>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOL! Hmmm .... how about BOTH???

Blogger is planning an outage here in about an hour my time. I'm not sure for how long, but I thought I'd better get your freebie uploaded while I can!

Okay, chipped glass IS your peace offering! And WHY a peace offering you ask??? Well, it seems that I've just not been able to THAW OUT the past several days and I'm not functioning very well! Even pent up in my room with my space heater, I am still cold ... to the bone! Yes, I am getting older! No, I am no longer on blood thinners (you'll hear about that story next month when we observe heart disease awareness) as of this past summer and, YES, I am going through some major hormonal changes!!! Ya think that might have something to do with the fact that I am SOOOOOO cold all of the time??? BRRRRRRRRRR ....

So ... while I am in DEFROST mode and trying my darndest to get *LOVE ACTUALLY* updated a bit and ready for your downloading pleasure, I offer you this small token (peace offering), in the form of a *PINK CHIPPED GLASS ALPHA*, which is ONE of TWO alphas that are included in my *LOVE ACTUALLY* scrapkit!!!

I must share a bit of nostalgia here by telling you that this was my VERY first designer submission to 3Scrapateers and was a freebie in the debut issue of our e-zine prior to ScrapStyle! It has actually just been a tad bit over a year as I dated the package, 012207!!! WHOA! I guess I kind of missed my one-year anniversary!!! He, he .... well, I think I'd rather celebrate that in June when I became an official member of the Design Team at 3Scrapateers!!!

Anyhoo, this li'l 'ol Chipped Glass Alpha is what inspired the scrapkit, *LOVE ACTUALLY*!!! It is the VERY first package I EVER placed my logo on!!! Aren't NEW ventures ALWAYS so exciting???

I hope that you enjoy it and tomorrow I will offer up the SECOND alpha, which is the raspberry-colored glass alpha that you have seen in a couple of my layouts using *LOVE ACTUALLY*.

Depending on how big this kit becomes, I may break it up into parts to keep the zip files between 20-25 MB's for those on dial-up. I remember THOSE days ALL too well and was NEVER so happy as when our community finally offered DSL! I had joined the 3Scrapateers' Creative Team and to download a kit, I would have to set my alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night so that I could wrap up one download and begin another!!! Anyone else EVER done that before??? It almost reminded me of the years of getting up for nighttime feedings when my children were babies!!! ROFL!

A "BIG" thank you to all of those who have left me information on your use of humidifiers. I think I shall cruise on over to take a look at them during our next WalMart trip, which will hopefully be sometime soon!

Ciao my bellas and I hope this shows up before the scheduled outage!!!


P.S. EEEEEEKS!!!! My "frozen" brain ALMOST forgot to make mention of my NEW CATEGORY located on my sidebar. It is MOST appropriately named, ***HOT*** New Designers To Keep Your Eyes On (freebies included!). These are NEW designers on the block that I am finding (I'm sure MOST of you have already found them as well, but "just in case"!) and that ARE NOT currently selling anywhere and are offering their TIME and TALENT in the way of FREEBIES! Make sure when you visit that you leave them some LOVIN' and you might also let them know that I sent you!!!



>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ROFLMBO!!! NO! I don't mean the music genre'!!! As I was zipping up Scrapatit #5 for *LOVE ACTUALLY*, I noticed that the file size is upwards of 30 MB's!!! That's A LOT for a scrapatit! My scrapatits normally aren't more than 20 MB max and it came to mind that the reason these past few, rather SIMPLE, scrapatits have been making for some large file sizes is all of the HEAVY METAL!!! I used Atomic Cupcake's "Smooth Pewter" action on MANY of the embellishments in this kit and if memory serves me correctly, I learned a valuable lesson (MANY I'm sure!) after completing it nearly a year ago, that the metal indeed weighs in "heavy" and makes for some LARGE files!

Anyhoo, I didn't make it in last night, so I thought I'd stop by now and post another "scrapatit" for y'all while I am working on kits. I couldn't understand why it was I was SO listless yesterday and about all I wanted to do was sleep and that same feeling has come over me again as I am preparing this post. The LIGHT BULB has gone off in my COBWEBBED brain and I have figured out what it is that is making me SO sleepy!!! It's my little portable space heater! It heats my room up alright, but it must really be drying the air out and leaving my poor, already abused eye sockets, begging for fresh "moist" air!!! Of course, "moist" air in the dead of winter in Northern California is not readily available so I shall have to improvise!!! I typically have a pot of water atop the woodstove or the gas cooktop! Hmmm .... makes me think I ought to look into buying a humidifier. ANYBODY out there use one???

I'd LOVE to hear some feedback on home humidifiers y'all - PRETTY PLEASE! Pros, cons, what to look for, what not to look for (LOL!), best brands, features, etc. THANK YOU in advance! I know my eyes shall be thanking you as well!

I've created a layout using *LOVE ACTUALLY*, Scrapatit #5! These are some photos of my NEW precious little niece, Jayden Anise!!! Isn't she SO sweet!!! I posted a layout a while back using one of these photos and Ms. Monna Lainson's, * BABY, BABY* scrapkit which I just ADORE and hope to use to create an album for my sister as soon as I inherit more photos! Sis, if you happen to see this anytime soon, PLEASE send photos!!! LOL! I will be calling you this weekend!

I really think these photos cleaned up well! They were taken with a mobile phone and uploaded to Facebook so the images were not only pixelated, but also very small. I ran them through Virtual Photographer using the "glamour" filter with a "subtle" setting and then through Photoshop's "despeckle" filter. I LOVE the "soft" look to them - just PERFECT for newborn photos don't you think?

Okay, enough of my rambling and on to BIGGER things ... uh, hum ... like a "large" zip file to download!!!

