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ROFLMBO!!! NO! I don't mean the music genre'!!! As I was zipping up Scrapatit #5 for *LOVE ACTUALLY*, I noticed that the file size is upwards of 30 MB's!!! That's A LOT for a scrapatit! My scrapatits normally aren't more than 20 MB max and it came to mind that the reason these past few, rather SIMPLE, scrapatits have been making for some large file sizes is all of the HEAVY METAL!!! I used Atomic Cupcake's "Smooth Pewter" action on MANY of the embellishments in this kit and if memory serves me correctly, I learned a valuable lesson (MANY I'm sure!) after completing it nearly a year ago, that the metal indeed weighs in "heavy" and makes for some LARGE files!

Anyhoo, I didn't make it in last night, so I thought I'd stop by now and post another "scrapatit" for y'all while I am working on kits. I couldn't understand why it was I was SO listless yesterday and about all I wanted to do was sleep and that same feeling has come over me again as I am preparing this post. The LIGHT BULB has gone off in my COBWEBBED brain and I have figured out what it is that is making me SO sleepy!!! It's my little portable space heater! It heats my room up alright, but it must really be drying the air out and leaving my poor, already abused eye sockets, begging for fresh "moist" air!!! Of course, "moist" air in the dead of winter in Northern California is not readily available so I shall have to improvise!!! I typically have a pot of water atop the woodstove or the gas cooktop! Hmmm .... makes me think I ought to look into buying a humidifier. ANYBODY out there use one???

I'd LOVE to hear some feedback on home humidifiers y'all - PRETTY PLEASE! Pros, cons, what to look for, what not to look for (LOL!), best brands, features, etc. THANK YOU in advance! I know my eyes shall be thanking you as well!

I've created a layout using *LOVE ACTUALLY*, Scrapatit #5! These are some photos of my NEW precious little niece, Jayden Anise!!! Isn't she SO sweet!!! I posted a layout a while back using one of these photos and Ms. Monna Lainson's, * BABY, BABY* scrapkit which I just ADORE and hope to use to create an album for my sister as soon as I inherit more photos! Sis, if you happen to see this anytime soon, PLEASE send photos!!! LOL! I will be calling you this weekend!

I really think these photos cleaned up well! They were taken with a mobile phone and uploaded to Facebook so the images were not only pixelated, but also very small. I ran them through Virtual Photographer using the "glamour" filter with a "subtle" setting and then through Photoshop's "despeckle" filter. I LOVE the "soft" look to them - just PERFECT for newborn photos don't you think?

Okay, enough of my rambling and on to BIGGER things ... uh, hum ... like a "large" zip file to download!!!

Oh, one more thing before I forget yet again. I wanted to share something that came to mind regarding the birth of my niece, Jayden. Jayden was born this past Thanksgiving Day and her due date was December 7th. I remember speaking with someone (probably my mother!) after hearing of Jayden's birth and remarking how much I LOVED this baby girl already and how she's come into the world making a statement! And what might that be, y'all are wondering??? Well, she was due on Pearl Harbor Day - a day that reminds us of the beginnings of World War II here in the US via the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Jayden decided she was going to make her debut NOT on a day reflecting upon the ravages of war, but on a day that we ALL come together and "give thanks", spend the day with our families, friends and neighbors. A day that we embrace people that we don't know, share a meal, fellowship, hug - LOVE (and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for us)! A day that we CELEBRATE in JOY and in GLADNESS! Jayden darlin' - you GO girl!!! May PEACE be with you and in your heart ALWAYS!

See y'all later tonight perhaps. If not, I shall see you tomorrow! Have a WONDERFUL, WARM and maybe a bit of a WILD (adventurous) Wednesday y'all!!!


P.S. If the person who left me an anonymously signed comment about putting *HOLIDAY SPARKLE* into my store happens to see THIS, would you please e-mail me? THANK YOU! (

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