>> Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi everybody!!!

How are y'all tonight??? I've not been quite up to par, but I am HAPPY to report that I started back on my program (lifestyle change) to combat these HORRIFIC digestive woes that I have inherited!!! One's body goes through MAJOR changes when you start giving it what IT needs and removing what it doesn't!!! I am not one to advocate anything to anybody as EVERY BODY is different and we all must find what promotes optimal health in us and make it a LIFESTYLE. Uhm ... especially after you turn 50!!! ROFL! Well, not necessary true as I have children in their 20's that suffer from digestive woes and I am trying to get them to look at making some changes while they are young so that they are each feeling "on top" as their life progresses. But you know how that goes!

Anyhoo, I'm feeling chipper despite the discomfort I've been in as my POSITIVE nature won't let me dwell on it and when I'm REALLY uncomfortable, I sit and scrap or design so that I am focused on something good!

How many of you have WINTER scrapping to do??? Raise those hands up high so I can see!!! Well, you know I have my *WIN'TREE WEATHER* scrapkit at an introductory price of ONLY $3.00 until 2/29, however, my GOOD friend and colleague, Karen Halgren is featuring *WIN'TREE WEATHER* for this week's CROP 'EM and SWAP 'EM CHALLENGE in the 3Scrapateers' forum, which you can read all about HERE.

The sale of *WIN'TREE WEATHER*, which comes with a BONUS "Glistening Snowflake Alpha", will be extended through March 3rd to accommodate all of those wishing to come and join me in making some brag book pages for us ALL to share! For those of you already possessing this kit, you are GOOD-TO-GO!!! Karen's forum gives you a good explanation, but I will say a few things about it here as well.

I have participated in MANY "Crop 'em and Swap 'ems' over the past several years and they are not only FUN, but a SURE-FIRED way to get some QUICK scrapping done and to be able to share BRAG BOOKS with your family and friends or to carry around in your purse when people ask to see photos of your family! Oh my, how MANY times I've been fit-to-be-tied over NOT having photos on my person!!! NO MORE! Now, there's a BRAG BOOK to whip out and to share with a Mama's pride!

With winter getting ready to come to an end soon, what BETTER time to start preserving those WARM OR COLD "win'tree" moments spent skiing, snowboarding, sledding, vacationing, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, visiting relatives, playing in the snow OR just simply observing nature. One of my FAVORITE winter subjects are photos that I've taken of SNOW-LADEN trees! Oh yes, and naturally of my family!!!

I would LOVE to see y'all helping me to fill up the gallery with YOUR creative brag book pages!!! I am even going to start you out by giving you one that I've made this evening!!! WOO HOO!!! And, I am going to be adding MORE to the gallery too! So, when everyone has sent their pages into Karen, she will zip them all up and send them out to EVERYONE who has participated via our Private Messaging system at 3Scrapateers.

If you are not already a member, now is a FABULOUS time to hop on over and register. You might even find yourself taking a peek around! We have a WONDERFUL group of ladies just waiting to WELCOME you and to answer any questions that you might have. And you know that you can ALWAYS e-mail me with ANY questions, suggestions, etc.

You can find *Win'tree Weather* HERE!

I will be SO thrilled to have you all along on this GREAT adventure with me as I begin to scrap some of my WINTER photos and/or MEMORIES!!!

SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am having to change the location of my freebie downloads, so they will NOW be uploaded to Media Fire (NO WAITING TO DOWNLOAD!!!) for my FUTURE blog posts. This move should not take any more time, just that you will be taken to Media Fire's website. I've already TESTED tonight's freebie link and it's ALL good!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL of your LOVELY comments!!! Y'all help to PERK me up at the MOST needed moments!!!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday and I hope to see you back here tomorrow night!

Love and hugs,

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>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Greetings all!

Man, oh man, where has the past week gone to? Seems like it was just LAST Monday!

Hope y'all had a GRAND weekend and ENJOYED the "Trash-to-Treasure" hunt over at Digi Shop Talk!!! I told y'all some time ago that my slogan for this year (thus far) is, "I'm a day late, a dollar short and THE LAST to know"!!! I SO did not read or hear a peep about this FABULOUS treasure hunt providing TONS of GORGEOUS goodies from WELL-KNOWN and BELOVED designers! WOO HOO, there was some SERIOUS booty to be had y'all! AARGH .... AYE MATEYS!!! Treasure map and all - WAY too KEWL!

So, where was I you are thinking? I'm not sure .... buried in Photoshop perhaps, tending to the family, catching up on e-mails and IM-ing with fellow designers!!! That is actually how I found out about the treasure hunt, but it was too late for me to find the time to participate. I finally went to visit my SWEET DIGI SCRAPS darlin', Liz, and saw her PRETTIES posted, so I snagged them, followed the enclosed clue and found a couple of others, but was SO tired I couldn't find the last two I was in search of, so I shut down all the Internet windows, opened Photoshop and SCRAPPED my little heart out until 3:00 am!!!

I've had this photo for about a year now and have just been waiting for the opportunity to scrap it. It is a photo of my firstborn and first daughter, April Dawn and her LOVELY boss, Carolyn. I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn and her husband while visiting my girls over the holidays and it is just SO comforting knowing that my baby girl (now 30!) has others supporting and watching out for her as she is SO far away from home (nearly 700 miles)!!!

I am posting my layout below along with another little part for you to add to the *Spring Celebration Mini-Kit*.