Oh, one more thing before I forget yet again. I wanted to share something that came to mind regarding the birth of my niece, Jayden. Jayden was born this past Thanksgiving Day and her due date was December 7th. I remember speaking with someone (probably my mother!) after hearing of Jayden's birth and remarking how much I LOVED this baby girl already and how she's come into the world making a statement! And what might that be, y'all are wondering??? Well, she was due on Pearl Harbor Day - a day that reminds us of the beginnings of World War II here in the US via the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Jayden decided she was going to make her debut NOT on a day reflecting upon the ravages of war, but on a day that we ALL come together and "give thanks", spend the day with our families, friends and neighbors. A day that we embrace people that we don't know, share a meal, fellowship, hug - LOVE (and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for us)! A day that we CELEBRATE in JOY and in GLADNESS! Jayden darlin' - you GO girl!!! May PEACE be with you and in your heart ALWAYS!

See y'all later tonight perhaps. If not, I shall see you tomorrow! Have a WONDERFUL, WARM and maybe a bit of a WILD (adventurous) Wednesday y'all!!!


P.S. If the person who left me an anonymously signed comment about putting *HOLIDAY SPARKLE* into my store happens to see THIS, would you please e-mail me? THANK YOU! (



>> Monday, January 28, 2008

After all of the TURBULENT weather this past weekend, it has been quiet and the sun was SHINING today!!! Although it is only about 30 degrees out right now, it felt good to see the sun shining into the living room and our bedroom this morning and into the afternoon!

It was rather refreshing to know that I am not the ONLY one who was not familiar with what a "pineapple express" is! Robyn, that you for the elaboration and you are EXACTLY right on about the flooding due to snow melt. I was just reading about the flooding in Southern California and potential for mud slides in the areas that were badly burned recently.

We had TERRIBLE flooding nearly a decade ago in the San Joaquin Valley (about an hour west of us) due to heavy snow melt and I think they have learned from that event and are now letting more water out more frequently so as not to find ourselves with a repeat of those HORRIBLE days. While we are in a "safe" pocket and will probably NEVER have to be concerned about flooding here in Copper, I keep a close eye on our nearby lakes to see when they are emptying New Melones into our Lake Tulloch so as to make way for the snow melt from the Sierras.

It has been a rather MELLOW day for me today ... WOO HOO ... YEE-HAW ... OW, OW!!! ROFL! I had a few interruptions early on, but have managed to accomplish quite a bit of what I had wanted to do over the weekend and couldn't due to the bad weather! I am a VERY happy camper tonight and can actually climb into bed at a decent hour and start my day early tomorrow and get my bootsky busy on finishing up *LOVE ACTUALLY* and should be able to have it up for y'all by Wednesday or Thursday night God willing!!!

I have a couple more scrapatits for you tonight that are VERY simple, but I figured that when you get the FULL kit, y'all can add your own embellishments, KWIM? I hope you like them. The frames that I made on the second one are "chipped glass" and I actually ran the action on EACH piece separately so as to create a different effect on each one and I then HAND-PIECED the frame together. The FULL scrapkit also contains photo corners made with the same action and also pieced together, plus an upper and lower-case alpha with extras.

The LOVE frame on the first scrapatit is "colored glass" and the second alpha included in the FULL kit matches it! Again, this is all from my VERY first kit created about nine months ago and because we have come SO far in that time, I am adding a few essentials that did not exist then such as "bows"!!! I could not believe that when looking through all of the elements, I found a few wire-edged ribbons from a template that I created myself, but not ONE single bow!!! I'm also remembering that when I first started designing I was using PS 7 and I was not able to run any of the newer actions that were being created in PSCS and/or PSCS 2!!!

Basically, what I am doing with this kit is eliminating several papers seeing as how it is monochromatic and, again, times have changed! I may add a couple of new patterned papers or I may just keep it simple - we shall see where the good 'ol MOJO takes me!!! LOL!

Nighty, night dearest ones and may you have a TOTALLY Terrific Tuesday and PLEASE don't forget about Ms. Monna's Half-n-Half chat at 10:00 pm EST in the 3S chatroom featuring her BEAUTIFUL, *Call Me Pink and Black* scrapkit. Located on my sidebar is a "direct" link to the 3S chatroom in case you are not sure how to get there and you may find the first half of Ms. Monna's scrapkit on sale for ONLY $3.00 HERE. Hope to see y'all there for some FUN, FELLOWSHIP and, of course, FREEBIES!!!




>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

LOL! We DO!!! And then SOME!!!

Well, I have had an ENTIRE weekend off from the computer and not necessarily by my own choosing! Saturday, yes, as we had a LOVELY visit from Robert's #3 son, Travis, his wife, Sofie and their ADORABLE son (our grandson!), Lohgan! However, my time away TODAY was due to the "pineapple express" and I am not referring to my DARLING Robert!!!

At first I thought Robert was just doing some of his usual teasing with me when he referred to the weather system coming in as the "pineapple express"! NOT! Personally, I've not heard it referred to as such before and, of course, I just HAD to GOOGLE it so that I could read it for myself!!!

"Pineapple" is a term that I am MOST familiar with when referring to a Hawaiian as Robert is Hawaiian and I do call him my SWEET "pineapple" every once-in-a-while! The system that hit us today was anything but SWEET! We lost our direct television signal on and off for about an hour after I had gotten caught up in a GOOD movie on the Lifetime Movie Network! I had already "shut down" my computer and unplugged it from the wall because we had rolling thunder and lightning as well as some VERY high winds. I don't take ANY chances when a system of this magnitude passes through, believe me! I've learned by the misfortune of others in this department and I cannot afford to replace my computer. I would be devastated as I am sure MANY of you would as well. Better SAFE than SORRY is a FOR SURE here!!!

We are supposed to have rain on and off all of this coming week, however, according to my SWEET pineapple, it is going to go from the effects of a "Pineapple Express" to that of an "Arctic" storm!!! Bye, bye to the nice 50+ temps we've had the past several days and back into the 30's and 40's! The wind is REALLY howling outside as I type and it is also raining pretty hard - VERY HARD! Hopefully things will have calmed down by morning and I can get some serious business taken care of on here!

ATTENTION: I made a little "boo-boo" the WEE hours of Saturday morning and ended up posting the first scrapatit for "LOVE ACTUALLY" with a "white" background in it, so I have replaced the PNG file in Saturday's zip file with a TRUE png file as a replacement for all of you who happen to read this post and wish to download again. Sorry about that! I won't tell you what else I did as it only affected me, but definitely let me know that I was not kidding you when I referred to my brain as MUSH!!! ROFL!

