>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greetings y'all!!! Brrrrrrr .... I just have not had much success at getting warm today as we are in the midst of an Arctic blast here in Northern California!!! We did not make it past 40 degrees today and that is COLD for here!!! Robert saw snow at work, which is only about 20 minutes east of us and with another system on it's way in tomorrow, we just might see some snow here in Copper yet!!!

And why could I not get warm you wonder??? Well, normally one of the boys will start a fire in the wood stove while I stay in my room (computer present of course!) with the portable heater on! Sniff, sniff .... nobody wanted to start a fire today as they were too busy running to and fro and by the time I finally asked, John was dressed in a white shirt preparing to leave for a job interview!!! ROFL! I had to explain to John today that there is just a WEE bit of difference in being 18 and in your 50's when it comes to handling colder climate!!! He did not seem to be phased by the BONE-CHILLING air in the living room! Ahhhhhh .... to be SO young and tolerable of hot and cold!!!

I used to build all of the fires when the boys were younger, but now with Robert here and the boys older, I am spoiled! Besides, I'm used to using good old-fashioned matches and these guys use a propane torch!!! Uhm .... well, let's just say I have a VERY healthy respect for any type of "gas" and if I'm not sure of what I'm doing - I don't!!!

I've been working on an alpha today to add to *WIN'TREE WEATHER* as a FREE bonus before uploading it to the store tomorrow. Surprise, surprise .... there just MIGHT be TWO bonus alphas included!!! And, YES, you will also get a "scrapatizer" aka a "sampler" tomorrow as your FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! WOO HOO! I wasn't SO sure that my brain was going to thaw enough for me to work on anything, but it SLOWLY managed to defrost!!! LOL! Okay, be nice now!!! He, he ....

Tonight's FREEBIE is another WONDERFULLY clever and CREATIVE "open" scrapatit (scraplet) by Bonnie Beechler and, once again, I have put it to GOOD use as a sample of what it will look like in a layout. This is a photo of Mark and Jessica as Dr. Teel is telling them that there appears to be some "outdoor plumbing" in the ultrasound film they are looking at!!! This was taken just a few days before they went to have the 3-D ultrasound done and found out for BONA FIDE fact that they are INDEED having a son!!! Anyhoo, my purpose of tagging along during this visit was to do exactly what you see here, to capture the expressions on their faces as they looked at ultrasound photos of their PRECIOUS little bundle-to-be and to see what their reactions would be if Dr. Teel were able to tell them if it be a girl or a boy! Jessica's face immediately BEAMED and Mark squinted for a MORE detailed look at the goods in question! They were SO cute! Jessica and her mama both wiped tears from their eyes. Time WELL spent!

I hope you find something SPECIAL to do with this BEAUTIFUL frame cluster and if you wish to share it with me and ALL of us, please e-mail to me at: and I will post them here on my blog.

I am slowly making some changes here and one thing I have done is to install a FILING CABINET (LOL!) that contains ONLY the active freebies on my blog and they have been separated by letting you know which kit they coordinate with. For example, tonight's post will be labeled, A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS (coordinating freebies). I hope this helps a bit if you don't have a lot to time to read through everything and just wish to find the FREEBIES!!! (You will find this filing cabinet located just beneath my welcome message) WOO HOO! Although, it would be nice for you to take a look around and to leave some lovin' too! I SOOOOO appreciate your comments and I have been really touched by the comments left in reply to my post about TREVOR'S TREASURE. I know that he and his family are SO grateful for the outpouring of LOVE coming their way! Hmmm ... I still need to find out what TEAM Trevor is rooting for! On my "to-do" list for tomorrow!

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY y'all and I'll see you at FREEBIE time!!!


Photograph courtesy of MWAH! Layout created using my *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*

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