>> Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello darlins'!!!

I am just ducking in to say, "HELLO" and ducking right back out to try and finish up your goodies for posting later or first thing in the morning!!!

I am SOOOOOOO hoping that we do NOT have to go ANYWHERE this coming weekend or the next as THIS girl is PLUM-TUCKERED out and hopes to get A LOT accomplished this week!!!

What have I been up to? He, he ...... wouldn't YOU like to know!!! LOL! Just kidding! I'm working on my FIRST contribution to the Treasures-to-Scrap monthly Treasure Chest and WOW, are these ever AWESOME designer collaborations. I shall keep you posted as to when it will be released! The one for April should be making it's way into the store any day and mine won't be available until May! (The color palette ROCKS and I've had WAY too much FUN making things - YES, my MOJO has come to pay me a visit and I'm hoping that it will stay through the remainder of the week ... and then SOME!!! WOO HOO!!!

Next up, working on my GOODIES (did I say "goodies"???) for National Scrapbooking Day at 3Scrapateers. This is ONE day you just don't want to miss as for any of you that have attended NSD at 3S in the past, know that we have LOTS of FUN and give out TONS of goodies and, of course, DEAREST Fernelda ALWAYS sprinkles her MAGIC dust about with LOTS of her OWN treasures!!! Mark you calendars NOW, kick-off is Friday evening, May 2nd and we party hearty all the way through to Sunday!!! OW, OWWWWWWW!!! YEEEEEE-HAW! I will be hosting both a chat and a challenge this year and I am EXCITED about both of them!

Night all ... see you later or in the morning. Sweet dreams and may they be full of SCRAPTAPULOUS ideas!




>> Friday, March 28, 2008

Hi y'all!

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS week and I hope y'all have an even MORE fabulous weekend!!! I'm preparing for Mark and Jessica's baby shower for little Ozzie tomorrow afternoon, so it's gonna be another quickie I'm afraid!

I am SO hoping for a slow down after this week as for not feeling up to snuff and being as busy as we have been the past few weeks, I'm ready for a bit of "downtime"! Oh, and we have Wyatt and Garret this weekend. Robert picked them up after work and guess what? Poor Wyatt has "pink-eye"! He just woke up with it this morning and his mom started administering the drops used for Garret who had it the last time they were up.

Now, I must tell you that none of my kiddos ever had it, I've never had it nor has Robert so you must know that I am being EXTRA cautious as I certainly don't wish to contract it at this stage of the game, KWIM? LOL!

I've been educating Wyatt as to how to protect himself and I don't believe that we can be too careful these days - just SO much going around ALL the time! Anyhoo, he is such a sweetheart and I had to gently let him know that I was not picking on him as I informed each of my boys to exercise caution (they like to play "big brothers" and rough and tumble with them and that brings them into close contact) as "pink-eye" is HIGHLY contagious! So, here's to a SAFE and HEALTHY weekend for all involved!!!

I am SO behind and just haven't felt like doing anything (thus no photos yet - I'm sorry!) I am just taking it easy with myself and as I start feeling rejuvenated I know that my MOJO shall eventually return! Can I reach through the screen and rub some off from y'all??? ROFL! Hey, I'm desperate over here!!!

Tonight you will find in your package of goodies for FFF, a scrapatit from the layout I posted night before last and of course you KNEW there just had to be an alpha coming RIGHT??? Well, you were correct and you will find that along with the scrapatit!!!

I still have a few more pieces of *Bloomin' Awesome* to hand out to y'all! I have a little tip to give along with them as to why you will find me giving you frames that seem to be duplicates but aren't really!!! Stay-tuned for the reason behind it all and I'm sure MANY of you will already have it figured out!!! Smarty pants!!!

Until tomorrow, SCRAP HAPPY!

P.S. Please help me in extending SPECIAL birthday wished to Ms. Karen Halgren's darling husband Jon who is celebrating his "45th" today!!! MANY of you know Karen who has been around the digiscrapping sites for nearly four years now!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!



>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Would y'all believe that I spent my day AWAY from the computer yesterday??? Uh, huh ... I did, I REALLY, REALLY did! I hurt from head-to-toe. Ached as if I had the flu, but I didn't. Was it a FIBRO flare-up? Not sure about that either. All I know is that even the tops of my feet ached!!! Now that is just plain weird to me, but it's not the first time.

Anyhoo, yours truly took a LONG nap on the recliner, cleaned the kitchen, fixed dinner and hung out with my darlin' watching television and EVEN went to bed EARLY ... like around ten-ish I believe!!!

Now, you've just got to know that I'm under-the-weather when I don't touch my computer and watch television!!! ROFL! DEFINITELY something wrong there!!! I'm feeling more like myself today and still not sure why I felt SO bad yesterday, but I shant let that trouble me as long as I'm feeling well enough to be sitting right here, creating and visiting with y'all!!! LOL!

Of course, that puts me BEHIND (shall I adopt this as my new middle name???) and I won't have any photos to share with you until tomorrow night! However, I do have for you some more goodies to add to your *Bloomin' Awesome* collection!!! A few of the items are just downright "charming", but I'll let you be the judge of that! (Be nice to me now, remember I've not been feeling good!) He, he ...

See you CREATIVE wonders tomorrow and I wish you ALL a FABULOUS day! (I'm still waiting for some FABULOUS layouts from y'all - don't make me BEG you now!!! LOL!)

Baci e abbracci,

P.S. The layout below is one that is down below in my personal slideshow. I put it here for those who've not traveled down to the BOTTOM of my blog to see it!!! Just an idea of what I did with the MULTIPLE-PHOTO FRAME that is included in tonight's freebie download.


Layout by MOI using my *BLOOMIN AWESOME* - this was our first meeting of
PRECIOUS Dillon James on Easter Sunday one year ago here in Copperopolis
before Poppa sold his home and moved several hours away



>> Monday, March 24, 2008

PHEW!!! We had a GRAND Easter (pun intended!), however, my day has been in SLOW motion today after spending a FABULOUS day in the sun and running around doing squats to capture the FUN and GAMES and, of course, our grandbabies!!! I will share some photos tomorrow! Natually, I had to snap a zillion frames to make up for the lost photo op last weekend!!! ROFL!

