>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

has she EVER been missin' y'all!!! WOO, WEE, I am finally back in my computer chair and ready to step back into SCRAPLAND for some MORE great adventures and memory making with y'all!!!

Robert and I, both, SO thought that we'd have Internet, but like a couple of country bumpkins soon found out that ALL hotels in the area we needed to lodge in used WI-FI and there was no DSL to be found!!! ROFL! I am now MORE determined than ever to make sure that we stay abreast of the latest technology in and OUT of our home! BUMMER, but .... I must say that I had a NICE and RELAXING week!

We actually attempted to look for a WI-FI card two evenings but were both SO tired that I finally told Robert not to worry about it and that I would just work on some designing while he was in class from 9-5 for three days! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAA!!! Wouldn't you know it - I then had software issues and was too tuckered to deal with them so did not really touch the laptop much until late in the afternoon of day number three! Why was I SO pooped? Well, I overdid myself prior to our departure as I really wanted to come home to a clean house and not have to worry about it when we returned. I had a HUGE fibro flare-up and spent the better part of the first two days in our hotel room sleeping! We were also in record breaking temperatures and were running the air conditioner non-stop so as to be comfortable. *smile*

By the end of day three, we were both trying to figure out WHY we were feeling SO lethargic and just wanted to hang out in our hotel room after Robert returned from training! It had cooled down enough for us to turn off the air and open the windows. It did not take long for us to both feel much different - AWAKE even!!! ROFL! I slept most of those first two days because my eyes would get SO heavy that I could not focus on the laptop or even on the television! HELP! I hurt from head-to-toe as well, but I can usually manage that - heavy eyes are another matter! Oh, and I could not find any toothpicks so I had NO choice but to close them! He, he ...

Anyhoo, I bet y'all might have a good idea as to the WHY of our inability to want to do anything other than kick-back in our hotel room! Does FRESH air come to mind??? Uh, huh! We figured it had to do with the air conditioning unit as I actually stayed awake the entire day following and we noticed that we were fine when out for dinner and such!

All-in-all, I just have to say that my stubborn, die-hard nature gets put to rest whether I am game or not! Thank you Daddy!

I hope that y'all have had a FABULOUS past week and please feel free to catch me up on anything that I may have missed! I am working on the finishing touches to my creations for Kim B's April Colour Challenge over at DSO and just might have the first installment ready for y'all later tonight! This month's colors were DEFINITELY challenging for me, but then I SO love a GOOD challenge now and then! I hope that y'all will enjoy what I've mustered up! This evening's goody is a little taste of what is to come, however, it does NOT represent the ENTIRE color palette which also includes hues of blue and heather! Bon Scrapatit!

See you later gators and I wish you a MOST scraptabulous week!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. While it has crossed my mind, if any of you have sent an e-mail to me at lindawalton (at) caltel (dot) com sometime this past month or so and have not received a reply, would you please mail me at bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com. I am no longer able to keep up with my personal mail addy as Facebook fills my inbox to the point where it takes time I do not have to go through and delete, delete, delete and, therefore, I have opened a new e-mail account for y'all to use when wishing to correspond with me personally. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. MWAH!


*UPDATE* - I am not sure why a few have difficulty with downloads, but as I have mentioned several times, if you are not able to download right away, give it a little time and try again as when multiple persons are downloading at the same time, GRIDLOCK happens! Now that I have deleted files from 4-shared, I will go back to to uploading my freebies via 4-shared as there are NO pop-up's intruding your eye space! Personally, I would rather have to wait ten seconds to download than dealing with those annoying "flash" ads coming my way and blocking what I am really after! LOL! Bon Scrapatit!




>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

I hope to find y'all relaxed and feelin' fine as we prepare to go into the new week ahead! Robert and I had a GRAND time at Halia's second birthday party here in Copper yesterday!!! LOTS of family and friends and I even saw some little faces that I've not seen in several years that are NO longer SO little! I enjoyed snapping photos of the children who were constantly on-the-go!