Please find below, the link posted as a replacement for "LOVE ACTUALLY", Scrapatit #1 and the link for TONIGHT'S FREEBIE, "LOVE ACTUALLY", Scrapatit #2!

I hope y'all had a GRAND weekend and may you have a VERY nice and a MOST productive week ahead!


P.S. A few of you have mentioned liking the alpha I used in the "LOVE ACTUALLY" scrapatit previews and I had meant to mention to y'all that it WILL BE INCLUDED in the "LOVE ACTUALLY" scrapkit I post here for you in a couple of days. There actually are TWO alphas included in this scrapkit. I had hoped to have it posted tomorrow night, but due to my not having any computer time at all this weekend, it most likely won't be for a few more days, but then, miracles DO happen!!! Ciao bellas!

(replacement zip file for blog freebie 012608)



>> Saturday, January 26, 2008

BRUNCH??? How do serve "brunch" on a blog? Well, NOT really brunch but that is what came to mind when I found that your FFF is actually being delivered on Saturday!!! A little late to be "Fabulous Freebie Friday" and a little bit early to be a "Super Spectacular Saturday Surprise"!

No, I have not been to bed yet (bad girl, bad girl, whatcha gonna do? he, he ...) as Robert and I had our Friday night movie date in the living room and that only gave me enough time on the computer to read a few e-mails and to post Ms. Monna's announcement prior to his arrival home from work!

How could I miss FFF??? So, here I sit tired with mush for a brain as I've been trying to rework "LOVE ACTUALLY"!!! I finally had a brain storm when coming across two files that contained "scrapatits" that I had made right after completing this, my VERY first scrapkit, nine months ago! I'll just post these two scrapatits for you (one today and one tomorrow), which will give me a bit more time to complete the entire kit, which I will GIFT you with, hopefully, on Monday! Below, you will see layouts that I created last year using each scraptit to create a two-page spread. This LOVELY couple is a niece of mine, whom I've never met, and her husband on their wedding day! LOL! Gee, wonder what gives that away!!!

Yes, and as you can see, *WIN'TREE WEATHER* has not made it into my store yet either!!! I still need to finish up the BONUS alphas and having only been on the computer for an hour today did NOT give me ANY time to even open Photoshop! Isn't it AMAZING how we can make plans and have them COMPLETELY altered at a moment's notice? ROFL! Seems to happen to me quite often as of late! I've also learned that just because one's children are now ALL grown up, does not mean that you are NO longer needed and your days are uninterrupted!!!

Mushy brain is now FRIED brain and I'd better say "good night" before I nod off at the keyboard! Or "good morning" to those of you just starting your day!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!!! (Today is my "daddy-to-be" son's 22nd birthday - can't believe it's been that long ago that I was having back-to-back contractions on the freeway, arrived at Stanford University Hospital FULLY dilated and ready to push, only to be told that I needed to hang on for about 20 minutes until the doctor arrived! It was a Super Bowl Sunday and I ended up giving birth still dressed in my maternity clothes!!! I must dig out some photos today!)

Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone!






>> Friday, January 25, 2008

ROFL!!! DUH! I did not realize until just logging into my blog that I posted my "100th" blog post last night, of course, making THIS one BLOG POSTING 101!!! LOL!!! And you probably thought I was going to give some pointers on blog posting!!! NOPE, NO WAY, NOT "I"!!! I'll leave that to the EXPERTS that I am working hard to glean from whenever I have the opportunity!

HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!!! WOO HOO!!! How are y'all feeling this FINE, FREEZING FRIDAY afternoon, evening or night? I do realize that some of you are ALREADY enjoying the weekend! I still find it strange at times talking to someone who is a day ahead of me!!! I guess I now understand why I get my days confused at times!!! Okay .... okay .... it made for a GREAT excuse now didn't it? LOL!

Would you believe that it is just after 4:00 pm my time (PST) and I am just NOW sitting down to the computer for the first time today??? He, he ... yeah, well I wouldn't believe it either if it weren't for the FACT that it is INDEED the truth!!! I've been biting at the bit to get here ALL day so as to bring the following announcement, which MANY of you have already seen on Dude's blog.

I would like VERY much to introduce you to another FABULOUS designer, 3Scrapateers' colleague and VERY good friend of mine, MS. MONNA LAINSON!!! WOO HOO!!! Ms. Monna just DEBUTED her VERY first Half-n-Half scrapkit last night in her 3Scrapateers store and on her BRAND new blog, MONNA LAINSON DESIGNS!!! Monna's new kit, *CALL ME PINK AND BLACK* is BEAUTIFUL and just happens to be ONE of my VERY favorite color combinations. Monna has posted some VERY lovely goodies for us as seen in the image below. You may CLICK either the image or link directly below it to access Ms. Monna's WONDERFUL blog and to collect this set of LOVELIES that coordinate with THIS WEEK'S Half-n-Half scrapkit. See Monna's blog for ALL of the details and I hope to see y'all at Ms. Monna's chat next Tuesday evening, January 29th at 10:00 pm EST. Let's BUST down the chatroom doors and SURPRISE her with all of our support and, of course, a FUN time!!! LOL! Ya know, I've ALWAYS wondered what it would be like to CRASH a PARTY!!! He, he .... (she'll LOVE it, I just know she will!!!)

Well, I need to tend to business now, finish up a few things and I SHALL BE BACK later to post your FREEBIE for FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!

BLOG ON my darlins' - OH, and if y'all happen to find something out there that just REALLY drops your jaws, PLEASE, PLEASE share with me where I might find it!!! I don't have much time to get out as often as I would like to and seem to be WAY behind on the FABULOUS offerings out and about, so don't by shy - post us a link or you can even e-mail it to me (will be posting my e-mail address on sidebar too!) and I will post it for ALL of us to enjoy!!! I'm going to be adding a section on my sidebar for sites that list freebies on a regular basis so if there is a GOOD one that you don't see on my list once I get it going, let me know about it K? THANK YOU!!!

REMEMBER: Y'all ROCK .... and THEN SOME!!!

