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ANYBODY out there???????????



Okay, I apologize for being MIA and not letting y'all know that everything is okay!!! How rude of me and I shall try not to do that again, but y'all know how LIFE just seems to be FULL of surprises every now and then!!!

I've been playing DOMESTIC GODDESS the past few days and have TOTALLY devoted ALL of my time to my PRECIOUS family! I actually went grocery shopping Friday evening!!! Robert picked me up after work and we spent nearly two hours in our local IGA supermarket!!! Hey, I don't get out much and when I do, I always bump into a few people that I've not seen for NEARLY ever!

Once home, I spent almost as long in the kitchen putting groceries away as I did in the store selecting them!!! OMGosh!!! Well, needless to say, the boys were are RELIEVED to see that the FOOD FAIRY had stocked the refrigerator and cupboards for them upon their arrival home from Friday night FUN and work!!! One of these days they will ALL understand what it REALLY takes to keep them well-stocked in goodies for the tum-tum!!! ROFL! Tis NO fairy involved - it's called hard work and money!!! Hmmm ... well, Robert works hard, I consider my work to be FUN for the most part!!!

I missed FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY and am leaving you with a FLY-BY FREEBIE tonight as I am just now getting some computer time since leaving for the store on Friday. Friday night is our "date night" in the living room watching movies, however, we spent today watching movies together since groceries commanded several hours of our time on Friday and we had the house to ourselves most of the day!!! LOL! It's also been rainy and cold so snuggling out by the fire was just what the doctor ordered!

I hope you enjoy the SECOND alpha that coordinates with the upcoming *LOVE ACTUALLY*!!! This one is a ROSE-COLORED GLASS ALPHA and will work wonderfully with just about ANY kit that has a pinkish palette going on.

I'm still struggling with *LOVE ACTUALLY* a wee bit and just had to back away from it a bit to get a fresh perspective and I started playing with some new brushes I snagged some time ago along with some filters I have. WOO HOO - I had some FUN!!! Below is a preview of the first paper I've made and this is going to be part of a little mini-kit that I'll be putting up for y'all just as soon as I'm finished (not part of "Love Actually"). I'm making all of my own patterns for my papers and I've even created my own template for a SPECIAL film strip. Below you will find a SNEAK-PEEK at my first paper and one of the GLITTERED film strips. Y'all may have seen a film strip like mine around somewhere before, but these eyes haven't so it's NEW to ME! I just don't get much time to go out kit shopping these days so as you've heard me say before, I'm usually "a day late, a dollar short and the LAST to know"!!!

Hope y'all are having a FABULOUS weekend and for those of you who have men at home that will be watching the Super Bowl game tomorrow, may you take this time (that is if YOU aren't watching the game too!) to get some scrapping done!!!


My second born and #2 daughter, Joan, being proposed to by
her fiance', Travis, this past September! Wedding date is set
for this coming July and I am SO excited for the both of them!
What a thrilling year for Joan as she becomes Mrs. Uhlig and
a first-time "auntie" to Mark's firstborn son!

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