Halia, at age two, is AMAZINGLY sharp and in-the-know! My goodness, this petite little GIRLIE, GIRL was even driving a motorized vehicle and KNEW exactly what she was doing! I shake my head in TOTAL amazement as to what the young 'ens are capable of doing in this day and age!!! *big smile*

Robert and I leave tomorrow evening for his audit training in Sacramento and our stay at The Citizen Hotel located downtown. I am QUITE impressed not only with it's decor but also the building's history! Read all about it here: The Citizen Hotel

Below, you will find another "scrapatit" from *Spring Blossoms*! I can't help myself as I just ADORE this color palette and I am seeing these colors everywhere! I've used this one to scrap a photo of Halia saying good-bye to her great-auntie Nani. SOOOO sweet!

I hope to have some uninterrupted time to work on a few things while hanging out in our hotel room and Robert is in training. Once he is finished, we will go out and about to see what we can see!!! From what I read, we are within walking distance of our state capitol. I've not been since I was homeschooling my children and went on a field trip. Let's just say, it's been a while!!! About 15 years I believe!!! Yes, I shall be taking lots of photos!!!

Wishing you ALL a MOST fantabulous week ahead! May you achieve ALL that you set out to and if scrapping, may you be scrapping HAPPY! Thank you SOOOO much for ALL of the LOVIN'!!! You are THE BEST! MWAH!

See you soon!

Linda :)

*NOTE: Just a little reminder that ALL freebies shall remain up for a week, with the exception of the blog train freebies which will remain posted until the next train departs June 1st. If you've missed them, they will eventually find their way into my store at One Single Seed, which I desperately need to be working on this week and next! Also, for those that are having trouble downloading, please try again. All links are checked ahead of time on my end and I've NEVER had trouble with Media Fire breaking links, however, if MANY people are downloading at the same time, it can cause for error messages and such. Thank you for your understanding!

Birthday girl, Miss Halia, saying good-bye to her great-auntie Nani!



>> Friday, April 17, 2009


I don't really mention FFF anymore since I upload freebies on days OTHER than Fridays, however, EVERYDAY is FABULOUS and today just happens to be Friday!!! WOO HOO!!!

What do YOU ALL have planned this weekend? As y'all know, it's a VERY busy month for us here at my house and tomorrow we are off to celebrate our grand-niece, Halia's FIRST birthday right here in Copper! PHEW! YUP! No long drive this time, which is a GOOD thing as we will have a two-hour drive ahead of us come Monday when we leave for Robert's 3 days of training in Sacramento! LOL! I am actually still recuperating from last weekend when our arrival times back home were 10:00 pm each night!

Our weather has been VERY pleasant with a bit of a warming trend this weekend and just a WEE bit warmer than THIS girl is comfortable with! It will be the 80's through next Tuesday, I believe, and then it will be on the decline again - YAY! I am SO a 70's girl in more ways than one! He, he ...

I have a simple little "scrapatit" for you this evening. Sometimes I like to use lots of layering in my "scrapatits" and then other times, I like SIMPLE! Today's is SIMPLE and I just might use it for Kaleb's FIRST birthday cover page! Although I ADORE artistic and multi-layered layouts, I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER get my six children's and now grandchildren's lives in storybook form if I don't keep things simplified!!! My new game plan is to make a few pages over-the-top with LOTS of EYECANDY, while the majority of the pages will be presented with clean lines and a limited amount of embellishments.

PHEW! Just typing this out to y'all is allowing me to relax a bit and see the light at the END of my SCRAPPING tunnel! ROFL!

I will be working on my contribution to Kim B's *April Colour Challenge* this weekend and hope to have it finished and ready to share with y'all while I am away next week. For those of you that might not have been to the DSO forum and/or participated in Kim's color challenge, check it out here for details and to view this month's color palette: Kim B's April Colour Challenge

If you've not had an opportunity to make it over to One Single Seed for the monthly YARD SALE, today is the last day to MIX 'N MATCH papers, embellishments, mini-kits, word art and more for just $1 each!!! Check it out here: OSS Yard Sale

Wishing you ALL a GORGEOUS, relaxing and FUN weekend no matter how you are spending it!

Much love,
Linda :)

A few photos from Kaleb's first birthday party last weekend! I wanted one with both
his mommy and his daddy. The one in the middle is of Kaleb wearing his great-auntie
Kelly's birthday hat as they were both celebrating their birthdays on the same day!