Let me know what y'all are up to. I know there are some NEATO challenges going on out there right now, so let me know what you are doing, post a link so I can take a peek and leave you some lovin'!!! (NO, you do not have to have used any of my designs!!!)

I will post later tonight about my *WIN'TREE WEATHER* kit and this week's "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" at 3Scrapateers hosted by our LOVELY Ms. Karen Halgren. If y'all have NEVER been to one, you just gotta join us if you wish to get some "winter" scrapping done quickly. Oh, and some more freebies!!!

Until next we meet ... BON SCRAPATIT!!!


Layout created using, *Berry Ice* Mini from T2T by Sweet Digi Scraps.
Photo courtesy of April Walton.



>> Saturday, February 23, 2008

It is AMAZING how many people were trying to book their weddings on July 7, 2007!!! Well, one of those lucky couples were our niece, Kimmi and her husband, Patrick as you will see below!!! I wasn't able to capture many shots of them walking down the aisle and standing at the alter due to the "professional" photographers and their positioning, however, I was SO happy to have captured the ones I did. These are just a few and the bride was simply STUNNING and the bridesmaids were wearing my second favorite color!!!

I was not able go right to bed last night as I was HORRIBLY uncomfortable, so I sat here and tinkered around as my body would allow me and I actually scrapped!!! WOO HOO!!! I wanted to play with some of the things I created for the *Spring Celebration Mini-Kit* and ended up creating a pretty nice "scrapatit" plus a couple of new items that you will get tomorrow night (ooops, did I say that???). I just LOVE the multi-photo frame from a template by Catia' Cunha!

I hope that y'all are having a MARVELOUS weekend thus far and have had QUALITY time with your families. With my boys all adults now and three out of four of them working, Robert and I actually get to enjoy a bit of quiet time together. Today, was a plumbing project that wound up to lead to more serious problems than we had anticipated. No worries, as we will inform our landlord and make a game plan!

My sweetheart bar-b-qued for us while I tinkered around in here chit-chatting, answering e-mails and doing some research!!! I shared with a good friend just yesterday that I was gifted with a dozen of the MOST beautiful roses (I am NOT a rose woman, but will not refuse them ... lol!) and as Robert handed them to me, he said, "Because it's everyday!" OMGosh, he got it, he acutally processed the information and understood what I meant when he brought flowers home on Valentine's Day and I casually mentioned that EVERY day should be Valentine's Day!!! He is such a love! I'm feeling a little sappy at the moment as I am just SO thankful to have been given a mate that really loves me for me, encourages me in following my passions and is willing to "grow" and nurture our relationship!!! I am EVER thankful! Okay, I shan't bore you with all of that, but we are listening to 50's and 60's music and I'm just feeling really giddy like a teenager I suppose!!! He, he ...

I 'd LOVE to hear some of the things that y'all do to relax on the weekends. I know that some of you may work, so if you are off during the week, I'd still like to hear how you unwind from your week, REFRESH and prepare to start it all over again!!!

Carole love, I'm SO happy that you are doing SO much better and have a GOOD report from the doctor. I shall be calling you the beginning of the week.

Tink, I'm REALLY feeling for you sweetie and I am hoping for you to be back on top in NO time. LOL! NO time. Just hit me what that means. Like, RIGHT NOW!

I'm horribly behind with keeping up with y'all - PLEASE forgive me. I have LOTS of things going on and will be sharing with you, possibly, next week!

Have a SUPER SUNDAY everyone and I'll see you tomorrow night with a few more goodies!

Sogni d' oro,

Kimmi and Patrick's Wedding - July 7, 2007



>> Friday, February 22, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

I'm stopping by to wish y'all a MARVELOUS weekend and headed to bed!!! I think the week has caught up with me!

Thank you to ALL who have replied here on my blog and those that have sent me e-mails regarding our situation with the boys. I GREATLY appreciate it and listening to the varied comments has helped me to relax and to fall back on what I know and that is that it will all work out as it should!

I thank you for your prayers and support. Y'all are SO awesome!!!

I'm not feeling so well at the moment - nothing serious, I just suffer from horrible digestive woes as I've mentioned in the past and am working to get myself back on the program that I need to adapt for life if I wish to FEEL good! And, I DO wish to ... grrrr ... sometimes things rear up at the most inopportune times, but I'm learning to listen!!! NEVER said I wasn't stubborn, but I eventually give in and DO what is necessary!!!

I will probably miss Maria's AWESOME engine again due to my FTP needing to be updated and a few other minor issues. That is why I did not post last night and may not tomorrow night either until I'm caught up with the search engine! Sounds funny, but I've grasped a good understanding of how it works and I try not to let it miss anything so that everyone has a chance to snag the FREEBIE!!!

By the way, I am now signed up with TECHNORATI, which you've most likely already seen over in my sidebar. Maria is using this as a rating system for our freebies and the more people that add us to their FAVES, the higher rating we get on the Digi Free site, which in turn probably means more people will visit our blogs and get to enjoy our freebies!!! So, if you happen to already belong, PLEASE add me to your faves if you drop by often and enjoy my designs. Also, make sure to drop me a note either by comment or e-mail so that I can add you to my faves as well!!! I shall surely appreciate all the help I can get!!!

As more designers and freebie sites begin to list with Technorati, I will add them so that y'all can go right to the "blogroll" and connect to their sites from here! PRETTY COOL, eh??? I think so!

Okay, I feel like I am about to burst (I am MEGA bloated) so I'd better leave you the FREEBIE and call it a night!

