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From the VERY depths of my being, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (tears welling up in eyes here) and THANK YOU again to ALL of you who purchased my Half-n-Half scrapkit, *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS* and/or attended my Half-n-Half chat Tuesday night!!! OMGosh - I am still in SHOCK and am TOTALLY overwhelmed with the LOVE, KINDNESS and SUPPORT from y'all ... thank you just does not seem to cover the way I feel!!! I am still pinching myself ... I mean, who'd of EVER thunk it? Yeah, y'all NO doubt - just NOT me!!!

I also THANK YOU for the GORGEOUS layouts that y'all have GRACED the 3S gallery with the past several days - WOWSERS!!! There is A LOT of TALENT out there and ALL over the WORLD nonetheless! Y'all NEVER cease to AMAZE me! There are WAY too many to post here so I am going to create a SPECIAL slideshow and will post them at the bottom of my blog (where I can post a larger size that is easier to view than would be on the sidebar!) for ALL to see!

Okay, I have SO much to share with you and I don't wish this post to be a MILE long or more, so here is what I am going to do.

I have a VERY important announcement to make (NO, this does not have to do with my future grandbaby!), LOTS of LAYOUTS to share, SEVERAL photos to share and, of course, a FREEBIE (actually two tonight). All of this tonight would take WAY too much time for me to upload and WAY to much time for y'all to wade through so I am going to split this up over the course of the next few days and do it all a little differently than I had originally planned to.

I did make the trip to the doctor with Mark and Jessica on Tuesday. However, they have an appointment to go to a place called, "Womb With A View", for a 3-D ultrasound tomorrow in Modesto tomorrow, which is an hour from us. I have been invited to attend again - WOO HOO!!! It's incredible what modern technology can do today and Robert's #3 son e-mailed one of the 3-D photos to me this evening that they had taken of Lohgan at about 34 weeks via a cell phone and I could see his eyes, his nose, his ears, his mouth and his chin clearly!!! WHOA! That is INSANE! Well, for someone who had her last ultrasound done nearly 19 years ago, it IS mind boggling!

Anyhoo, I will wait to share all of the BABY NEWS with y'all until after tomorrow's visit.

Luke started his new job as a security guard at the Indian casino where Robert is Commissioner just tonight! He is starting out on the graveyard shift and will, hopefully, move his way to becoming a tech before long where he can make some pretty good money. I will also post photos of Luke, his new car and him in his uniform probably this weekend as I'd like to finish a layout I started using a DARLING kit by my GOOD friend, SWEET DIGI SCRAPS (her link is under designers on my sidebar) aka Liz and Her Babes aka Liz Hutchison! She is ONE very talented lady and you've just got to go over and check out her designs and snag her freebies (that is if you haven't already!), which I will start posting on my sidebar as well during my blog work this weekend! If you get a chance to make it to Liz's blog, please leave her some well-wishes as her entire family has been sick with the YUCK that's been going around and she has three small daughters to care for and she has just started to sell her designs at a second store and that in itself is enough to keep her busy, busy, busy!

Next, I have a VERY special announcement to make in regard to a FELLOW designer and colleague at 3Scrapateers!!! Notice the word "fellow" is capitalized? That is because HE is really a FELLOW designer!!! ROFL! My good friend and 3Scrapateers' colleague, Osten Wilkins aka THE DUDE has FINALLY joined the ranks of DESIGNING BLOGGERS and will be sharing his MOST INCREDIBLE designs with all of us via some FREEBIES and announcements of his up and coming NEW scrapkits to his 3S store!!! I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this MAN'S designs. He puts out the MOST spectacular kits that will leave your drooling! Okay, how about leaving you wanting to run right over to his store to purchase his latest BEAUTY!!!

Below, I am posting an image of his VERY first FREEBIE posting on his blog. SHHHHHHHHHHHH ... I need you all to do me a REALLY big favor. Osten is a high school teacher (computer and keyboarding skills) and gets up REALLY early in the morning and he is two hours ahead of me time-wise making him, I believe, on central time (I am PST). Anyhoo, as many of you as have the time and opportunity, PLEASE click on the image below, pick up his GORGEOUS freebie and then leave him the BESTEST love you can muster up??? I will be EVER grateful. I want Osten to know just how many people ALL over the world there are that TRULY appreciate those that design digitally and that LOVE to preserve their memories!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS! I really want him to be OVERWHELMINGLY surprised if he logs onto his blog before he leaves for school in a few hours!!!

I am finding it rather refreshing to see more and more men enter into the world of digital designing for scrapbooking. You GO guys!!!

Okay, enough from me for one night, eh? LOL! Below the CLICKABLE IMAGE to Osten's blog and freebie, is a CLICKABLE IMAGE and link to MY FREEBIE for you tonight, which are TWO of TEN most BEAUTIFUL cards that Carole Nordyke has designed for me, using *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*, to share with y'all. I have decided to give them to you TWO at a time, after which time, I will put them up for sale in my 3S store! These cards come blank for you to add your own TITLE and they are appropriate for not only Valentine's Day but Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, birth announcements - just about anything that you wish to convey LOVE via! They are EXTREMELY versatile and are designed to fit the store bought invitation-sized envelopes that you can find at Wal-Mart or just about anywhere else. I suppose we would refer to them as, ALL-OCCASION cards!!! Oh, you can even use these CHARMING beauties on your scrapbook pages as matting for photos or for journaling. The possibilities are TRULY endless.

I hope that you ENJOY them as much as Carole did making them and as much as I am going to enjoy getting to post them here for you!!! THANK YOU CAROLE!!!

Thank you all for being your WONDERFUL and PRECIOUS selves - I am TRULY blessed to have come to know SO many of you and I look forward to meeting MANY more of you via a chat, an e-mail or a comment!

Thank you for your continued support of me and my designs - y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!


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