>> Thursday, February 14, 2008

WOW! What a day!!! A GRAND day indeed!!! Sent e-mails, talked on the phone with a VERY old friend I have not spoken with in a couple of years, worked on your TREAT, had dinner with MY valentines and worked on your treat a bit more and VOILA - here it be!!! I hope y'all like it!

Scrapatit #3 is rather simple, but then y'all have ALL the pieces and can add your OWN touches or just leave it be!!!

Ms. Jody, CONGRATULATIONS on being married "50" years girl - WOO HOO!!! You will notice that I have included with Scrapatit #3 a *Dotted Swiss Sparkle* alpha which includes a complete lower-case, a-z and numerals 0-9 per your little "hint, hint"! LOL! Gotta LOVE those hints ladies!

I am thinking of creating a BURGUNDY embroidered alpha for tomorrow (embellished with embroidered flowers) - what do y'all think about that??? Hmmmm .... sound GOOD??? Yes, no, maybe so? ROFL! If I see enough hands raised out there early in the day, I shall make one for you, K?

I hope that you all have ENJOYED your Valentine's Day today! To me, every day should be Valentine's Day and everyday should be like Christmas too!!! LOL! Well, we all might go broke for sure on that one though, eh? But you know what I mean - in our hearts. I think everyday should be filled with LOVE and a giving spirit should remain within us 365 days a year, 24/7!

Enough said ... oh, whoops, TINK - you're gonna think me a BAD Momma!!! EEEEEEKS! I was SO busy working on the freebie today when Luke came in to share his "homemade" card with me, that all I could do was get teary-eyed when I read the poem that he had written for Tessa and to admire his hand-drawn hearts on a simple piece of paper. He decided late last night that HE wanted to create Tessa's card by himself and just wished to do it on a plain piece of computer paper as opposed to card stock and access to ALL of Mom's goodies!!! Luke is such a kind, thoughtful and generous young man - surely does this Momma's heart good considering all my boys have been through over the years! PHEW! I'll have to plead with him to have Tessa take a few snaps for me, preferably with her included!!!

WHOA! Tomorrow is already FFF!!! Meet y'all back here tomorrow night for your FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE, so make sure to hold your hands up high if you'd like that "embroidered alpha" tomorrow!!!


P.S. I'd like to once again, thank EVERYONE for ALL of your wonderful comments and shares during my *FLORAL FRENZY* give-away!!! Y'all are SO sweet, encouraging and SUPER supportive, which is really worth SO much more than a simple "thank you"! I guess that is why I just keep on making goodies for you!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! MWAH!

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