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>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi y'all! Hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving is home safely and has digested thoroughly!

I'm just out of the kitchen, after being held hostage for the better part of the past five days! Our house has been full and so have our tummies!

Two of the boys and I fixed Thanksgiving dinner. We gave Robert the day off this year as he is usually the one to cook both a turkey and a ham. Well, he was not off the hook entirely. He was the ham! ROFL! Just kidding, but he did keep us all laughing, which is pretty much the norm around here. *smile* 

Friday was filled with leftovers and transporting kiddos to-and-from work. Come Saturday, I was making homemade turkey soup from the remains, which we have dug into for the second time for dinner tonight. Yesterday, I made the best batch of split-pea soup to date and we just finished that off for breakfast this morning!

Yup, we are trying to stay healthy over here! My baby boy, John, had Robert pick him up from work early yesterday complaining of tummy issues. Oh my, the poor boy was sick from the time they came through the gate until sometime late last night. Not sure if he contracted a bug or a food-born illness. Either way, it was not a pretty sight!

And, of course, in between all of the above lots of football and Christmas movies have been watched! LOL!

I'm in here for a quick post (okay, y'all know I really, really try to be brief sometimes *wink*) to let y'all know that I'm still not finished with *A Thankfall Heart* and I wish to thank you all for helping me out with some suggestions!

Tomorrow is December 1st and the kick-off of this year's *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* event, so I am focusing on getting my contribution together for posting tomorrow and then I will follow up with *A Thankfall Heart*. 

Happy December everyone and I'll see you back here tomorrow! MWAH!

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