Have a FABULOUS weekend and I hope that the weather is nice enough for MOST of you to go outside and enjoy nature!!! To those still getting ICE and SNOW - stay warm and I pray it all passes soon and you'll soon be feeling Spring coming on soon! At least you can enjoy some of the AWESOME Spring kits that are making their debut!!! I just look at ALL of the LOVELY colors and designs and it WARMS me right up!!! We didn't make it out of the 40's today and I'm in California!!!

Night all!




>> Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why, they are both *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* y'all!!! ROFL! I know, I know ... I'd better get some SERIOUS sleep tonight!!! He, he ....

Well, the little surprise I wanted to share with you tonight is not QUITE ready as this is a collaborative effort between a "fellow" designer and myself! So, in the interim, I bring you a "scrapatit" from the original *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* that I designed just about a year ago and was my second-ever scrapkit!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry, but I cannot help but CHUCKLE at myself for the INCREDIBLE lack of knowledge that I had in the beginning!!! (Hmmm ... come to think of it, I STILL do!) I have a lot to revamp and am ALMOST tempted to start all over again.

I ABSOLUTELY adore the color palette and wish your feedback as well if you would be SO kind as to reply!!! These colors just make the anticipation of spring for me even more intense!!! As much as I LOVE colder weather in my OLDER age, I must say, I am ready for some warmer days that don't leave me huddled up in my corner with a heater everyday!!! ROFL! Oh yeah, I can see those minds going as you try to visualize me huddled in the corner working on my designs!!! LOL!!! Well, what is rather ironic and kinda funny is that I "actually" DO work in the corner!!! He, he .... I use a computer armoire and it is located in the far right-hand corner of our master bedroom!!! Hopefully, one of these days, I shall have my own office space again but I really don't mind where I'm located as Robert and I spend much more time in each other's company this way. In fact, he is reading as I am typing. Personally, I think it allows for MUCH more tolerance of the MANY hours I spend on here each day!!! And who says we women aren't great strategic thinkers??? Huh, huh??? Come one now, that is pretty "savvy" business strategy, don't you think? ROTFLMBO!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention to y'all how FABULOUS the Cirque' Du Soleil was last Saturday!!! OMGosh! Robert was whistling and clapping and I was doing the same!!! Well, I can't whistle, so all you could hear were my poor, pathetic "WOO HOO's" and "OW, OW's" beneath the roar of the rest of the crowd!!! I have to admit, I don't think that I have ever seen a "circus" quite as classy and well put together as the Cirque Du Soleil!!! OUTSTANDING performers and the story line is WONDERFUL. We saw KOOZA, which is the one that is touring right now. I read up a bit on the the three that are being performed in Las Vegas - WOWSERS!

Pretty spendy ticket prices, but we were treated and sat in the best seats (middle of the stage). Thank you Poppa, you are a SWEETHEART!!!

I won't go into great detail as to why we did not come home with Robert's two youngest boys, Wyatt (8) and Garret (7 next month) and I am a firm believer in what is "meant-to-be" and "what goes around, comes around"!!! Odd combination I know, but we are up against a woman who does not have the interest of her children in mind, but only her own agenda. We are just biding our time and waiting for her to either really slip up or that she will find that she just is not capable of caring for them on her own anymore. Let's just say that she has an addiction and it is NOT digital scrapbooking!!!

I have GREAT faith and I know that things will work out the way they are supposed to and both Robert and I feel that we will be raising the boys soon enough. Meanwhile, we go for MONTHS without seeing them as she controls the phone calls and when SHE wants us to see them. God only knows what she says to them. We do know that they LOVE coming up here to stay with us and that she has threatened them with not being able to see their dad if they are "bad" boys! SO sad, but time and patience will, hopefully, bring about a fairly quick resolve.

We do need to go to court and get some sort of a parenting plan and we shall be working on that in the VERY near future. Oh, and I know you're probably thinking that would have been taken care of when she and Robert went their separate ways so I will address that here and now so you're not in limbo - they were never married. And, yes, he does pay child support faithfully each month!

Any of y'all had similar experiences? It seems to be pretty widespread any more and just about affects everyone's lives to some extent. I don't know about where y'all live, but we live in a resort community which houses a lot of retired folks. Many of these, supposedly, retired folks are raising their grandchildren. Not an easy task. I'd LOVE to hear your stories or if any of you are Californians and know anything about the laws here and/or have any recommendations, that would be KEWLACIOUS!!! TY!

I wish to thank you ALL so very much for your SWEET and WONDERFUL comments on Bonnie's divine scraptit!!! She is such a love to "surprise me" me (and y'all!) with them whenever I've uploaded a new kit to the store! THANK YOU BON!!! Good thing I'm not a FAST designer eh Bon??? LOL!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday y'all and I'll see you, hopefully, tomorrow night!!!


Basic color palette for *BLOOMIN' AWESOME

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>> Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LOL! Well, perhaps I'm not foolin' y'all but "I" am getting terribly confused!!! NOT!

Okay, I must do what I must do. I have FINALLY uploaded *WIN'TREE WEATHER* to my 3Scrapateers' store and I would be rather silly not to tell y'all and to promote it just a WEE bit, right? LOL! I mean after all, my dear friend and colleague, Bonnie, made this BEAUTIFUL "scrapatit" for me to give to y'all and I just cannot let her talent and hard work NOT be seen by y'all!!! THANK YOU Ms. Bonnie!!! You know that I LOVE your creations darlin' and it is from you that I have learned to "stack" in my layouts and my "scrapatits"! You ROCK girlfriend! Oh, Ms. Bonnie has also included directions for those new to digital scrapping on how to use a "scrapatit" (scraplet). An "extra" thank you for your generosity there Bon!!! Also, I have included two files, one with Bon's "open" scrapatit (no background) and then I also made one with a background paper from *WIN'TREE WEATHER* for those who might prefer the convenience of not having to look for one to match! So either way, we've got ya covered!!!