Marlena, mama to Dillon, was SO gracious and said we really didn't miss anything, but Dillon did - his nap the morning of his birthday! She said he was cranky and didn't think he was feeling well either. Bless his heart. As Marlena described it to me, Dillon wasn't himself and when everyone sang happy birthday to him, he thought he was being yelled at!!! OMGosh! This is the same darlin' that worked the entire crowd at the last HUGE family birthday party!!! About 65 people showed and I can't help but think that was ENTIRELY too overwhelming for a little guy who is just not feeling up to snuff. I know how I feel when I'm not well. I just want to be at home and curled up on the sofa or in my OWN bed with my family nearby!!! If I were in the company of 65 people, I'd want to crawl under the table!!! LOL! Not very ladylike I know! I'd most likely excuse myself politely and then find my way to the car, recline the seat ALL the way back and drift off to sleep!!! YUP, that's what I'd do!!!

How was your day yesterday? Anyone have any TALES to share??? LOL! We ended up NOT having an Easter egg hunt for the adults and we missed the one for the kiddos, so I am without photos of a GREAT hunt! Anyone have some they wish to share with me??? I'd LOVE to post them if you're willing!

How about photos of the family dressed in their Sunday best? Any new hats, Easter bonnets? I saw one Mom strolling her baby girl through the park with her little Easter bonnet on - my camera was not retrievable fast enough to catch a photo of her! I think I was taking a wee bit of a break and enjoying some INCREDIBLY divine salad made by one of our newlywed nieces! Kimmi and her mom make the BEST salads I've ever had and as Del put it to me after I mentioned to her that Kimmi bagged some up and put it in our cooler for me ... "we've got YOUR number Linda"!!!

Due to my inability to digest meat at the current time, I ate wisely so as not to aggravate my gall bladder and I snacked on fresh fruit, veggies and then my main meal of salad. But let me tell you, this salad was filling!!! It had a nice mixture of fresh greens, I'm thinking feta cheese, fresh raspberries and blueberries, cherry tomatoes, avocado and I'm sure a few other things I'm not remembering at the moment. I forgot to ask what kind of dressing, but I believe that it was something like a raspberry vinegarette!!! All I can tell ya is that it was YUMMY!!!

John, one of my 18-year-old twin boys, was the only one not working or off somewhere else for the day, so he joined us and was finally able to meet Travis and Sofie's baby boy, Lohgan, who is now six months old! It was good to see John mingling with Robert's side of the family as he has not had the opportunity to do so for some time! With my boys not having any family nearby, it's really a treat for them and for me to see them "plugged in"!

Okay, enough about my day, I would surely LOVE to hear about yours!!!

Tonight, I have just a wee bit more for you to add to the *Bloomin' Awesome* collection and will have a few more things for you throughout the week and then I'm on to some serious designing as I have contributions to make to three different compilations during the month of April as well as a SURPRISE coming up at Treasures-to-Scrap! Please send some MOJO my way!!! He, he ...

Sweet dreams all ...


P.S. There seems to be some intermittent troubles with my downloads via Media Fire. 4-Shared has removed the pirated files of mine so that they are no longer accessible, so I thought I'd give it a go again. I always check the links before leaving my blog. If you happen to come along to download before I've finished and you encounter any difficulty, please give it a few minutes and try again as if I find any snags, I will be altering the post to correct them!

My downloads via 4-shared will be "password protected". Tonight's password is "charmed" (without quotation marks!) - remember passwords are case-sensitive and tonight's password is all in lower-case letters.

Thanks for your patience as I try to find the best solution for all of us in getting my files to you!



>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

This bunny is HOPPIN' in to wish y'all a VERY "Happy Easter"!!! However you celebrate, or not, may your day be a SPECTACULAR one!!!

Thank you for easing my conscience about missing Dillion's birthday party and, YES, Nancy, Dillon WILL be present at the picnic tomorrow and I hope to get a scruncha-buncha photos of him and his little cousins!!!

Night all, sweet dreams and please be safe on the roads tomorrow if you are traveling.

Love and hugs,

P.S. I shall try to remind myself to share with y'all next post about my being swayed over to the "dark" side!!! ROFL! Uh, hum ... paper scrapping that is!!! Yes, I will be working on a "hybrid" project as part of a contest at Treasures-to-Scrap! I shall fill y'all in on Monday's post unless we get home early tomorrow night and I'm up to posting then!!!! He, he ....

I also wanted to mention that the floral background paper in installment number three is what kicked off this entire kit a year ago!!! I played with brushes for the first time and had a blast filling up a whole page with them! XOXO


UPDATE: Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter yesterday! It is
NOON here
in California, Monday, March 24th and the link is working
fine! I did check it a bit ago
and it timed out, which usually means the
server is VERY busy, so if that happens,
just give it a few minutes and
try again! Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY MONDAY!



>> Friday, March 21, 2008

WOO HOO!!! OW, OW and YEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!!! The second day of SPRING is going on (well, almost over ... he, he ...) and it is still BLOOMIN' AWESOME here at Bon Scrapatit Designs!!! How's that y'all ask??? I can hear you!!! ROFL! Yep, you guessed it - WAY past this girls bedtime tonight!!! Actually, I've felt rather silly just about ALL day long today!!! I'm cleansing ... perhaps I've rid my body of all the ho-hums, eh? LOL! That's a GRAND thought and I shall leave it at that!!! I FEEL GOOD ... da, da, da, da, da ...

It's STILL *Bloomin' Awesome* because I have another mini addition to add to the collection from last night! I mentioned that I was not sure where I was going with this kit, which was my second-ever creation just about ONE year ago this time!!! I will most likely add a few things to it a little more up-to-date as it is pretty basic, however, I just ADORE the colors as they are SO fresh and just make me feel good when I look at them. I hope they make you feel that way too!

