you) and what you might wish to see me add to the embellishments!

I had started to revamp this kit last year and got as far as a few papers, which I've completely redesigned with the exception of the plaids!  I was just going to give out the papers, however, I just have a difficult time doing a paper pack without some pretties to go along with them! He, he ...

Once I have hit the publish post button, I am back to work on the photo book, not to be seen or heard from until I've got 'er done! LOL! No more distractions and if I know y'all have things under control for me, I shall be greatly relieved and able to focus on getting my photo book together. Many thanks in advance and I truly do have *A Thankfall Heart* that is blessed beyond measure in knowing y'all and that you've got my back! *squee*

P.S.   LOL!  Now don't y'all laugh at me.  It is 12:30 am, Monday morning and my son,  Mark, father to my grandson whose book I am putting together, is here visiting and I just realized that the templates I have purchased are only ten pages!  ROFL!  I am so laughing at myself.  DOH, Linda, the photo book has 20 pages girlfriend, not ten!  Looks like I am going to be up for a while ... uhm ... quite a while!  Better go make a pot of coffee!  *blush*


monday in the marketplace and a freebie!

>> Monday, November 15, 2010

Warning:  Long post.  Grab snack.  Grab drink.  Take notes!  *grin*

Happy Monday y'all!

How was your weekend?  Did you work?  Play hard?  Relax?  Scrap?  I think I accomplished a bit of each of those, with relaxing and scrapping tipping the scales a bit! He, he ...

I normally try to scrap a layout with my designs before posting them, but it all took a twist this time around and I decided to scrap Saturday night, after the fact!

I have titled my layout, *Onegai*, which means "please" in Japanese.  ROFL!  Robert was sitting at his computer directly behind me when I played the audio clip that gave the pronunciation.  He chuckled and asked, "how many do you own?"  I replied, "huh?"  You have to know us and the way our minds track and the way we play on words, but I have to admit, it took me a moment to switch gears and get the joke!  Listening to the recording, it sounds like the female voice is saying, "own a guy" with a Japanese accent!   LOL!  So, of course my quick-witted Aries just had to ask how many I owned!  HA, HA!  You so funny hunny!

I will post the journaling beneath my layout so that it is legible!  ARGH!  While I've never been to the Orient, I do have some fond memories from grade school which are preserved in the page below:

I have been fascinated with the country, the people, and the traditions of Japan since the third grade! Sitting in a semicircle with my classmates, our teacher would transport us, via a radio broadcast every Thursday morning, to countries around the world. When in the fourth grade, we learned a classic children's Japanese song, "Shojoji", which I am still able to sing word for word today! The same year, in Girl Scouts, I learned to say hello, please and thank you, along with a small sampling of Japanese culture. These are moments of my life that I shall always treasure as I am a lover of diversity. While I've not had the pleasure of visiting this colorful and technically advanced country, it is on my long list of places that I would love to spend some time visiting and getting to know on a more personal level. Onegai!  Template is by Kim B's Designs, a freebie on her blog!

Yes, I have turned my layout into a scrapatit for you, but first I've just got to share a few goodies I've found while out-and-about in Scrapland!  I've been missing my *Monday in the Marketplace* and hope you enjoy it as much I do!

Sahlin Studio is on my blog roll.  Why?  The same reason anyone else has found their way there, I admire their work!  Krista has been around for some time and I lost track of her for a short while and just recently found her again.  She was just making a move from Scrap Matters to her new home at The Lily Pad!  

On her blog, Krista has revealed her new kit, which has more than put me in the holiday spirit already!  If you scroll down Krista's blog, you will find some of the most incredible printable gift projects using, *Season of Giving*.  Be prepared to feast your eyes on some amazing handiwork! *smile*

Below is a preview of, *Season of Giving*.  Click on the image to be transported to Krista's blog so that you can oogle what has been created with this collection of delectable delights.  You will also find the link to purchase if you have been as tempted as I have!  Mmmmm ... mmmm!  It has a nice Vintage flavor to it, with a dash of modern times.  A very versatile kit indeed!

My next find has already been purchased, downloaded, unzipped and filed away in a brand new file under the name of Sarah Cabana (Diamond Ink Designs)!  Many of you know Sarah as,  
"I Am Simply Sarah", who has graced Scrapland for several years now performing her scrap magic in more places than I can count ... on two hands!  LOL!  This girl can scrap me under the table and around the block a time or two, I tell ya!

