>> Thursday, November 29, 2007

You know, it seems that my average time to post is right around MIDNIGHT!!! The BEWITCHING hour y'all - the time when one SHOULD be in bed and already dreaming!!! ROFL! Hence, my GOOFINESS! Okay... okay... so I guess I tend to be that way naturally, however, I have always had this thing about becoming especially "giddy" after the stroke of midnight!!! Whatcha think? Could there actually be some TRUTH to this, or is it ALL in my head? A tired, but inquiring mind would like to know!!! He, he ...

If y'all knew my BETTER half, you'd simply say, "you've been hanging around Robert too long"!!! Well, that is what "I" tell everyone!!! He and I have this thing for "playing" with words and I must say that it comes naturally to the both of us. We not only finish each other's sentences, we also completely speak the other's thoughts! I think this is part of the reason why we "clicked" nearly seven years ago! Now, I am NOT saying that everything is ALWAYS "hunky-dory", but for the MOST part, we communicate EXTREMELY well, which in my book, is VERY important!!! After all, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus", right??? LOL!

My mama sent that book to me years ago while she was still living in Hawai'i (funny as most of you know, Robert is half-Hawaiian) and I read it from cover-to-cover at a much needed time. I had to laugh heartily when I read about how men retreat to their "caves". BOY, do they EVER!!! I used to have to go down to the "cave" after about three days of seclusion to make sure he was still alive!!! When we met, Robert was still recovering from the loss of a 22-year marriage that literally shook his world and pulled the carpet right out from underneath him. It is SO amazing how we are put into people's lives and they are put into ours for such a specific purpose and sometimes for only a brief time, while others, for a lifetime. I, too, had come out of a 22-year marriage, however, I had already had seven years to spend time getting to know "me" and I had actually grieved the loss of my marriage before my divorce was final. I also had six WONDERFUL children to look after - they were a TREMENDOUS help to my remaining strong and not faltering (not horrifically anyhoo!).

OMGosh ... this is crazy! Isn't it WILD how sometimes one little thing can spark something BIG? I had intended to drop the goods and run .... right to my bed and jump in!!! ROFL!

Tonight, I am leaving y'all with a couple of GLITTER-EDGED tags, strings and some goodies for y'all to decorate! Over the next few days, I shall add some more tags and items to decorate them with. Please feel free to give me some suggestions as to what you might like to see. If I am able to oblige, I shall be MORE than happy to do so!

Night, night ... sweet dreams and what is tomorrow??? FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! Have a GREAT day y'all!




>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All that GLITTERS here this week is either GOLD or SILVER!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing your GLITTER stories with me and ALL of your SWEET comments!!! I am SO tickled that y'all LOVE "glitz" as much as me!!!

While I was making a big fuss over the ease of DIGITAL glittering, I will admit that I, too, LOVE to craft with REAL glitter!!! I'm hoping to make a few hybrid Christmas cards using .... GLITTER!!! Glitter pens are a lot of FUN as well!

I made five birthday cards for a card swap on our 3Scrapateers site sometime during the first quarter of this year. It was A LOT of FUN and I got to mail mine to Canada!!! 3S has card swaps ongoing and covering all kinds of themes, including Mother's Day, weddings, birthdays, Valentine's Day and, of course, Christmas!!! Y'all might want to check the forum if you would enjoy making and receiving homemade greeting cards. Our Ms. Brenda ROCKS and has been working VERY hard learning all kinds of new techniques for her card making. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Oh how funny! I just went into the forum to get a link for y'all and Brenda has just posted an ENTIRE schedule of themes and dates clear through 2008:

3Scrapateers' Card Swaps hosted by Brenda Cook, Senior Partner, Digi-Designer and Card Queen

Please let me know if you sign up for any of the swaps so that I can be sure to be on the lookout for your postings!!!

This girl is off to bed early tonight ... ROFL ... well, early for the past few weeks anyhoo! Hope y'all had a FABULOUS day today, scrapped much and I wish you a TERRIFIC Thursday!!!




>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LOL!!! Of course there is!!! Just look at the mess it makes and HOW LONG it takes to eliminate each little SPARKLE that lingers about the house for weeks, perhaps even years to come! Another PLUS for DIGITAL, eh??? I mean, it looks pretty and there is ABSOLUTELY no mess involved whatsoever for GLITTERING digitally!!!

Back in the early 90's my oldest daughter and I used to make GLITTERED ornaments at Christmas time when I used to sell my crafts at shows and at a local store that, at that time, totally catered to homemade delights! I LOVED using PRISMA glitter as it is SO fine and SOOOOOO sparkly! Boy, did we ever make a mess even as hard as we tried to keep everything contained!

So, as I sit here each day creating GLITTERED goodies, I relish in the fact that my "mess" is completely contained and there is NOT a sparkle to be found in my hair, on the floor or anywhere else but right HERE on my computer screen!!! Oh, and of course, on the paper I print it out on!!! ROFL!

I'm SO glad that you are still ENJOYING the bits of HOLIDAY SPARKLE!!! I just might tire of it before y'all do and I'm a GLITTER-HOLIC!!! He, he .... I'll try to have the LOWER-CASE alpha for you tomorrow night in both sticker and non-sticker form!!!