You will notice a SWEET little "butterfly" in this installment, which I've made from background papers in my *Bloomin' Awesome* collection and a FABULOUS template from a dear "fellow" designer at 3Scrapateers who goes by Nicecrane aka Ignacio!!! Ignacio lives in Spain, has taught Photoshop for 12 or so years now and creates the MOST incredible layouts each and every time!!! He is SO talented and I am SO loving every NEW product he comes out with in his store as they are all TRULY unique! Ignacio has some LOVELY collaged photo templates, straw frames (yes, they look like the flex straws that we ALL know and love), glitter frames ( ya just gotta KNOW that I LOVE these!!!) and even some BEAUTIFUL glitter styles!!! The list just goes on and on and I can hardly keep up with his NEW additions!

I just went to get the direct link to the BUTTERFLY TEMPLATE and found that he has already uploaded these SWEET little animals that he started creating just today. He started with a "cow" and now has a package with 3-cows, 3-bunnies and 3-bugs. Y'all have just got to check out his ENTIRE store!!! You can find Nicecrane Designs HERE

Ignacio is also VERY intrigued with "origami" and has created some AWESOME digital origami items to add a UNIQUE touch to your layouts. Please pay him a visit, you won't be sorry and you will also find some VERY nice "freebies" on Ignacio's blog, which is HERE Some of his products are also for "commercial use".

And, of course, y'all know how to visit my store as the links are always located right below my newest products at the upper portion of the sidebar here on my blog! Have you checked out my two newest editions yet. I know St. Patty's has already passed, but it's NEVER to late to scrap and *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* is SO versatile and does wonders with NATURE photos as well or even heritage pages ifn' ye be of Irish decent!

Thank you SO much for visiting me and I wish you all a VERY Happy Easter and can't wait to hear what y'all do!

I have neglected to tell you (I was bummed for two days straight and really didn't even feel like blogging let alone telling my poor, feeble story!) that Robert and I did NOT make it to Dillon's FIRST birthday party last Saturday! YEP, you read me right ... we did NOT make it! How could that be y'all are wondering? Well, this OLD lady needs to have her vision checked or she needs not to spend SO much time staring at the computer screen!!! I misread the invitation (not once, but twice) to say "The first pitch is at 1:00". Mind you, there was no AM or PM or I might have had a better clue! (Yeah, I know, still my bad!) We were all packed up and ready-to-go and I had run back into the house to grab said invitation for driving directions when I found Robert on his cell phone with son #3 and heard him say, "what do you mean the party has been going on for a half an hour?" OOOOOOPS! It was 11:30, we had Wyatt and Garret to pick up and then another hour's drive from there. My whole demeanor changed. We drove my oldest to the store for work and I busted ... yup ... I cried. I had just spent the past four days with what I now believe to have been a gallbladder attack and I was trying SO hard to keep my emotions in tact so as not to stress my body as that seems to trigger so many things in me these days. I can't tell you HOW many times I apologized to Robert, who, believe it or not, was actually happy to not have to go as he just does not look forward to long drives after working all week. Bless his heart. He is TOO nice to me sometimes! He, he ...

All that to say this, we are going to a BIG family Easter picnic Sunday morning at 11:00 am! Robert teases me and asks if I'm sure it doesn't start at 1:00!!! Such a guy! He's a BONA FIDE nut! Keeps me laughing and I will NEVER fault him for that!

So, NO birthday photos from me - just hoping to get them from other members in the family that attended! I will be taking LOTS of photos of the kiddos AND adults during their egg hunts at the park. We are also having a bar-b-que and I get to eat!!! WOO HOO!!!

Love and hugs to y'all, have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL weekend and VERY special time with your loved ones.

Sweet dreams ...

P.S. Sharon - I'm sorry to hear about your loss of electricity and hope it's not something that will be happening to you again any time soon. Was it weather related? I had six consecutive power outages last weekend and that has NEVER happened to us here before. It was really, really strange even!

I forgot to remind y'all tonight that tomorrow, Saturday, is Osten Wilkins aka the DUDE'S grand opening over at OSTEN WILKINS DESIGNS!!! Hope to see y'all there - he's got LOTS of goodies for us!!!



>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

It has been a GRAND first day of spring here in Copperopolis! No, can't say it was short and sandal weather, but it was comfortable ... sweater weather, but at least it was not windy, rainy or snowy! I know that some parts of the country have been getting hit pretty hard. My friend, Osten (the DUDE!), was telling me about the flooding in Missouri and I was able to catch some news this morning. WOW! One little bitty town was completely submerged under water. So sad for those that have lost their homes.

I am just HAP, HAP, HAPPY to hear that the rains are subsiding and shall be hoping for minimal damage as the flood stages have not reached their maximum yet. For any of you affected or with family and/or friends affected, PLEASE be safe!

Change of venue for tonight since it is the FIRST day of Spring! I am giving you a little mini-kit from my *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* stash. I'm still not sure what I wish to do with this, but thought I'd start with a little something and see if it just happens to BLOOM into something bigger!!!

I will be back tomorrow night for FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY here at Bon Scrapatit Designs. I'm a little on the quiet side as I am just settling into my new store over at Treasures-to-Scrap and will begin working on my surprises for National Scrapbooking Day at 3Scrapateers!!! Shhhhh .... you did NOT hear a thing!!! ROFL! Anyhoo, if you've not visited TTS yet, please come on over and visit. There is a new "treasure chest" each month designed by the TTS designers and there are some SPECIAL goodies coming up in April in celebration of SPRING!!! Hop on over and take a look around. FOLLOW THE TRAIL ....

I will try to catch you up on the rest of my adventures tomorrow night!!! So much that has happened, has NOT happened and has YET to happen!!! LOL! I think y'all can relate to that, eh?

Are y'all out participating in the BIG egg hunt that Shauna has going on with her Sunshine Girls and Guy??? I'm hoping to jump in and have some FUN and sure hope to find some GOODIES!!! I haven't been on a GOOD egg hunt in just about FOREVER!!! Lots of neato stuff going on out and about!

I'm preparing for the DUDE'S "grand opening" on Saturday and hope to see y'all there. I got to take a SNEAK-PEEK at some of his SPECIAL treats and OHHHHHH my goodness! You'll just have to be there to check them out for yourselves!

Have a BEAUTIFUL tomorrow y'all!!!




>> Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And, NO, it is DEFINITELY not SUPERMAN or even SUPERWOMAN!!! The only likeness is that Superman lived in Metropolis and THIS GIRL lives in Copperopolis and is FLYING THROUGH TONIGHT in close to a WINK OF THE EYE!!!

I am leaving you with a BLOPPER by our LOVELY Ms. Bonnie Beechler made from my *FLORAL FRENZY* scrapkit!!! I just LOVE that name - BLOPPER! Similar to a PLOPPER but carries it's own flavor as well as Bonnie's UNIQUE style! I've added a background paper behind it tonight and tomorrow I will leave y'all with it as a BLOPPER - one with transparency and one without tomorrow night. You can use one to put a photo behind as with the "scrapatit" you are able to download tonight and the other will serve nicely as a journaling matte or a photo matte with possibly a blended photo. Use your IMAGINATION and surprise Bonnie and I with something unique!

BTW - if you'd like to say "thank you" to Bonnie personally, stop on by the 3S gallery HERE and leave her some LOVIN' on her DARLING layout that I posted last night of Kody and Carter! I know she will be SUPRISED and LOVING every moment of it!!! THANK YOU! Y'ALL ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

I shall catch up with y'all tomorrow, God willing! I have spent most of my day posting my new kits out and about and have a bit more advertising to do and then I'm going to come out to play for a day or so!!!

Oh, and make sure to mark your calendars for THE DUDE'S "grand opening" festivities over at OSTEN WILKINS DESIGNS this Saturday, March 22nd, as he treats us to a day of FUN and GOODIES!!! I hope to see y'all there! Let's SURPRISE him with a BIG 'ol LONG LINE clear down the street and around the corner!!! WOO HOO!!!

Have a FABULOUS tomorrow y'all and BON SCRAPATIT!!!



>> Monday, March 17, 2008

Top of the evenin' to y'all and for those of ye who be Irish, I hope you've had a day of CELEBRATION and wearin' of the green!

I've spent my past two days zipping, uploading, rezipping and reuploading files for my two NEW scrapkits, *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* and *Floral Frenzy*!!! WOO HOO! I've got kits for sale!!! LOL! Okay, I know! Well, shucks, I just can't help myself as it seems like it's been pert near FOREVER since I've had anything NEW to share!

I will elaborate a bit more tomorrow or the day after as to my past week! I've not been here for the past two for a couple of different reasons and I shall cover those as well!!! But ... I am here NOW!

How are y'all??? Anyone attend a special St. Paddy's Day celebration? I'd LOVE to hear about it. I cooked up a DOUBLE batch of corned beef and cabbage for the guys (they love it SO much they had me fix some on Saturday and it was GONE in a blink of the eyes!!!) and made the BIG mistake of indulging in some myself. I'm paying for it at the moment - this body just won't tolerate beef! Guess I TRULY have something to "beef" about now, don't I??? LOL!

I MISS everyone and need to make my rounds!!! I have SO enjoyed ALL of your LOVELY comments and wish I could reply to each one personally and promptly, but it just has not been possible and I do appreciate your understanding. You are just the DEAREST of friends and I wish we could have a little "par-tay" going on right here on my blog!!!

Tink (we really do have a lot in common, don't we?), Sue, Elisa, Mandy, Liz, Monna, Osten and anyone else who's blogs I visit and haven't in a while - I shall be there to catch up with you this week!!! Thank you for keeping my spirits lifted while buried in paperwork, files, not feeling well, etc.! Y'all ROCK!

Ms. Carole, I shall be calling you tomorrow! Thank you for ALL of the well-wishes and I have to tell you that your SWEET mother and Robert share the same date of birth! Dawn, girlfriend, I missed our call today - will catch you on MSN! Boy, are we on a fast train or what??? LOL! Well, we all know that it WILL eventually stop, right? He, he ...

I just wish to respond to some of the neato comments like the one from Vicki in Texas who has grandsons named Wyatt and Garret!!! Now is that not a kick or what? Robert's Wyatt was named after Wyatt Earp and the story with Garret is that Mom wanted to name him something similar and Dad did not like it, so Garret came to be!!! I LOVE the both as they are really VERY nice names!

I also enjoyed reading about the dress you made LONG ago that matches the DAISY mini Patty and someone used the colors for their wedding along with daisies - TOO cool y'all!!! Any possibility of a layout with that dress Patty??? That would be AWESOME!

I had a REALLY nice treat in finding that Teresa from the site, JUST MOMMIES, had picked *Fresh As A Daisy* as a weekend challenge and posted her LOVELY layout of her DD, Megan on her blog. Thank you to both Teresa and Mandy for visiting. Mandy is Mandy Mystiques and her link is located on my sidebar. I shall be adding Teresa's site as well and will be suggesting to my DIL that she join as they cover A LOT of different topics that are JUST for Mommies and those wishing to be! AWESOME site y'all!

Sandra, dearest Sandra ... thank you SO much for sharing about your mother and I am quite honored to be able to be a part of preserving her PRECIOUS memories for your family to relish for years to come. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours during this time of healing that empty spot from your personal loss even though you know that she is now pain free.

Aly dearest, you hit the nail right on the head darlin'. There is DEFINITELY a season for all things and for ALL things a purpose!

Michelle, I got your e-mail and shall reply just as quickly as I am able. I do not like replying in haste so I wait until the timing is right and I can answer in my "right" mind! LOL! Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement!

Tiffany, I SO appreciate all your LOVELY comments and suggestions. I will see what I can come up with for birthdays! I find that a bit of a challenge as there are SO many different themes and color schemes and my head goes into a whirlwind thinking about it!!! Perhaps a few ideas from y'all and something might CLICK, ya think? LOL!

Cindy, we DEFINITELY need to catch up girl! Yes, and I need to get moving on some tutorials for y'all too!

Nancy and Sharon - you are SO ever faithful and you keep me lifted! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to EACH and EVERY one of you. I am SO overwhelmed with the LOVE that FLOWS through SCRAPLAND. WOO HOO!!! "Digi-Sisters United"!!! I'm LOVIN' it!!!