So, it gives me great honor to introduce to you (for those of you who might not have already had the pleasure) one of Scrapland's and Digiridoo Scrap's newest designers, Diamond Ink Designs!  Congratulations Sarah, you have made quite an entrance darlin' and I cannot wait to scrap with *Come What May*!  

The title alone grabbed my heartstrings.  My oldest daughter, April, sang the song as a duet at her sister's wedding two years ago! *sigh*

Another fabulously Vintage kit with lots of romance tossed in the mix!  It truly warms the heart, doesn't it?

Sarah has introduced her first ever scrapkit at the very low and most affordable price of $3.00!  You so rock Sarah!  Click on the image above to be whisked away to Sarah's new store at Digiridoo Scraps!

My final marketplace find has just made it's debut this very day!  I had a head's up as I subscribe to this amazing graphic artist's newsletter and hope that I'm giving you all a chance to run, not walk, but run to the blog of Wild Blueberry Ink, owned by a lovely lady named Shirley, for a chance to win her newest release, *Infinity*!

You will find *Infinity* to be a very gender neutral scrapkit (Girlfriend, you will love the color palette! *wink*) and I am hoping to find myself using it this week for a special project I will be starting just as soon as I hit the publish button! He, he ...

I am hoping to attend Shirley's chat this evening at 9 pm EST (that will be dinnertime here in California, so I'll have to make dinner early!) over at Owl Tree Studio.  She is a bit nervous and I left her a note expressing that she will be in the presence of her Scrapland family and she need not be nervous one bit!  Right?  Uh, huh!  If you are looking for a little girlie chit-chat, some fun and some free goodies, check out the info while you're visiting Shirley's blog and come over and join us!  Shirley will be drawing the name of the lucky winner of her new kit, *Infinity* right after her chat!

By the way, the model in Shirley's *Infinity* preview is her precious and most adorable daughter, Aubrey.  Is not she the sweetest?

Okies, you all have been troopers to hang with me this long, so without my usual rambling, here is a colorful and festive scrapatit for you:

Just a quick mention, lest I forget, I have created a Flickr Group for Bon Scrapatit Designs, where I would love to see you all share any of your projects (layouts, cards, hybrid projects, etc.) that you've created using my designs!  There is nothing more rewarding for a designer than to see his/her creations used and I'm hoping that you will find this an easy way to do so here at BSD!  It is a public group and all you need do is join the group if you already have a Flickr account. If you don't have an account, it takes but a moment to register.  You are then able to add your images to the group pool immediately!  I am so looking forward to seeing your masterpieces and I'll leave you some love too! *big smile*  I will also make a separate announcement to remind y'all of the new Flickr group!

You can also access the group via the Flickr badge posted near the bottom of my blog on the sidebar. Thank you!  MWAH!  Wishing you all a scraptabulous week!


has anyone out-and-about Scrapland ever been a world "traver"? oopsie ...

>> Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is one of those times when I believe having a CT is downright necessary! Someone to catch your boo-boos!  Yup, I boobed!  My little beady, detail-oriented brown eyes missed a typo! 

In creating a layout last night from parts two and three of *The Orient*, I found my own boo-boo! Ouch! *blush* I cannot tell you how many times I "traveled" around-and-around this word art to make sure all portions were spelled correctly and I still missed my typo! ROFL!

If you have downloaded, *The Orient*, Part Three, you will find that the files, LLW_TheOrient_WordArt-2_Original and LLW_TheOrient_WordArt-2_RubOn both have a typo on the left-hand portion of the circle, near the top. Actually, the letter "l" is missing which would make you a world "traveler" as opposed to a world "traver", which I am positive no one has ever heard of before! LOL!

I am attaching a replacement file to this post and I have also re-uploaded the entire zip file for part three for those who may come along to download in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience y'all and I hope that you are having a most enjoyable weekend and/or beginning of the week for some of you already!

Sorry, link has expired


the orient, part three!

>> Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hi y'all!

