>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am SO sorry y'all! MWAH has missed FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY, so I have deemed tonight, SPECTACULAR SATURDAY SURPRISE!!!

I have been a BUSY girl and have gone CRAZY with the POSTING BONUS for *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*!!! I promise you (and I don't normally use the word "promise", but this is already a fact!) that the posting bonus is just as big as the first part of the kit, if not a tad bigger! I am SO bad! Sometimes I just get to going and CANNOT stop! I know, I know - I MUST find balance, but GOSH, it's just SO much FUN!!!

I was hoping to finish last night, but I had a movie date with Robert in the living room!!! So nice not to have to get dressed up and travel miles to see a GOOD movie, although that is NICE to do every once-in-a-while! We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, which we watched with my oldest son, Matt and then we retired to our room; Robert to read and me to work on my kit. LOL! Well, I decided to add some more LOVE songs to my player here on my blog and one thing led to another and the two of us spent several hours searching for some CLASSIC songs that we both have enjoyed over the years. Our taste in music is pretty much the same most of the time, so it was actually VERY easy and we had a BLAST together! I hope you like them as much as we did selecting them! A VERY special "thank you" to the LOVE of my life! He wanted to know how he could hear our selections at work since they are attached to an MP3 player and I told him that all he has to do is pull up my blog site and listen away!!! How COOL is that! I LOVE to visit other designer's blogs and plug into what they have playing while I am designing! I'm sure y'all have some of your favorite places to visit too!

A little bit about me and my designs. Although I still consider myself to be VERY green with A LOT to learn, I have realized that when I put a kit together, I do so to bring out the artist/creativity in y'all! What exactly do I mean by that? Well, as much as I LOVE clusters, you generally won't find any in my kits as I rather the individual use their own creativity to design their scrap pages to their OWN liking. Am I making sense? I'm feeling a bit groggy, so I hope that I'm putting this across in an understandable manner!!! In other words, I like to put tags, brads, flowers, ribbons, bows, strings and such in my kits for you to mix-n-match as you would like them. For example, in the POSTING BONUS portion of *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*, I have included five or six single-layered flowers without centers for y'all to layer as you choose and to either add a button, a brad or a gem to. I'm hoping that MOST of y'all like things this way.

Who would like to take a SNEAK-PEEK at the POSTING BONUS for *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*??? Raise you hands! Nice and high so I can see them please! (now you just know that I need some serious shut-eye, don't you? lol!) If I get a GOOD response prior to my next posting, I will post a preview of the second half of this HUGE kit that can be yours for absolutely FREE simply by purchasing the first half, creating a layout, card or anything else your heart desires and then posting to the appropriate Half-n-Half gallery by the deadline that I will post for you here in the next day or two.

For all of you who join me at my Half-n-Half chat Tuesday night, January 15th at 10:00 pm EST in the 3S chatroom (I have added a direct link at the top of the sidebar), you will not only have a little FUN and GOOD conversation, but you will also receive some coordinating FREEBIES to add to *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*!!! WOO HOO - this kit will DEFINITELY let you scrap ANY and ALL loves in your life and ALL year-round!!!

Your FREEBIE for tonight, SPECTACULAR SATURDAY SURPRISE is an actual sampler of *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*! The last freebie was compiled of extras that did not make it into the kit, but will coordinate with everything as well.

THANK YOU ALL for your CONSTANT source of support, LOVE and encouragement! I am in AWE of YOUR generosity every time I log into my blog. I actually get teary-eyed (yes, I am the resident SAP) reading MANY of your comments!

I think I am just about at 100%. I have felt PRETTY darned good today and actually have some energy leftover! I SO wish I could bottle it for a "rainy" day!!! Thank you for ALL of the well-wishes!

Have a SUPER Sunday y'all and I'll see you tomorrow night!

Linda :)

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