>> Thursday, November 22, 2007

I hope that y'all have had your fill of turkey and all the trimmings, are ready for the after Thanksgiving sales and are preparing yourself for the season of "gift-giving"!

I'm a little woozy at the moment and ready to crawl into bed. Robert and I DID stay home alone, which we were both glad for the more we thought about it! Six hours of driving would DEFINITELY have taken it's toll (no pun intended!) on both of us.

We had a JOYFUL time together! I called my sister in Minnesota, my kiddos at their uncle's in Oregon and spoke with my youngest brother in Texas! I caught up with family while Robert went to the grocery store and purchased a "fresh" turkey (ours was in the freezer due to our ORIGINAL plans!) and the trimmings as he declared to me last night that he was going to cook dinner for me! SO sweet!

YUM, YUM, YUMMY!!! My darlin' smoked the turkey in our Weber and it was DELISH!!! The best I've tasted to date and I've had turkey cooked several different ways over the years. The past two or three years Robert has "deep-fried" our turkeys, which naturally adds some calories, but hey, who's counting!!!

I fixed up the trimmings. Everything was very tasty, however, the reason I am feeling so strange is that I am NOT used to eating in this manner and my body is rebelling! I shall have to be more careful as feeling like this is not worth the extra morsels of goodies!!! I'm sure that I would have been fine with the turkey, cranberry sauce and steamed veggies - it's the combination of the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy that did me in!!! Ohhhhhh, but they were SOOOOOO good!

Tomorrow will be my favorite as I always look forward to leftover turkey with cranberry sauce and a dab of mayo on toasted whole grain bread for lunch! I usually make my traditional "Berry-Mallow Yam Bake", but passed on it this time around. I'm sure that my daughters made it for their dinner at their uncle's!!! I don't cook much any more because of my own changes in eating habits and I'm sure y'all know how difficult it is to cook something that you cannot partake of on a regular basis!!!

I'd LOVE to hear how y'all celebrated your Thanksgiving!!! Anyone go out for dinner? Fly out of state? Out of the country? Any FAVORITE traditional games y'all play together? I'm not sure if anyone ever noticed the word "UNO" on my background paper in *A Thank"fall" Heart*, but it just happened to fit in the scheme of things and is a game that I fondly remember us playing at my little brother's home before he moved to Texas!!! FUN times FOR SURE!

Okay, I'm rambling and really need to put my lethargic self to bed and get a GOOD night's sleep so I can work on something SPECIAL for y'all for TOMORROW'S "Fantabulous Friday Freebie"!

By request, I am leaving you with two more GLITTERED poinsettias in PURPLE and BLUE. Again, you will find each one with and without a jeweled center.

SWEET DREAMS everyone and have FUN shopping tomorrow and over the weekend to kick-off your holiday shopping!!!

Bon Scrapatit!

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