>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

My thoughts and prayers are with the Cantu family in Tracy, California where Tracy's little angel, eight-year-old, Sandra Cantu was laid to rest yesterday in a private ceremony and upwards of 6,000 people gathered today to memorialize and celebrate Sandra's short-lived life. People came from the Bay Area as well as Sacramento with several dignitaries invited by the Cantu family to speak on behalf of their daughter and the community of Tracy, which is just under 90,000 people in population.

I have not spoken about this up until now as it has been on the news daily since Sandra went missing, however, it is VERY close to us as Robert lived in Tracy for 18 years and raised his three oldest sons there. Tracy is only an hour a way from us. My daughter, Joan, lived there for a couple of years and it is a VERY personal community.

My boys and I used to stop at the Arco station for gas located on the corner and just about a block from the mobile home park where Sandra lived. On our way to our family Easter picnic, we passed by the church where the young woman, accused of her murder, taught Sunday school. We were on 205 which is a connector between Interstate 5 and 580. You would NEVER have known anything had happened unless you'd been watching the news and/or lived in Tracy. My heart was VERY heavy when passing through both on our way to the picnic and again on our return trip home.

The outpouring of LOVE and SUPPORT to the Cantu family was not ONLY touching, but almost overwhelming. It has brought the residents of Tracy that much closer and will have more people talking and making sure that the young children of their community are looked after more closely. Even so, Sandra's life was taken by the mother of her best friend. So sad, so tragic.

I leave you this evening with Part Two of my *Spring Gradient Alpha*, which includes numerals 0-9 and lower-case letters, a-z!

Thank you SO much for ALL of your LOVLEY comments! Y'all ROCK ... and and then some. I will be fairly scarce the next week as we celebrate a birthday on Saturday and will be away most of next week.

Please don't forget about the GUESTBOOK at the bottom of my blog where you can upload any layouts that you create using my designs or a greeting letting us know where you are from!

Have a FABULOUS tomorrow!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)



>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

I am dashing in to bring you Part One of *Spring Gradient Alpha* that coordinates with *Spring Blossoms* but will make for a NICE stand alone alpha as well!

Hope everyone is HAPPY and HEALTHY and laying a "taxing" day to rest with a little SCRAP HAPPINESS!

I shall bring you Part Two of the *Spring Gradient Alpha* tomorrow, which will include Lower-Case letters and Numerals!

See you then!

Much love,
Linda :)

P.S. Back to TAXES for me! *big smile*



Greetings everyone!!! Are we scrapping HAPPY, or WHAT???

ROFL! Well, at the moment, it is the or WHAT for THIS girl! YUP, still working on the tax returns for the guys! By this time next year, I will have all the info I need from them, hopefully with NO changes, and be able to file their returns MUCH earlier! The boys ALL have money coming back, so NO biggie for them. I waited for two hours last night for two of them to show up with some necessary items and well, seems they had some unexpected company and forgot all about it for the time being! I called them at 11:00 pm! YUP, I was yawning and SO not wanting to have to keep working but my oldest son brought what was needed and I got all the way to the filing portion and found that he needs to mail in his return and guess what? NO ink to print out his returns! LOL!

I already knew that I would not be able to print anything and haven't been able to afford to replace my ink cartridges, but was thinking everyone would be e-filing so it wouldn't matter. WRONG! I've been putting off replacing those SIX cartridges because my printer is about three years old now and for the same price I can buy a brand new printer that will allow me to print some things that the older one won't! Yes, ALWAYS a method to the madness, eh? He, he ...

Robert will need to print his out at work and he is going to take a run to Staples for me and buy a black ink cartridge so I can print out the boy's returns for safekeeping. Each year, I save the returns as a PDF file and I also print out three copies, "just-in-case"!

Okay, no more "taxing" news! I would like to share with y'all some GOODIES from my BFF, Snowsmoon's Design and my DEAR friend, Monna Lainson from their AWESOME collaboration, *Burst of Spring*!!! If you've not picked this BEAUTY up yet at the INCREDIBLE into price on ONLY $2.00, you'd better grab it now as TODAY is the LAST day at this BARGAIN price!!! Click on the preview image to be transported directly to the One Single Seed to purchase:

Both Dawn and Monna have some EXTRA delightful add-on goodies to give to y'all on their blogs! I am attaching the appropriate link to each image so that it will take you DIRECTLY to the post from which you may download each!