Baci e abbracci,



>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greetings y'all!!! Brrrrrrr .... I just have not had much success at getting warm today as we are in the midst of an Arctic blast here in Northern California!!! We did not make it past 40 degrees today and that is COLD for here!!! Robert saw snow at work, which is only about 20 minutes east of us and with another system on it's way in tomorrow, we just might see some snow here in Copper yet!!!

And why could I not get warm you wonder??? Well, normally one of the boys will start a fire in the wood stove while I stay in my room (computer present of course!) with the portable heater on! Sniff, sniff .... nobody wanted to start a fire today as they were too busy running to and fro and by the time I finally asked, John was dressed in a white shirt preparing to leave for a job interview!!! ROFL! I had to explain to John today that there is just a WEE bit of difference in being 18 and in your 50's when it comes to handling colder climate!!! He did not seem to be phased by the BONE-CHILLING air in the living room! Ahhhhhh .... to be SO young and tolerable of hot and cold!!!

I used to build all of the fires when the boys were younger, but now with Robert here and the boys older, I am spoiled! Besides, I'm used to using good old-fashioned matches and these guys use a propane torch!!! Uhm .... well, let's just say I have a VERY healthy respect for any type of "gas" and if I'm not sure of what I'm doing - I don't!!!

I've been working on an alpha today to add to *WIN'TREE WEATHER* as a FREE bonus before uploading it to the store tomorrow. Surprise, surprise .... there just MIGHT be TWO bonus alphas included!!! And, YES, you will also get a "scrapatizer" aka a "sampler" tomorrow as your FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! WOO HOO! I wasn't SO sure that my brain was going to thaw enough for me to work on anything, but it SLOWLY managed to defrost!!! LOL! Okay, be nice now!!! He, he ....

Tonight's FREEBIE is another WONDERFULLY clever and CREATIVE "open" scrapatit (scraplet) by Bonnie Beechler and, once again, I have put it to GOOD use as a sample of what it will look like in a layout. This is a photo of Mark and Jessica as Dr. Teel is telling them that there appears to be some "outdoor plumbing" in the ultrasound film they are looking at!!! This was taken just a few days before they went to have the 3-D ultrasound done and found out for BONA FIDE fact that they are INDEED having a son!!! Anyhoo, my purpose of tagging along during this visit was to do exactly what you see here, to capture the expressions on their faces as they looked at ultrasound photos of their PRECIOUS little bundle-to-be and to see what their reactions would be if Dr. Teel were able to tell them if it be a girl or a boy! Jessica's face immediately BEAMED and Mark squinted for a MORE detailed look at the goods in question! They were SO cute! Jessica and her mama both wiped tears from their eyes. Time WELL spent!

I hope you find something SPECIAL to do with this BEAUTIFUL frame cluster and if you wish to share it with me and ALL of us, please e-mail to me at: and I will post them here on my blog.

I am slowly making some changes here and one thing I have done is to install a FILING CABINET (LOL!) that contains ONLY the active freebies on my blog and they have been separated by letting you know which kit they coordinate with. For example, tonight's post will be labeled, A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS (coordinating freebies). I hope this helps a bit if you don't have a lot to time to read through everything and just wish to find the FREEBIES!!! (You will find this filing cabinet located just beneath my welcome message) WOO HOO! Although, it would be nice for you to take a look around and to leave some lovin' too! I SOOOOO appreciate your comments and I have been really touched by the comments left in reply to my post about TREVOR'S TREASURE. I know that he and his family are SO grateful for the outpouring of LOVE coming their way! Hmmm ... I still need to find out what TEAM Trevor is rooting for! On my "to-do" list for tomorrow!

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY y'all and I'll see you at FREEBIE time!!!


Photograph courtesy of MWAH! Layout created using my *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*



I told you I'd be back with a FREEBIE and HERE I AM!!!

Photoshop was EVER so merciful to me tonight and I actually recreated my layout from last night with a FEW changes!!! ROFL! I tell you, I am the SLOWEST scrapper I know!!! I think part of it is that I've not scrapped in such a LONG time and I'm RUSTY to boot!!!

Anyhoo, I made a layout for one of my twins, Luke, and his girlfriend, Tessa! Luke just ADORES this young lady and I believe that the feelings are QUITE mutual! Ahhhh ... YOUNG LOVE! Remember those days??? LOL! Luke gets teased quite often by his twin and one of his older brothers as they "claim" that he spends WAY too much time on the phone with Tessa. (I think they might just be a WEE bit jealous, what do you think? LOL!) Well, NOT anymore. Since Luke now has a driver's license AND a job, he goes to visit Tessa before he leaves for work (he works 6:30 pm - 3:00 am). He also visits his GOOD buddy, Eric before he stops by Tessa's. Eric is the one who was in the car accident earlier this month and shattered his pelvis in four places. Eric is doing REALLY well and healing up nicely from what he tells me whenever he calls.

I wrote the journaling for Luke as he and I talk quite often. I was going to have him critique it for me, but I went into his room to find him SOUND asleep! He was exhausted poor babe. I will change it up if he wishes me to, but knowing him, he will LOVE it! I'm not sure if it is large enough for y'all to read, but this is what it says:

Dearest Tessa,

You have captured my heart with your beauty and sweet spirit.
You have imprisoned my heart with your selfless and unconditional love.

I love you baby!

I thought this to be a GOOD sentiment for Bonnie's LOVELY scrapatit. I used it as a FRAME for a photo and then built around it. I hope y'all enjoy using Bonnie's treat as much as I have!

Nighty, night darlins' .... until tomorrow night ....


Photo courtesy of MWAH! Layout created using my *A Love For All Seasons* Scrapkit



>> Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I DEARLY apologize for not getting this information posted yesterday. I was getting ready to post it, along with a WONDERFUL new FREEBIE, from Bonnie Beechler, when I decided to create a layout as an example of what one can do with Bonnie's creation! Well, two and a half hours later and just as I was going to save my project, Photoshop went into a FULL-BLOWN state of rebellion and completely shut down on me!!! YES, completely!!! No, "do you wish to save before closing" - just went POOF, right before my tired and weary eyes!!! ROFL! I am laughing NOW, but rest assured, I was NOT laughing at 3:00 am this morning! I sat here with my head hung down, shaking it back-and-forth in disbelief and I was actually "talking" to PS like it could really hear me! Yeah, y'all would have chuckled as I don't cuss things out, I actually sat here saying things like, "How can you just do that?" "That's not fair" "You're hiding it from me somewhere, aren't you?" ROTFLMBO!!! Like PS was REALLY going to answer me, apologize and say "PSYCH" .... here it is, just kidding!!!