It's Veteran's Day here in the USA and I am so thankful for all who have sacrificed their lives for our country. My thoughts and prayers are with all who have served, who are currently serving and those preparing to serve in our military. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Has everyone recuperated from Digital Scrapbooking Day madness out-and-about Scrapland this past weekend? ROFL! I have just finished unzipping all of the files from both freebies and some amazing purchases I made - WOW! Now just hoping Santa will bring me a new EHD for Christmas as I need more room for my upcoming designs! He, he ...

I was hoping to have *The Orient*, Part Three posted a few days ago, however, I am just not able to function when things are in disarray so, I just had to do a little desktop housekeeping before finishing up my final set of goodies that coordinate with *The Orient* - November Blog Train! If you've not hopped aboard this blog train yet, you can find my original post with links HERE.
I, personally, have not been to the Orient, but would love to visit one day! While beginning my contribution to the blog train, I started to sing a Japanese song that I learned in fourth grade (early 60's)) and, to this day, I am still able to sing that song word-for-word! Isn't it amazing how "some" things stick with us for a lifetime? *smile*

Of course, I just had to Google that Japanese song and I'd like to share it with you, as it just might take one of you for a sweet trip down Memory Lane as well!

It is exactly as I remember it! The tune resounds in my mind nearly 50 years later. Here are the lyrics:

Sho sho Shojoji
Shojoji no niwa wa Tsu tsu tsukiyo da
Minna dete koi koi koi
Oira no tomodacha
Pom poko pom no pom.

Makeruna makeruna
Osho-san ni makeruna
Koi koi koi, Koi koi koi
Minna dete koi koi koi

Sho sho Shojoji
Shojoji no hagi wa
Tsu tsu tsukiyo ni hana zakari
Oira wa ukarete
Pom poko pom no pom
What's up next for Bon Scrapatit Designs? Ho, ho, ho, ho, hoooooo ... wouldn't you like to know! LOL! Okay, I'm in a giddy mood and could not resist a little fun with y'all! *blush* I shall be working on some goodies for Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies and getting myself into a festive mood via some sweet holiday tunes while I begin some *Santabulous* designing here in my workshop.  Brrr ... the ambience is magnificent and I'm almost sure that I am living fairly close to the North Pole!  He, he ..

I am also working on my website and store and learning as I go so, if any of y'all have some favorite links to share for building a website/store with Wordpress, I shall be most humbled and thankful if you'll share them!

If I go missing ... you know where I'll be ... Brrrrr ... *wink*

Without further ado, *The Orient*, Part Three!  

Sorry, link has expired


happy dsd and you're being tagged again!

>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hi y'all!

I had planned on getting this to you several days ago, along with one more set of tags and goodies in orange/gold/red, however, the 'ol body has not been cooperating with me the past few days, so what better time than on Digital Scrapbooking Day! YAY!

For those who have already hopped aboard *The Orient - November Blog Train*, these will coordinate with the pieces you've already picked up! If you've not hopped aboard this fabulous train yet, you can find my blog train post HERE.

I can hear everyone's EHDs churning over here with all the amazing goodies you've been downloading all week long! WOOT! Is not Scrapland the best place to be when in need of increasing ones stash of digital scrapbooking goodness! Uh, huh! Yup, yup, indeed it is!

Please find below a link to download *The Orient*, Part Two. Once I created the original Far East map tags in black and gold, I just knew I had to make some in red and pink and then in orange and yellow/gold with red strings for a wee bit more versatility! Hope you find them useful and I'll see you in the next day or two with the final set plus a few other goodies mixed in!

Bon Scrapatit! 

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the november blog train has departed ... all aboard for "the orient"!

>> Monday, November 1, 2010

Toot, toot!  All aboard for a trip to *The Orient* by way of The November Blog Train y'all!

How many of you have been to the Far East - Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan?  Many thanks to my dear friend Liz in the Philippines for helping me include the proper countries on my little map tags!

Nearly 100 designers have worked their magic and are sharing some of the most beautiful and creative works I've ever seen!  So, if you've got vacations photos, event photos, family photos, etc. to scrap, you won't wish to miss any of these stunning mini-kits!

You should be coming in from:  A-liya

If you've not yet joined The Blog Train Blog on Facebook, I encourage you to do so as Trish is letting y'all pick the new color palettes bi-monthly!  Genius idea Trish and I'd say the selections have been amazing, not to mention challenging, which is a good thing!  You can find the info for becoming a  Facebook fan on The Blog Train Blog.