While over at One Single Seed picking up the GORGEOUS *Burst of Spring*, take a peek at this month's FABULOUS Yard Sale which features designs by the OSS Designers where everything is ONLY $1.00!!! What is SO cool about the monthly OSS yard sales is that everything is created from a color swatch so that ALL items will coordinate and y'all can MIX 'N MATCH to build your own kit or just pick up the pieces that strike your fancy! AWESOME, isn't it? UH, HUH!!!

Click on the OSS Yard Sale image to be taken directly to the Yard Sale section of the store! I have peeked and there are some YUMMY treats awaiting y'all! *BIG SMILE* OH my, we'd better hurry, this FABULOUS sale is for THREE days ONLY! April 15th - 17th! Follow me on over, you won't regret it!

Thanks SO much for looking and I'll be back later today or tonight with a coordinating alpha for *Spring Blossoms*!

Linda :)



>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope everyone is doing WONDERFULLY this Monday prior to TAX DAY??? Have y'all filed yet? Do you owe? Do you have a refund coming? If so, is it already spoken for? I still have four returns to file, I think! All have refunds coming so no biggie but it is trying to get it all coordinated and the monies in hand with which to file their state returns. Federal is FREE! I've been doing them now for several years and it's really a piece-of-cake. There was a time that I had to have someone else do my taxes as I was an independent contractor and had itemized deductions! Not QUITE as easy as filing a 1040-EZ, eh? ROFL! I wish you ALL well in whatever and however you need to do it.

We had a GRAND time this weekend celebrating Kaleb's FIRST birthday with his mommy's side of the family and then yesterday with Robert's family PLUS at a HUGE family Easter picnic!!! Let's just say that we both awoke this morning feeling zapped from TWO full days of activity and not arriving home until 10:00 pm!!! We get the ENTIRE week to recuperate before starting all over again this coming weekend when we will be celebrating our niece, Halia's SECOND birthday! Can we say V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N??? Uh, huh ... the following week we are off to Sacramento for Robert's audit training and we will be a nice hotel for three days and three nights! Oh yes, I get to use Robert's laptop while he is in class and I will even have a 32-inch screen to hook it up to, BUT, I don't think I will use it as from what I've seen, it is attached to the wall and a little higher than I would like ..... UNLESS, it has some AMAZING adjustments!!! WOO HOO! With a little luck, I might even have the opportunity to take pictures of our Capitol building! :)

So far, I've uploaded 60 photos to Facebook from yesterday and hope to get the rest up later tonight. Tomorrow, I will be uploading Kaleb's birthday photos and I will also post a few from each event here on my blog!

This evening I have a "scrapatit" from *Spring Blossoms* which will be PERFECTLY suited to ANY of your spring and/or Easter photos! I have used a photo of our niece, Malia. Malia was a breath of FRESH air in her BRIGHT yellow dress with BRIGHT blue accents!!! This took me back to the same colors I wore back in the latter 80's!!! LOVE them! Malia is such a LOVELY young lady and just as SWEET as can be. She is a nurse with a BRILLIANT sense of humor! Runs in the family me thinks! LOL!

I am off to clean house since we were away for the entire weekend and I will be working on getting a few scrapkits uploaded to my store at One Single Seed this coming week as well as some NEW goodies for y'all!

Take care, rest easy and SCRAP HAPPY!

Linda :)



>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi everyone!!!

I shall not ramble your ears off as I know y'all are preparing for the holiday or you have already started whether you are observing Passover, Good Friday and/or Easter! I am leaving you with my little add-on to my contribution to the *Spring Blossoms* Mega Blog Train!!!

I will you ALL a VERY safe and blessed celebratory weekend! I may be in and out, as we wish be away MOST of the weekend and are, of course, off to celebrate Kaleb's FIRST birthday tomorrow afternoon!!! He, he ... I am SO excited and on my way to charge my camera batteries!!!