Okay, since I've taken the time to try to catch up with MANY of you, I shall leave the rest for tomorrow and the next day and I should have all of my new previews and links up for you tomorrow. I shall post below only the MAIN PREVIEW from each kit as well as a layout from our DEAR, Bonnie Beechler using my *Floral Frenzy* scrapkit as well as a LOVELY freebie that she has SO generously bestowed upon us tonight! THANK YOU Ms. Bonnie!!! We LOVE you!

Night all ... sleep well ... see you tomorrow!

Sogni d' oro,

Is this not just the SWEETEST duo??? Now here is a smile
that BURST! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it - can't stop smilin'!



>> Friday, March 14, 2008

Greetings everyone!!! Today has brought me a little more relief from that which ails me!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!! Just in time for the BIG birthday bash tomorrow as we celebrate grandson, Dillon's FIRST birthday!!!

No, Robert will not be flying to Louisiana after all and his cousin had told him from the get-go not to worry about it! Flights are just WAY to high (another unintentional pun!) so close to the date. Grandma Foster was VERY well-known in Rayville, a VERY active member of her church and believe me, this is going to be a CELEBRATION of her life WELL-LIVED!!!

So, just HOW do men handle such situations you might be wondering? Or, how is Robert handling the fact that he is unable to attend his grandmother's service tomorrow? Shhhhhh ... I know my SWEET man very well. He called me yesterday while running errands for me during his lunch break (dog food, printer cartridge, you know ... the necessities!) and informed me that he was NOT going to Louisiana and that he and several other people went searching for a flight (this included using a travel agency) and the lowest fare found was WAY out our league at the present time. So, how does a "man" compensate for such a disappointment??? Hmmmmm??? Well, he comes home with an NEW toy of course!!! Yep, that's what he did ... he bought himself a computer so that he can work on improving his keyboarding skills here at home as well as being able to learn more about his job as Gaming Commissioner!!! He's SO cute - just wanna squeeze him a little too hard sometimes! Oh, and he bought a very basic model without a monitor as he has one from work that he can use. He paid about half as much for it as he could afford to spend on an airline ticket. Ahhhh .... the things it takes to sooth the "savage beast"!!! Oh, I meant to say, "man"!!! Wise choice I must say as he LOVES to learn and this will allow him some extra study time here at home while I am busy creating!!!

All kidding aside, Robert is really a VERY tender man and I've learned to read his cues rather easily, which I am EVER grateful for! THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... each and EVERY one of you for your prayers, thoughts and well-wishes as they are gratefully received and tucked within our hearts! Y'all are just TOO darned sweet, ya know?

Okay, on to some business-at-hand! Tonight's freebie is an extension of my having "switched gears" while in horrific pain and unable to focus on my kit that needs to be in my stores! I created a layout and then made it into a "scrapatit" for y'all. I REALLY had fun planting my daisies and working with some custom shadowing!!! I LIVE to learn and each time I get the opportunity to spend a little time on something, I LOVE to play around and experiment. I hope you like it and, perhaps, find it something to inspire your creativity if you are fairly new to digital scrapbooking.

I will be sharing TWO layouts with you tonight. The first is a VERY special one that Elaine aka EVD sent to me of her PRECIOUS granddaughter using the freebies I posted from *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* - THANK YOU so much Elaine!!! The second, is my layout using *Fresh As A Daisy* and is a photo of one of Robert's cousins and his family as we all gathered to celebrate his younger sister's "50th" birthday this past December!

My nose is on it's way back into PS to finish up *Shimmerin' Shamrocks*, which I hope to be able to submit as my FIRST kit to Treasures To Scraps before leaving tomorrow and will also be uploading it to my store at 3Scrapateers before the weekend is over!!! I really, really need to find a balance in my designing as I seem to always find "just one more thing" that I wish to add and it goes on and on and on! I will SOON learn I'm sure!

Have a FANTASTIC Friday night and a SPLENDID weekend y'all!!! See you tomorrow night or Sunday, God willing!


Layout by EVD using *SHIMMERIN' SHAMROCKS* by Bon Scrapatit Designs
Is she not just the SWEET EST little Irish lassie!!!

Layout by me using my *Fresh As A Daisy Mini*



>> Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hi y'all!!! Just checking in real quick like as I'm just about ready to release *Floral Frenzy* and *Shimmerin' Shamrocks*!!! Just need to get all of my ducks in a row and they are GOOD to go!!! I will post the previews here on my sidebar with DIRECT links so that you can see them in my new store at Treasures To Scrap as well as my store at 3Scrapateers!!!

I am SO excited and EVEN more excited since talking with daughter #2 on the phone just a bit ago. She is SOOOOO happy and that makes me SOOOOOO happy, of course! She and her fiance', Travis, will be taking their vows come August 16th in an outdoor ceremony in BEAUTIFUL downtown Vancouver, Washington. She just had to fill me in on ALL of the details and she has most everything in place with the exception of the photographer that they are still in search of!

Now, I must be honest in telling you that the previous two paragraphs were written 24 hours ago, when I just had to give up and go to bed. As you know, I've been battling the digestive woes and I'm not quite sure what happened nearly two days ago, but it has had me "out of it" for the past two days straight! I was trying SO hard to get your freebie uploaded last night and just couldn't hang, KWIM? LOL! Anyhoo, I think I isolated the problem and am now working on that along with getting my kits prepared for uploading over the next 24-48 hours, God willing!

I received an e-mail this morning from one of Robert's cousins in Louisiana informing us that his PRECIOUS little 96-six-year-old grandmother passed away this morning. I immediately called Robert at work as he had just spoken with her right after Christmas and she had even expressed to him then that she was "tired" and ready to go! We also found out that she had experienced a stroke in late January leaving her unable to speak. WOWSERS! "96" is A LOT of years and Grandma Foster lived a GOOD full life! Robert only met her 15 years ago as his father was killed in a car accident when he was still in utero. Robert's cousin, Coniece, assured him that she was, indeed, ready to go home and we all know she is now living pain free and where she longed to be!

