>> Friday, November 16, 2007

HAPPY FRIDAY y'all!!! This is going to be a DRIVE-BY "freebie" drop of sorts as I've just got to get my BEAUTY sleep for the BIG family get-together tomorrow!!! He, he ... this means some SERIOUS hours!!!

Tonight, I leave you with another GORGEOUS "scrapatit" creation by Ms. Bonnie using my *Be'Clause It's Christmas* scrapkit!!! She is just THE BEST! I LOVE her LAYERS and she is REALLY good at the BLING-THING!!!

Thank you again Bonnie - you are SO generous to share your time and your talent with ALL of us!

I am in the midst of working on a collaboration for "CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD", which will feature designs by TONS of designers from ALL over the world and will be available as FREE downloads for y'all in the VERY near future!!! I am SO excited and I shall post MORE info as the time approaches so that you know where to go and what to do to collect this MEGA, MEGA, MEGA Christmas compilation! WOW! It is going to be HUGE!!! Oh ... and GORGEOUS! You won't wish to miss a single piece of it - I know I won't!

I shall catch up with y'all on Sunday and, hopefully, will have something to add to "Color Me Christmas"!!! Oh, my mind is already going .... I'm sure I'll have a little something for you!!!

Are y'all ready for Thanksgiving??? Looks like Robert and I will be celebrating as a couple this year. The boys are headed to meet up with their sisters at their uncle's in Medford, Oregon and Robert has to be to work EARLY Friday morning - poor babe. We have been invited to spend a nice intimate Thanksgiving with several of his siblings, but it would be six hours on the road plus the time there and he is exhausted just thinking about it!!! This will be a first, but ya know - it will be a NEW memory in the Walton/Posten family album!!!

On the flip-side of spending Thanksgiving with "just the two of us", we are going to spend Christmas (gosh, oh golly, I am SO excited!!!) in Vancouver, Washington with my daughters, April and Joan!!! Joan was just recently engaged and it is time for us to meet our future SIL and his family! One of my designer colleagues at 3Scrapateers lives in Vancouver. I refer to Ms. Kimberly Stewart as my "designer queen" (she is AMAZING!) and I just can't wait to let her know that I will be VERY close to her and, hopefully, we can hug each other's neck briefly, share a bit about ourselves, snap some photos and then scrap all about it!!! WOO HOO Ms. Kimmi - VANCOUVER OR BUST!!!

Have a SPECTACULAR Saturday and Sunday y'all!


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