*WINTREE WEATHER* is done in a palette of blues (my fave since childhood even though I LOVE lots of colors!!!), silver and white. All of the background papers are my own original designs using brushes and custom shapes, with the exception of the gingham, which were created using a PS style by the VERY talented Ruby Rynne at Brazilian Blend. I have to say that my favorite element creation in this particular scrapkit is, by far, the decorated window with frosted windows! LOL! I wanted to be an interior decorator when I was in junior high school - this was the next best thing!!! I wish I could afford one of those CAD designing programs, but I'd be "out to lunch" forever with one of those in hand!!! And, then, I'd miss y'all WAAAAAAY too much! OMGosh .... I'm digitally daydreaming!!! Get back on track Linda!

I have included a BONUS *Glistening Snowflake* alpha with the purchase of *WIN'TREE WEATHER* for a limited time as well as offering it at 50% off during it's introduction through the end of February at ONLY $3.00! What a WONDERFUL start to scrapping some of the WINTER memories you have just created or even some from your past winter memories!

You may find the link to purchase located directly beneath the slideshow to your right and near the top of my blog sidebar. As always, I would LOVE to see what y'all create and to display your layouts or other projects in a slideshow here on my blog. My e-mail address is: THANK YOU!

Tomorrow .... ROFL!!!! .... yep, you guessed it, SPRING shall return to Bon Scrapatit Designs!!! I am hoping to have something VERY special to share with y'all that I just "fell in love" with and will find myself using over and over again. Until then, remember ....


Love and hugs,

If you wish to leave Bon some LOVIN', you may do so HERE

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>> Monday, February 18, 2008

WOWSERS!!! Am I in SHOCK! OVER 100,000 visits to my blog since October 5th!!! I thank you ALL so much for the OVERWHELMING love and support of Bon Scrapatit Designs! NEVER in my wildest did I EVER imagine myself to have the opportunity to reach SO many people SO far across the globe as I have - I am DEEPLY touched.

It has been since I began to design, and still remains so today, my NUMBER ONE priority to allow ALL people EVERYWHERE the opportunity to preserve their family heritage via FREEBIES on my blog!

My little gift today is simply the result of my playing around a bit VERY late last night while unwinding from the weekend. I will catch y'all up tomorrow on our experience with Cirque Du Soleil (AWESOME!) and why we ended up coming home WITHOUT the boys Saturday night (FRUSTRATING!).

I needed to work with some fairly BRIGHT colors to perk me up and to prepare myself for working on SPRING designs!!! I will be revamping the second scrapkit I ever made as I ADORE the color palette and the patterns, but will spruce it up a bit as I have with *FLORAL FRENZY*!!! Just a few additions and minor changes and it will TRULY be *BLOOMIN' AWESOME*!!!

*LOVE ACTUALLY* is way, WAY on the "back burner" as I just had TOO much PINK going on at one time and I was getting myself just a WEE bit confused!!! Me confused??? Oh yeah - doesn't take much either!!! ROFL! Tilt ... tilt ... tilt ... he, he ...

I hope y'all had a MOST productive scrappin' weekend and that you have enjoyed working with *FLORAL FRENZY*. For those of you who missed the 48-hour download of the entire scrapkit, I shall be adding it to my 3S store in the next few days and it will include both alphas I've given y'all thus far (these will be removed from my blog before the kit is live in the store) and I will be adding a THIRD alpha to it as well and ALL for a VERY low INTRO price. Stay-tuned for it's DEBUT announcement here on my blog!

Here is to a PHENOMENAL week ahead for ALL of us!!!

Bon Scrapatit,



>> Friday, February 15, 2008

FLOWERS, FLOWERS EVERYWHERE!!! I just LOVE the smell of just about anything FLORAL!!! How 'bout y'all???

Robert brought me home my FAVES for Valentine's Day yesterday (such a sweetie, as he knows I'd rather the money go towards my new ENLARGED flat panel LCD monitor!!!), which are, believe it or not, CARNATIONS!!! Actually, I LOVE a variety of flowers and don't have a particular favorite most of the time (same with my kiddos!!! LOL!), but I do SO enjoy the AROMATIC flavor of a carnation lingering about the house!

Well, y'all just KNOW what day it is today DON'T you??? WOO HOO - it's FFF, aka "Fantabulous Freebie Friday" here at Bon Scrapatit Designs where I hope that you are enjoying a TASTE of the SCRAPPING LIFE with what I've been cookin' up!!! He, he ...

Tomorrow, Robert and I are headed to San Jose (do you know the way to San Jose? lol!!!) to see our first-time ever presentation of the INCREDIBLE Cirque du Soleil!!! Poppa is treating all of us that helped him move several months ago to this AWESOME show!!! I'm only sad for ONE reason - NO cameras allowed!!! NADA!!! Oh, I am just going to be fit-to-be-tied I just know it!!! I will feel "naked" without my camera hanging about my neck FOR SURE!!!

ROFL!!! I'm sure I will forget ALL about it though once I find myself lost in the "entertainment" factor!!! We will be gathering for lunch before showtime at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown San Jose. I have not been there in just a wee bit over 30 years. As a matter of fact, I was pregnant with my firstborn, April!!! Where have ALL of the years gone???