>> Monday, November 26, 2007

LIFE is SO funny ... well ... er ... uhm .... MOST of the time!!! I was on a ROLL today with my goodies for the December Download-A-Day at 3Scrapateers until .... well, y'all know how it goes some days - ONE interruption after another!!! I had the opportunity to speak with the oldest of my twin's girlfriend for about an hour a few hours ago! She is a VERY nice young lady and one thing just led to the next!!! It CONTINUALLY amazes me at how much more "in tune" this generation is with themselves and, in general, the world around them than I ever was. But, then, that is just MWAH's observation as I was VERY sheltered and naive until my mid-forties!!! (Yes, less than a decade ago and BOY have I learned A LOT!)

I'm sure most of you can agree (if you are close to my age) that we did not "talk" about things and we DEFINITELY did NOT have 1- 800 numbers to call if we were in peril! I am SO thankful for our "information age"!!! HEY, without it, we all wouldn't be here supporting each other, learning INCREDIBLE ways to preserve family history OR collecting "freebies", RIGHT? LOL! Anyhoo, it was such a blessing to have this PRECIOUS young lady talking SO freely to me and we were sharing EQUALLY in the conversation!

I had really wanted to pursue a degree (PhD) in Psychology a few years ago, but soon came to the realization that I've been through SO much in my lifetime and I've been given an opportunity for the first time to do some things that I am REALLY passionate about. Gee ... bet you can't guess what a few of them might be!!! He, he ... I TRULY love people and have learned to be a GOOD listener (yes, quite a talker too!), but I'd rather remain a "layman" (or is that, "lay-woman"???) and do what comes natural rather than it be a "job", KWIM?

Okay, tonight I have bundled up the HOLIDAY SPARKLE alpha (upper-case and numbers) WITHOUT the transparent sticker for those who just aren't into the sticker scene! To be honest, I had a difficult time with them in the beginning, but they have finally found their way into my heart and into my designs!!! After all, I used to use A LOT of stickers when homeschooling my six babes!!! Ahhh YES, fond memories!!!

Well, well ... needless to say, it is WAY past my bedtime and my DARLING Robert lays but a few feet away soundly sleeping. I am TRULY blessed and EVER thankful for having, at this time in my life, a partner who LOVES me for ME and supports my passions. Okay, I'd better leave you before the floodgates open up!!! I'm chuckling through the tears as I am enjoying my cup of life, OVERFLOWING!!!



Shimmering Sunday Surprise!!!

>> Sunday, November 25, 2007

ROFL!!! I'm afraid I am going to run out of "catchy" titles sometime soon!!!

Are y'all ready to get back into the routine come tomorrow (today)? Kiddos go back to school, homeschooling resumes (of course there were times when I had mine schooling through the four-day weekends if we didn't have anything planned!) and some of you go back to work! All-in-all, we have had a WONDERFUL and VERY relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! Guess what's NEXT??? LOL!

How many of you have already brought home either a fresh tree or unpacked the artificial? Tink, I had to chuckle when you mentioned your house being "trashed" and did they really expect the 9-foot tree to be decorated the same day? ROFL!!! WOW - I can very well see where it would take most of the day just to get the tree to it's location and secured as you mentioned doing!!! I would LOVE to see a photo when all is said and done!

Hmmm .... you know, I'm really new at this blogging thing and I've not yet posed a challenge of any sort to y'all. The wheels are turning now!!! How about a Christmas tree decorating contest??? You know, something like y'all send me a photo of your decorated tree, I'll post them on my blog and then y'all can vote for your favorite and I'll offer up a FREE scrapkit or something special for the winner. Whatcha think? Yes, I do read all of your comments and I shall try to respond to as many as I can this coming week. I SO appreciate y'all taking the time to share a little bit about yourselves with me!!! It just SO rocks to get to know some of my fellow digi-scrappin' addicts!!!

I'm sure y'all were just waiting for a GLITTERED sticker alpha to come along, weren't you? Awwww, come on, I know I would have been!!! Well, SURPRISE, SURPRISE .... tonight I have included a FULL upper-case and NUMBERS 0-9! I will try to get the rest up tomorrow or Tuesday.

Would y'all like to see this alpha without the transparent sticker? I figure it would look somewhat similar to a foil-type sticker. Gosh, I used to just LOVE those! Let me know! If I get enough YAY'S, I will post them as well.

Have a FANTABULOUS week ahead and BON SCRAPATIT!!!




>> Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thank y'all SO much for taking the time to leave some lovin'!!! I am OVERWHELMED at your LOVE for GLITZ, GLITTER, SPARKLE or whatever you prefer to call it!!!

It's been a VERY long day and I did not get to add as much as I would have like to for tonight's FREEBIE. I shall try to be MORE creative in the next day or two!!! ROFL! I am trying to finish up a kit for Download-A-Day at 3Scrapateers! Hopefully, I shall make it back to post tomorrow night.

