Shimmering Sunday Surprise!!!

>> Sunday, November 25, 2007

ROFL!!! I'm afraid I am going to run out of "catchy" titles sometime soon!!!

Are y'all ready to get back into the routine come tomorrow (today)? Kiddos go back to school, homeschooling resumes (of course there were times when I had mine schooling through the four-day weekends if we didn't have anything planned!) and some of you go back to work! All-in-all, we have had a WONDERFUL and VERY relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! Guess what's NEXT??? LOL!

How many of you have already brought home either a fresh tree or unpacked the artificial? Tink, I had to chuckle when you mentioned your house being "trashed" and did they really expect the 9-foot tree to be decorated the same day? ROFL!!! WOW - I can very well see where it would take most of the day just to get the tree to it's location and secured as you mentioned doing!!! I would LOVE to see a photo when all is said and done!

Hmmm .... you know, I'm really new at this blogging thing and I've not yet posed a challenge of any sort to y'all. The wheels are turning now!!! How about a Christmas tree decorating contest??? You know, something like y'all send me a photo of your decorated tree, I'll post them on my blog and then y'all can vote for your favorite and I'll offer up a FREE scrapkit or something special for the winner. Whatcha think? Yes, I do read all of your comments and I shall try to respond to as many as I can this coming week. I SO appreciate y'all taking the time to share a little bit about yourselves with me!!! It just SO rocks to get to know some of my fellow digi-scrappin' addicts!!!

I'm sure y'all were just waiting for a GLITTERED sticker alpha to come along, weren't you? Awwww, come on, I know I would have been!!! Well, SURPRISE, SURPRISE .... tonight I have included a FULL upper-case and NUMBERS 0-9! I will try to get the rest up tomorrow or Tuesday.

Would y'all like to see this alpha without the transparent sticker? I figure it would look somewhat similar to a foil-type sticker. Gosh, I used to just LOVE those! Let me know! If I get enough YAY'S, I will post them as well.

Have a FANTABULOUS week ahead and BON SCRAPATIT!!!


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