>> Friday, February 22, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

I'm stopping by to wish y'all a MARVELOUS weekend and headed to bed!!! I think the week has caught up with me!

Thank you to ALL who have replied here on my blog and those that have sent me e-mails regarding our situation with the boys. I GREATLY appreciate it and listening to the varied comments has helped me to relax and to fall back on what I know and that is that it will all work out as it should!

I thank you for your prayers and support. Y'all are SO awesome!!!

I'm not feeling so well at the moment - nothing serious, I just suffer from horrible digestive woes as I've mentioned in the past and am working to get myself back on the program that I need to adapt for life if I wish to FEEL good! And, I DO wish to ... grrrr ... sometimes things rear up at the most inopportune times, but I'm learning to listen!!! NEVER said I wasn't stubborn, but I eventually give in and DO what is necessary!!!

I will probably miss Maria's AWESOME engine again due to my FTP needing to be updated and a few other minor issues. That is why I did not post last night and may not tomorrow night either until I'm caught up with the search engine! Sounds funny, but I've grasped a good understanding of how it works and I try not to let it miss anything so that everyone has a chance to snag the FREEBIE!!!

By the way, I am now signed up with TECHNORATI, which you've most likely already seen over in my sidebar. Maria is using this as a rating system for our freebies and the more people that add us to their FAVES, the higher rating we get on the Digi Free site, which in turn probably means more people will visit our blogs and get to enjoy our freebies!!! So, if you happen to already belong, PLEASE add me to your faves if you drop by often and enjoy my designs. Also, make sure to drop me a note either by comment or e-mail so that I can add you to my faves as well!!! I shall surely appreciate all the help I can get!!!

As more designers and freebie sites begin to list with Technorati, I will add them so that y'all can go right to the "blogroll" and connect to their sites from here! PRETTY COOL, eh??? I think so!

Okay, I feel like I am about to burst (I am MEGA bloated) so I'd better leave you the FREEBIE and call it a night!

Have a FABULOUS weekend and I hope that the weather is nice enough for MOST of you to go outside and enjoy nature!!! To those still getting ICE and SNOW - stay warm and I pray it all passes soon and you'll soon be feeling Spring coming on soon! At least you can enjoy some of the AWESOME Spring kits that are making their debut!!! I just look at ALL of the LOVELY colors and designs and it WARMS me right up!!! We didn't make it out of the 40's today and I'm in California!!!

Night all!


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