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>> Monday, July 16, 2012

I was blessed twice within nine minutes!

John Craig Walton and Luke Odell Walton
February 23, 1990 at Seven Months of Age
Photo Courtesy of Olan Mills 

Today, I am recovering from an amazing weekend with family and sitting here with y'all reminiscing the birth of the youngest of my six children, twins Luke and John.  They are 23 years young as of 4:54 (Luke) and 5:03 (John) am this morning!  Carried full-term and weighing in at six pounds, 14 ounces and six pounds, two ounces respectively, my baby boys were two precious little bundles of baby boy joy who have both become amazing young men and wonderful human beings.  For that, I am forever thankful and I love them beyond measure!

I am listening to Chicago as I type this post.  Yes, while I don't really claim favorites, Saturday night while watching and listening to them in concert (along with the Doobie Brothers), I did, indeed, declare my heart loyal to the years and decades that they have provided me (and the rest of the world) with some incredibly amazing talent and fond memories.  I am a sucker for brass, especially the saxophone, followed very closely by a full-fledged drum solo!  These gentleman have not lost their touch with wowing a crowd.  I stood in awe of the reception they received from the large gathering of fans and, naturally, a standing ovation at the end!  I captured much of it all on video to remember all the rest of my days!  *wink*

Those of you who have read my posts over the past three to four years might remember when I posted a music widget with a playlist filled with Chicago songs along with my free Saturday in the Park scrapkit and extras.  I was amazed to find how many of you would listen throughout the day as you did your housework or while scrapping on the computer.  They truly have appealed to many generations, haven't they?

Wishing everyone a most glorious week!  It's only the beginning of what I want to feel forever ... *big smile*


free coordinating "camp" 3X4 journal cards have arrived!

>> Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hmm.  Somehow, Friday has rolled right on into Saturday, but I've made it in to post the free coordinating *Camp* journal cards for y'all!  Woot, woot ... yeah!

I was not satisfied with all six of the cards, so I redid a few and tweaked some of the others.  I, typically, would add some word art, however, there are so many wonderful word snippets and such from the July Blog Train that I decided against doing so this time!  I did, however, add an additional set of journal cards with rounded corners!

Do y'all like using the journals?  Anyone participating in Project Life?  Do you prefer your cards squared off or with rounded corners?  Or, do you like having the option of both?

Oh. my. I hope I did not pose too many questions at one time, but I am going to attempt to do my own version (kinda, sorta) of Project Life a la digital and would love some feedback as to what you've tried or are in the process of doing with your Project Life projects.  I am actually going to use a combination of ideas and am truly hoping this will inspire me to get my scrap on ... big time!  Like, starting this weekend perhaps!  *smile*

I hope you find these journal cards useful in your summer scrapping - Enjoy!

Sorry, link has expired.  Look for these journals in my shop soon and thank you for stopping in!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and I shall see you soon!  

Thank you for visiting and keep on scrapping happy :)


coordinating camp cluster freebie and a little picture story ...

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I mentioned I would be telling y'all the inspiration behind the tire swing that I just had to include in my contribution to the July 2012 Blog Train.  Here's my story ...

To go shopping in Sonora from where we live in Copperopolis, we must cross the bridge you see in the photo above.  Even though we have to travel a minimum of 20-30 minutes to shop retail stores(we do have a lovely full-service market in town) such as Walmart, Lowe's, Kohl's and a few others, we enjoy our drives immensely!  What is not to love about driving in less than minimal traffic and ogling a breathtaking view along the way?  Not a thing!

With summer in full swing, no pun intended, on our return trip home from Sonora, it is not unusual to see cars parked bumper-to-bumper off the road just before the bridge.  There is a trail that goes up the mountain and it also leads to a very special tree!  This tree has been used for as long as I've lived here (17 years), to accommodate a rope swing from what, apparently, has been a very reliable and sturdy branch that hangs out over the water.  Might I say, instant refreshment on one of our notoriously hot, triple-digit afternoons!  Yup!  And people will climb out of the water and hike back up the hill to take the plunge over-and-over again!  Ah, to be so young and carefree. *smile*

When I was growing up, I loved inner tubes both in the water and hanging from a tree!  Those were some fun times for sure and it is pretty common place to find tire swings in more rural areas aka country, such as where we live or even back in the day when swing sets were not a modern convenience in every backyard.  I guess that would be way back because my brother and I did have a swing set in our backyard and that was in the 50s!