I am REALLY enjoying the SPARKLE and it is tiding me over until we get our Christmas tree and I start to decorate for the holidays!!! I just LOVE the warmth and subtle elegance of white lights which help to reflect the SPARKLE of my gold and silver ornaments. Yes! I do use other colors besides silver and gold!!! I LOVE shades of wine, hunter green and a bit of blue in more of a "country" decor I suppose! I guess you could say that my home looks rather eclectic at this time of the year, however, it ALL seems to flow!

I hope that everyone has had a FUN and SAFE Thanksgiving weekend and that tomorrow y'all will spend the day with your family and/or relaxing before your return to work on Monday.

Ciao bellas,



>> Friday, November 23, 2007

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!! Thank you for sharing a bit about your Thanksgiving day with me!!! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I try to imagine sitting in with each one of you during your SPECIAL family gathering! Y'all are SO sweet!!! I'm SO glad that y'all had a memorable time and I hope to see some of your Thanksgiving scraps! NO, not your leftovers, your layouts!!! LOL!

I mentioned several days ago that I was going to give you a SNEAK-PEEK at my contribution to the HUGE "Christmas Around The World" collaboration from designers ALL over the world that will be a FREE gift to ALL of our WONDERFUL fellow digi-scrappers EVERYWHERE!!!

I am just SO excited about this!!! It is the first collaboration of this magnitude that I've ever been involved with to date and I am ALREADY looking forward to the next one!

I will post ALL of the details as I acquire them. The ENTIRE kit will be ready for downloading on December 10th, so mark your calendars now and reserve some time to spend downloading ONE incredible MEGA, MEGA, MEGA, MEGA Christmas scrapkit!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm not missing a thing - God willing!

Your SPECIAL "freebie" this Friday is a little addition to my contribution and will coordinate perfectly!!! I'm calling it, "HOLIDAY SPARKLE"! I just LOVE the transparent glitter stickers!!! I also added in a SILVER and a GOLD poinsettia without the jeweled center so that you may add your own! SHEESH - I'm SO in love with GLITTER this year, I just can't seem to help myself and it's finding it's way into everything I'm designing as of late!!! Hope y'all don't mind, but Christmas comes but ONCE a year. Hmmm .... gee ... I can even go GLITZY for New Year's, eh??? ROFL! HELP me, I've fallen and I can't get up!!! He, he ...

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND everyone!!!


My contribution to "Christmas Around The World"



>> Thursday, November 22, 2007

I hope that y'all have had your fill of turkey and all the trimmings, are ready for the after Thanksgiving sales and are preparing yourself for the season of "gift-giving"!

I'm a little woozy at the moment and ready to crawl into bed. Robert and I DID stay home alone, which we were both glad for the more we thought about it! Six hours of driving would DEFINITELY have taken it's toll (no pun intended!) on both of us.

We had a JOYFUL time together! I called my sister in Minnesota, my kiddos at their uncle's in Oregon and spoke with my youngest brother in Texas! I caught up with family while Robert went to the grocery store and purchased a "fresh" turkey (ours was in the freezer due to our ORIGINAL plans!) and the trimmings as he declared to me last night that he was going to cook dinner for me! SO sweet!

YUM, YUM, YUMMY!!! My darlin' smoked the turkey in our Weber and it was DELISH!!! The best I've tasted to date and I've had turkey cooked several different ways over the years. The past two or three years Robert has "deep-fried" our turkeys, which naturally adds some calories, but hey, who's counting!!!

I fixed up the trimmings. Everything was very tasty, however, the reason I am feeling so strange is that I am NOT used to eating in this manner and my body is rebelling! I shall have to be more careful as feeling like this is not worth the extra morsels of goodies!!! I'm sure that I would have been fine with the turkey, cranberry sauce and steamed veggies - it's the combination of the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy that did me in!!! Ohhhhhh, but they were SOOOOOO good!

Tomorrow will be my favorite as I always look forward to leftover turkey with cranberry sauce and a dab of mayo on toasted whole grain bread for lunch! I usually make my traditional "Berry-Mallow Yam Bake", but passed on it this time around. I'm sure that my daughters made it for their dinner at their uncle's!!! I don't cook much any more because of my own changes in eating habits and I'm sure y'all know how difficult it is to cook something that you cannot partake of on a regular basis!!!

I'd LOVE to hear how y'all celebrated your Thanksgiving!!! Anyone go out for dinner? Fly out of state? Out of the country? Any FAVORITE traditional games y'all play together? I'm not sure if anyone ever noticed the word "UNO" on my background paper in *A Thank"fall" Heart*, but it just happened to fit in the scheme of things and is a game that I fondly remember us playing at my little brother's home before he moved to Texas!!! FUN times FOR SURE!

Okay, I'm rambling and really need to put my lethargic self to bed and get a GOOD night's sleep so I can work on something SPECIAL for y'all for TOMORROW'S "Fantabulous Friday Freebie"!

By request, I am leaving you with two more GLITTERED poinsettias in PURPLE and BLUE. Again, you will find each one with and without a jeweled center.

SWEET DREAMS everyone and have FUN shopping tomorrow and over the weekend to kick-off your holiday shopping!!!