Anyhoo, things are a bit up in the "air", no pun intended as Robert tries to find a flight that we can afford. It is not easy to get anything reasonable when booking at the last minute and as it turns out, Grandma Foster's services are being held the same day as grandson, Dillon's first birthday party! Tomorrow, we will contact my future DIL's grandmother, who owns a travel agency, to see if she had hunt down a cancellation or an unfilled seat, etc.

I shall try my darndest to catch up on unfinished business tomorrow. I still need to announce a few "grand openings" and post a SWEET layout I received using *Shimmerin' Shamrocks*! Thank you Elaine aka EVD!!!

When I'm not feeling so good, or completely overwhelmed, sometimes the BEST remedy for me is to switch gears and attempt something TOTALLY "fresh"! Thus cometh, *As Fresh As A Daisy* and I must admit, I "am" feeling much better!!! WOO HOO!

If I have missed anyone's question or comment the past several days, please don't be afraid to repost for me and/or e-mail me at

I hope y'all are enjoying your week thus far and I REALLY hope that your FREEBIE tonight will FRESHEN things up a bit in YOUR day and in your scrapping endeavors!!!

Love and hugs,


*SPECIAL NOTE: I actually heard back from 4-Shared rather quickly
and they have removed the illegally uploaded files of mine! YAHOO!
I have just (9:40 pm PST) uploaded *Fresh As A Daisy* again and
have posted the new link above, tested it and all seems to be well
withthis one. Please let me know if you experience any further
troubles. I guess Media Fire messed up the link somehow in their
maintenance! I cannot complain however, as they do provide us with
a FREE means by which to share our FREEBIES!!!
Thanks for your understanding!



>> Sunday, March 9, 2008

Okay, I was looking for something FUNNY to say as I RUSH IN and right back out again!!! Am I being FOOLISH??? I shall let y'all decide on that!!! Oh, the pressure! He, he ....

In all seriousness, you know it's been a BUSY little weekend with the boys about and although they were VERY well-behaved, it is constant noise that these ears aren't quite used to all day long, so it was rather distracting and unless I can FOCUS on what's at hand, it's almost futile to attempt anything!!!

I had so much FUN walking out and saying silly little things to Wyatt and Garret as they were playing with their BOY TOYS! They just LOVE the attention and it is just SO darn easy to give it to them!!!

We will be picking them up this coming Saturday to take with us to grandson, Dillon's, FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH which is being held at a hotel banquet room. Ninety people have been invited as this is a HUGE family and Dillon already knows how to "work" a crowd so it won't be overwhelming for HIM whatsoever! He is a CUTIE PATOOTIE for sure and has the SWEETEST "little man" look! I shall DEFINITELY have to share some photos and, perhaps, can do that sometime this week!

I'm leaving you tonight with a few more additions to *Shimmering Shamrocks* and this is playing off some of the other colors you picked up in the FIRST scrapatizer I gave out on the first! I LOVE this color palette and I'm thinking of renaming the upcoming scrapkit, *Shimmering Shamrocks of Old*, as it includes some rustic metals and reminds me of the "old country"! I hope you like it as much as I have playing with it!

I finished reworking *Floral Frenzy* today, along with a new set of previews for the stores and I hope to get that uploaded ASAP, but was trying to hold out for my debut at Treasures To Scrap and I'm not quite sure when that will be exactly!!!

Thank you for your patience with me as I adapt myself once again! It seems to get a little more difficult the older I am getting and I've always been VERY adaptable, just a wee bit slower at it these days!!!

Hope y'all had a GRAND weekend! Fill me in! Any layouts to share??? I really need some new ones to add to the slideshow below!!! PRETTY PLEASE ... with another FREEBIE on top!!! ROFL!

You know I love you NO matter what, but I'm missing your masterpieces!

Thank you Miss Rina for your WARM welcome! I have missed you so and am QUITE honored to be hanging my designer wings close to yours!!! Ms. Rina is someone I have looked up to in the design world for a LONG time now and she still NEVER ceases to amaze me with her INCREDIBLE talent and SUPERB creations!!!

Thank you ALL for the CONGRATS!!! Jonni, thank for the tip on Google! I shall give it a whirl as I already tried a few others with NO success!

Liz, thank you for taking the time to stop by sweetie! EVERYBODY, my dear SWEET friend, Liz Hutchison aka Sweet Digi Scraps has just started her VERY own site and I will fill you in on that, hopefully tomorrow night as I have THREE, count them, THREE grand opening events to share and I am SO privileged to announce them right here on my blog!!! The WORLD of DIGI just keeps getting BIGGER and BIGGER and MUCHO BETTER!!! WOO HOO!

Night all .... have a MARVELOUS Monday!!!




>> Saturday, March 8, 2008

Well, I'm on the fly again tonight!!! It has been one of those days when you've set out to do one particular thing and anything and everything that could, does distract you!!!

Robert took the boys to WalMart for some belated birthday shopping and they couldn't wait to get home to show me their treasures and, of course, to play with them!!! They are really amazing young men! I've not heard a cross word between the two of them (then we don't live with them 24/7!) since they arrived and they just seem to perfectly content. Garret is actually on the sick side so I don't think he is quite his spunky self. He is such a HAM and is usually sneaking up on me several times throughout the day and giggling like crazy. He's mostly just sat quietly and played with his new "guy stuff"! He even went to sleep early, so I know he's not feeling so good - poor babe.

Okay, I guess I've kept y'all in suspense long enough!!! I am spreading my little 'ol designer wings and will be selling my designs at Treasures To Scrap starting sometime next week I believe. Paperwork has been completed and they are getting me all set up to go, so just waiting for the word and I'm ready to move in!!! Tracy Madsen and Wendi Rees are the owners and are just as sweet as can be. I am VERY excited to be joining the ranks of some of my favorite designers!

Yes, I will still be at 3Scrapateers, my HOME, SWEET, SCRAPPIN' HOME! It's like leaving home for the first time and stepping out into the BIG world that awaits you! I'm just a wee bit nervous, but know I'll be just fine and well taken care of!

Sharon, your guess about Osten ... well, close but NO cigar!!! All kidding aside, once Osten is up and running, comfortable and established, he may start taking in other designers and yes, he has offered me a place to rest my wings too!