K - nuff said, you got the picture and now onto MUCH MORE important matters:

Below, you will find ALL the information that I have successfully compiled about an INCREDIBLE young man named Trevor. Trevor is SIL to Treasure To Scraps co-owner, Tracy Madsen. I am sure that MANY of you have been to Tracy's WONDERFUL site and I am sure that MANY of you have already purchased TREVOR'S TREASURE from their store. If so, you need not read on any further.

For those of us who have either been "out of the loop" or, perhaps, you are BRAND new to blog visiting, please read on to find out how you can help this young family as their husband and father is patiently (no pun intended) awaiting a donor for a pancreas and kidney transplant as his are failing.

I am not going to elaborate on this as I will give you a direct link to Tracy's blog and also the the website where you can purchase TREVOR'S TREASURE and read about what exactly this young 30-year-old husband and father is up against. I can only say this, Trevor has had an OUTPOURING of well-wishes and prayers from the DIGITAL world and that just blesses my heart more than y'all can imagine.

The scrapkit is nearly 2GB, consisting of 250 BEAUTIFUL background papers, over 400 EXQUISITE elements and 5 alphas for your scrapping pleasure! This MEGA, MEGA, MEGA beauty will DEFINITELY keep you SCRAP HAPPY 24/7 and then some for a small price of ONLY $9.90!

ALL proceeds from TREVOR'S TREASURE go directly to help the family defray the cost of medical expenses. You can read all about that on Tracy's blog as well. I have her bookmarked so that I can stay abreast of what is happening with Trevor. I just happened to go back in yesterday or the day before and Tracy had just posted an update that put a smile on my face! Trevor was doing a "happy dance" as he watched his team win their playoff game. Which reminds me, I need to go back in and find out which team he was rooting for as we watched both playoff games and I know who won, but don't know who Trevor was rooting for!!! Matters not as I will NOW be rooting for whichever team Trevor wishes to see win the SUPER BOWL!!! How can I not???

Okay, without further ado, here are some layouts (the gif is not working so I will add a slideshow in here somewhere!) that were created with TREVOR'S TREASURE and the necessary links to Tracy Madsen's blog (CRAZY "T" - got to LOVE this woman!) and to TREVOR'S TREASURE in the Treasures To Scrap store. You will also find a brag book album and other kits donated by a TTS designer, all of which the profits are going to Trevor and his family. Trevor's wife's name is Savana and she is Tracy Madsen's daughter.


TREVOR - here's to seeing you at HOME very, very SOON sweetheart and for the SUPER BOWL win!!! SAVANA - you are AWESOME girl!!! May you continue to be strengthened each and every day as you devote your time and energies to your PRECIOUS husband! TRACY (and the entire Madsen household) - y'all are AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL to us all! You are TRULY blessed with ALL of the LOVE, thoughts, prayers and support surrounding you! You are in my heart and my thoughts continually. GO TEAM!

Love and hugs,
Linda (an "angel" for Trevor)

P.S. I will make another post later tonight with YOUR freebie and a layout showing what I've done with it .... that is, if Photoshop does not eat it again!!! LOL!



>> Monday, January 21, 2008

HAPPY MONDAY y'all!!! I hope that everyone has had a BEAUTIFUL beginning to a MOST WONDERFUL week!

BELOW, you will find the FINAL installment of Carole Nordyke's FABULOUS "All-Occasion Cards" created from *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*! Hasn't she just done a SPECTACULAR job with these? I can't wait to add some JOURNALING, print them out and send a few out for "Valentine's Day" and "Sending You Some Love" to those I've not corresponded with in a while!!! Thank you once again Ms. Carole for the sharing of your TIME and your INCREDIBLE talent!!! We LOVE you!

Just a quick note on what sidetracked me today from working on any designing. I'm sure that MOST of you are already privy to the TREVOR'S TREASURE collaboration scrapkit, but I, having been SO buried in PS and preparing for our family trip at Christmastime, etc., have just found out about it today via another designer's blog. I always seem to be a "day late, a dollar short and the last to know"! I SO dislike being "out of the loop" for such a long period of time, however, sometimes such is "the life"!

Anyhoo, I will be posting some information on my blog tomorrow in hopes that ANYONE else out there who may have been "out of the loop" with me or new to blog visiting, may still have an opportunity to participate in this MOST special collaboration by purchasing, TREVOR'S TREASURES, to help offset medical expenditures incurred by this VERY young family.

How many of you out there have ALREADY purchased TREVOR'S TREASURES??? Please raise your hands!

Until tomorrow and my eyelids are fully open ....




>> Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have y'all had a FUN, a RELAXING or a PRODUCTIVE weekend??? What have you been up to?

This shall be another rather SHORT post as, no Tink dearest, I am neither sick nor hurt - I am PLUM-TUCKERED OUT!!! ROFL! My eyes are at half-mast as I type and I just had to stop by to make sure that y'all get the next installment of Carole's BEAUTIFUL cards! There will be TWO more tomorrow night, making a complete set of TEN!!! These LOVELIES are TRULY "all-occasion" and I know that I will find MANY uses for them including, but not limited to, Valentine's Day! THANK YOU again Ms. Carole!!! You ROCK sweetheart!

I actually did get quite a bit accomplished today! I spent time leaving LOVIN' in the 3S gallery and one of our moderators, Tammy Gary became a GRANDMA this morning and she has already posted several brag book pages of her NEW granddaughter, Charli Elizabeth!!! If you happen to peek in Tammy, CONGRATULATIONS once again!!! WOO HOO, she is BEAUTIFUL! If you'd like to stop by, take a PEEK and leave a note of congratulations to the FIRST-TIME grandma, you may find her gallery HERE!

