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I am SO sorry to take SO long in getting *Floralessence* uploaded and ready for downloading y’all, however, those of you who know me well will remember that I have an eye for detail and that just seems to get me in some trouble from time-to-time! 
My lingering over details may have worked out to your advantage as I’ve actually added to the kit along with reworking some jewels that I was just NOT content with!  ROFL! I have mentioned in the past just HOW color-coordinated I am and I could not resolve myself to allowing blue highlights in those sweet little diamonds when there is NO blue to be found anywhere else!  Oh yes, I am THAT bad!  LOL!  So, needless to say, I think I found a fair solution! 
It has been “sheer” delight designing this kit and I hope my digi-sisters across the globe will appreciate Ruthy’s colour palette for some sweet spring scrapping!  I must admit, I was a bit challenged as I am SO in the Christmas designing mode, but having seasonal kits are FABULOUS for working on photo book and/or hybrid gifts too! 
Here are a few detail images at 100%:
LLW_CloseUps_BlogPreview  I adore Kim B’s “sheer” ribbon flowers, don’t you?  SWEET!
I have done something a little different with this kit and it is something that I had started over two years ago when first designing.  You will find a little more versatility, I hope, in that I’ve included glitter overlays in three colors for both the round paper bag frame and for the paper bag journal matte.  While I could have just as easily included a frame or matte with each color, I thought it a little nicer this way so that you can also use the glitter overlays by themselves!  You may also add shadowing to your taste OR not! *cheshire cat grin* Oh, and you also have the option of using the paper bag frame or journal matte by themselves!
Today, I am posting all 13 background papers and the first of three sets of embellishments, so PLEASE make sure to come back tomorrow for the final two sets!  I’ve tried to keep ALL files as close to 30 MB as possible for easier downloading for all.
Stay-tuned for our December *Days Gone By* challenge, which should be posted later tonight or tomorrow.  Dawn has outdone herself with some GORGEOUS goodies in this month’s posting bonus!  She and I both will post the new posting bonus image and links on our sidebars so you can find them easily after the initial posting on our blogs! 
I wish you ALL a LOVELY week and hope that the Christmas spirit has you singing and dancing throughout the course of the day!  Okay, we cannot literally be singing and dancing about all day, but we CAN carry the attitude within our hearts and minds, eh? *big smile*  And even better yet, to contain those feelings all-year-round! *wink*
Bon Scrapatit!
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