Tonight's FFF is not only another "scrapatit" to add to the collection for *FLORAL FRENZY*, but also a LOVELY embroidered floral alpha that coordinates wonderfully and will be PERFECT for those heritage layouts for starters!

Well, I shall be off to be for a good night's sleep. After we leave San Jose, we stop off to pick up Wyatt and Garett on the way back up to Copperopolis! We have not had the pleasure of their company for several months now, so we will be celebrating a belated Christmas and, perhaps, even an early birthday for Garret who turns 7 on March 5th!!! They are out of school on Monday, so I will be with them all day while Daddy (Robert) is at work. They are SO much FUN, but they are also BOYS and boy can they GO and GO and GO!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend everyone and if, just IF, I don't see you tomorrow night, I shall catch y'all back here Sunday night for sure!

Ciao bellas!


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>> Thursday, February 14, 2008

WOW! What a day!!! A GRAND day indeed!!! Sent e-mails, talked on the phone with a VERY old friend I have not spoken with in a couple of years, worked on your TREAT, had dinner with MY valentines and worked on your treat a bit more and VOILA - here it be!!! I hope y'all like it!

Scrapatit #3 is rather simple, but then y'all have ALL the pieces and can add your OWN touches or just leave it be!!!

Ms. Jody, CONGRATULATIONS on being married "50" years girl - WOO HOO!!! You will notice that I have included with Scrapatit #3 a *Dotted Swiss Sparkle* alpha which includes a complete lower-case, a-z and numerals 0-9 per your little "hint, hint"! LOL! Gotta LOVE those hints ladies!

I am thinking of creating a BURGUNDY embroidered alpha for tomorrow (embellished with embroidered flowers) - what do y'all think about that??? Hmmmm .... sound GOOD??? Yes, no, maybe so? ROFL! If I see enough hands raised out there early in the day, I shall make one for you, K?

I hope that you all have ENJOYED your Valentine's Day today! To me, every day should be Valentine's Day and everyday should be like Christmas too!!! LOL! Well, we all might go broke for sure on that one though, eh? But you know what I mean - in our hearts. I think everyday should be filled with LOVE and a giving spirit should remain within us 365 days a year, 24/7!

Enough said ... oh, whoops, TINK - you're gonna think me a BAD Momma!!! EEEEEEKS! I was SO busy working on the freebie today when Luke came in to share his "homemade" card with me, that all I could do was get teary-eyed when I read the poem that he had written for Tessa and to admire his hand-drawn hearts on a simple piece of paper. He decided late last night that HE wanted to create Tessa's card by himself and just wished to do it on a plain piece of computer paper as opposed to card stock and access to ALL of Mom's goodies!!! Luke is such a kind, thoughtful and generous young man - surely does this Momma's heart good considering all my boys have been through over the years! PHEW! I'll have to plead with him to have Tessa take a few snaps for me, preferably with her included!!!

WHOA! Tomorrow is already FFF!!! Meet y'all back here tomorrow night for your FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE, so make sure to hold your hands up high if you'd like that "embroidered alpha" tomorrow!!!


P.S. I'd like to once again, thank EVERYONE for ALL of your wonderful comments and shares during my *FLORAL FRENZY* give-away!!! Y'all are SO sweet, encouraging and SUPER supportive, which is really worth SO much more than a simple "thank you"! I guess that is why I just keep on making goodies for you!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! MWAH!

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>> Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Greetings everyone!

I am going to try and make this a VERY short post tonight as I've been working hard on your freebie for tonight and I need to help Luke make a Valentine's card for his girlfriend!!! Oh YES - tomorrow is the BIG day ALL around the world for us to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (sung with my poor imitation of the beloved Beatle's!).

I hope that you will enjoy Scrapatit #2 as I made it to flow fairly well with Scrapatit #1 for a two-page spread if you wish to do so. Of course, it will stand well on it's own!!! Sorry - I'm getting giddy as I always do when I'm overly tired!!! Y'all can relate to that, right???

Okay, now for a BIG favor from y'all. I promise this won't hurt, however, if we don't help (and only if we are able to), one of our BIGGEST sources of DIGITAL-SCRAPBOOKING FREEBIES is going to fall by the wayside and I just KNOW that y'all would not EVER wish to see that happen. This would HURT all of us ... BIG TIME!

My DEAREST friend, Vicky, who along with her supportive husband, owns and operates the DIGI SCRAP DEPOT!!! Y'all know who I am talkin' about now don't you??? GOSH, if not for Vicky, I would not have met SO many of you who visit my blog on a regular basis. I would not have had the opportunity to snag some REALLY cool freebies from some REALLY awesome designers, not to mention the ability to go over and post my freebies for y'all to find as well as those new to digi-scrapping!!!

Nicole has posted a DONATION button (one for USD and one for EURO) on the Digi Scap Depot's blog where you can make whatever donation you are able to via Pay Pal. I've already made my donation today and I am also going to make a little special something to contribute for Vicky to give out to those who are able to help as a way of saying "THANK YOU" to y'all for your continued support of a ROCKIN' site!!! From the depths of my being, in advance, THANK YOU ALL for helping this MOST important source to stay ALIVE!