I was able to finish copying and posting ALL 49 layouts created using *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*!!! If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, it is the VERY first slideshow and it is SO beautiful to watch. LOL!!! Nancy dearest, y'all are ALREADY famous!!! Of anything, it's the other way around! Y'all are making ME famous with your GORGEOUS and CREATIVE work!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I know that MANY of you are VERY limited on time and it DEARLY touches my heart that you worked diligently to get those layouts posted by the deadline. I finished sending all of the ADD-ON bonuses last night!!! WAY too cool!

Okay, this sleepy-head is off to bed! I hope you are enjoying the cards and I hope to have a little mini-kit posted for y'all tomorrow night or Tuesday. I had mentioned to you that I was going to rework my VERY first kit that I EVER made and post it as mini's - WELL, *chuckle, chuckle*, if I were to critique that kit today, I'd FIRE me!!! I could not believe it!!! However, the GOOD to come out of it is to see HOW much I have grown in the last nine months!!! I have selected a few of the papers and will make some new things to go with them. They are a monochromatic, sort of raspberry-based color. ROFL!!! I was SO proud of myself when an action I used didn't work correctly and I used the outline anyway and created a couple of papers that give the appearance of being embossed! *Chuckling again* - now I actually KNOW how to make a paper look embossed!!! You get the picture! It's been a FUN process and I am SO looking forward to learning SO much more this year and helping others to learn too!!!

Nighty, night y'all. May you have a FABULOUS day, an INCREDIBLE week and enough creativity to keep you HAPPILY scrapping!




>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

TONIGHT'S installment of Carole's "All-Occasion" cards is BELOW and this, believe it OR not, is a FLY-BY delivery!!!

I am posting your FREEBIE and then I am back to the 3S gallery to finish collecting the BEAUTIFUL collection of layouts using *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS* to post at the bottom of my blog. The reason I am placing them at the bottom of my blog is that it is the ONLY place I can place a slideshow LARGE enough for suitable viewing to give all of these BEAUTIES the showcasing they deserve!!!

SWEET DREAMS everyone and may you have a SUPER SUNDAY!




>> Friday, January 18, 2008

WOO HOO!!! I'm a SINGIN' the BLUES!!! Why you ask? Because I'm having a GRANDSON!!! Guess I'd better hone up on my BOY skills and start thinking of some BOYISH kits, eh??? LOL! Well, while I will undoubtedly create a kit for our NEWEST grandson, I will still be designing GIRLY stuff too!

The kids have not decided on a name yet, but a couple that keep coming up are Kaleb and Dominic. The middle name will DEFINITELY be Douglas after my son's father. Baby Boy is due April 24th, so they still have plenty of time to decide! Would you like to take a peek at Baby Boy in his womb? I'm telling you, this is the MOST incredible thing I think I've ever seen. And just imagine what it will be like for Baby Boy when he is all grown up and gets to look at himself pre-birth!!! AMAZING!

Oh, by the way, I did NOT go with Mark and Jessica this afternoon! I had a motherly premonition that I was going to get a phone call and sure enough, after showering and getting all dressed up to go, Mark called and expressed that they would like the day to themselves since it has been a while for the two of them to spend time away from their daily routines together. I was TOTALLY understanding and they assured me that they would stop by on their way home to show me the pictures. They stopped by the mall and then had lunch at the Olive Garden! YUM! Italian sounds really good right now! LOL!

I was in AWE while looking at my grandson, of course! The name of the place they went for their 3-D ultrasound is "Womb With A View"! I think that is just TOO sweet! Anyhoo, they were given regular ultrasound photos and a sheet of four 3-D photos in color, along with a DVD that was about 20 minutes long. The video was TOO unreal as we sat and watched Baby Boy opening and closing his mouth as if he were speaking to us! Rather surreal to say the least.

I scanned all of the photos and burned a copy of the DVD! I can now sit here at the computer when I need a baby fix and watch my future grandson, or as I told the kids, "I'm babysitting already"!!! Gee, ya think I'm excited, or what!!!

TINK! I appreciate the "Tinkerly" advice and I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it, eh? LOL! I can tell you now that I won't think of him as my own, but that could change in a "heartbeat"!!! I will get some photos posted of Luke with his car and in his uniform sometime this weekend! He is SO happy and that makes ME happy! BTW - I have TWO files for Osten (actually three). I have a MAIN blog file where I store blog freebies and then a store file for kits that I purchase. The third file is for all the goodies he lets me take a peek at before he is finished!!!

Aly, I did get your e-mail and layout - THANK YOU! I've been super busy working on these three kits to go into the store and will finish replying to e-mails this weekend. If I miss a blog post at night, y'all will know that my body has given up on me and I've passed out across my bed, which by the way, is only about three steps from my computer chair!

Sharon, I had posted a note for you in the chatterbox a few days ago, but I think it got buried! I hope that you get to feeling better REALLY soon sweetie!

Jody, how EXCITING for you to be getting involved in some challenges! WOO HOO for YOU girl!!! I bet you are just LOVIN' it!

Tomorrow, I will be putting up the slideshow of layouts from all of those that posted in the 3S gallery with *A Love For All Seasons*! I can't wait for y'all to see them. I will also be uploading the FULL scrapkit to the store, along with *Win'tree Weather* and, hopefully, *Floral Frenzy*.

I also have a few other surprises in the works for y'all! I will be posting my VERY first two kits EVER as a series of mini-kits for you to download for FREE!!! I will most likely rework them a tad bit beforehand! You know how it is when you first learn how to do something and as you progress and look back, you then look at your first works and shake your head in disbelief!!! ROFL!!! The names are *LOVE ACTUALLY* and *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* and I hope that you will enjoy them as Valentine's Day and Spring are quickly approaching!

A VERY, VERY special THANK YOU to ALL of you who left LOVIN' for Osten on his blog today - he was TRULY amazed and is even working on a little something special for you to show his gratitude!!! Y'all ARE the best!!!

Without further ado, I'd like you to meet our newest grandson (the first from my clan) and below that is your FRIDAY FREEBIE, which are two more cards from *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS* created by the now infamous, Carole Nordyke!!! Thank you Carole!

SCRAP HAPPY Y'ALL and have a FABULOUS weekend!