Bon Scrapatit!



>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Come join me for a little "window shopping" from the COMFORT of home!

Look through the window! What do you see? TWO beautiful scrapkits for HALF-PRICE from me!!!

I wish to express my continual "thankfulness" to y'all for your continued support of me!

*IT'S FALLING!* and *A THANK"FALL" HEART* are both HALF-PRICE ($3.00) beginning TODAY, November 21st through Saturday, November 24th!

CLICK on the LINKS below to view ENLARGED previews of each scrapkit and/or to purchase:



Thank you for looking through the window with me!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL who are celebrating and BON SCRAPATIT!


P.S. Continue on to receive your FREE gift for today: MORE glittered poinsettias!!!

(file contains one flower with embellished center and one without embellished center)

(file contains one flower with embellished center and one without embellished center)



>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WOW!!! Y'all have knocked me off my seat over here in COPPER!!! Your LOVE for SILVER and GOLD has overwhelmed this COPPER girl!!! ROFL! Okay, okay ... I LOVE silver and gold as well!!! Thank you SO much for all of your LOVELY comments!!! And here I thought I was the ONLY one who LOVES "glitz"!!! He, he ...

I noticed that one of you has requested a GLITTERED poinsettia in RED and I was already preparing to upload a couple!!! Was I on track, or what? While these are not quite the same as the silver and gold, they are special to me as they are the FIRST ones that I made while creating, "COLOR ME CHRISTMAS", which I've not added to this week. This will be THIS week's addition since I know that MANY of us are busy preparing for the holidays!

I was rather skeptical about placing the "countdown to Christmas" on my blog, but I am SO glad that I have!!! Each day I log on, it helps me to remember just how little time I have left to get it in gear!!! ROFL! Is there a method to this madness? Oh, I'm quite sure there are several, but I don't think I'll be even close to finding one until next year .... maybe!

I hope that you enjoy these and if you are liking the style of the first two better, not to worry, I shall make a few more just like the others. I'm thinking that rather than adding the gem, I will just leave them with a "glittered" center and that way you can add whatever embellishment you wish to or, not! What do y'all think??? Also, if there are any other colors you'd like to have for your collection, I 'd be more than happy to make some. Hmmm .... just had a thought .... I think what I shall do is offer each poinsettia with and without a center!!! Simplified!

GOOD NEWS!!! And I almost forgot to tell you! Robert and I will be spending Thanksgiving with his siblings after all! Not only did he stay longer at the birthday party, but he was quickly talked into attending the SPECIAL family gathering!!! WOO HOO!!!

Thank you for your well-wishes in Robert and I enjoying a "quiet" holiday together this year. I was actually at peace with the prospect! The boys just left for Oregon a few hours ago and it is SO quiet in the house, you can actually hear my computer!!! ROFL!

Robert works tomorrow and we will be driving to his brother's home to spend time with him, his wife and their father (this is the same home we attended the birthday party at), spend the night there and then all leave for another brother's home for Thanksgiving dinner. I really cannot express to you just HOW much I LOVE gathering with Robert's family (LOL!!! - okay, they are now MY family too). Their mama filled them all with a TREMENDOUS amount of "aloha" when raising them. I just ALWAYS have such a GOOD time!

Gosh, I do babble on so don't I? LOL! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving some love! To those of you traveling, I wish you SAFE travels. I shall try to make an early post tomorrow before we leave as we will not return home until Thursday night.

Buonnanotte e sogni d' oro,



>> Monday, November 19, 2007

There's NO place like home, there's NO place like home .... ROFL! Yes, I am getting older! As much as I LOVE to travel and visit with family and friends, I find that I equally enjoy coming home! Or, perhaps, it's just that I miss y'all SO much and feel "out of my element" when I am away and have no access to the tools I need to "create" or to post to my blog! I guess I am finally going to have to admit that I just MIGHT be in need of a laptop!!!

We had an AWESOME time at the "double-header" birthday party for Papa and Nani! Such a GOOD time that Robert stayed WAY beyond the time we would have normally headed back home, which is a two hour drive. And, YES, I took lots of photos, especially of ALL of the babies. Papa celebrated his "72nd" birthday with five out of his eight children (plus their spouses), eight grandchildren (several were not able to make it and several attended with spouses and/or significant others) and six great-grandchildren! TOO cool! Nani just turned 50-something and looked ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! Okay, you'll just have to wait until I post some photos!!!

I most likely will not get any photos posted until after Thanksgiving as I've just completed my contribution to "Christmas Around The World" (I'll give you a "sneak-peek" in the next day or two!) and need to complete my scrapkit for "Download-A-Day" at 3Scrapateers for the month of December!!! Yes, you will be able to collect FREE goodies for the ENTIRE month of December. I will post a preview as soon as it is finished. I will also post links here each day to help make sure that you don't miss ANY pieces!!!

I've been in a REAL glitter mode lately and have spent HOURS just playing and manipulating stuff! I am not quite satisfied with the way these poinsettias turned out, but I find them striking nontheless. I just LOVE "silver and gold" and I have to share that every time I see silver and gold together, I think of the song that I learned to sing in Girl Scouts back in the early 60's - "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold! Anybody out there remember that one???