Here is my contribution:

Sorry, link has expired

Please leave some love for those you download from as everyone has worked so hard to bring you a plethora of scrapping goodness!  

Trish works very hard to make this the best train ride in Scrapland so give her some big love too!  Thank you, thank you Trish! 

Your next stop is:  Lizard Dau Designs

Remember to give the train 24 hours to complete it's itinerary as we have designers participating from all around the world in multiple time zones!

Bon Scrapatit!


friends. dreams. memories. thanking you all for the love!

>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank you all so, so very much for the past three years of incredible memories.  I love y'all like family and whether I am posting or not, I think of you all often. *heart*

A few detailed images of *Friends. Dreams. Memories.*

Totally inspired by y'all and Kim Brodelet's September Colour Challenge at DSO!  MWAH!
Life has been busy to say the least and all has been focused on my precious family.  Seems the big boys need just as much TLC, if not more, than the little ones!  ROFL! *the proverbial chesire cat grin going on over this side of the screen* ... He, he ...

I so wish to be following my passion, but am readjusting to being content in taking the time I am allowed to sit here and play in Photoshop and with y'all! I miss you all dearly and while one can never really catch up, I hope to be doing just as much as I am able to real soon!

Carole dearest, if you just happen to find this in your inbox, I shall be making every effort to call you on Tuesday sweetheart.  I miss our chats my dear, sweet friend!

Girlfriend, I will call you this weekend! It was so good to catch up with you on Sunday!  We're both still alive!  LMBO!

Sharon, I've been meaning to email you to see how you are doing lovely lady.  Thank you for the note to let me know that you are alive and kicking.  I really was concerned.  Congrats to Jace and his new bride!  Woot, woot! My Jace just started pre-school, but I just know he'll be walking down the aisle before too many more blinks of my eyes! *sigh*

My dearest Jane in Australia, congratulations on grandbaby number eight love!  Weeeeeee ... you are amazing! *heart*

I will reply to the comments from last post next week as I'm getting things ready for the November Blog Train, *The Orient*, set to depart throughout Scrapland, Monday, November 1st!  Are you ready???  Guarantee, you won't wish to miss this one, especially if you have had traveled to the Far East, live there or have relatives that live there or have been to visit.  Really, really cute stuff!

And, I just have to catch y'all up on my grandababies!  A short and very sweet video clip of Katelyn, who is three months old this month and my precious little red-headed boy, Jace, who just started preschool.  Jace is 2-1/2 and absolutely loves going to school!  He's only been two days now and already knows the routine!  *Be still my heart*

Katelyn Rose appears to be rolling over on command!  This Grandma's heart is leaping for joy to see her precious Baby Girl interacting with her mommy! I'm so sure I heard Katelyn say, "I love you" to Grandma!  Didn't you?  *wink*

Sorry for the pixelated images.  I snagged these just a few minutes ago from Facebook and y'all know what they do to the images!  ARGH!  Ah, yah, speaking of ARGH, that is Jace's pirate face you see in two of the photos above.  I shall have to snag the video Jessica posted of him learning to do "the pirate".  Since the family's trip to Disneyland last month, Jace is totally fascinated with pirates and I have a very good feeling that he will dress up as one for Halloween!  Hmmm ... reminds me, I will have to share a few photos of his pirate makeover at Disneyland!  Behind?  Yup, that would be me!  Anyone relate with me on this? 

A little quote I came up with while scrapping a page as a CT four years ago.  I just went and looked it up as I've not thought of it until now ... thinking about how quickly my grandchildren will grow up.

"What is time but the movement of one moment into the next." - Linda Walton

Yup, me, being short (okay, I am five-foot six) and sweet (most of the time!) as I've kept you waiting long enough! Not! Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!

Thank you for visiting with me and for all of your love and support!  Y'all rock ... and then some!

Sorry, links have expired

Wishing you all an incredibly sweet and fabulous weekend and may it be full of scrap! *grin* You just know I'd love to see a layout or two from y'all now don't you? *wink*  I will have a way for you to share them with me, and all who visit my blog, very soon! Woot!

See you back on Monday with my contribution to the November Blog Train! Toot, toot!


it's friday y'all and friends. dreams. memories. is on the way ... woo hoo!