Photos taken by me using my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone and processed
with an Android app from Google Play called BeFunky using the Vibrance effect.
I then created a collage from four photos using another wonderful app for Android, 
PhotoGrid.  Both apps used are free!  Have I mentioned that I am hooked on 
Instagram?  That is an whole 'nuther story! *wink*

I'm sure y'all have noticed the, "No Jumping or Diving From the Bridge" sign as well, eh? Now, most of us have at some point in our lives come to the conclusion that it is human nature to do the exact opposite of what we've been told not to do.  Case in point.  How many times has someone said, "don't look!" and your immediate reaction is to ... what?  Uh, huh.  You look! I know I have and I am generally very good about following directions!  *wink*  There is just something that takes place in the human brain that has us doing the opposite when it comes to "No" and "Don't"!  For the most part, we get better about controlling that urge to look as we get older.  I think.  Don't we?  He, he ...

Well, you just know that lovely piece of concrete that connects us to the other side of the lake has been host to many a diver and/or jumper!  I have witnessed it with my own eyes on more than one occasion.  Thank goodness I never witnessed my own children jumping, as my youngest son (twin turning 23 this month) has just informed me that he and, most likely, all three of his brothers have, indeed, taken the leap!  Having been a single mother to two girls and four boys (mostly the boys), I will adamantly state right here and now that I am thankful there were a few things I was oblivious to.  I mean, after all, didn't I teach them to use common sense and to obey the laws of the land?  *rolling eyes*

Specs for this collage are the same as above, but with better views of our beautiful 
Lake Tulloch!  This is North Shore where you will find Lake Tulloch Resort and
Drifter's Marina.  Traveling west on Hwy 108 and tucked away in the outskirts of the 
quaint town of Oakdale (home to a large Hershey's plant/store until just a few years ago 
and yes, we toured the facilities a couple of times and left with our free candy bars!)
is South Shore, which houses Lake Tulloch RV Campgrounds and Marina.  Lots of
history in this part of the Motherlode.  We are also about a hour and half's drive
from Yosemite National Park.  Robert and I hope to be taking another road trip soon, as
it has been nearly two years since venturing out in that direction.  Here's hoping that
gas prices keep going down!  *wink*

For those of you with grown children, what are some of the events that you might be thankful to have found out when they were older rather than at the actual time they occurred?  Have you documented or scrapped those events?  To those who have yet to have a family or whose family is still growing and/or young, what might you wish never to know, if anything at all?  

Today, I leave you with a sweet (or should that be, swinging!) little cluster featuring my favorite piece in my contribution to the July Blog Train - the tire swing!

I hope that you are enjoying your trip down the July Blog Train track through Scrapland thus far and are finding lots of treasures to help you preserve your summer memories!

Have an amazing rest of the week everyone and to all of you here in the USA, may you have a fun, safe and celebratory Fourth of July!

  *Sorry, this link has expired*

If you happen to be out-and-about in Scrapland, come on back to visit me this Friday, July 6th, for a set of 3X4 coordinating journaling cards for your downloading pleasure!  

Remember:  It is scrap-happy hour 24/7 here in Scrapland!  


july 2012 blog train ... summer, july and camp are here!!!

>> Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer is in full swing here in Copperopolis, California, home to the beautiful Lake Tulloch!  
Temperatures have been soaring across the USA and, would you believe, the West Coast is the only area not affected at this time!  So unusual, but I am not complaining ... promise.  This California girl likes her days on the cool side.  Is my age showing?  *wink*
Hoping to find all is well with everyone!  I have missed you.  Life has truly been on this side of crazy!  *sigh*
My thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the horrific fires in Colorado.  What devastation.  I can only hope that the brave and amazing teams of firefighters will get everything under control as fast as is humanly possible. 

Today, is the first day of July and the departure of the July Blog Train!  Y'all will be happy campers as you follow the train through Scrapland, filling your hard drives with summer scrapping pleasure! *smile* 
*Camp* will find you preserving family camping trips to the lake, the mountains and the ocean.  Scout camps, summer camps, reunions, day hikes, youth groups and more will be beautifully preserved!  Ready to get your scrap on?  Climb on board!  Here we go ...

You may have found your way here to Bon Scrapatit Designs by way of:

Your next stop down the track might find you fishing for some cleverly created designs by:

If you lose your way or wish to get back to the main listing of all participating designers:

We have over 70 designers from around the world contributing to *Camp*!  Remember to allow at least 24 hours for everyone to have their portion of the train posted due to different time zones. I've already spied a few things I wish to add to my stash for some of my summer scrapping!  *Squee*

I am thrilled each time I get to sign up for another train ride through my most favorite place online - Scrapland!  My home away from home while still at home!  *He, he ...*

Here is my contribution:

Sorry, these links have expired.  Look for kit in my shop soon! 

Come back to visit Bon Scrapatit Designs on Tuesday, July 3rd for a sweet little coordinating cluster that will also show you the inspiration behind the tire swing, or as we called them back in the day, inner tubes!

Have an amazing week y'all and Bon Scrapatit!


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