Have a GORGEOUS tomorrow and BON SCRAPATIT!!!


*My apology y'all - I woke up this morning and one of the first thoughts I had was that I did not remember checking the link before going to bed! Lesson learned!*




>> Friday, November 16, 2007

HAPPY FRIDAY y'all!!! This is going to be a DRIVE-BY "freebie" drop of sorts as I've just got to get my BEAUTY sleep for the BIG family get-together tomorrow!!! He, he ... this means some SERIOUS hours!!!

Tonight, I leave you with another GORGEOUS "scrapatit" creation by Ms. Bonnie using my *Be'Clause It's Christmas* scrapkit!!! She is just THE BEST! I LOVE her LAYERS and she is REALLY good at the BLING-THING!!!

Thank you again Bonnie - you are SO generous to share your time and your talent with ALL of us!

I am in the midst of working on a collaboration for "CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD", which will feature designs by TONS of designers from ALL over the world and will be available as FREE downloads for y'all in the VERY near future!!! I am SO excited and I shall post MORE info as the time approaches so that you know where to go and what to do to collect this MEGA, MEGA, MEGA Christmas compilation! WOW! It is going to be HUGE!!! Oh ... and GORGEOUS! You won't wish to miss a single piece of it - I know I won't!

I shall catch up with y'all on Sunday and, hopefully, will have something to add to "Color Me Christmas"!!! Oh, my mind is already going .... I'm sure I'll have a little something for you!!!

Are y'all ready for Thanksgiving??? Looks like Robert and I will be celebrating as a couple this year. The boys are headed to meet up with their sisters at their uncle's in Medford, Oregon and Robert has to be to work EARLY Friday morning - poor babe. We have been invited to spend a nice intimate Thanksgiving with several of his siblings, but it would be six hours on the road plus the time there and he is exhausted just thinking about it!!! This will be a first, but ya know - it will be a NEW memory in the Walton/Posten family album!!!

On the flip-side of spending Thanksgiving with "just the two of us", we are going to spend Christmas (gosh, oh golly, I am SO excited!!!) in Vancouver, Washington with my daughters, April and Joan!!! Joan was just recently engaged and it is time for us to meet our future SIL and his family! One of my designer colleagues at 3Scrapateers lives in Vancouver. I refer to Ms. Kimberly Stewart as my "designer queen" (she is AMAZING!) and I just can't wait to let her know that I will be VERY close to her and, hopefully, we can hug each other's neck briefly, share a bit about ourselves, snap some photos and then scrap all about it!!! WOO HOO Ms. Kimmi - VANCOUVER OR BUST!!!

Have a SPECTACULAR Saturday and Sunday y'all!




>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is everybody ready for the weekend??? WOO HOO!!! I am! It's normally not any different than a weekday for me, other than the fact that Robert is home, which I love! However, we have yet another birthday party to attend on Saturday, which just happens to be a "double-header" of sorts - LOL! Yes, a double celebration for both Robert's dad (I call him Papa) and one of Robert's sisters! Nani's birthday is ACTUALLY on Saturday and Papa's is on Monday! I just LOVE family get-togethers as EVERYONE always has such a GOOD time and VERY fond memories are made at each event. YES, I will be taking photos. Good griefess (not in the dictionary, but I like it!), I still have not done much with all of the photos from Mama's birthday bash three weeks ago! Am I slipping, or what? I'll take the "or what"!!! ROFL!!! Okay, you guessed it ... I'm running on RUM-DUMMY as it is DEFINITELY past this girl's bedtime!

Tonight's FREEBIE is, none other than, Scrapatit #4, WONDERFULLY created by Bonnie Beechler using my *Be'Clause It's Christmas* scrapkit!!! I just LOVE it when she surprises me with her INCREDIBLE talent! Bonnie created this "scrapatit" so that you can place it on a background of YOUR choice - HOW clever is that!!! I've also included a duplicate copy of the PNG file, only I've added a background paper for those who are new to digital and may find it MUCH easier already put together! All you need to do is place your photo behind the opening and VOILA, instant scrapbook page!!! Thank you Bonnie!!! You ROCK girlfriend!

ENJOY and by all means, SCRAP HAPPY!




>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a REMINDER that TONIGHT is my SCRAP-A-DEAL chat at 3SCRAPATEERS and I'd LOVE to see y'all there!!! I TRULY enjoy my time in the chatroom with y'all just having a GOOD time and being our SCRAP, HAPPY selves!!!

This is also the LAST DAY to purchase *Be'Clause It's Christmas* for ONLY $2.00!!! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

I've snagged a few GOODIES from Santa's bag (shhhh .... he'll NEVER know!) just to give y'all for coming tonight! If you can't make the chat and still wish to receive the FREE bonus add-on, CLICK HERE for all the info!

Thank you for your continued support and HEARTWARMING and HUMOROUS comments - I just LOVE them! Y'all CRACK me up!