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

Hoping to get this quick note out before my feed gets picked up so y'all will know before tomorrow night that Friends. Dreams. Memories. is in the process of uploading and will be posted later this evening!

Thanks SO much for your patience and I know that I am among family-oriented people that know all too well how life sometimes gets in the way! LOL!

I got 'er done!  Woot, woot!

See you in a bit ... *big smile*


bridging the gap!

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

The breathtaking and majestic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

In more ways than one y'all!

I cannot apologize enough for the huge gap in posts and the fact that I've still been unable to get Friends. Dreams. Memories. zipped and uploaded for you, however, the whirlwind of events this side of the screen have kept me from the best seat in the house!  Yup, that would be my computer chair or exercise ball!  LOL! Designing is my passion and my creative outlet, as well as my way of being able to help others preserve their most precious and priceless memories! *big, big smile*

How is everyone? Hope y'all are staying happy and healthy! By far the two most important states to be in I believe. Not being happy can make us unhealthy so I see the two going hand-in-hand. What do you think?

I've always been very honest with all of you, yet I've wavered back-and-forth in whether or not I tell all. My not doing so makes my blog posts appear erratic and me unstable so I need to fess up as to what is going on over here!  I know that I will feel a weight lifted and that I am still in a very good place compared to so many others, so please know that I am totally optimistic, as is my nature, and that I just wish you to know the why behind me struggling in getting to my blog on a regular basis.

When I returned home from Washington on July 31st, after having had the glorious opportunity of welcoming my first granddaughter into the world, Robert, Corinne and I sat down to dinner one evening shortly thereafter.  We always have a wonderful meal time together and laugh very heartily together.  This particular evening, something in our conversation prompted Robert to tell Corinne and I that he was about to lose his job.  I get teary-eyed repeating this story, as it brought my sweet and most precious man to tears in having to tell us.  He loved his job more than I can express to you. 

While we are now amongst many families who have suffered a job loss, I have great faith and am completely optimistic as to the outcome of our future! 

Robert had been under a great deal of stress due to circumstances beyond his control at work and, all-in-all, we both agree that he is in a much better place being both happy and healthy now that he is not dealing with certain issues anymore.

Let's just say that when he went to the doctor, it was documented that Robert's job was the source of his stress and climbing blood pressure. 

I am happy to report that Robert's blood pressure is lower than it has been in the nearly ten years that we've been together.  He is at peace and that is worth much more than the paycheck was!

Anyhoo, Robert is doing some schooling and preparing himself to re-enter the work force when the timing is right.  In the interim, he is getting unemployment and we also have a couple of borders here at the house who just happen to be family members! WOOT, WOOT! *big smile* Robert's younger sister, Corinne and my youngest son (twin), John.

So, with my sweet and lovely man being at home, y'all just know that I am spending more time with him and it has been more difficult for me to focus when I do get to the computer as there are many other things going on and more than the usual interruptions! *wink*

I did not have the opportunity to tell you before I left for Washington that I lost a sister-in-law to breast cancer towards the end of June and then two days later my niece's (who you will see in a photo with me below) ex-husband, yet still good friend and father figure to her twin girls, passed away from his battle with prostate cancer after having just celebrated his 48th birthday on Father's Day.

I also have another sister-in-law, Connie, who is fighting with all she has to fight with at the moment to win her battle with breast cancer.  Please keep her and her very supportive husband and my brother, Todd in your thoughts and /or prayers. 

While I was truly hoping to have my celebratory scrapkit on your hard drives this week, Robert and I have been helping two sons.  My oldest son, Matt and oldest of my twins, Luke are having to leave their home, part ways and make other living arrangements.  They recently lost two roommates, thought that they could handle all expenses on their own and then had their work hours cut!  Luke is working and going to school and will be moving in with a good friend and his family.  Matt will be staying with us temporarily until he is able to secure a place elsewhere.

Seems to be a big snowball rolling around these parts and it is not even snowing!  LOL!

All things for a purpose.

Thank you for bearing with me y'all!  I've been working diligently when I'm able to sit for a few minutes on creating a special kit that, I hope, will let you know how thankful I have been for your friendship over the past three plus years. 