I have a few other options as well, but slow and steady wins the race. If I take on too much at one time, well .... horrors, I don't wish to even think about it!!! I'm not 30 anymore and it's becoming more and more difficult to juggle, know what I mean? Please tell me you do, otherwise, there really is something horribly wrong with me!!! ROFL!!!! He, he ....

I will quickly explain to you why I opted to go non-exclusive at 3S sooner than planned. Having started at 3S over three years ago, I never really gave much thought to why I would ever not want to be non-exclusive until I read about Tracy Madsen's son-in-law Trevor on Rina Kroes' blog and really wanted to do something. Well, I posted all about it here on my blog but really wanted to contribute my designs to the store at TTS to go towards helping the family. One slight problem. I was an EXCLUSIVE designer, which meant that I could NEVER create a thing for anyone other than 3S and it be sold for monies. WHOA! Wait a minute! Hold the phone! I'm now feeling like I've lost a freedom! So, I've changed my status to non-exclusive and am FREE to roam about SCRAPLAND!!!

Love you guys and thank you for all the well wishes with the boys this weekend. They are a joy to have around and I actually get a BIG grin on my face when I walk outside of my room and have to step around toys!!!

Night all and I hope you like this little addition to "Shimmering Shamrocks"! I just LOVE the sheer ribbon and bow thanks to Monica Larsen's NEWEST action at Commercial-Use!!! I had to place all of the shamrocks myself as I didn't like the way it turned out with the action, so I just re-ran it with a plain sheer ribbon and added the glittered shamrocks as best I could for realism! I bought some FABULOUS St.Patrick's Day brushes from a VERY talented lady from Croatia. Her name is Silvia and her site is Graphics-Illustrations. I will be adding her to my sidebar just as soon as GOOGLE figures out what they've done that we are no longer able to scroll but halfway down the page of our elements to add, remove or change them! I am not complaining as I am EVER thankful for ALL that they have provided for FREE and to one who is HTML illiterate and would be TOTALLY lost without them!!!

Thank you GOOGLE!




>> Friday, March 7, 2008

Awwww, thank you SO much y'all for such LOVELY comments today!!! Aunt Flo is here to visit, I'm cleansing, the boys arrived SAFE and SOUND (well, actually, they are VERY quiet!) and I've been working like a maddog preparing tonight's FFF for y'all!!! I'm pooped and ready for a good night's sleep! Gotta be refreshed for the EARLY BIRDS ya know!!! LOL! Nah, we get up early anyway, but I'm weak and need some extra sleep me thinks!

Just in case some of you are thinking that Wyatt and Garret are our grandchildren, they are not! Believe it or not, they are ours! Well, you know what I mean .... Robert's sons, my stepsons, but I claim them as my own anyhoo!!! Wyatt is 8-1/2 and Garret JUST turned 7 on the 5th!!! And NO, I haven't robbed the cradle either!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself! Robert is younger than me, but only by two years. He had the boys in his early to mid 40's, which is not so uncommon for men or even women today! My father was 46 when I was born and 50 when my little brother was born. Sure wish I felt that kind of stamina at 50+!!! NOT! I'm ready for a little "me" time. Actually, "me" time to spend doing things for others!

The boys are all settled in and you'd never know that it had been four months since we've seen each other! They get along quite well when they are here and they just EAT UP the attention from my older boys, who are 18+!!! We also celebrated Christmas with them! Nothing better than watching the anticipation upon the face of young ones!!!

I'm in and out again tonight as I'm hoping to catch Maria's search engine before it passes through as I'm only going to leave the links up for 48 hours from now on. Ahhhh, I know, but what if we miss a freebie because we are away, at work or just FORGET??? NEVER fear, permanency is here!!! ROFL!

After I remove the freebies from Media Fire, I will be funneling them over to the FREEBIE GALLERY at 3Scrapateers. Now, the only hitch is that you'll need to make sure that you are registered (you will only need to do this once) and then when you click on the link here on my blog, it will take you right to the preview and to the download link, which is a VERY fast download as it was when I was using my freebie FTP at 3S.

I still have more to share and will do so over the weekend. I shall give you ONE little hint: I am spreading my designer wings and taking flight ....

Have a FANTABULOUS Friday night and a WONDERFUL weekend and I shall see you tomorrow!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. I've left room so that you may add "my" Lucky Charms, "our" Lucky Charms, etc. If you happen to scrap something right away, please e-mail a copy to me so that I may post it here on my blog. I would SO love to fill up my slideshow with YOUR masterpieces!!! THANK YOU!

E-mail address:



>> Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yeah right! I can hear y'all!

Well, I mean it this time!!! I am finally making some progress and I REALLY need to finish up two kits before the "little guys" arrive tomorrow evening!!! YES! They are REALLY coming this time! Robert will be picking them up after work and they live about an hour and a half from where he works. WOO HOO and YOWEEEEE!

SO, I shall see y'all tomorrow night and I should have one or, perhaps, TWO surprises to share with you!!!

I am SOOOOO excited!!!

Tonight's FREEBIE is just a little token of my appreciation for y'all while you patiently await my surprises and my new kit releases, which I hope to have ready-to-go by the end of the weekend!!! The Aged-Wire Shamrock and Jeweled Frame coordinates with my UPCOMING *Shimmering Shamrocks* and goes WONDERFULLY with the Shamrocks and Diamond Garland I included in the Scrapatizer for y'all last Saturday night!!! ENJOY!





>> Tuesday, March 4, 2008

HI Y'ALL!!!!

It's been SOOOOO quiet around here lately! Where is EVERYONE??? What am I missing???

Well, y'all have NO doubt been VERY, VERY busy as I have been! Before I go any further and forget, I would like to thank ALL of those participating in the past week's "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" at 3Scrapateers with Karen and I once again for making it such a BIG success!!! TOTAL count of BRAG BOOK pages in the gallery is 33 and Ms. Karen should be sending those out to all of us within the next day or two!!! That is enough pages for THREE entire albums without duplicating pages!!! WOO HOO and THANK YOU!!! Y'all make things SO much FUN and that is why I enjoy what I am doing - because it's FUN, CREATIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE!!! Thanks to y'all, I don't think I watch hardly a bit of television!!! I'd rather be right here creating!!! It's SO therapeutic and relaxing too!