See you soon and remember to ALWAYS "scrap happy"!!! ROFL, how can you NOT!

Much love,
Linda :)

P.S. SNOWBUNNY - you asked about *Saturday in the Park*, Scrapatit #5. I will be adding the ENTIRE kit plus "scrapatits" to my store VERY soon for a BARGAIN price! Stay-tuned!


UPDATE: I've received a few comments that Media Fire is not allowing you to download. The reason for this is simply numerous people attempting to download at the same time, so please give it a few minutes or try coming back another time to download. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is very common and I run into myself as well on other sites. Thank you SO much for you LOVELY comments - I am HAPPY that you like it! I shall be a way MOST of this weekend so I am placing this message here in the event any of you encounter the same difficulty. Happy Easter everyone! XOXO



Oh my, the first episode of *Harper's Island* was QUITE interesting! Are you ready for this? I actually took notes! YUP, just like Columbo!!! My mind is SO filled with SO many things that I've been struggling with remembering the simplest of things lately so, I am taking notes so I can get acquainted with who is who! My only comment from tonight's viewing is, "Man, NO more Harry Hamlin"! LOL! He ended up only being HALF the man at the end of the first episode as he was at the beginning! *sigh*

Okay, I am in need of help so that I can complete my add-on for *Spring Blossoms* and get it delivered to y'all ASAP!

I am seeing JAGGIES on ALL of my circles! I've had this happen before and it would usually remedy itself, however, this time is not as forgiving. I had my BFF check out my dotted paper and she saw the JAGGIES as well, so something is up over here in my Photoshop! He, he ...

Does anyone have ANY ideas they can toss my way as to why this might be happening and how I might find my way back to SMOOTH edges??? I have cleared my actions palette, closed PS and completely rebooted my system and I am STILL getting those dratted JAGGIES! What's up with that? Anyone know?

I am headed to bed and hoping that a good night's sleep shall find me REFRESHED in the morning and able to take this on again until I get it figured out! Meanwhile, any shares from y'all are MOST welcome and I am FOREVER grateful for any light that can be shed on my dilemma!

SNEAK-PEEK! Now, look closely. Can you see the JAGGIES on the outer edges of my dots on my dotted paper? I made these templates nearly two years ago and have used them over and over and over again with no trouble. I could even see jaggies all the way around the scalloped shape. I just cannot seem to pinpoint my difficulty this time-around. ANY suggestions??? I am ALL ears! Well, in this case, ALL EYES! Thank you in advance and hope to get this to you before noonish! MWAH!

Linda :)



>> Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

Popping in to say HELLO, to let you know that I will be back in a couple of hours with an ADD-ON to my contribution to the *Spring Blossoms* blog train via the Blog Train Blog AND to ask how many of you plan on watching the new 13-week series, *Harper's Island* on CBS???

I don't watch television very often, however, Robert just recently installed a Direct TV unit in our bedroom, which is also where I work on the computer so I tend to hear A LOT more than I am used to! Well, I've seen a couple of interviews with a couple of the actors that will be starring on *Harper's Island* and my wannabe "detective" juices started flowing and YES, I shall be tuning in and hope to keep up so I can come to my OWN conclusions as to who dunnit! This SO reminds me of my growing up years and playing one of my favorite board games, CLUE! Ahhhh, yes, it was the butler in the living room with a wrench! ROFL! Remember those days y'all???

Anyhoo, each week one person will be killed and by week 13, we will then be privy as to which character is responsible. Kind of funny for me as I am not into reading murder mysteries, so not quite sure why this is appealing to me other than the fact that I get to play detective and it is a nice distraction for what caputres my attention most of the day!

The weekend is drawing near, it is raining here in Northern California and we will be away most of the weekend! It looks as though the sun will be shining come Easter Sunday, which is a GOOD thing since we will be picknicking at the park! Where are y'all headed to?

See y'all after while ...