Photograph courtesy of *Womb With A View*, Modesto, CA
Elements are from *Baby, Baby* Scrapkit by Monna Lainson at 3Scrapateers

I think he looks more like his mama right here, but I see
daddy too! I will post the remaining photos in a
slideshow and post at the bottom of my blog soon. Is
this an INCREDIBLE view of baby in his womb? AMAZING!
He has A LOT of dark hair just like his daddy! Such a blessing!

Link HAS BEEN fixed y'all - SORRY!



>> Thursday, January 17, 2008


From the VERY depths of my being, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (tears welling up in eyes here) and THANK YOU again to ALL of you who purchased my Half-n-Half scrapkit, *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS* and/or attended my Half-n-Half chat Tuesday night!!! OMGosh - I am still in SHOCK and am TOTALLY overwhelmed with the LOVE, KINDNESS and SUPPORT from y'all ... thank you just does not seem to cover the way I feel!!! I am still pinching myself ... I mean, who'd of EVER thunk it? Yeah, y'all NO doubt - just NOT me!!!

I also THANK YOU for the GORGEOUS layouts that y'all have GRACED the 3S gallery with the past several days - WOWSERS!!! There is A LOT of TALENT out there and ALL over the WORLD nonetheless! Y'all NEVER cease to AMAZE me! There are WAY too many to post here so I am going to create a SPECIAL slideshow and will post them at the bottom of my blog (where I can post a larger size that is easier to view than would be on the sidebar!) for ALL to see!

Okay, I have SO much to share with you and I don't wish this post to be a MILE long or more, so here is what I am going to do.

I have a VERY important announcement to make (NO, this does not have to do with my future grandbaby!), LOTS of LAYOUTS to share, SEVERAL photos to share and, of course, a FREEBIE (actually two tonight). All of this tonight would take WAY too much time for me to upload and WAY to much time for y'all to wade through so I am going to split this up over the course of the next few days and do it all a little differently than I had originally planned to.

I did make the trip to the doctor with Mark and Jessica on Tuesday. However, they have an appointment to go to a place called, "Womb With A View", for a 3-D ultrasound tomorrow in Modesto tomorrow, which is an hour from us. I have been invited to attend again - WOO HOO!!! It's incredible what modern technology can do today and Robert's #3 son e-mailed one of the 3-D photos to me this evening that they had taken of Lohgan at about 34 weeks via a cell phone and I could see his eyes, his nose, his ears, his mouth and his chin clearly!!! WHOA! That is INSANE! Well, for someone who had her last ultrasound done nearly 19 years ago, it IS mind boggling!

Anyhoo, I will wait to share all of the BABY NEWS with y'all until after tomorrow's visit.

Luke started his new job as a security guard at the Indian casino where Robert is Commissioner just tonight! He is starting out on the graveyard shift and will, hopefully, move his way to becoming a tech before long where he can make some pretty good money. I will also post photos of Luke, his new car and him in his uniform probably this weekend as I'd like to finish a layout I started using a DARLING kit by my GOOD friend, SWEET DIGI SCRAPS (her link is under designers on my sidebar) aka Liz and Her Babes aka Liz Hutchison! She is ONE very talented lady and you've just got to go over and check out her designs and snag her freebies (that is if you haven't already!), which I will start posting on my sidebar as well during my blog work this weekend! If you get a chance to make it to Liz's blog, please leave her some well-wishes as her entire family has been sick with the YUCK that's been going around and she has three small daughters to care for and she has just started to sell her designs at a second store and that in itself is enough to keep her busy, busy, busy!

Next, I have a VERY special announcement to make in regard to a FELLOW designer and colleague at 3Scrapateers!!! Notice the word "fellow" is capitalized? That is because HE is really a FELLOW designer!!! ROFL! My good friend and 3Scrapateers' colleague, Osten Wilkins aka THE DUDE has FINALLY joined the ranks of DESIGNING BLOGGERS and will be sharing his MOST INCREDIBLE designs with all of us via some FREEBIES and announcements of his up and coming NEW scrapkits to his 3S store!!! I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this MAN'S designs. He puts out the MOST spectacular kits that will leave your drooling! Okay, how about leaving you wanting to run right over to his store to purchase his latest BEAUTY!!!

Below, I am posting an image of his VERY first FREEBIE posting on his blog. SHHHHHHHHHHHH ... I need you all to do me a REALLY big favor. Osten is a high school teacher (computer and keyboarding skills) and gets up REALLY early in the morning and he is two hours ahead of me time-wise making him, I believe, on central time (I am PST). Anyhoo, as many of you as have the time and opportunity, PLEASE click on the image below, pick up his GORGEOUS freebie and then leave him the BESTEST love you can muster up??? I will be EVER grateful. I want Osten to know just how many people ALL over the world there are that TRULY appreciate those that design digitally and that LOVE to preserve their memories!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS! I really want him to be OVERWHELMINGLY surprised if he logs onto his blog before he leaves for school in a few hours!!!

I am finding it rather refreshing to see more and more men enter into the world of digital designing for scrapbooking. You GO guys!!!

Okay, enough from me for one night, eh? LOL! Below the CLICKABLE IMAGE to Osten's blog and freebie, is a CLICKABLE IMAGE and link to MY FREEBIE for you tonight, which are TWO of TEN most BEAUTIFUL cards that Carole Nordyke has designed for me, using *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*, to share with y'all. I have decided to give them to you TWO at a time, after which time, I will put them up for sale in my 3S store! These cards come blank for you to add your own TITLE and they are appropriate for not only Valentine's Day but Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, birth announcements - just about anything that you wish to convey LOVE via! They are EXTREMELY versatile and are designed to fit the store bought invitation-sized envelopes that you can find at Wal-Mart or just about anywhere else. I suppose we would refer to them as, ALL-OCCASION cards!!! Oh, you can even use these CHARMING beauties on your scrapbook pages as matting for photos or for journaling. The possibilities are TRULY endless.

I hope that you ENJOY them as much as Carole did making them and as much as I am going to enjoy getting to post them here for you!!! THANK YOU CAROLE!!!

