>> Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why, they are both *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* y'all!!! ROFL! I know, I know ... I'd better get some SERIOUS sleep tonight!!! He, he ....

Well, the little surprise I wanted to share with you tonight is not QUITE ready as this is a collaborative effort between a "fellow" designer and myself! So, in the interim, I bring you a "scrapatit" from the original *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* that I designed just about a year ago and was my second-ever scrapkit!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry, but I cannot help but CHUCKLE at myself for the INCREDIBLE lack of knowledge that I had in the beginning!!! (Hmmm ... come to think of it, I STILL do!) I have a lot to revamp and am ALMOST tempted to start all over again.

I ABSOLUTELY adore the color palette and wish your feedback as well if you would be SO kind as to reply!!! These colors just make the anticipation of spring for me even more intense!!! As much as I LOVE colder weather in my OLDER age, I must say, I am ready for some warmer days that don't leave me huddled up in my corner with a heater everyday!!! ROFL! Oh yeah, I can see those minds going as you try to visualize me huddled in the corner working on my designs!!! LOL!!! Well, what is rather ironic and kinda funny is that I "actually" DO work in the corner!!! He, he .... I use a computer armoire and it is located in the far right-hand corner of our master bedroom!!! Hopefully, one of these days, I shall have my own office space again but I really don't mind where I'm located as Robert and I spend much more time in each other's company this way. In fact, he is reading as I am typing. Personally, I think it allows for MUCH more tolerance of the MANY hours I spend on here each day!!! And who says we women aren't great strategic thinkers??? Huh, huh??? Come one now, that is pretty "savvy" business strategy, don't you think? ROTFLMBO!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention to y'all how FABULOUS the Cirque' Du Soleil was last Saturday!!! OMGosh! Robert was whistling and clapping and I was doing the same!!! Well, I can't whistle, so all you could hear were my poor, pathetic "WOO HOO's" and "OW, OW's" beneath the roar of the rest of the crowd!!! I have to admit, I don't think that I have ever seen a "circus" quite as classy and well put together as the Cirque Du Soleil!!! OUTSTANDING performers and the story line is WONDERFUL. We saw KOOZA, which is the one that is touring right now. I read up a bit on the the three that are being performed in Las Vegas - WOWSERS!

Pretty spendy ticket prices, but we were treated and sat in the best seats (middle of the stage). Thank you Poppa, you are a SWEETHEART!!!

I won't go into great detail as to why we did not come home with Robert's two youngest boys, Wyatt (8) and Garret (7 next month) and I am a firm believer in what is "meant-to-be" and "what goes around, comes around"!!! Odd combination I know, but we are up against a woman who does not have the interest of her children in mind, but only her own agenda. We are just biding our time and waiting for her to either really slip up or that she will find that she just is not capable of caring for them on her own anymore. Let's just say that she has an addiction and it is NOT digital scrapbooking!!!

I have GREAT faith and I know that things will work out the way they are supposed to and both Robert and I feel that we will be raising the boys soon enough. Meanwhile, we go for MONTHS without seeing them as she controls the phone calls and when SHE wants us to see them. God only knows what she says to them. We do know that they LOVE coming up here to stay with us and that she has threatened them with not being able to see their dad if they are "bad" boys! SO sad, but time and patience will, hopefully, bring about a fairly quick resolve.

We do need to go to court and get some sort of a parenting plan and we shall be working on that in the VERY near future. Oh, and I know you're probably thinking that would have been taken care of when she and Robert went their separate ways so I will address that here and now so you're not in limbo - they were never married. And, yes, he does pay child support faithfully each month!

Any of y'all had similar experiences? It seems to be pretty widespread any more and just about affects everyone's lives to some extent. I don't know about where y'all live, but we live in a resort community which houses a lot of retired folks. Many of these, supposedly, retired folks are raising their grandchildren. Not an easy task. I'd LOVE to hear your stories or if any of you are Californians and know anything about the laws here and/or have any recommendations, that would be KEWLACIOUS!!! TY!

I wish to thank you ALL so very much for your SWEET and WONDERFUL comments on Bonnie's divine scraptit!!! She is such a love to "surprise me" me (and y'all!) with them whenever I've uploaded a new kit to the store! THANK YOU BON!!! Good thing I'm not a FAST designer eh Bon??? LOL!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday y'all and I'll see you, hopefully, tomorrow night!!!


Basic color palette for *BLOOMIN' AWESOME

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