G'day y'all!!! Yep, that's me .... mixing things up a bit!!! I cannot believe that I am STILL up, but was bound (well, not really, my hands are free but I think my backside is permanently adhered to my computer chair!) and determined to get this SCRAPATIT up before retiring for the night!

I'm sure that some time ago (when I first started my blog the end of September), I had mentioned to y'all that I am a VERY slow scrapper and just about equally as slow a designer!!! Now mind you, I have had a time or two, perhaps three, that I've actually completed a project in a few hours, however, that is NOT the norm for me!

I am ALMOST embarrassed to admit how much time I spent on SCRAPTIT #3! Hours! Why, when it looks SO basic? ROFL! Hey, you can pick on me - couldn't be ANY worse than me picking on myself now could it? LOL!

Okay ... this is how Linda scraps: Visualize the artist who throws paint onto his/her canvas and dabbles in it for a while as he/she waits for inspiration! No, I am NOT kidding here! I will tell you that I TRULY admire those that can look at a photo, a color, an object, etc. and have the ENTIRE project figured out in a few moments! Oh my, that is DEFINITELY not mwau!!! I may have a basic idea, but usually will open a paper and and an element or two and begin to play. I may change them out right away or add or subtract from the equation several times before finally having a real visual of what is to come!

While I do MORE designing than scrapping as of late, I have spent several days on ONE layout on MANY an occasion in the past! I usually teach myself something with each new project. I'll just start playing with a new filter, or blending modes, styles, etc. and find myself on a NEW adventure and TOTALLY distracted!!! This is my FAVORITE way of learning and I am pretty much self-taught in the majority of what I do. I do enjoy an occasional tutorial but, for the most part, I don't have time to get in too deep so I will just start messing around and try to figure it out for myself. I have also become VERY good at keeping notes, especially when designing. ROTFLMBO! Now, if any one can help me to come up with a GREAT way to organize the, soon-to-be, zillions of notebooks that I have, I shall be much obliged!!!

Thank you to those who shared their part of the world with me! Tink, I shall be making a visit to your blog sometime tomorrow. You just know I miss reading your thought-provoking posts, enjoying the eye-candy in your layouts and seeing what you've been up to! I do believe from the sound of what you last posted here on my blog, your Scamp and our Joshua were in Fallujah during the same period of time. Joshua's first deployment was to Kuwait and then his second and third were both to Fallujah. We went to visit him in North Carolina upon his return from his first deployment to Fallujah, which was the very tail-end of September 2004. (I 'm thinking that he was only back in the US for a brief time and then returned but am a big fuzzy on that at the moment!) Josh's last deployment was from August 2005 to the end of March 2006. Josh exited the military in Feb/Mar of 2006.

Sue, I have two brothers in Texas; one in San Angelo and one in San Antonio. I spent the majority of my senior year of high school in Grand Prarie (GO GOPHERS!) and returned to my native California to graduate. Now you know this was MANY moons ago! YEP, you ARE in Texas darlin'!

Sarah, you and I are ALMOST neighbors!!! I live approximately and hour and a half southeast of you in the Mother Lode! I had a friend back in the 80's - 90's who bought a home in the VERY first subdivision built in Elk Grove! The only time I pass through is on our way to or from the Sacramento airport and we always stop in Elk Grove to fill our tank. I cannot believe how much it has grown over the past decade. Our little community is blossoming as well, though still rather small. CONGRATULATIONS on your bundle of joy-to-be! You are just a week or two behind my DIL who is due the third week of April.

I hope you like SCRAPTIT #3. The tree and stars are ALL cutouts so that you can slide your photos in right behind the openings!

Remember, when in Scrapland, it's ALWAYS "Scrap Happy Hour"!

Night y'all - have a WONDERFUL Wednesday,




>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!!! My HEARTFELT thanks to ALL who have served, are currently serving and will soon be serving in a branch of our military. I did not have an opportunity to create a special tribute layout as I normally do each year, but if you look at the very bottom of my blog, you will find a few layouts in my slideshow of our Joshua while he was in Fallujah, Iraq as well as a WONDERFUL young man we met at Travis' wedding in June who was just getting ready for his first deployment to Iraq.

I'm ALMOST caught up y'all!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Boy, does it feel GOOD! I have ONE more fairly good-sized project to tend to and then I should be cruising right along!

How was YOUR weekend??? Rain, snow, humidity, wind? I'd LOVE to hear what's happening in YOUR part of the world!

It rained ALL night last night. We needed it badly as California has been quite dry for a VERY long time and y'all know we just finished battling some BIG fires down south. We are allowed to burn on our property when it is a "burn day", however, since the fires in Southern California, we have been banned since October 22nd. Not sure when the ban will be lifted, but I'd rather know that we are all safe.

We have had a fire burning in our wood stove the past two days as the temps have been rather cold with a bit of a wind chill factor figured in! I'm SO ready for winter as I just LOVE cool weather and the ability to "warm up" as opposed to trying to "cool down" during the summer!!! Okay, my age is showing now for sure!!! ROFL!

Below, you will find a PREVIEW of the BONUS ADD-ON I promised to post for y'all! I've put all of the info below each image with links included.

