>> Tuesday, January 1, 2008

OMGosh, I can't believe that I've not seen y'all since LAST year!!! ROFL! The boys went out but the 'ol folks stayed in and I right here at the computer!

Dude and Ms. Carla had a New Year's ROCKIN' Eve crop in the 3S chatroom and we had SO much FUN chatting, collecting BEAUTIFUL freebies and wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR as each time zone here in the US struck MIDNIGHT! Well, all except mine, which is PST!

I first wish to thank ALL of you from the depths of my being for the SWEETEST comments and well-wishes. Y'all are such a blessing to ME and yes Jody, I have NO doubt that we could be good friends if we lived closer, however, I feel such a kindred spirit with y'all right here!

I am doing fairly well but climbed into bed for a LONG winter's nap late this afternoon as I was VERY weak and could not keep my eyes open. It's also that LOVELY time of the month so that along with the "throat thing" has not left me real physical today!!! And, I won't tell you HOW long it took me to complete your New Year's freebie!!!

I did administer meds to both Chloe' and Max this morning and again last night right before the stroke of midnight! They each have to take two pills (I roll these in a piece of lunch meat) and receive a squeeze of ointment in each ear for their ear infections. Chloe' it seems had some kind of a wound on her shoulder that got infected and puffed up the size of a football according to my son, Mark, who cared for the furbabies while we were away. He had called me in Washington and y'all know how that goes! Nothing worse than being SO far away and feeling TOTALLY helpless when a child or furbaby is sick or has been hurt. Anyhoo, they had put a tube in to help drain the fluids and that was removed yesterday, but we still have to flush a mixture of water and a betadine solution through it until the puncture wounds are all healed up.

Did I mention that I'm POOPED!!! LOL!!! And this too soon shall pass!

How'd y'all celebrate your New Year's??? Stay home, go out - waiting until today? SHOPPING???

I am briefly interrupting the *Holiday Sparkle* brag book pages to bring you a SPECIAL "scrapatit" made from my *A Fireworks Moment* scrapkit in CELEBRATION of the NEW YEAR!!! This scrapkit, along with the few others in my 3S store, are NOW on sale for ONLY $2.00 each until Saturday, January 5th to help ring in the NEW year with MORE to scrap with!!! A few of them have coordinating alphas included as well, so HURRY on over and stock up for some NEW scrapping in the NEW year!!! My store is located HERE.

I wish to share my trip with you, but I am going to have to postpone that a bit as I have to complete a kit this week for a Half-n-Half mid-month. I want to post a few photos for you to see as I share some of our highlights and I shall try to have that all put together for you this weekend.

One of the twin's best friends was in a car accident at the very end of our street (about a mile and a half down the hill) a few nights ago and is at UC Davis with a shattered pelvis in four places. He went through a five-hour surgery yesterday morning. This was a tragic event that could have been prevented, but unfortunately youth blinds us to the fact that we are NOT invincible.

Both young men in this accident had been drinking and the driver, who is 24-years-old, now sits in jail (rightfully so) and will be facing some good hefty fines. Thank God no one was killed and I SO hope that this is a wake-up call for BOTH of them. Eric is only 17, making him a minor (more trouble for the older one) and is such a slightly built young man and is being put together with a plate and screws which he will wear for the rest of his life. My heart is grieving for the parents. These types of incidents are surely any parent's WORST nightmare.

Okay, on to HAPPIER things!!! FREEBIE time!

I wish you ALL a VERY Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2008 - may we ALL make a HUGE dent in our scrapping and/or designing while having FUN and learning LOTS of new things!!!

Love and hugs,

*A FIREWORKS MOMENT* was my DEBUT scrapkit!
An explosive collection of colorful and sparkling papers
and elements for ALL of your magical moments! It's
yours for ONLY $2.00 until midnight, January 5th!!!
(not all items shown in preview)

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