Linda :)



>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi y'all!!! Just a QUICK repost of my "scrapatit" using *Basic Weekend* by Snowsmoon's Design! Why, you ask? Well, Maria's SWEET little engine picked up the incorrect image and it is making it look as though Dawn's kit is a FREEBIE, but it is NOT! EEEEEEKS! I'm not sure how that happens, however, it does on occasion. I apologize for ANY inconvenience. :(

TODAY, is our grandson, Kaleb's FIRST bithday and our grand-niece, Halia's SECOND birthday! Parties are on the 11th and the 18th and I shall post some photos of them both afterwards!!! I cannot believe that it has been ONE entire year since these photos were taken and ACTUALLY scrapped:

Kaleb Jace just home from the hospital!
Layout created using my *Saturday in the Park, Scrapatit #5*

Kaleb Jace at one week!
Layout using my *Saturday in the Park, Scrapatit #8*

Photo taken 040309
Mask #6 by Kylie M Designs

Photo taken 032909
Mask #6 by Kylie M Designs

Below is a NEW preview image that, hopefully, the engine will pick up later this evening:



>> Monday, April 6, 2009

He, he ... my *Basic Weekend* ended the WEE hours of this morning while finishing up a layout using my BFF's newest scrapkit, *Basic Weekend* NOW available at the INCREDIBLE price of ONLY $2.00 through April 15th!

You EVER just retreat to the computer to scrap as a way to unwind or to help you switch gears? Well, that is EXACTLY what I did last night and wouldn't give it up until I was finished!!! It felt SO good just to scrap and Dawn's *Basic Weekend* is such a VERSATILE kit and I hope that I've helped to showcase that with my layout that she has SO graciously given me permission to share with y'all as a "scrapatit"!!! Thanks girlfriend!!!
I was in the mood to do something outdoorish and as I began to search through the background papers, I realized that *Basic Weekend* was boasting the colors of my daughter, Joan's wedding last August! The rest is history! Here are the previews of *Basic Weekend* by Snowsmoon's Designs available for ONLY $2.00! Well worth the regular price of $4.99, so this is DEFINITELY a "bargain"! Store link is attached to EACH preview!

Thank you for looking!

Dawn also has an ADORABLE QP offered up on her blog from her kit, *My Little Pirate*! Aye mates, click the image below to "walk-the-plank" on over to her blog to download this SWEET treasure! Make sure to leave her some LOVE, lest we all be swabbin' the decks! ROFL!

Below is a layout of my daughter, Joan and her Prince Charming! She was SO thrilled to become Mrs. Travis Uhlig and shouted it out to the world!!!



>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wishing Robert's #3 son, Joshua, a VERY happy "26th" birthday today! We LOVE you and wish you a JOYFUL day with your PRECIOUS family and may your year ahead bring you the DESIRES of your heart sweetheart!

Robert and I spent yesterday shopping for birthday gifts for Josh and for our grandson, Kaleb who turns "one" on Tuesday. I arrived home hurting from head-to-toe and took the rest of the day off and took my time getting it going this morning. I am awaiting Robert's return from picking John up from work and then we are headed out for a walk. I am DETERMINED to keep on moving!!! WOO HOO! It is SO beautiful here and the air is FRESH and today has boasted of a fairly typical spring day. The temperature made it to 70 degrees, although it took much of the day to warm up to that! It is GORGEOUS and I would be content for every day to be as it is today!

LOL! I am SO tickled reading your replies as to where you have or where you might wish to retire to! YES, I, too, plan on retiring to SCRAPLAND as that is a given! It sounds like MOST of you are already living where you wish to stay and I think that is SO wonderful! Thank you SO much for sharing with me as it allows me to get to know you just a little bit more! MWAH!

Today's goody, which should have been to you yesterday, is the second coordinating alpha to *Sunrise, Sunset* and is also the THIRD plaid epoxy alpha and that is why I have numbered it. I thought if I named it simply as a Plaid Epoxy Alpha that you might end up with mixed alphas in the same file! Now, let's hope I don't lose count as I'm sure you can tell that I, as many of you, LOVE plaid!!!

I wish you ALL a FABULOUS week ahead and would LOVE to hear what y'all have planned for Easter! We are gathering with Robert's side of the family as well as one of our SIL's side of the family - it is a HUGE gathering and SOOOO much FUN!

See you tomorrow!

Much love,
Linda :)

Sorry, this link is no longer available!