HAPPY MONDAY!!! (It's a wee bit past midnight here in PST!) Have a FUN-FILLED week y'all and remember, if you scrap, scrap HAPPY!!!


Here is a PREVIEW of the BONUS ADD-ON that can be yours for FREE when you purchase the Scrap-A-Deal scrapkit below for ONLY $2.00 HERE and post a layout to the gallery by Midnight, Thursday, November 15th. Oh and don't forget to attend the Scrap-A-Deal Chat on Wednesday, November 14th at 10:00 pm EST for some FUN and another AWESOME coordination FREEBIE!!! Santa tells me that you just might be able to use this freebie to post a letter to him! I look forward to seeing you there!

*Be"Clause" It's Christmas* Scrap-A-Deal Scrapkit available NOW through Midnight EST, Wednesday, November 14th for ONLY $2.00. CLICK HERE to find out how you can receive the BONUS ADD-ON for FREE!



>> Saturday, November 10, 2007

OMGosh! I've actually completed the ADD-ON kit to*Be"Clause" It's Christmas*, which will be given out as a FREE bonus for everyone who purchases the Scrap-A-Deal kit now on SALE for ONLY $2.00!!!

For now, if you wish to see the FREE bonus add-on and how you will be able to receieve it, CLICK HERE for ALL of the DETAILS! I will try to get a preview posted here later on this weekend.

I'm making this yet another "quick post and on my way to bed" night! LOL! Come Monday, I will be feeling MUCH more relaxed and rejuvenated as I will have pretty much caught up from my "down time" earlier this week.

I am SO thrilled that you are liking my new Christmas kit SO far! I spent a good deal of time making my own background papers, which I do 99% of the time. GOSH, I have SOOOOO much to learn!!! I see some of the INCREDIBLE artistry showcased by MANY designers and I'm constantly latching onto a new mentor!!! ROFL! I'm always saying that, "I want to be just like so and so when I grow up"!!! I am TOTALLY in "awe" at what some are able to create! One step at a time, but I DEFINITELY know that PRESERVING MEMORIES is where I shall be focusing my time and energy for a VERY long time to come! All of those in agreement, raise your hands! Hear, hear!

I wish to make an album from, *Be"Clause" It's Christmas* and I thought I'd start with the layout that I posted here several days ago. I just LOVE the EMBOSSED look to the red and gold star paper!!! I just want to reach out and rub my fingers across the stars!!! I hope y'all like it and can find a use for it. It would EVEN be cool for a Christmas card, don't you think? Just add your newest family photo and a sweet sentiment and you're good to go!

Although my decorations are fairly minimal, I LOVE adding to the holiday ambiance several framed photos from family members who have visited Santa or attended a Christmas party. LOTS of FESTIVE options at Christmas time!!! I just happen to have one 8x8 frame left and am thinking of adding a nice family photo to this "scrapatit" to frame and display this holiday season. Oh what FUN .... LOL! Hmmm ... now I'm singing! Close your ears!!!

I just LOVE this time of year. It is finally raining tonight and Robert started a fire in our wood stove this morning for the first time this season as it was below 40 degrees! Mmmmmm ... talk about ambiance!

Have a SUPER SUNDAY everyone and Bon Scrapatit!




>> Friday, November 9, 2007

WOO HOO!!! It's FRIDAY!!! I am tired and off to bed y'all so I shant bore you with my ramblings tonight!!! ROFL!!!

I have been working ALL day to complete my *Be"Clause" It's Christmas* kit and just did not have time to get a preview ready to post tonight, nor did I post in the forum ! I shall take care of all of that in the morning. I've been a bit of a ZOMBIE today. You know how it is when you are SO exhausted and even though you are working at something, it seems like you've accomplished next to nothing! Well, that would be me today!!!

Off to bed, a GOOD night's sleep and looking forward to awaking REFRESHED and ready to grab the bull by the horns, or in my case, the computer by the mouse! LOL!

Your FREEBIE tonight is a small sampler of my new scrapkit. You will find 1 - gold glitter dotted background paper, 1 - Christmas stamp, 1 - shiny gold brad, 1- patterned and folded rick-rack and 1 - journaling strip.

Enjoy, SCRAP HAPPY and have a MAGNIFICENT weekend whatever you are or are not doing! I am going to try to sleep in ... he, he ... no matter how hard I try, I am usually up no later than sevenish.




>> Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hi y'all!!! Hope you've had a GREAT day and are either enjoying SWEET dreams or another GLORIOUS day!

I am slowly catching up due to my near loss of an EHD and have just uploaded my NEW "Scrap-A-Deal" scrapkit, *Be"Clause" It's Christmas* (well, almost anyhoo!) to my 3S store, which is on SALE until Midnight EST, Wednesday, November 14th. You will find a link posted directly below my preview image. I ended up having to REDO several files and, of course, they would be the ones that took a good chunk of time! ROFL! All of the background papers are my own creations and I hope that you will like them as much as I did creating them!