Here is the direct link for the DSD blog where you can read what Vicky has to say and also where you can make a direct donation via Pay Pal:


A little extra note on this. Having worked as an Administrative Assistant for 3Scrapateers for two years before becoming a designer, I know just how much strain is put on a server when the volume of visitors increases. We have had to update/upgrade to a larger server several times since inception. DSD needs a much larger server that can handle the traffic that is coming through EACH and EVERY day 24/7 all around the world!!! A larger server will cost Vicky and DH a lot more money and they just are not able to carry it all by themselves. Let's show them just HOW much we LOVE them and ALL that they have and continue to contribute to helping us ALL preserve our MOST precious memories!!!

THANKS Y'ALL .... you ROCK .... and then SOME!

BIG, BIG HUGS and I'll see you tomorrow with another GOODIE to coordinate with *FLORAL FRENZY*


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>> Monday, February 11, 2008

WOWEEEEEE GAZOWEEEEEE and OMGosh!!! I am SO "tickled pink" here that I've TURNED BLUE!!! This last statement will ALL make sense to you tomorrow when I finally get *WIN'TREE WEATHER* fully functioning and ready for purchase in my store at 3Scrapateers!!! Nothing PINK in it FOR SURE!!!

Thank you, thank you SO much once again for such an OVERWHELMING response to *FLORAL FRENZY*. Y'all just AMAZE me and I am continually learning that sometimes, just SOMETIMES, others will respond in a positive manner to something I think so-so!

I really have not a clue why I have been "in the pink" for so long - just happened, but I had a REALLY good time with it all. SHEESH .... I've not even finished with *LOVE ACTUALLY* and have barely begun *CON TUTTO IL MIO CUORE*!!! But then ... SPRING is right around the corner and I will be working with some BRIGHTER colors!

I had "unexpected" company EARLY this afternoon just as I was getting down to some serious business and rather than conduct business today, I had the HONOR of playing hostess to Poppa and Clint (Robert's dad and youngest brother) for the afternoon until Robert arrived home from work. I cooked and prepared dinner while they did their "guy" thing and then I politely excused myself to come in here and prepare tonight's freebie for ALL of you darlings!!! It was SO good having them here (they are spending the night and out playing cards as I type - they live about an hour and a half from us) and it's just been like "old times" before Poppa sold his house here in Copperopolis and has simplified his life so that he can now relax and TRULY enjoy it from here on out.

I have actually killed the "proverbial" bird with one stone by not only making y'all a SCRAPATIT to help get you started with *FLORAL FRENZY*, but I've also created a VERY special "50th" birthday layout for my long-time digi-scrapping colleague and best friend, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon Designs. You will find her link under my DESIGNERS THAT I ADMIRE category, however, I am going to leave a link right here and ask you a VERY special favor. Would you all .... shhhhhhh .... I hope she does not "peek" in tomorrow .... would you all hop on over to her blog and wish her a HAPPY "50th" BIRTHDAY for me??? PURDY PLEASE??? It will REALLY, REALLY mean a lot to me and, of COURSE, to Dawn as well. Dawn is working SO hard getting some new scrapkits made as she is now selling her YUMMIES at two different sites along with the other hats she is wearing. Check out her blog and you will get to see what she and Kathy Brandt are up to. You will also find that Dawn is VERY generous with leaving freebies too! Here is the link to Dawn's blog (oh, I can hardly wait - she will be SO thrilled to find greetings from y'all and I THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much):


Okay, I think I've talked to your eyes long enough, I am leaving you with SCRAPATIT #1 and due to it's file size I shall post the separate frame and ribbon wrap for you tomorrow night so that you can overlap it like I have in the scrapatit. I will post Dawn's birthday layout here as soon as I get the finishing touches on it. Dawn is not real big on PINK or GLITTER, but when she receives the sentiment from me, I think it will make it more to her liking. I hope so anyhoo! Oh gosh, I KNOW it will!!!

Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY y'all and I'm looking forward to seeing MORE layouts coming in. I will address those of you who have already sent goodies to my inbox tomorrow. I've not had a moment to open any e-mails today so please forgive me for not mentioning anything tonight. I saw a few of the RE lines and just know that I am in for some WONDERFUL treats from y'all!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

SWEET DREAMS and REMEMBER: It is SCRAP HAPPY HOUR in SCRAPLAND 24/7!!! ENJOY and scrap to your HEART'S content ... and then SOME!!!


This link is no longer active



>> Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh my GOODNESS!!! Can I say that I am "TICKLED PINK" that y'all are enjoying *FLORAL FRENZY*??? I am TOTALLY overwhelmed with your GENEROUS comments and "thank you's" ... but it is "I" that is thanking y'all!!! You are MOST welcome and you surely do keep me inspired to keep on keepin' on!!! WOO HOO!!! From the depths of my being, "thank you" SO much for the encouragement!!! I TRULY love being a part of helping others to "preserve" their family history and it has ALWAYS been my first love in digital scrapbooking!

I'm here to post the links again for tonight as due to the OVERWHELMING response, I have decided to extend *FLORAL FRENZY'S* free download status for another 24 hours!!! Just in case some are just getting home from a weekend away and such, I will be leaving the links active until MIDNIGHT EST tomorrow night!!! If you know anyone else that LOVES pink, mauve and burgundy - send 'em on over!!! You know, now that I've had a few moments to breath and reflect, this kit will actually work VERY well for heritage photos. In fact, as I type I have a heritage layout in the works (my great-grandmother Nellie) and I am going to make it a "scrapatit" to share with y'all PLUS I will be including the "sheer" dotted ribbon wrap and frame separately so that y'all can do what I did with it if you wish! You'll see it when I upload. If I don't get it up later tonight, then I will post it for you tomorrow!