>> Friday, April 3, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

Did anyone remember the acronym for MAN in my greeting yesterday??? M - morning, A - afternoon and N - night!!! That way I am addressing everyone around the globe! I will mostly use it when posting late at night as I realize that my digi-sisters across the pond are starting their day!'

Today is FRI-HEEEEE-DAY as my SWEET Robert declares! While he ADORES his job, I think he appreciates his weekends home just a WEE big more and SO looks forward to driving through our gate and not HAVING to leave again the next morning. Funny, but the two of us have come from the Silicon Valley, ear-marked for BUMPER-TO-BUMPER traffic and GRIDLOCK and at this stage of our lives and post-children, RELISH the slower pace of the foothills! We have been known to say MANY a time, "you could NOT pay us to move back to the Bay Area"! In fact, we wish to move a little further up the mountain in the next year or two, God willing! A LOVELY and QUAINT town that shall NEVER see excessive population and is nestled amongst California Redwoods and Tall Pines! I actually lived there for a VERY brief time right out of high school and have "dreamed" of retiring there the past decade or so.

Where would y'all like to retire to OR where HAVE you already retired to?

This evening, is the first of TWO alphas to coordinate with *Sunrise, Sunset* - it is a torn cardboard and fabric alpha consisting of Lower-Case letters and Numerals.

I shall be back tomorrow evening with the *Plaid Epoxy* that also coordinates with *Sunrise, Sunset*.

Wishing you ALL a MOST glorious weekend! I shall be up to my ears in taxes but am actually looking forward to it! LOL! Am I CRAZY??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... perhaps! *wink*

Bon Scrapatit!
Linda :)

Sorry, this link is no longer available!



>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

MAN y'all!!! (remember the meaning of this acronym???)

WHOA!!! Looks like y'all are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY collecting *Spring Blossoms* from over 90 designers!!! You GO girls!!! THIS girl waits for a few weeks until things slow down just a WEE bit, otherwise, I'd have NO time to be designing! Remember, those links will be up throughout the month of April and MANY of us leave them up until the next train leaves, which will be June 1st! You will ALWAYS find mine on my sidebar, as well as the link to the Blog Train Blog where ALL participating designer's blog links are posted.

I am going to be rather short this evening (I think y'all know that is IMPOSSIBLE by now, eh?) so I can join my SWEET man and watch a movie together! We are going to have ONE busy month and I am REALLY, REALLY trying to slow myself down a bit so that I am good-to-go when we need to.

BUSY??? Who me? NAH!

This weekend, I am doing taxes for Robert and three of my sons, next weekend, my grandson, Kaleb is celebrating his FIRST birthday on Saturday followed by a HUMONGOUS family get-together on Easter Sunday at a LOVELY park. The following weekend, our niece, Halia, is celebrating her SECOND birthday on Saturday the 18th. She and Kaleb actually share the same birthday, April 7th and, of course, everyone strives for a Saturday so that MOST are able to attend! We are elated that they are on different Saturdays so that we can attend both! MAJOR PHOTO OPS!!! YIPEEEE!!!

I am REALLY excited about the 21st - 23rd as Robert and I are going to stay in Sacramento while he receives some audit training for his job and we will also be visiting with his brother, Liko and his wife, Cathy who will also be at the BIG Easter picnic. THIS country girl has not been to the BIG city for a long time and I am looking forward to a NICE adventure away form the homefront as I will be in the company of some MIGHTY awesome people!

Two things that I would like to share before Part Three of *Sunrise, Sunset*:

My BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design and VERY dear friend, Monna Lainson have recently uploaded their VERY first collaboration together into their stores at One Single Seed and it is on sale this week for ONLY $2.00!!! It is GORGEOUS and SO appropriately named, *Burst of Spring*. This kit is FABULOUS for Easter, spring, Mother's Day, sisters, heritage and GIRLFRIENDS to name a few! CHECK IT OUT before it goes off sale! Click either image to be transported to either Dawn or Monna's store at OSS to purchase THIS week for ONLY $2.00!!! You can see the previews magnified and there is also a button that reads, "see projects with this kit" for you to view layouts created with *Burst of Spring*! How COOL is that!

