>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

G'day y'all!!! Yep, that's me .... mixing things up a bit!!! I cannot believe that I am STILL up, but was bound (well, not really, my hands are free but I think my backside is permanently adhered to my computer chair!) and determined to get this SCRAPATIT up before retiring for the night!

I'm sure that some time ago (when I first started my blog the end of September), I had mentioned to y'all that I am a VERY slow scrapper and just about equally as slow a designer!!! Now mind you, I have had a time or two, perhaps three, that I've actually completed a project in a few hours, however, that is NOT the norm for me!

I am ALMOST embarrassed to admit how much time I spent on SCRAPTIT #3! Hours! Why, when it looks SO basic? ROFL! Hey, you can pick on me - couldn't be ANY worse than me picking on myself now could it? LOL!

Okay ... this is how Linda scraps: Visualize the artist who throws paint onto his/her canvas and dabbles in it for a while as he/she waits for inspiration! No, I am NOT kidding here! I will tell you that I TRULY admire those that can look at a photo, a color, an object, etc. and have the ENTIRE project figured out in a few moments! Oh my, that is DEFINITELY not mwau!!! I may have a basic idea, but usually will open a paper and and an element or two and begin to play. I may change them out right away or add or subtract from the equation several times before finally having a real visual of what is to come!

While I do MORE designing than scrapping as of late, I have spent several days on ONE layout on MANY an occasion in the past! I usually teach myself something with each new project. I'll just start playing with a new filter, or blending modes, styles, etc. and find myself on a NEW adventure and TOTALLY distracted!!! This is my FAVORITE way of learning and I am pretty much self-taught in the majority of what I do. I do enjoy an occasional tutorial but, for the most part, I don't have time to get in too deep so I will just start messing around and try to figure it out for myself. I have also become VERY good at keeping notes, especially when designing. ROTFLMBO! Now, if any one can help me to come up with a GREAT way to organize the, soon-to-be, zillions of notebooks that I have, I shall be much obliged!!!

Thank you to those who shared their part of the world with me! Tink, I shall be making a visit to your blog sometime tomorrow. You just know I miss reading your thought-provoking posts, enjoying the eye-candy in your layouts and seeing what you've been up to! I do believe from the sound of what you last posted here on my blog, your Scamp and our Joshua were in Fallujah during the same period of time. Joshua's first deployment was to Kuwait and then his second and third were both to Fallujah. We went to visit him in North Carolina upon his return from his first deployment to Fallujah, which was the very tail-end of September 2004. (I 'm thinking that he was only back in the US for a brief time and then returned but am a big fuzzy on that at the moment!) Josh's last deployment was from August 2005 to the end of March 2006. Josh exited the military in Feb/Mar of 2006.

Sue, I have two brothers in Texas; one in San Angelo and one in San Antonio. I spent the majority of my senior year of high school in Grand Prarie (GO GOPHERS!) and returned to my native California to graduate. Now you know this was MANY moons ago! YEP, you ARE in Texas darlin'!

Sarah, you and I are ALMOST neighbors!!! I live approximately and hour and a half southeast of you in the Mother Lode! I had a friend back in the 80's - 90's who bought a home in the VERY first subdivision built in Elk Grove! The only time I pass through is on our way to or from the Sacramento airport and we always stop in Elk Grove to fill our tank. I cannot believe how much it has grown over the past decade. Our little community is blossoming as well, though still rather small. CONGRATULATIONS on your bundle of joy-to-be! You are just a week or two behind my DIL who is due the third week of April.

I hope you like SCRAPTIT #3. The tree and stars are ALL cutouts so that you can slide your photos in right behind the openings!

Remember, when in Scrapland, it's ALWAYS "Scrap Happy Hour"!

Night y'all - have a WONDERFUL Wednesday,


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