Thank you again for being SOOOO kind to me!!! ENJOY your week ahead and REMEMBER: "Scrap Happy"!!! He, he ...


This link is no longer active



>> Saturday, February 9, 2008

I must be QUICK (ha, ha!) as I've kept you all QUITE long enough, however, I must tell you that I was kidnapped today and held hostage for a ransom!!! YES, I was kidnapped by my OWN brain and was not freed until I had produced what my brain said for me to!!! ROTFLMBO!!! Okay, I'm now awaiting men in little white coats to come and take me away ... he, he ... ha, ha!!!

You MUST know that I've been working for HOURS on this and while I'm FULL of energy, I've been spinning my wheels FAR too long and need to switch gears for a bit, KWIM? LOL!

Okay, I am going to be posting links for the BACKGROUND PAPERS while I am uploading the elements to my FTP. You will see images of both *FLORAL FRENZY* background papers and elements. You will know when the links are ready-to-go for the elements once you see that I have posted them beneath the links for the papers.

There are TWO links for papers and I'm thinking there will be a total of FIVE links for the elements. All links should total up to somewhere between 160-170 MB's. WOWSERS - did I have FUN, or what??? I've posted a BEFORE and AFTER of the elements so y'all can see how much I added to it today!!! Hey, what can I say ... when one's brain holds one captive, not a WHOLE lot you can do about it, right??? He, he ...

My way of saying "THANK YOU" for supporting my designs, for putting a BIG SMILE on my face EACH day and for telling others about what I've been up to!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being Y'ALL and for ALL that YOU do to keep this WONDERFUL industry THRIVING!!!

I may come back up here and add to my post if the need be, so, without further ado, HERE are the papers to *FLORAL FRENZY*!!! (Please let me know if y'all find anything missing in the files or if there are any problems with anything - THANKS!!!)


P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE post your layouts in the 3S gallery for me to see! (I will add a link to the sidebar after I finish uploading the rest of the files) It helps me to better construct my kits when I see what y'all do with them. In other words, when I view your MASTERPIECES, sometimes I get an afterthought of something that may have worked well to have been included! You may also e-mail your images to me, along with the inks to your gallery posts, and I would LOVE to include them in a slideshow as well!!! WOO HOO!!!

I learned a lot today. I SO wish I had time to study tutorials myself, but for some reason I find myself exploring and figuring things out on my own. Maybe that is a GOOD thing for me to be able to pass something along to y'all. I will be putting together some tutorials for my DIGI-SCRAP ADDICT'S meetings from which I have taken a short hiatus! I can't wait to resume them and to see your SMILING faces once again!!! HUGS!

The original contents!

This link is no longer active



>> Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hi y'all!!! I'm HAPPY to report that I ACTUALLY was able to FOCUS today and have just the finishing touches to put onto *FLORAL FRENZY* and tomorrow's FFF will BLOSSOM on your hard drive while downloading!!! YES! I am treating y'all to links for 48 HOURS ONLY to this DELIGHTFUL little tidbit before uploading it to my 3Scrapateers' store!!!

Hmmm ... I'm sure some of you might wonder why I seem to being doing this backwards, eh??? Like, why is she not putting it into the STORE first and then giving it as a FREEBIE once it is retired? Well, it's like this ... y'all have been SO faithful and I've just ADORED reading your comments each and every day, from answering my questions to sharing your day, telling me it's your birthday, anniversary and the list goes on!

I would like to show y'all my SINCEREST appreciation for making this SO much FUN for me and a CHALLENGE TOO! I LOVE to be challenged (should have been my middle name me thinks!) and it rustles up my determination to learn and improve my skills. So with that said, "thank YOU" for visiting me my scrapping sisters and brothers (LOL - can't forget the guys .... we are getting more and more of them to come out and play in Scrapland!!!).

Y'all are THE BEST and I THOROUGHLY enjoy EVERY moment spent creating for you AND corresponding with you, not to mention showcasing some of your BEAUTIFUL layouts in my slideshow at the bottom of my blog!!! And, PLEASE, dont think that just because the slideshow is at the BOTTOM of my blog that it is NOT important, quite the contrary, it is the ONLY place I can place it so that it is large enough to view your WONDERFUL details!!!

Without further ado .... just a VERY small sampling of what is to come tomorrow and you JUST know that I am saving the ABSOLUTELY "best" stuff for then, right??? You betcha!!! There is a VERY lovely embossed pewter that I thought SO perfect to go with all of the flowers. This is actually a kit I put together back in October so I've been trying to update it a bit with some newer items that have come upon the "scrap scene" here as of late. I hope that you will like it as much as I have putting it together! He, he ...

Night all ... sweet dreams and I shall see you when??? TOMORROW!!! Which is??? FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


This link is no longer active



>> Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Greetings everyone! I'm just dropping this off and then I'm headed to bed!

My Monday did NOT go as smoothly as I'd hoped and I was HORRIBLY sidetracked, but for the better and I shall explain that, perhaps, tomorrow. The course my day took today will improve my work tomorrow, that's for sure!!!

Anyhoo - Ms. Jody, here is *Con Tutto Il Mio Cuore*, Scrapatit #1, Version 2 (ala NO glitter) as per your request!!! I am sure there are MANY others who will appreciate the NO glitter look as well ... I hope!

I don't mind altering things on occasion especially when it is not a time-consuming task. This was actually a bit of a challenge as I had not much time to work with and I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to approach the change right off the bat!!! I like the results and here I simply opened my PSD file, went to each glittered layer and removed the glitter style. I then used the select tool on my, now, black images to fill them with red, went to blending modes and selected linear burn and VOILA' - a different look!