I REALLY am VERY excited about getting a few brag book albums put together quickly to share with our family when we go to celebrate grandson number two's FIRST birthday on the 15th!!! Oh, YES, even MORE photo ops there!!! And then on the 29th, we will be attending a BABY SHOWER for my FIRST grandson from the Walton clan!!! WHOA! Better make sure I download the birthday boy's photos first and be ready-to-go again!!! Another BUSY, BUSY year and here I was hoping for a few months at home with NO place to go!!! ROFL! That just DOES NOT happen in a BIG family, now does it!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who brought to my attention that they saw some of my freebie images on another site. I would also like to explain a bit about how I feel about all of this without going into GREAT length as very simply put, my health cannot and will not tolerate it.

While I do not have the stamina to go pirate hunting as many are, I do appreciate the alerts, but being a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser, I tend to handle things in a more diplomatic manner than exploiting people publicly as I've seen done recently in many places. I suppose at this juncture I might intercede with a well-known Biblical verse, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

I am not saying that piracy is alright by any means. I'm just saying that as MANY before me have put it SO eloquently, Adobe has not stopped it. If major software companies and the age-old music industry HAVE NOT stopped it, then we won't be able to stop it either. I also feel it can be handled in a more ethical and professional manner. I, personally, do not believe in "public hangings" so-to-speak.

I have heart disease (kicking myself for not sharing my story during heart disease awareness month in February!) due to accumulative stress. They could find NO other explanation as to why I, a completely healthy woman up until this time 3 years ago March 1st, at the age of 50 was having an angioplasty performed and a stent implanted into my LAD artery. Upon my own research (which is my second passion after scrapping, designing and photography), I came to the conclusion that I suffered from an accumulation of severe and traumatic stress for 4/5 th's of my life. That only makes sense as I lived many years in fear for my life and at times that of my children's. I was also diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I also deal with Fibromyalgia which, in me, is triggered by stress. No, I do not like labels and NO I don't plan on being this way forever!!! It is up to me to bring a balance about and to curtail the things that bring about an abundance of stress in my life. DRAMA is one of them. For any of those experiencing a majority of their life in abuse, this is EASILY understood.

So, long story short here, this body cannot get on the bandwagon with those that are pursuing digital pirates. Here is what I will do however. If I see another designer's creations in a place I don't feel they should be or I see their links provided and/or someone claiming said designer's goods as their own, I will contact said designer and contact the person violating said designer if easily accessible.

Things that I will NOT do are get involved in forum dramas or post things on my blog that I cannot prove or back up as being fact.

I'm sure you all realize that my enjoyment here comes from being able to help others to preserve their MOST precious and priceless memories and to be UPLIFTING and ENCOURAGING. All of this chaos has not been uplifting whatsoever. So, I'd just like to say for anyone who may not be privy to and/or is new to the Internet, digital scrapbooking, my blog and such, PLEASE respect the hard work of others and do not infringe upon their copyrighted work. If in doubt about something, ask. It is NOT ethical or legal to share another's work without their permission and you will be amazed at how willing people are to share when asked.

If any of you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to ask or comment and I will address them.

NOW! I would like to return to my REGULARLY scheduled programming and offer you something UPLIFTING in the form of a FREEBIE!!! I have included the original layout I created your "scrapatit" from tonight as I really liked the way it turned out. It is nearly a year old now, but SPRING is right around the corner and down the street and I just think it's *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* and I hope y'all do to!!! I am offering "two" versions of this "scrapatit". One with a bit of journaling and the other without.

Thanks for being the understanding, caring, compassionate and LOVING people that you are! Y'all ROCK .... and then some!!!

See you tomorrow with some EXCITING news!!! WOO HOO!!!


Layout created using *Bloomin' Awesome* by MUAH. Photos courtesy of MUAH!



>> Sunday, March 2, 2008

I can't believe how quickly the "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" Gallery at 3Scrapateers has filled up with such PRETTY and CREATIVE brag book pages for ALL of us participating to collect next week!!!

A HUGE "thank you" to those of you that have already taken part and to those of you who have not as yet and may be pondering the idea, please go take a peek at the gallery now to see what awaits you for uploading at least ONE brag book page by MIDNIGHT EST, tomorrow night, March 3rd!!! I still have my additional page(s) to add as well, so it's NOT too late y'all!!! You will NOT believe some of the downright genius present in the gallery, which you can peek at HERE!

If you need information on how the "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" challenge works, you may read Karen's guidelines HERE!

If you wish to participate and still don't have *WIN'TREE WEATHER* in your scrapping collection, you may find it HERE!

And as a WEE bit more incentive to join us on this FABULOUS adventure, Ms. Carole Nordyke has GRACIOUSLY given one of her AMAZINGLY created brag book pages to me to give to y'all tonight!!! THANK YOU Carole!!! You SO totally ROCK girlfriend!!!

Marie! Dearest Marie! Can you see me? I replied to your e-mail a day or so ago - I hope you received it. I just needed to know what program you are using.

Sharon - I'm SO happy to hear that you are feeling better!!! WOO HOO for the both of us!

Carole dearest, I shall be thinking of you tomorrow as you make your trek for physical therapy. And to think, I was going to call you!!! Okay, so I wait until Tuesday! He, he ...

Sue, if you happen to catch this post, I have used digestive enzymes and should actually use them on a regular basis and will do so once I've completed my program. It actually contains LIVE enzymes in all of it's products so I'm good-to-go there. Sure does make a HUGE difference though, doesn't it sweetie? I'm just HAPPY to hear that you've found an answer for your digestive woes!!! YIPPEEEEEE! OW, OW!

Okay, this girl is off to bed before she gets WAY too giddy!

THANK YOU to all of you who have left comments on *SHIMMERING SHAMROCKS*!!! You are MOST welcome and YOUR enjoyment is my reward!

Until tomorrow ... SCRAP HAPPY Y'ALL!

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