>> Friday, January 4, 2008

I hope this finds you ALL unwinding from the past week's events and preparing yourselves for a, hopefully, relaxing weekend at home with your families. I am getting better quickly considering I've not been able to take my usual course of echinacea, lemon and honey in some hot Breathe Easy and/or green tea. This is one of those times where living SO far away from the mainstream is somewhat of a bummer!

I actually laid down on the sofa and napped for a couple of hours around eightish as I was feeling rather drained and unable to focus on my designing. It sure is incredible what a little break and some Z's can do for one every now and then!!! I am learning to listen to my body as I am getting older and have heard over and over again just HOW important it is for us to get an adequate amount of sleep each night and to nap during the day if needed! SHEESH ... maybe I'd better buy myself a mat reminiscent of my kindergarten days, eh? LOL! Just kidding!!! Naps are a GOOD thing! There is A LOT to be said for a "siesta" during the work day!!!

We have been hit with an unusually aggressive winter storm that started today and one of my son's friends told him about a report he heard on his truck radio on his way home from work. They had closed down both the Golden Gate and the Bay bridges due to the HORRIFIC high winds that were ROCKIN' the Golden Gate. I was saddened to hear that the reason the bridges were closed down when they were was due to a "big-rig" whose trailer was blown over the railing taking the entire rig along with it. That is some awfully strong winds and I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for smaller vehicles to maneuver the roadway.

I've not listened to any news (been buried in PS), but this storm is supposed to last though Wednesday - EEEEEKS! Our electricity has stayed intact thank goodness, although our Direct TV signal was a little erratic for a bit! I guess I'd better catch up on what the weather has to bring us the next week.

Tonight, I have for you TWO more brag book pages courtesy of dear Carole Nordyke to add to your collection. THANK YOU Carole!!! I'm going to print these babies up and send brag books to my girls of the photos we took together while with them for Christmas. I will probably alter the red slightly to make it more of a wine to match my daughter's decor (which happens to be my color here at home as well!).

Are there any of you that would like to learn how to recolor or alter the hues on papers and elements? Raise your hands!!! ROFL! Leave me a comment and if you are using Photoshop Elements or Photoshop, I can show you a couple of ways to to customize kit components to suit your needs. This is especially gratifying for anyone NEW to digital scrapbooking.

Have a GLORIOUS weekend y'all!!!

Until tomorrow night ... BON SCRAPATIT!!!

P.S. Just a REMINDER that tomorrow is the LAST day of my scrapkits being on sale for ONLY $2.00!!! You may find them HERE I will also have two new scrapkits going into my 3S store next week and will be providing a sample to you for each. For those of you who collected *WIN'REE WEATHER* during the month of January, you will find only ONE new scrapkit in my store next week!

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