>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Y’all, I am like TOTALLY speechless!  WOWSERS!  I had NO idea that y’all would be liking *Floralessence* quite this much!  I mean, I know MANY of you LOVE glitz and jewels, but who knew that Ruthy’s choice of colors would make me look SO good!  Thank you Ruthy!  Thank you Kim!  And, I thank y’all for your LOVELY comments! 
Please find the final two links for embellishments beneath the preview!  Uhm … now you just KNOW that I am NOT finished yet, right?  Uh, huh … I think I see an alpha or two to coordinate and, perhaps some frame clusters and such.  Surprise, surprise!  :D
I will also be adding to my *Twas The Night* blog train goodies! Stay-tuned and stay sweet!
Linda <3

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>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am SO sorry to take SO long in getting *Floralessence* uploaded and ready for downloading y’all, however, those of you who know me well will remember that I have an eye for detail and that just seems to get me in some trouble from time-to-time! 
My lingering over details may have worked out to your advantage as I’ve actually added to the kit along with reworking some jewels that I was just NOT content with!  ROFL! I have mentioned in the past just HOW color-coordinated I am and I could not resolve myself to allowing blue highlights in those sweet little diamonds when there is NO blue to be found anywhere else!  Oh yes, I am THAT bad!  LOL!  So, needless to say, I think I found a fair solution! 
It has been “sheer” delight designing this kit and I hope my digi-sisters across the globe will appreciate Ruthy’s colour palette for some sweet spring scrapping!  I must admit, I was a bit challenged as I am SO in the Christmas designing mode, but having seasonal kits are FABULOUS for working on photo book and/or hybrid gifts too! 
Here are a few detail images at 100%:
LLW_CloseUps_BlogPreview  I adore Kim B’s “sheer” ribbon flowers, don’t you?  SWEET!
I have done something a little different with this kit and it is something that I had started over two years ago when first designing.  You will find a little more versatility, I hope, in that I’ve included glitter overlays in three colors for both the round paper bag frame and for the paper bag journal matte.  While I could have just as easily included a frame or matte with each color, I thought it a little nicer this way so that you can also use the glitter overlays by themselves!  You may also add shadowing to your taste OR not! *cheshire cat grin* Oh, and you also have the option of using the paper bag frame or journal matte by themselves!
Today, I am posting all 13 background papers and the first of three sets of embellishments, so PLEASE make sure to come back tomorrow for the final two sets!  I’ve tried to keep ALL files as close to 30 MB as possible for easier downloading for all.
Stay-tuned for our December *Days Gone By* challenge, which should be posted later tonight or tomorrow.  Dawn has outdone herself with some GORGEOUS goodies in this month’s posting bonus!  She and I both will post the new posting bonus image and links on our sidebars so you can find them easily after the initial posting on our blogs! 
I wish you ALL a LOVELY week and hope that the Christmas spirit has you singing and dancing throughout the course of the day!  Okay, we cannot literally be singing and dancing about all day, but we CAN carry the attitude within our hearts and minds, eh? *big smile*  And even better yet, to contain those feelings all-year-round! *wink*
Bon Scrapatit!
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>> Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello everyone!

Just a quick dash in to apologize for not posting *Floralessence* tonight as I’d hoped to!

I can ONLY laugh now when I have in my mind to accomplish something by a certain time!  Why?  Well, for example, Monday before last I had mentioned to Robert that I had all intentions of devoting the entire day to working on Kim’s Colour Challenge and the two blog trains I signed up for.  ROFL!  I’m belly laughing already as I reminisce the events that unfolded that day!

Son number two, Mark, called and he and Jessica had the opportunity to go to the theater to see “New Moon” and then to eat afterwards and asked if I would babysit Kaleb.  Now, mind you, I’ve not seen my darling grandson since the wedding so of course I jumped at the opportunity to spend the day with Grandma’s little man! 

I spoke with Robert and was headed for the shower when I received a phone call from daughter number one, April!  LOL!  By this time, I’ve already figured out that I will not so much as be looking at my computer, let alone sitting down to design!  By the time I got off the phone with April and jumped into the shower, I had barely enough time to dress and prepare myself for entertaining Kaleb love!