Just this past weekend, I received a call from my older sister, who lives in Minnesota.  She was here in California with her son, daughter and two of her granddaughters to coordinate a memorial service for my niece and nephew's Nana who recently passed away.  Cindy, my niece, asked if we had some time to meet them for a short visit.

I have not seen my sister, Mandy since just a few days after 9/11 when I flew to Minnesota.

We met up with everyone at Fisherman's Wharf in San Franciso and had a fabulous three plus hours together before they headed off to the San Francisco Airport and their return home.

The photo at the top of my blog post was taken by me.  Robert used to live in San Francisco as a teenager, so he is familiar with all of the little out-of-the-way places for some grand sight-seeing.  We were below the Golden Gate Bridge and were snapping photos of a gal trying to ride the waves.  Wouldn't you know that she finally made it up on her surf board just as we were pulling out of the parking lot! ROFL!

Robert's sister, Corinne.  My oldest son, Matt.  Me.  My niece, Cindy.  My sister, Mandy.  We are across from Fisherman's Grotto #9 on a record-breaking day of heat in San Francisco.  It was 94 degrees! 

LOL!  I look quite frumpy and disheveled don't I?  I was trying so hard to maintain as just prior to Robert snapping this photo, my niece, Cindy, to my left, had lifted me into the air in both of her arms!  I wasn't sure whether she was simply overjoyed to see me or showing off her buff body!  ROFL!  Nonetheless, I am still in an emotional state here as I see my nephew, Mike for the first time in 13 years and my niece, Cindy I had not seen since she and her twin daughters came to visit us in 2002.  I thank my sweet man for capturing memories as I am always the one behind the camera and he insisted since I had the cell phone, that he man the camera!  HA, HA, HA ... no pun intended!

After my sister and family left for the airport, Robert, Corinne, Matt and I had a blast touring San Francisco.  We watched the sun set at Ocean Beach next to the Cliff House while walking in the surf and collecting sand dollars!  We drove down Lombard Street before grabbing a bite to eat and heading home shortly before 11:00 pm.  Yup, we had a grand time and are still talking about it! 

Sometimes the best trips are those unplanned.  Our entire day was completely spontaneous with no time line.  I think we all benefited from it greatly!

Oh YAY!!!  Just got a phone call from my son, Mark.  He is headed down for me to help him apply for a school grant and is bringing my grandson!  I have been in need of a Grandma fix and just mentioned it to Robert before dinner earlier this evening.  What timing and I actually completed my blog post - WOOT, WOOT!  LOL!

Hope to see you all with the goods very soon. MWAH!


wanted ... your favorite faces for a chance to win a 100 dollar gift certificate to florabella!

>> Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Greetings y'all!

I am still working on my blogoversary scrapkit for you, so don't give up on me yet! *smile*

Yesterday was a be still my grandma's heart day culminating into a lingering session of reminiscing with my sweet man, Robert and his baby sister, Corinne. We YouTubed 60's and 70's music for several hours! What a sight ... and sound we were! *wink*

My office space is small and my oldest son was on the computer (Robert's) directly behind me, headphones on and doing his own thing. Matthew did lift an earpiece every once-in-a-while to check out a tune we were singing to! Anyhoo, Robert was standing behind me and Corinne was sitting to my left upon my exercise ball that I am normally sitting on while at the computer! I won't tell you what happened to my beloved exercise ball or my sista on it! *big grin* I bet you can guess though! He, he ... let's just say, I still have my beloved sista, but NO ball! ROFL!  Where was the camera on that sweet little trick? LOL!

We had a fab time as I played DJ, took requests and hooked 'em up! Technology never ceases to amaze me!

As my sweet friend Sarah commented on my Facebook post, sometimes we just need some downtime and that is exactly what took place yesterday!

Have you ever experienced this kind of a day? You know, where you have a long list of things to accomplish or a particular project goal in mind, only to be completely caught off guard by a pleasant distraction that kidnaps your original intentions for the entire day?

A little spontaneity is good for the soul, don't you think?  I would love to hear about yours!

So ... I just have to share with you what hijacked my heart early on yesterday and kept me mesmerized for hours as I played them over-and-over again, digesting every precious moment, babble and expression ...

There are two very short clips, both under 60 seconds. My precious granddaughter, Katelyn Rose, who is now two months old, can you believe it?

Check out the expression on Kate's face after her daddy, who is driving, coughs. I melted ...