My VIRTUAL daughter, Sassy aka Designs by Sassy is getting married a week from this Saturday and she is giving ALL of us in SCRAPLAND a WEDDING GIFT!!! HUH? Isn't that supposed to be the other way around? Not according to Sass. Click the image below to check out ALL that Sass has to offer as she is giving y'all an opportunity to buy her ENTIRE store (e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g) for ONLY $15!!! Did I say that correctly??? Uh, huh, I did - ONLY $15! So, what are we waiting for, let's shop!!! Click the image below to be transported to Designs by Sassy and the instructions for how to purchase her ENTIRE store for ONLY $15!!! That is INSANE, or is it? He, he ... I already own ALL of her CU goodies so I can tell you personally, that this is a STEAL-OF-A-DEAL!!! What a GENEROUS "virtual" daughter I have, eh? If you purchase, you can even leave her wedding wishes when you check out! OH, she will be SO thrilled!

Here is a preview of ALL three parts of *Sunrise, Sunset* plus a sampling of the TWO alphas I will be giving out tomorrow and Saturday followed by the preview for Part Three, followed by the link for your downloading pleasure!

Y'all make me feel SO good when I read your ENCOURAGING comments and even when you tell me to take it easy! Is that looking out for a girlfriend, OR what? Thank you all SO much for the LOVE! Right back atcha! MWAH!

See you tomorrow with the *Petite Floral Cardboard Alpha*!

Until then, keep on SCRAPPIN'!

Much love,
Linda :)

Sorry, this link is no longer available!



>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009


YES!!! TODAY is THE DAY!!! The HUGE April Mega Blog Train, *SPRING BLOSSOMS*, is now departing from the DST forum and heading out and about and ALL through SCRAPLAND to bring y'all a "train load" of scrapping delights!!! The train was scheduled to depart at NOON EST!!! This is NOT an April fool's .... I repeat, NO kidding here!!! OVER 90 designers have participated this time around and let me tell you, there are LOTS of GORGEOUS goodies to fill up those FRESHLY cleaned hard drives for some SERIOUS SPRING SCRAPPING!!!

Here is a slideshow of MOST all contributing designer's contributions:

Your NEXT stop from my blog is: LAURA M DESIGNS

You may view ALL participating links and a slideshow by visiting the BLOG TRAIN BLOG

I know this is going to be hectic, SO put on your seatbelts!!! Please be patient as we are posting from ALL over the world and in MANY different time zones. If you don't see a blog with it's links up, jot it down so that you can try back later! ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT .... this is DEFINITELY one of those times where you may find yourself unable to download due to error messages and such. NO worries, you just KNOW the traffic is going to be backed up, so give it a few minutes and then try again. I normally try to download something of this magnitude during times when I know not as many people will be online! LOL! Ah YAH, a method to THE madness!

Please make sure to leave a "thank you" to ALL of those you download from! I guarantee it will WARM hearts and leave the designer AWE-INSPIRED!!! MWAH!

Here is my preview with the download link immediately beneath it! *Note* - ALL items show in the wreath cluster are also included in individual PNG files for you to use your own creative imagination!

See y'all back here later with some updates on Snowsmoon's Design and Monna Lainson's FIRSTEVER collaboration at One Single Seed!!! Mmmmmm, it ROCKS y'all!!!

ABOVE all else - HAVE FUN and let's see those layouts!!! I'm a STARVIN' artist and in need of an EYECANDY fix!!! Mmmmmmmm ... *twinkle in eye*

Keep your eyes peeled as I do plan to post an ADD-ON to *SPRING BLOSSOMS* before the week is out and tomorrow night I shall be in to post Part Three of *SUNRISE, SUNSET*!!!

ENJOY and may your day be FULL of SCRAP HAPPININS'!!!

Later gators ...

Linda :)

P.S. I neglected to leave out one VERY important piece of information - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Trish of Trish H Designs for her organization and execution of this MOST amazing Mega Blog Train!!! MWAH!


(papers and embellishments are all in one today!)
File size is 32.1 MB

Media Fire makes for a QUICK and EASY download for y'all, however, there is no place to leave a comment so please feel free to leave one here on my blog - they are all SO motivating! XOXO


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