This is ONLY part one of this FUN and FESTIVE scrapkit! If you purchase the kit, post a layout in the Scrap-A-Deal gallery by Midnight EST, Thursday, November 15th, you will receive a FREE add-on kit!!!

I will post all of the pertinent information here on my blog tomorrow night with a link to my post in the FORUM so that you can easily locate the guidelines for this next week's Scrap-A-Deal!!! I hope that you will join me at my chat at 10:00 pm EST on Wednesday, November 14th, in the 3S chatroom for some GREAT fellowship and a SPECIAL coordinating FREEBIE to *Be"Clause" It's Christmas*!

I will also try to get a preview of the FREE add-on kit posted here tomorrow night as well. Meanwhile, I hope that y'all have been GOOD digi-scrappers and since I KNOW that you have, I have a little something SPECIAL for you tonight just be"clause"!!! LOL!

Thank you SO much for your enduring patience through my downtime and for ALL of the supportive and encouraging comments. Y'all help to keep me going come RAIN or shine!!!


Buonnanotte e Bon Scrapatit,

*Be"Clause" It's Christmas* may be purchased HERE for ONLY $2.00 now through Midnight EST, Wednesday, November 14th. Get a head start on your Christmas cards, gifts, albums and altered art projects with this sleigh ... er ... uhm ... I mean ... scrapkit full of goodies!!!



>> Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I will have to catch up with y'all tomorrow night as I've had to bring out my BIG umbrella once again to shelter me from the HUGE storm of obstacles placed before me this past week!!! ROFL! I cannot tell you how THANKFUL I am to have a GREAT sense of humor and such a HUGE desire to live long enough to scrap ALL of my family's PRECIOUS memories so that I am learning how NOT to let stress affect my health as much I use to!!!

First of all, my mama was admitted back into the hospital Monday morning. I had just spoken with her the night before and she was a bit concerned about numbness returning to her right arm and leg. My niece called from the hospital after admitting her to ER due to the fact that her face was also feeling numb.

CT scan proved be normal. They thought that, perhaps, Mama might be having a series of mini-strokes. When I spoke with her earlier, she was still waiting to speak with the doctor. The hospital will be releasing her sometime tomorrow.

Mama is still laughing and ready to get on with her life!!! I'm hoping and praying that they get her medications straightened out so that she is not feeling OVER medicated all the time and wanting to sleep. She does not like it one bit!

We are also thought-consumed with some VERY odd behavior from the little guys (6 and 8). Not looking too good and we need to act on it fairly soon. We picked them up from their mom's to go with us to visit the grandbabies this past weekend. I will have to post some photos before the upcoming weekend. They are SO precious - both are VERY good boys and FULL of smiles!!!

Last night (Monday), I thought I had lost one of my external hard drives and, of course, it would be the one that I am currently saving all of my photos, designs and such on! I was working in PS when all of a sudden I was unable to save my work. I kept getting a message that I was dealing with either hardware failure or network woes and to save somewhere else! EEEEEEKS!!! I am not networked so the only thing left was hardware failure! NO!!! Oh PLEASE, NO!

I was SO tired and knew that I would not be able to deal with it with a clear and thought-producing mind, so I shut everything down and went straight to bed. I do not have sleep issues, thank God, so I got a VERY good night's sleep, however, I awoke a little earlier than usual and anxiety starting getting the best of me. This happens to me on occasion when I awake if I have heavy-duty stuff lingering from the day before. My way to get rid of it is to get myself out of bed rather than to try and continue sleeping.

After sending Robert off to work, I pulled my computer apart, cleaned it thoroughly (WOW, it was quite dusty this time around), used canned air on all of the USB cords and cleaned extra well around ALL points of connection as the thought had crossed my mind that it might be a bad connection.

Once I had everything back in place, I fired up the computer with no problem and then proceeded to fire up each of my two ED's. After the first one was finished transferring files, I turned on the second one and prayed that it would be A-OKAY!!! WOO HOOOOOOOO, all files were present once again. Thank you, thank you!

Guess what I did for the rest of the day? BURN, BABY, BURN!!! Gosh, I feel SO much better knowing that ALL of my photos, scrapkits, commercial items and designs are now backed up!!! I had been dragging my heels on doing so as I'd removed my burning software due to some issues a while back and have not had the opportunity to re-install and get down to business. Well, I was given a WAKE UP call and I knew that I'd best heed to it!!!

Now for another miracle - I must have my scrapkit finished and uploaded by tomorrow evening!!! I am thinking positively but something tells me I will most likely be running on adrenaline all day tomorrow!!! ROFL!

I have A LOT of catching up to do and I am leaving y'all with another part to, "Color Me Christmas" and will still be adding more to it! The preview directly below is of ALL four parts offered on my blog thus far for any of you who may have not seen all of them out and about. If you are missing any of the four parts, just go back through my blog posts from the end of October to present to find the download links.

I hope everyone is ENJOYING their week and until tomorrow night ....


"Color Me Christmas" 1-4

Below is tonight's FREEBIE which includes, 1 - BG Paper, 1 - Bow, 1 - Ribbon, 1 - Bookplate and a Shiny Golden Alpha, A-Z (upper case)


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