Joan cracks me up!  I adore the way she interacts with her little "buddy" as she referred to her during our phone conversation yesterday!  I think they make a pretty awesome duo, don't you? 

Okies, now that you've seen a couple of my favorite faces, I shall now share an amazing opportunity for y'all to share yours with a chance to win a $100 gift certificate!

The girls over at Love that Shot have an exciting surprise planned for the Love Your Shot Link-Up this Thursday, September 30th. There's going to be a theme, a couple of guest photographer judges (you may know them pretty well), and a fabulous prize for the winner! You're definitely not going to want to miss this one ...

So y'all, tell all of your friends to join us this Thursday for the Love Your Shot Link-Up because hey, what's a party without the guests, right! Oh, and if you're not quite sure how the link-ups work, click here for our FAQ page, or click here for the Link-Up archives.

We can't wait to see your favorite faces, so get out there and start shooting!


my blogoversary and a sneak-peek!

>> Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi y'all!

Just a quick post to apologize for missing my own party, however, I am certainly not beyond celebrating after the fact! LOL! I hope you will still come and celebrate with me! *wink*

I have been distracted this past week and today, in just a short bit, we are leaving town to celebrate our grandson, Lohgan's third birthday and are meeting our brand new grandson, Mylles!

I SO wanted to participate in Kim B's Colour Challenge this month and decided to use the September palette for my Blogoversary gift to y'all!

Challenge is an understatement, yet a good thing for me since I've not designed in several months!

Long story short, y'all know I won't just throw something together and this has taken a little longer than I anticipated so I will have to finish up when we return and then, hopefully, will post the entire scrapkit for you on Monday.

As always, I thank you for your continued support, your friendship and for keeping me inspired to create!

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone and keep on scrapping ...



it's my bff's blogoversary and she has "no tricks, just treats" for y'all!

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh my, the weather is feeling more like Autumn/Fall every day, however, it is going to warm up again this weekend. ARGH! I am not looking forward to the 90's, but will be off celebrating our grandson, Lohgan's third birthday along with meeting our new grandson, Mylles! Not a thing to complain about. Nope. Nothing. Nada!

Today. This very day is my BFF's third blogoversary! TOOT, TOOT! WOOT, WOOT!

I cannot believe that the two of us have been blogging three years, but we have and we want to celebrate with you!

Dawn, aka Snowsmoon's Design, surprised me today when I found that her post was also a "thank you" to me for giving her the little persuasive push to start blogging and funny thing is, she actually launched her blog two days before I did mine! ROFL!

Girlfriend, I thank YOU for always challenging me to get 'er done! *big grin*  I'd still be talking about it and you'd be off doing it!  LOL!  Can y'all tell which one of us is the indecisive one?  Ah, yah, that would be muah!  UGH!

Dawn and I have been friends for five-and-a-half years after meeting on a well-known site back in early 2005! We've still not met face-to-face, but I don't think there is much of anything that we do not know about each other after numerous hours of Skype chats, emails, Facebook and telphone calls! I love Dawn like a sister and I know that she is always there for me no matter the reason, good or ... not-so-good!

This might be hard to believe but, you would really need to know the circumstances of my life up until five years ago to really understand me when I say, Dawn is the first BFF I've ever had in my entire lifetime. Well, my sweet man mind disagree just a teensy-weensy little bit about that and say that he is my first BFF! LOL! He's right on one hand, but not quite so on the other! After all, there are just some things that "guys" really don't wish to get into a deep and/or extensive conversation about! He, he ...

Anyhoo, I am sending y'all off to my girlie's blog, which has been wonderfully renovated, where you can download the makeover of her VERY fist blog freebie, No Tricks, Just Treats! A perfect kit for this time of the year as we enter into Autumn/Fall and our favorite holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Awesome job Dawn and I am loving your unique, coordinating alpha! 

Thanks for everything and for being the loving and giving person that you are girlfriend.  Happy Blogoversary darlin'!!!

(please leave her some love and a hug from me! *wink*)

Come back and check in on me this Friday, September 24th, when I shall be celebrating my blogoversary!  You just know you will find something special as a thank you for your faithful visits and continued support of Bon Scrapatit Designs! Remember: it is scrap-happy hour in Scrapland 24/7 y'all - get your scrap on!


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