>> Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I will have to catch up with y'all tomorrow night as I've had to bring out my BIG umbrella once again to shelter me from the HUGE storm of obstacles placed before me this past week!!! ROFL! I cannot tell you how THANKFUL I am to have a GREAT sense of humor and such a HUGE desire to live long enough to scrap ALL of my family's PRECIOUS memories so that I am learning how NOT to let stress affect my health as much I use to!!!

First of all, my mama was admitted back into the hospital Monday morning. I had just spoken with her the night before and she was a bit concerned about numbness returning to her right arm and leg. My niece called from the hospital after admitting her to ER due to the fact that her face was also feeling numb.

CT scan proved be normal. They thought that, perhaps, Mama might be having a series of mini-strokes. When I spoke with her earlier, she was still waiting to speak with the doctor. The hospital will be releasing her sometime tomorrow.

Mama is still laughing and ready to get on with her life!!! I'm hoping and praying that they get her medications straightened out so that she is not feeling OVER medicated all the time and wanting to sleep. She does not like it one bit!

We are also thought-consumed with some VERY odd behavior from the little guys (6 and 8). Not looking too good and we need to act on it fairly soon. We picked them up from their mom's to go with us to visit the grandbabies this past weekend. I will have to post some photos before the upcoming weekend. They are SO precious - both are VERY good boys and FULL of smiles!!!

Last night (Monday), I thought I had lost one of my external hard drives and, of course, it would be the one that I am currently saving all of my photos, designs and such on! I was working in PS when all of a sudden I was unable to save my work. I kept getting a message that I was dealing with either hardware failure or network woes and to save somewhere else! EEEEEEKS!!! I am not networked so the only thing left was hardware failure! NO!!! Oh PLEASE, NO!

I was SO tired and knew that I would not be able to deal with it with a clear and thought-producing mind, so I shut everything down and went straight to bed. I do not have sleep issues, thank God, so I got a VERY good night's sleep, however, I awoke a little earlier than usual and anxiety starting getting the best of me. This happens to me on occasion when I awake if I have heavy-duty stuff lingering from the day before. My way to get rid of it is to get myself out of bed rather than to try and continue sleeping.

After sending Robert off to work, I pulled my computer apart, cleaned it thoroughly (WOW, it was quite dusty this time around), used canned air on all of the USB cords and cleaned extra well around ALL points of connection as the thought had crossed my mind that it might be a bad connection.

Once I had everything back in place, I fired up the computer with no problem and then proceeded to fire up each of my two ED's. After the first one was finished transferring files, I turned on the second one and prayed that it would be A-OKAY!!! WOO HOOOOOOOO, all files were present once again. Thank you, thank you!

Guess what I did for the rest of the day? BURN, BABY, BURN!!! Gosh, I feel SO much better knowing that ALL of my photos, scrapkits, commercial items and designs are now backed up!!! I had been dragging my heels on doing so as I'd removed my burning software due to some issues a while back and have not had the opportunity to re-install and get down to business. Well, I was given a WAKE UP call and I knew that I'd best heed to it!!!

Now for another miracle - I must have my scrapkit finished and uploaded by tomorrow evening!!! I am thinking positively but something tells me I will most likely be running on adrenaline all day tomorrow!!! ROFL!

I have A LOT of catching up to do and I am leaving y'all with another part to, "Color Me Christmas" and will still be adding more to it! The preview directly below is of ALL four parts offered on my blog thus far for any of you who may have not seen all of them out and about. If you are missing any of the four parts, just go back through my blog posts from the end of October to present to find the download links.

I hope everyone is ENJOYING their week and until tomorrow night ....


"Color Me Christmas" 1-4

Below is tonight's FREEBIE which includes, 1 - BG Paper, 1 - Bow, 1 - Ribbon, 1 - Bookplate and a Shiny Golden Alpha, A-Z (upper case)

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