Needless to say, we had a GRAND day together and Grandma was treated to a Disney-Pixar movie that she not yet seen, called “UP”!  I highly recommend it to anyone as it has something for every age group and is simply TOO sweet!  While Kaleb loves the doggies and the BIG bird, Kevin, Papa and Grandma adore the relationship between Carl and Ellie.  Later on, as Robert and I were settling down for the night, I snuggled up to him and whispered, “you are MY Carl”.  Robert immediately replied, “okay, but you’d better not pull an Ellie on me”!  For those of you who have seen the movie, I’m sure you’ll understand exactly what Robert meant!  *wink*

I’m SO behind on processing my digital photos, but here are a couple of Kaleb and Uncle John (son number three) being adventurous outdoors shortly after Kaleb arrived.  I just ADORE Kaleb’s red head and LOVE the way the sun dances upon it! :D



There’s no place like gnome! Kaleb loves these little men! LOL!

So, now y’all know what happened last week!  And this week?  He, he … Wednesday evening, Luke and his girlfriend Tessa bumped into Robert at the grocery store and he invited them up to join us for a bowl of my homemade split-pea soup!  We had a LOVELY evening and we invited them to come back the following night as the soup thickens up SO wonderfully after it has completely cooled.  We ALL enjoy it so much more the second day!  Anyhoo, the following night, Tessa had to work and Luke called to ask if he could bring his older brother (they live together), son number one and a long-time friend, Eddie up for a bowl of soup!  WOW!  Not often I get to visit with my boys, so this was WAY too cool and did my mother’s heart good!  (Marsha, just in the event that you may read this over on FB, I have not forgotten about sharing the recipe!  I will try to get it posted over the weekend!)

After dinner and the Thursday night football game, Robert headed to bed and the boys and I all ended up outside on the deck having a REALLY nice discussion about life and how they all feel about the future of our country.  Amazing conversation!  Matt, son number one, came by again this evening so that I could assist him in filling out some forms and just chill for a bit.  Luke came by later for a short visit and just shy of midnight took Matt and John with him back to their place.  By this time, I am ready to retire!  LOL!

No complaints from me whatsoever!  The past several months have been FULL of family events and it just cannot get any better than that! 

I shall see you all back later today with your Fantabulous Friday Freebie, *Floralessence*!  My Carl awaits me! He, he …

Remember y’all, it is SCRAP-HAPPY hour 24/7 in Scrapland!!!  Have an AWESOME weekend!


Linda :D



>> Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good morning y’all (afternoon and evening too)!

The bi-monthly blog train that departs from Digi Shop Talk is honored to bring you this Christmas season, *Holiday Sugar Cookie*, which boasts of a total of 100 talented designers from all across Scrapland!

Trish, of Trish H Designs and owner of Enchanted Studio Scraps, has once again organized and executed this AMAZING blog train!  Thank you SO much for ALL that you do darlin!  AMAZING!

This train works a wee bit different than the first one I posted in that I will give you a link to the blog that follows mine!  You will also be able to view a slideshow of the contributions to give you an idea of what ALL is to be found out and about Scrapland this month!!!  WOO HOO!  We will be scrapping LOTS of Christmas memories … and then SOME! *big smile*

Without further ado, feast your eyes on these DELICIOUS treats:

After downloading here, click the link below to visit the next blog for your downloading pleasure:

Sunflower Designs

Visit the Blog Train Blog below to see a complete list of ALL designers on this train and to view the slideshow that you are seeing above!

Blog Train Blog

There are designers participating from all around the world and in different time zones, so if you don’t see links posted on some blogs yet, please check back later.  If you do not see links within 24 hours from departure time, 12:00 pm EST, please contact Trish at the email address given on the Blog Train Blog.

Thank you SO much everyone and I hope that y’all enjoy your SWEET treats this month!  I almost forgot, if you go back ONE post, you will see another mini from a different blog train that coordinates with the one below.  It has a brick fireplace and I am hoping to find just the right Santa for the sleigh!  HO, HO, HO, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LOL!  Bon Scrapatit! :D




*Just a reminder that downloading times may lag with SO many downloading at the same time.  You may wish to wait a week to collect all of the goodies you wish to have.  This has always been my practice and it’s the difference between driving the freeway during commute hours versus late at night when most are home sleeping!  LOL!  The links should remain on all blogs until the next train departs on February 1st.  You will find my preview and links located on the upper portion of my sidebar before my next post!  If you have any trouble, please contact me at:  bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thank you!*



Hello everyone!!!