Thank you all for being your WONDERFUL and PRECIOUS selves - I am TRULY blessed to have come to know SO many of you and I look forward to meeting MANY more of you via a chat, an e-mail or a comment!

Thank you for your continued support of me and my designs - y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!




>> Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings y'all!

I meant to get a post in this morning to answer those who were asking about how/where to post a layout at 3Scrapateers for the Half-n-Half kit this week, earning each poster a FREE posting bonus, which I will share here tonight for those who might not have seen it already over on the sidebar (a bit on the small side) or in the forum at 3Scrapateers!

I have not been getting to bed until 4 and 5:00 in the morning and it is beginning to show!!! How you ask??? Have you ever just sat and looked at your computer screen, knowing that you have several tasks to attend to, but can't seem to quite focus in on anything? ROFLMBO! YEP, that be me!!! LOL!

HOWEVER .... I say, rather assertively as I am speaking to myself so that "self" will absorb what I am about to say and stop beating up on said self, that it HAS paid off!!! I am nearly ALL caught up and have really accomplished MUCH more than I had anticipated I would or even could!!!

YES ... a VERY big day for this girl tomorrow (today for some of you)!!! Number two son, Mark, is coming to pick me up in the early afternoon to attend Jessica's prenatal appointment which is to be an ultrasound and the possibility of discovering the sex of my VERY first grandchild by way of my six children!!! I have my camera batteries charging in hopes that the doctor will be kind and gracious enough to allow me to photograph Jess while having the ultrasound so that I can capture facial expressions as the first-time mommy and daddy-to-be have the opportunity to see "peanut" in his or her womb! WOO HOO!!!! This is just TOO exciting!

And THEN ... tomorrow night is going to be HUGE as well as I will be hosting my Half-n-Half chat in the 3Scrapateers' chatroom featuring, *A Love For All Seasons*, chatting with those in attendance, having a GRAND time and giving out a freebie or two to coordinate with my kit!

You may find all of the pertinent information for how the Half-n-Half's work right HERE and below, you may have a SNEAK-PEAK at the POSTING BONUS you will receive for purchasing the first half for ONLY $3.00 HERE and posting a layout (you may post as many as you wish) HERE!

Hope to see you at the chat ... it is 4:30 am and I am DEFINITELY on a ROLL ...... of not getting much sleep!!! He, he .... and this, too, soon shall pass!


OOOOOPS ... almost forgot to mention that there is a FREEBIE below too!!! I hope you like it!




>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am SO sorry y'all! MWAH has missed FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY, so I have deemed tonight, SPECTACULAR SATURDAY SURPRISE!!!

I have been a BUSY girl and have gone CRAZY with the POSTING BONUS for *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*!!! I promise you (and I don't normally use the word "promise", but this is already a fact!) that the posting bonus is just as big as the first part of the kit, if not a tad bigger! I am SO bad! Sometimes I just get to going and CANNOT stop! I know, I know - I MUST find balance, but GOSH, it's just SO much FUN!!!

I was hoping to finish last night, but I had a movie date with Robert in the living room!!! So nice not to have to get dressed up and travel miles to see a GOOD movie, although that is NICE to do every once-in-a-while! We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, which we watched with my oldest son, Matt and then we retired to our room; Robert to read and me to work on my kit. LOL! Well, I decided to add some more LOVE songs to my player here on my blog and one thing led to another and the two of us spent several hours searching for some CLASSIC songs that we both have enjoyed over the years. Our taste in music is pretty much the same most of the time, so it was actually VERY easy and we had a BLAST together! I hope you like them as much as we did selecting them! A VERY special "thank you" to the LOVE of my life! He wanted to know how he could hear our selections at work since they are attached to an MP3 player and I told him that all he has to do is pull up my blog site and listen away!!! How COOL is that! I LOVE to visit other designer's blogs and plug into what they have playing while I am designing! I'm sure y'all have some of your favorite places to visit too!

A little bit about me and my designs. Although I still consider myself to be VERY green with A LOT to learn, I have realized that when I put a kit together, I do so to bring out the artist/creativity in y'all! What exactly do I mean by that? Well, as much as I LOVE clusters, you generally won't find any in my kits as I rather the individual use their own creativity to design their scrap pages to their OWN liking. Am I making sense? I'm feeling a bit groggy, so I hope that I'm putting this across in an understandable manner!!! In other words, I like to put tags, brads, flowers, ribbons, bows, strings and such in my kits for you to mix-n-match as you would like them. For example, in the POSTING BONUS portion of *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*, I have included five or six single-layered flowers without centers for y'all to layer as you choose and to either add a button, a brad or a gem to. I'm hoping that MOST of y'all like things this way.

Who would like to take a SNEAK-PEEK at the POSTING BONUS for *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*??? Raise you hands! Nice and high so I can see them please! (now you just know that I need some serious shut-eye, don't you? lol!) If I get a GOOD response prior to my next posting, I will post a preview of the second half of this HUGE kit that can be yours for absolutely FREE simply by purchasing the first half, creating a layout, card or anything else your heart desires and then posting to the appropriate Half-n-Half gallery by the deadline that I will post for you here in the next day or two.

For all of you who join me at my Half-n-Half chat Tuesday night, January 15th at 10:00 pm EST in the 3S chatroom (I have added a direct link at the top of the sidebar), you will not only have a little FUN and GOOD conversation, but you will also receive some coordinating FREEBIES to add to *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*!!! WOO HOO - this kit will DEFINITELY let you scrap ANY and ALL loves in your life and ALL year-round!!!

Your FREEBIE for tonight, SPECTACULAR SATURDAY SURPRISE is an actual sampler of *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*! The last freebie was compiled of extras that did not make it into the kit, but will coordinate with everything as well.

THANK YOU ALL for your CONSTANT source of support, LOVE and encouragement! I am in AWE of YOUR generosity every time I log into my blog. I actually get teary-eyed (yes, I am the resident SAP) reading MANY of your comments!

I think I am just about at 100%. I have felt PRETTY darned good today and actually have some energy leftover! I SO wish I could bottle it for a "rainy" day!!! Thank you for ALL of the well-wishes!

Have a SUPER Sunday y'all and I'll see you tomorrow night!

Linda :)


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