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I DEARLY apologize for not getting this information posted yesterday. I was getting ready to post it, along with a WONDERFUL new FREEBIE, from Bonnie Beechler, when I decided to create a layout as an example of what one can do with Bonnie's creation! Well, two and a half hours later and just as I was going to save my project, Photoshop went into a FULL-BLOWN state of rebellion and completely shut down on me!!! YES, completely!!! No, "do you wish to save before closing" - just went POOF, right before my tired and weary eyes!!! ROFL! I am laughing NOW, but rest assured, I was NOT laughing at 3:00 am this morning! I sat here with my head hung down, shaking it back-and-forth in disbelief and I was actually "talking" to PS like it could really hear me! Yeah, y'all would have chuckled as I don't cuss things out, I actually sat here saying things like, "How can you just do that?" "That's not fair" "You're hiding it from me somewhere, aren't you?" ROTFLMBO!!! Like PS was REALLY going to answer me, apologize and say "PSYCH" .... here it is, just kidding!!!

K - nuff said, you got the picture and now onto MUCH MORE important matters:

Below, you will find ALL the information that I have successfully compiled about an INCREDIBLE young man named Trevor. Trevor is SIL to Treasure To Scraps co-owner, Tracy Madsen. I am sure that MANY of you have been to Tracy's WONDERFUL site and I am sure that MANY of you have already purchased TREVOR'S TREASURE from their store. If so, you need not read on any further.

For those of us who have either been "out of the loop" or, perhaps, you are BRAND new to blog visiting, please read on to find out how you can help this young family as their husband and father is patiently (no pun intended) awaiting a donor for a pancreas and kidney transplant as his are failing.

I am not going to elaborate on this as I will give you a direct link to Tracy's blog and also the the website where you can purchase TREVOR'S TREASURE and read about what exactly this young 30-year-old husband and father is up against. I can only say this, Trevor has had an OUTPOURING of well-wishes and prayers from the DIGITAL world and that just blesses my heart more than y'all can imagine.

The scrapkit is nearly 2GB, consisting of 250 BEAUTIFUL background papers, over 400 EXQUISITE elements and 5 alphas for your scrapping pleasure! This MEGA, MEGA, MEGA beauty will DEFINITELY keep you SCRAP HAPPY 24/7 and then some for a small price of ONLY $9.90!

ALL proceeds from TREVOR'S TREASURE go directly to help the family defray the cost of medical expenses. You can read all about that on Tracy's blog as well. I have her bookmarked so that I can stay abreast of what is happening with Trevor. I just happened to go back in yesterday or the day before and Tracy had just posted an update that put a smile on my face! Trevor was doing a "happy dance" as he watched his team win their playoff game. Which reminds me, I need to go back in and find out which team he was rooting for as we watched both playoff games and I know who won, but don't know who Trevor was rooting for!!! Matters not as I will NOW be rooting for whichever team Trevor wishes to see win the SUPER BOWL!!! How can I not???

Okay, without further ado, here are some layouts (the gif is not working so I will add a slideshow in here somewhere!) that were created with TREVOR'S TREASURE and the necessary links to Tracy Madsen's blog (CRAZY "T" - got to LOVE this woman!) and to TREVOR'S TREASURE in the Treasures To Scrap store. You will also find a brag book album and other kits donated by a TTS designer, all of which the profits are going to Trevor and his family. Trevor's wife's name is Savana and she is Tracy Madsen's daughter.


TREVOR - here's to seeing you at HOME very, very SOON sweetheart and for the SUPER BOWL win!!! SAVANA - you are AWESOME girl!!! May you continue to be strengthened each and every day as you devote your time and energies to your PRECIOUS husband! TRACY (and the entire Madsen household) - y'all are AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL to us all! You are TRULY blessed with ALL of the LOVE, thoughts, prayers and support surrounding you! You are in my heart and my thoughts continually. GO TEAM!

Love and hugs,
Linda (an "angel" for Trevor)

P.S. I will make another post later tonight with YOUR freebie and a layout showing what I've done with it .... that is, if Photoshop does not eat it again!!! LOL!

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