I actually recolored the film strip separately and in it's PNG file and then saved it as a new file before dragging it onto my canvas and applying the linear burn. I hope that perhaps my sharing these steps might help a few of you to learn a little something new! Photoshop is TRULY a joy to work in and it is REALLY amazing all it has awaiting our curiosity and desire to explore the world of digital photography, design and, OF COURSE, scrapbooking!!!

Sogni d' oro,



>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

Well, while MUAH sat here on her computer in between SCREAMS of "YEAH!!!", "YEAH!!!" and "HELL YEAH!!!", an AWESOME game was being played in the other room that only moved me from my seat for photo ops of the guys "being guys" and an occasional drink run for myself!

Luke had to work, but Robert, Matt and John were here along with a few friends to enjoy what was to be an AMAZING Super Bowl game and according to my oldest son, Matt, the BEST game he has seen in years! I'm glad they all had such a good time and they were all WELL-BEHAVED and even cleaned up after themselves before everyone left for home at around 10:00! I was a HAPPY camper FOR SURE!!!

Not a bad deal ... computer time and photo ops!!! How much better can it get than that? Okay, don't answer that!!! ROFL!

Last night was anything but a FLY-BY as I rambled on so and y'all left me some NICE, LONG messages as well!!! THANK YOU! It was good to know that ALL is well out your way and Ms. Aly, I had EVERY intention of offering that layout from the beginnings of *CON TUTTO IL MIO CUORE (with all of my heart)* up as a "scrapatit" tonight!!! LOVED the tiny little hint - THANK YOU!!!

Ms. Jody, I TOTALLY understand the "Plain Jane" style as I fight VERY hard against it at times myself!!! So in honor of your request, I shall offer up the same "scrapatit" tomorrow in a more simplistic fashion, a la NO glitter!!!

Wishing y'all a FANTASTIC week upcoming and I'd LOVE to hear about anyone's SPECIAL plans for Valentine's Day, but ONLY if it is not a secret!!! I would not want to be the reason for someone finding out something that they should not, KWIM? ROFL! Been there, done that a time or two!!!

I am diligently working on *LOVE ACTUALLY* and I should, hopefully, have it all together for y'all by tomorrow night lest something distract me horribly! So, here's hoping for a SMOOTH Monday on my end!

Take care and remember ... it's SCRAP HAPPY HOUR 24/7 in "Scrapland"!!!

Baci e abbracci,



>> Saturday, February 2, 2008


ANYBODY out there???????????



Okay, I apologize for being MIA and not letting y'all know that everything is okay!!! How rude of me and I shall try not to do that again, but y'all know how LIFE just seems to be FULL of surprises every now and then!!!

I've been playing DOMESTIC GODDESS the past few days and have TOTALLY devoted ALL of my time to my PRECIOUS family! I actually went grocery shopping Friday evening!!! Robert picked me up after work and we spent nearly two hours in our local IGA supermarket!!! Hey, I don't get out much and when I do, I always bump into a few people that I've not seen for NEARLY ever!

Once home, I spent almost as long in the kitchen putting groceries away as I did in the store selecting them!!! OMGosh!!! Well, needless to say, the boys were are RELIEVED to see that the FOOD FAIRY had stocked the refrigerator and cupboards for them upon their arrival home from Friday night FUN and work!!! One of these days they will ALL understand what it REALLY takes to keep them well-stocked in goodies for the tum-tum!!! ROFL! Tis NO fairy involved - it's called hard work and money!!! Hmmm ... well, Robert works hard, I consider my work to be FUN for the most part!!!

I missed FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY and am leaving you with a FLY-BY FREEBIE tonight as I am just now getting some computer time since leaving for the store on Friday. Friday night is our "date night" in the living room watching movies, however, we spent today watching movies together since groceries commanded several hours of our time on Friday and we had the house to ourselves most of the day!!! LOL! It's also been rainy and cold so snuggling out by the fire was just what the doctor ordered!

I hope you enjoy the SECOND alpha that coordinates with the upcoming *LOVE ACTUALLY*!!! This one is a ROSE-COLORED GLASS ALPHA and will work wonderfully with just about ANY kit that has a pinkish palette going on.

I'm still struggling with *LOVE ACTUALLY* a wee bit and just had to back away from it a bit to get a fresh perspective and I started playing with some new brushes I snagged some time ago along with some filters I have. WOO HOO - I had some FUN!!! Below is a preview of the first paper I've made and this is going to be part of a little mini-kit that I'll be putting up for y'all just as soon as I'm finished (not part of "Love Actually"). I'm making all of my own patterns for my papers and I've even created my own template for a SPECIAL film strip. Below you will find a SNEAK-PEEK at my first paper and one of the GLITTERED film strips. Y'all may have seen a film strip like mine around somewhere before, but these eyes haven't so it's NEW to ME! I just don't get much time to go out kit shopping these days so as you've heard me say before, I'm usually "a day late, a dollar short and the LAST to know"!!!

Hope y'all are having a FABULOUS weekend and for those of you who have men at home that will be watching the Super Bowl game tomorrow, may you take this time (that is if YOU aren't watching the game too!) to get some scrapping done!!!


My second born and #2 daughter, Joan, being proposed to by
her fiance', Travis, this past September! Wedding date is set
for this coming July and I am SO excited for the both of them!
What a thrilling year for Joan as she becomes Mrs. Uhlig and
a first-time "auntie" to Mark's firstborn son!


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