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WOO HOO!!! I'm a SINGIN' the BLUES!!! Why you ask? Because I'm having a GRANDSON!!! Guess I'd better hone up on my BOY skills and start thinking of some BOYISH kits, eh??? LOL! Well, while I will undoubtedly create a kit for our NEWEST grandson, I will still be designing GIRLY stuff too!

The kids have not decided on a name yet, but a couple that keep coming up are Kaleb and Dominic. The middle name will DEFINITELY be Douglas after my son's father. Baby Boy is due April 24th, so they still have plenty of time to decide! Would you like to take a peek at Baby Boy in his womb? I'm telling you, this is the MOST incredible thing I think I've ever seen. And just imagine what it will be like for Baby Boy when he is all grown up and gets to look at himself pre-birth!!! AMAZING!

Oh, by the way, I did NOT go with Mark and Jessica this afternoon! I had a motherly premonition that I was going to get a phone call and sure enough, after showering and getting all dressed up to go, Mark called and expressed that they would like the day to themselves since it has been a while for the two of them to spend time away from their daily routines together. I was TOTALLY understanding and they assured me that they would stop by on their way home to show me the pictures. They stopped by the mall and then had lunch at the Olive Garden! YUM! Italian sounds really good right now! LOL!

I was in AWE while looking at my grandson, of course! The name of the place they went for their 3-D ultrasound is "Womb With A View"! I think that is just TOO sweet! Anyhoo, they were given regular ultrasound photos and a sheet of four 3-D photos in color, along with a DVD that was about 20 minutes long. The video was TOO unreal as we sat and watched Baby Boy opening and closing his mouth as if he were speaking to us! Rather surreal to say the least.

I scanned all of the photos and burned a copy of the DVD! I can now sit here at the computer when I need a baby fix and watch my future grandson, or as I told the kids, "I'm babysitting already"!!! Gee, ya think I'm excited, or what!!!

TINK! I appreciate the "Tinkerly" advice and I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it, eh? LOL! I can tell you now that I won't think of him as my own, but that could change in a "heartbeat"!!! I will get some photos posted of Luke with his car and in his uniform sometime this weekend! He is SO happy and that makes ME happy! BTW - I have TWO files for Osten (actually three). I have a MAIN blog file where I store blog freebies and then a store file for kits that I purchase. The third file is for all the goodies he lets me take a peek at before he is finished!!!

Aly, I did get your e-mail and layout - THANK YOU! I've been super busy working on these three kits to go into the store and will finish replying to e-mails this weekend. If I miss a blog post at night, y'all will know that my body has given up on me and I've passed out across my bed, which by the way, is only about three steps from my computer chair!

Sharon, I had posted a note for you in the chatterbox a few days ago, but I think it got buried! I hope that you get to feeling better REALLY soon sweetie!

Jody, how EXCITING for you to be getting involved in some challenges! WOO HOO for YOU girl!!! I bet you are just LOVIN' it!

Tomorrow, I will be putting up the slideshow of layouts from all of those that posted in the 3S gallery with *A Love For All Seasons*! I can't wait for y'all to see them. I will also be uploading the FULL scrapkit to the store, along with *Win'tree Weather* and, hopefully, *Floral Frenzy*.

I also have a few other surprises in the works for y'all! I will be posting my VERY first two kits EVER as a series of mini-kits for you to download for FREE!!! I will most likely rework them a tad bit beforehand! You know how it is when you first learn how to do something and as you progress and look back, you then look at your first works and shake your head in disbelief!!! ROFL!!! The names are *LOVE ACTUALLY* and *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* and I hope that you will enjoy them as Valentine's Day and Spring are quickly approaching!

A VERY, VERY special THANK YOU to ALL of you who left LOVIN' for Osten on his blog today - he was TRULY amazed and is even working on a little something special for you to show his gratitude!!! Y'all ARE the best!!!

Without further ado, I'd like you to meet our newest grandson (the first from my clan) and below that is your FRIDAY FREEBIE, which are two more cards from *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS* created by the now infamous, Carole Nordyke!!! Thank you Carole!

SCRAP HAPPY Y'ALL and have a FABULOUS weekend!


Photograph courtesy of *Womb With A View*, Modesto, CA
Elements are from *Baby, Baby* Scrapkit by Monna Lainson at 3Scrapateers

I think he looks more like his mama right here, but I see
daddy too! I will post the remaining photos in a
slideshow and post at the bottom of my blog soon. Is
this an INCREDIBLE view of baby in his womb? AMAZING!
He has A LOT of dark hair just like his daddy! Such a blessing!

Link HAS BEEN fixed y'all - SORRY!

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