>> Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Greetings everyone! I'm just dropping this off and then I'm headed to bed!

My Monday did NOT go as smoothly as I'd hoped and I was HORRIBLY sidetracked, but for the better and I shall explain that, perhaps, tomorrow. The course my day took today will improve my work tomorrow, that's for sure!!!

Anyhoo - Ms. Jody, here is *Con Tutto Il Mio Cuore*, Scrapatit #1, Version 2 (ala NO glitter) as per your request!!! I am sure there are MANY others who will appreciate the NO glitter look as well ... I hope!

I don't mind altering things on occasion especially when it is not a time-consuming task. This was actually a bit of a challenge as I had not much time to work with and I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to approach the change right off the bat!!! I like the results and here I simply opened my PSD file, went to each glittered layer and removed the glitter style. I then used the select tool on my, now, black images to fill them with red, went to blending modes and selected linear burn and VOILA' - a different look!

I actually recolored the film strip separately and in it's PNG file and then saved it as a new file before dragging it onto my canvas and applying the linear burn. I hope that perhaps my sharing these steps might help a few of you to learn a little something new! Photoshop is TRULY a joy to work in and it is REALLY amazing all it has awaiting our curiosity and desire to explore the world of digital photography, design and, OF COURSE, scrapbooking!!!

Sogni d' oro,

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