WOW!!!  Can I just say, WOW?  Firstly, it has been WAY too long since I’ve posted once again and I’ve MISSED YOU terribly!!!   Happy December y’all!!! It IS beginning to look A LOT like Christmas everywhere you go in Scrapland! 

I have a lot to cover and will be making another post right behind this one as I have not just one, but TWO blog trains passing through this month!!!  I’ve got my coffee (only because the sun is about to rise and I’m not … I’m STILL up!!!)  ROFL!  Not too bad as I’ve been putting myself to bed between 10:00 and 11:00 pm so as to reap the benefits of adrenal healing between the hours of 10:00 pm and 1:00 am!  LOL! 

I will catch you all up on my family and I after things have quieted down a bit!  Can’t you just hear the “hustle and bustle” of early Christmas shoppers out and about Scrapland?  He, he …

Have y’all cleaned up your desktops?  Emptied your hard drives?  Just sayin’ – this is going to be one INCREDIBLE year for Christmas blog trains and goodies from all around Scrapland!  My head is in a SWIRL (can I put glitter on that??? *cheshire cat grin*) as I try to take in all that my eyes seem to uncover!  HA, HA!  I may need to invest in blinders to keep me from looking outside of Photoshop!  LOL!

Okies, I’d better stop distracting y’all and myself and get down to business …

I shall be using the same color palette for BOTH blog trains and my goodies will ALL coordinate and the files will ALL (even those from the *Holiday Sugar Cookie* blog train) be named LLW_TwasTheNight!  It is easier this way for me and, ultimately, shall be for y’all as well when you go to download and unzip your files! 

I have not designed much of anything for the past three months and I have to tell you what I told Kim B over at DSO while leaving a SNEAK-PEEK of my NEW kit, *Floralessence*.   I’m RUSTY and am in dire need of an oiling!  This reminds me of the Wizard of Oz  and to be honest, I’ve felt a bit like I’ve been in Oz while away from Scrapland!  LOL! 

Due to the two blog trains departing today, I shall be posting *Floralessence* on Friday, which will make it a Fantabulous Friday Freebie!  WOOT!

Here is a SNEAK-PEEK at 100%:


For those on the other side of the globe, you’ll LOVE November’s colour palette for your spring weather!  Keep your eyes peeled for *Floralessence* to make it’s debut this coming Friday!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon’s Design and I have been busy with family over the Thanksgiving holiday and leading up to it and we figured that many of you have been SUPER busy as well.  With that thought, we are extending the due date for November’s *Days Gone By* challenge to this weekend for any of you who might still like the opportunity to receive this month’s posting bonus, *Glitterfall*.  If you’ve not seen it or been to the forum and/or gallery yet, you can find ALL pertinent information on the upper-portion of my sidebar, including direct links!  Thank you SO much to those of you who have already created and posted a layout!  I’ve sent out links to all but two of you thus far.  I will send the remaining later today!  You ladies have done a FABULOUS job of preserving and sharing a “thankful” memory with us!  MWAH!

December 2009 marks the FIRST anniversary of the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie blog train passing through and delivering to us LOTS of LOVELY and MOST useful digital scrapbooking goodies to use before AND after Christmas!  Antoinette does an AMAZING job in coordinating, heading up and executing the WWCSF blog train blog!  Thank you again Antoinette!  You are a sweetheart! XOXO

Click HERE to check out all of the goodies.  Antoinette has put each submission in alphabetical order this year and when you click on a link, it automatically opens in a separate window!  That makes it SO much easier to keep track of where you are in the downloading process! *wink*

Below is my part of the WWCSF blog train.  It is labeled as Part One, but it really is the second part of *’Twas The Night* and you will get to see the first part next post when the *Holiday Sugar Cookie* makes it’s departure! 

Have an SCRAPTABULOUS week everyone and I’ll see you next post with MORE goodies!  WOO HOO! 

Love and hugs,

Linda :D

P.S.  Once I have posted both blog trains and prior to my next post on Friday, you will find the blog train goodies on my sidebar throughout the month of December.  I also forgot to mention that I will be adding onto *’Twas The Night* throughout the month of December.  My goal is once per week! ;-)




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