>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

LOL! We DO!!! And then SOME!!!

Well, I have had an ENTIRE weekend off from the computer and not necessarily by my own choosing! Saturday, yes, as we had a LOVELY visit from Robert's #3 son, Travis, his wife, Sofie and their ADORABLE son (our grandson!), Lohgan! However, my time away TODAY was due to the "pineapple express" and I am not referring to my DARLING Robert!!!

At first I thought Robert was just doing some of his usual teasing with me when he referred to the weather system coming in as the "pineapple express"! NOT! Personally, I've not heard it referred to as such before and, of course, I just HAD to GOOGLE it so that I could read it for myself!!!

"Pineapple" is a term that I am MOST familiar with when referring to a Hawaiian as Robert is Hawaiian and I do call him my SWEET "pineapple" every once-in-a-while! The system that hit us today was anything but SWEET! We lost our direct television signal on and off for about an hour after I had gotten caught up in a GOOD movie on the Lifetime Movie Network! I had already "shut down" my computer and unplugged it from the wall because we had rolling thunder and lightning as well as some VERY high winds. I don't take ANY chances when a system of this magnitude passes through, believe me! I've learned by the misfortune of others in this department and I cannot afford to replace my computer. I would be devastated as I am sure MANY of you would as well. Better SAFE than SORRY is a FOR SURE here!!!

We are supposed to have rain on and off all of this coming week, however, according to my SWEET pineapple, it is going to go from the effects of a "Pineapple Express" to that of an "Arctic" storm!!! Bye, bye to the nice 50+ temps we've had the past several days and back into the 30's and 40's! The wind is REALLY howling outside as I type and it is also raining pretty hard - VERY HARD! Hopefully things will have calmed down by morning and I can get some serious business taken care of on here!

ATTENTION: I made a little "boo-boo" the WEE hours of Saturday morning and ended up posting the first scrapatit for "LOVE ACTUALLY" with a "white" background in it, so I have replaced the PNG file in Saturday's zip file with a TRUE png file as a replacement for all of you who happen to read this post and wish to download again. Sorry about that! I won't tell you what else I did as it only affected me, but definitely let me know that I was not kidding you when I referred to my brain as MUSH!!! ROFL!

Please find below, the link posted as a replacement for "LOVE ACTUALLY", Scrapatit #1 and the link for TONIGHT'S FREEBIE, "LOVE ACTUALLY", Scrapatit #2!

I hope y'all had a GRAND weekend and may you have a VERY nice and a MOST productive week ahead!


P.S. A few of you have mentioned liking the alpha I used in the "LOVE ACTUALLY" scrapatit previews and I had meant to mention to y'all that it WILL BE INCLUDED in the "LOVE ACTUALLY" scrapkit I post here for you in a couple of days. There actually are TWO alphas included in this scrapkit. I had hoped to have it posted tomorrow night, but due to my not having any computer time at all this weekend, it most likely won't be for a few more days, but then, miracles DO happen!!! Ciao bellas!

(replacement zip file for blog freebie 012608)

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