>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope everyone is doing WONDERFULLY this Monday prior to TAX DAY??? Have y'all filed yet? Do you owe? Do you have a refund coming? If so, is it already spoken for? I still have four returns to file, I think! All have refunds coming so no biggie but it is trying to get it all coordinated and the monies in hand with which to file their state returns. Federal is FREE! I've been doing them now for several years and it's really a piece-of-cake. There was a time that I had to have someone else do my taxes as I was an independent contractor and had itemized deductions! Not QUITE as easy as filing a 1040-EZ, eh? ROFL! I wish you ALL well in whatever and however you need to do it.

We had a GRAND time this weekend celebrating Kaleb's FIRST birthday with his mommy's side of the family and then yesterday with Robert's family PLUS at a HUGE family Easter picnic!!! Let's just say that we both awoke this morning feeling zapped from TWO full days of activity and not arriving home until 10:00 pm!!! We get the ENTIRE week to recuperate before starting all over again this coming weekend when we will be celebrating our niece, Halia's SECOND birthday! Can we say V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N??? Uh, huh ... the following week we are off to Sacramento for Robert's audit training and we will be a nice hotel for three days and three nights! Oh yes, I get to use Robert's laptop while he is in class and I will even have a 32-inch screen to hook it up to, BUT, I don't think I will use it as from what I've seen, it is attached to the wall and a little higher than I would like ..... UNLESS, it has some AMAZING adjustments!!! WOO HOO! With a little luck, I might even have the opportunity to take pictures of our Capitol building! :)

So far, I've uploaded 60 photos to Facebook from yesterday and hope to get the rest up later tonight. Tomorrow, I will be uploading Kaleb's birthday photos and I will also post a few from each event here on my blog!

This evening I have a "scrapatit" from *Spring Blossoms* which will be PERFECTLY suited to ANY of your spring and/or Easter photos! I have used a photo of our niece, Malia. Malia was a breath of FRESH air in her BRIGHT yellow dress with BRIGHT blue accents!!! This took me back to the same colors I wore back in the latter 80's!!! LOVE them! Malia is such a LOVELY young lady and just as SWEET as can be. She is a nurse with a BRILLIANT sense of humor! Runs in the family me thinks! LOL!

I am off to clean house since we were away for the entire weekend and I will be working on getting a few scrapkits uploaded to my store at One Single Seed this coming week as well as some NEW goodies for y'all!

Take care, rest easy and SCRAP HAPPY!

Linda :)

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