>> Friday, March 7, 2008

Awwww, thank you SO much y'all for such LOVELY comments today!!! Aunt Flo is here to visit, I'm cleansing, the boys arrived SAFE and SOUND (well, actually, they are VERY quiet!) and I've been working like a maddog preparing tonight's FFF for y'all!!! I'm pooped and ready for a good night's sleep! Gotta be refreshed for the EARLY BIRDS ya know!!! LOL! Nah, we get up early anyway, but I'm weak and need some extra sleep me thinks!

Just in case some of you are thinking that Wyatt and Garret are our grandchildren, they are not! Believe it or not, they are ours! Well, you know what I mean .... Robert's sons, my stepsons, but I claim them as my own anyhoo!!! Wyatt is 8-1/2 and Garret JUST turned 7 on the 5th!!! And NO, I haven't robbed the cradle either!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself! Robert is younger than me, but only by two years. He had the boys in his early to mid 40's, which is not so uncommon for men or even women today! My father was 46 when I was born and 50 when my little brother was born. Sure wish I felt that kind of stamina at 50+!!! NOT! I'm ready for a little "me" time. Actually, "me" time to spend doing things for others!

The boys are all settled in and you'd never know that it had been four months since we've seen each other! They get along quite well when they are here and they just EAT UP the attention from my older boys, who are 18+!!! We also celebrated Christmas with them! Nothing better than watching the anticipation upon the face of young ones!!!

I'm in and out again tonight as I'm hoping to catch Maria's search engine before it passes through as I'm only going to leave the links up for 48 hours from now on. Ahhhh, I know, but what if we miss a freebie because we are away, at work or just FORGET??? NEVER fear, permanency is here!!! ROFL!

After I remove the freebies from Media Fire, I will be funneling them over to the FREEBIE GALLERY at 3Scrapateers. Now, the only hitch is that you'll need to make sure that you are registered (you will only need to do this once) and then when you click on the link here on my blog, it will take you right to the preview and to the download link, which is a VERY fast download as it was when I was using my freebie FTP at 3S.

I still have more to share and will do so over the weekend. I shall give you ONE little hint: I am spreading my designer wings and taking flight ....

Have a FANTABULOUS Friday night and a WONDERFUL weekend and I shall see you tomorrow!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. I've left room so that you may add "my" Lucky Charms, "our" Lucky Charms, etc. If you happen to scrap something right away, please e-mail a copy to me so that I may post it here on my blog. I would SO love to fill up my slideshow with YOUR masterpieces!!! THANK YOU!

E-mail address: lindawalton@3scrapateers.com

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