>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

Well, while MUAH sat here on her computer in between SCREAMS of "YEAH!!!", "YEAH!!!" and "HELL YEAH!!!", an AWESOME game was being played in the other room that only moved me from my seat for photo ops of the guys "being guys" and an occasional drink run for myself!

Luke had to work, but Robert, Matt and John were here along with a few friends to enjoy what was to be an AMAZING Super Bowl game and according to my oldest son, Matt, the BEST game he has seen in years! I'm glad they all had such a good time and they were all WELL-BEHAVED and even cleaned up after themselves before everyone left for home at around 10:00! I was a HAPPY camper FOR SURE!!!

Not a bad deal ... computer time and photo ops!!! How much better can it get than that? Okay, don't answer that!!! ROFL!

Last night was anything but a FLY-BY as I rambled on so and y'all left me some NICE, LONG messages as well!!! THANK YOU! It was good to know that ALL is well out your way and Ms. Aly, I had EVERY intention of offering that layout from the beginnings of *CON TUTTO IL MIO CUORE (with all of my heart)* up as a "scrapatit" tonight!!! LOVED the tiny little hint - THANK YOU!!!

Ms. Jody, I TOTALLY understand the "Plain Jane" style as I fight VERY hard against it at times myself!!! So in honor of your request, I shall offer up the same "scrapatit" tomorrow in a more simplistic fashion, a la NO glitter!!!

Wishing y'all a FANTASTIC week upcoming and I'd LOVE to hear about anyone's SPECIAL plans for Valentine's Day, but ONLY if it is not a secret!!! I would not want to be the reason for someone finding out something that they should not, KWIM? ROFL! Been there, done that a time or two!!!

I am diligently working on *LOVE ACTUALLY* and I should, hopefully, have it all together for y'all by tomorrow night lest something distract me horribly! So, here's hoping for a SMOOTH Monday on my end!

Take care and remember ... it's SCRAP HAPPY HOUR 24/7 in "Scrapland"!!!

Baci e abbracci,

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