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Hello everyone!

Just a quick dash in to apologize for not posting *Floralessence* tonight as I’d hoped to!

I can ONLY laugh now when I have in my mind to accomplish something by a certain time!  Why?  Well, for example, Monday before last I had mentioned to Robert that I had all intentions of devoting the entire day to working on Kim’s Colour Challenge and the two blog trains I signed up for.  ROFL!  I’m belly laughing already as I reminisce the events that unfolded that day!

Son number two, Mark, called and he and Jessica had the opportunity to go to the theater to see “New Moon” and then to eat afterwards and asked if I would babysit Kaleb.  Now, mind you, I’ve not seen my darling grandson since the wedding so of course I jumped at the opportunity to spend the day with Grandma’s little man! 

I spoke with Robert and was headed for the shower when I received a phone call from daughter number one, April!  LOL!  By this time, I’ve already figured out that I will not so much as be looking at my computer, let alone sitting down to design!  By the time I got off the phone with April and jumped into the shower, I had barely enough time to dress and prepare myself for entertaining Kaleb love!

Needless to say, we had a GRAND day together and Grandma was treated to a Disney-Pixar movie that she not yet seen, called “UP”!  I highly recommend it to anyone as it has something for every age group and is simply TOO sweet!  While Kaleb loves the doggies and the BIG bird, Kevin, Papa and Grandma adore the relationship between Carl and Ellie.  Later on, as Robert and I were settling down for the night, I snuggled up to him and whispered, “you are MY Carl”.  Robert immediately replied, “okay, but you’d better not pull an Ellie on me”!  For those of you who have seen the movie, I’m sure you’ll understand exactly what Robert meant!  *wink*

I’m SO behind on processing my digital photos, but here are a couple of Kaleb and Uncle John (son number three) being adventurous outdoors shortly after Kaleb arrived.  I just ADORE Kaleb’s red head and LOVE the way the sun dances upon it! :D



There’s no place like gnome! Kaleb loves these little men! LOL!

So, now y’all know what happened last week!  And this week?  He, he … Wednesday evening, Luke and his girlfriend Tessa bumped into Robert at the grocery store and he invited them up to join us for a bowl of my homemade split-pea soup!  We had a LOVELY evening and we invited them to come back the following night as the soup thickens up SO wonderfully after it has completely cooled.  We ALL enjoy it so much more the second day!  Anyhoo, the following night, Tessa had to work and Luke called to ask if he could bring his older brother (they live together), son number one and a long-time friend, Eddie up for a bowl of soup!  WOW!  Not often I get to visit with my boys, so this was WAY too cool and did my mother’s heart good!  (Marsha, just in the event that you may read this over on FB, I have not forgotten about sharing the recipe!  I will try to get it posted over the weekend!)

After dinner and the Thursday night football game, Robert headed to bed and the boys and I all ended up outside on the deck having a REALLY nice discussion about life and how they all feel about the future of our country.  Amazing conversation!  Matt, son number one, came by again this evening so that I could assist him in filling out some forms and just chill for a bit.  Luke came by later for a short visit and just shy of midnight took Matt and John with him back to their place.  By this time, I am ready to retire!  LOL!

No complaints from me whatsoever!  The past several months have been FULL of family events and it just cannot get any better than that! 

I shall see you all back later today with your Fantabulous Friday Freebie, *Floralessence*!  My Carl awaits me! He, he …

Remember y’all, it is SCRAP-HAPPY hour 24/7 in Scrapland!!!  Have an AWESOME weekend!


Linda :D

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