>> Saturday, February 23, 2008

It is AMAZING how many people were trying to book their weddings on July 7, 2007!!! Well, one of those lucky couples were our niece, Kimmi and her husband, Patrick as you will see below!!! I wasn't able to capture many shots of them walking down the aisle and standing at the alter due to the "professional" photographers and their positioning, however, I was SO happy to have captured the ones I did. These are just a few and the bride was simply STUNNING and the bridesmaids were wearing my second favorite color!!!

I was not able go right to bed last night as I was HORRIBLY uncomfortable, so I sat here and tinkered around as my body would allow me and I actually scrapped!!! WOO HOO!!! I wanted to play with some of the things I created for the *Spring Celebration Mini-Kit* and ended up creating a pretty nice "scrapatit" plus a couple of new items that you will get tomorrow night (ooops, did I say that???). I just LOVE the multi-photo frame from a template by Catia' Cunha!

I hope that y'all are having a MARVELOUS weekend thus far and have had QUALITY time with your families. With my boys all adults now and three out of four of them working, Robert and I actually get to enjoy a bit of quiet time together. Today, was a plumbing project that wound up to lead to more serious problems than we had anticipated. No worries, as we will inform our landlord and make a game plan!

My sweetheart bar-b-qued for us while I tinkered around in here chit-chatting, answering e-mails and doing some research!!! I shared with a good friend just yesterday that I was gifted with a dozen of the MOST beautiful roses (I am NOT a rose woman, but will not refuse them ... lol!) and as Robert handed them to me, he said, "Because it's everyday!" OMGosh, he got it, he acutally processed the information and understood what I meant when he brought flowers home on Valentine's Day and I casually mentioned that EVERY day should be Valentine's Day!!! He is such a love! I'm feeling a little sappy at the moment as I am just SO thankful to have been given a mate that really loves me for me, encourages me in following my passions and is willing to "grow" and nurture our relationship!!! I am EVER thankful! Okay, I shan't bore you with all of that, but we are listening to 50's and 60's music and I'm just feeling really giddy like a teenager I suppose!!! He, he ...

I 'd LOVE to hear some of the things that y'all do to relax on the weekends. I know that some of you may work, so if you are off during the week, I'd still like to hear how you unwind from your week, REFRESH and prepare to start it all over again!!!

Carole love, I'm SO happy that you are doing SO much better and have a GOOD report from the doctor. I shall be calling you the beginning of the week.

Tink, I'm REALLY feeling for you sweetie and I am hoping for you to be back on top in NO time. LOL! NO time. Just hit me what that means. Like, RIGHT NOW!

I'm horribly behind with keeping up with y'all - PLEASE forgive me. I have LOTS of things going on and will be sharing with you, possibly, next week!

Have a SUPER SUNDAY everyone and I'll see you tomorrow night with a few more goodies!

Sogni d' oro,

Kimmi and Patrick's Wedding - July 7, 2007

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