>> Monday, February 11, 2008

WOWEEEEEE GAZOWEEEEEE and OMGosh!!! I am SO "tickled pink" here that I've TURNED BLUE!!! This last statement will ALL make sense to you tomorrow when I finally get *WIN'TREE WEATHER* fully functioning and ready for purchase in my store at 3Scrapateers!!! Nothing PINK in it FOR SURE!!!

Thank you, thank you SO much once again for such an OVERWHELMING response to *FLORAL FRENZY*. Y'all just AMAZE me and I am continually learning that sometimes, just SOMETIMES, others will respond in a positive manner to something I think so-so!

I really have not a clue why I have been "in the pink" for so long - just happened, but I had a REALLY good time with it all. SHEESH .... I've not even finished with *LOVE ACTUALLY* and have barely begun *CON TUTTO IL MIO CUORE*!!! But then ... SPRING is right around the corner and I will be working with some BRIGHTER colors!

I had "unexpected" company EARLY this afternoon just as I was getting down to some serious business and rather than conduct business today, I had the HONOR of playing hostess to Poppa and Clint (Robert's dad and youngest brother) for the afternoon until Robert arrived home from work. I cooked and prepared dinner while they did their "guy" thing and then I politely excused myself to come in here and prepare tonight's freebie for ALL of you darlings!!! It was SO good having them here (they are spending the night and out playing cards as I type - they live about an hour and a half from us) and it's just been like "old times" before Poppa sold his house here in Copperopolis and has simplified his life so that he can now relax and TRULY enjoy it from here on out.

I have actually killed the "proverbial" bird with one stone by not only making y'all a SCRAPATIT to help get you started with *FLORAL FRENZY*, but I've also created a VERY special "50th" birthday layout for my long-time digi-scrapping colleague and best friend, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon Designs. You will find her link under my DESIGNERS THAT I ADMIRE category, however, I am going to leave a link right here and ask you a VERY special favor. Would you all .... shhhhhhh .... I hope she does not "peek" in tomorrow .... would you all hop on over to her blog and wish her a HAPPY "50th" BIRTHDAY for me??? PURDY PLEASE??? It will REALLY, REALLY mean a lot to me and, of COURSE, to Dawn as well. Dawn is working SO hard getting some new scrapkits made as she is now selling her YUMMIES at two different sites along with the other hats she is wearing. Check out her blog and you will get to see what she and Kathy Brandt are up to. You will also find that Dawn is VERY generous with leaving freebies too! Here is the link to Dawn's blog (oh, I can hardly wait - she will be SO thrilled to find greetings from y'all and I THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much):


Okay, I think I've talked to your eyes long enough, I am leaving you with SCRAPATIT #1 and due to it's file size I shall post the separate frame and ribbon wrap for you tomorrow night so that you can overlap it like I have in the scrapatit. I will post Dawn's birthday layout here as soon as I get the finishing touches on it. Dawn is not real big on PINK or GLITTER, but when she receives the sentiment from me, I think it will make it more to her liking. I hope so anyhoo! Oh gosh, I KNOW it will!!!

Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY y'all and I'm looking forward to seeing MORE layouts coming in. I will address those of you who have already sent goodies to my inbox tomorrow. I've not had a moment to open any e-mails today so please forgive me for not mentioning anything tonight. I saw a few of the RE lines and just know that I am in for some WONDERFUL treats from y'all!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

SWEET DREAMS and REMEMBER: It is SCRAP HAPPY HOUR in SCRAPLAND 24/7!!! ENJOY and scrap to your HEART'S content ... and then SOME!!!


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