>> Monday, January 28, 2008

After all of the TURBULENT weather this past weekend, it has been quiet and the sun was SHINING today!!! Although it is only about 30 degrees out right now, it felt good to see the sun shining into the living room and our bedroom this morning and into the afternoon!

It was rather refreshing to know that I am not the ONLY one who was not familiar with what a "pineapple express" is! Robyn, that you for the elaboration and you are EXACTLY right on about the flooding due to snow melt. I was just reading about the flooding in Southern California and potential for mud slides in the areas that were badly burned recently.

We had TERRIBLE flooding nearly a decade ago in the San Joaquin Valley (about an hour west of us) due to heavy snow melt and I think they have learned from that event and are now letting more water out more frequently so as not to find ourselves with a repeat of those HORRIBLE days. While we are in a "safe" pocket and will probably NEVER have to be concerned about flooding here in Copper, I keep a close eye on our nearby lakes to see when they are emptying New Melones into our Lake Tulloch so as to make way for the snow melt from the Sierras.

It has been a rather MELLOW day for me today ... WOO HOO ... YEE-HAW ... OW, OW!!! ROFL! I had a few interruptions early on, but have managed to accomplish quite a bit of what I had wanted to do over the weekend and couldn't due to the bad weather! I am a VERY happy camper tonight and can actually climb into bed at a decent hour and start my day early tomorrow and get my bootsky busy on finishing up *LOVE ACTUALLY* and should be able to have it up for y'all by Wednesday or Thursday night God willing!!!

I have a couple more scrapatits for you tonight that are VERY simple, but I figured that when you get the FULL kit, y'all can add your own embellishments, KWIM? I hope you like them. The frames that I made on the second one are "chipped glass" and I actually ran the action on EACH piece separately so as to create a different effect on each one and I then HAND-PIECED the frame together. The FULL scrapkit also contains photo corners made with the same action and also pieced together, plus an upper and lower-case alpha with extras.

The LOVE frame on the first scrapatit is "colored glass" and the second alpha included in the FULL kit matches it! Again, this is all from my VERY first kit created about nine months ago and because we have come SO far in that time, I am adding a few essentials that did not exist then such as "bows"!!! I could not believe that when looking through all of the elements, I found a few wire-edged ribbons from a template that I created myself, but not ONE single bow!!! I'm also remembering that when I first started designing I was using PS 7 and I was not able to run any of the newer actions that were being created in PSCS and/or PSCS 2!!!

Basically, what I am doing with this kit is eliminating several papers seeing as how it is monochromatic and, again, times have changed! I may add a couple of new patterned papers or I may just keep it simple - we shall see where the good 'ol MOJO takes me!!! LOL!

Nighty, night dearest ones and may you have a TOTALLY Terrific Tuesday and PLEASE don't forget about Ms. Monna's Half-n-Half chat at 10:00 pm EST in the 3S chatroom featuring her BEAUTIFUL, *Call Me Pink and Black* scrapkit. Located on my sidebar is a "direct" link to the 3S chatroom in case you are not sure how to get there and you may find the first half of Ms. Monna's scrapkit on sale for ONLY $3.00 HERE. Hope to see y'all there for some FUN, FELLOWSHIP and, of course, FREEBIES!!!


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