>> Saturday, March 1, 2008

Greetings all!

HAPPY MARCH 1ST! Can you believe it already??? Christmas is quickly approaching! Well, for us crafters anyhoo!!! GOTTA love Christmas in July, right?

I am feeling SO much better today than I have in well over a week!!! WOO HOO! I actually felt inspired to design this afternoon and to leave you all with a little something to make up for my absence the past few days!

I was NOT going to do anything St. Patrick's Day oriented as it is right around the corner, however, THIS girl is Irish and somehow it just wouldn't seem right not to put a little something together!

I'm not quite sure how much Irish blood is running through me veins, but aye lassies, I do have a red-headed lad to my name as well as a few green-eyed babes in the mix!!! ROFL! Okay, I'm sorry, my Irish accent is just a WEE bit rusty and I do LOVE a good one SO!

I need to get myself moving on my ancestry trail and get on through England so I can move on to Scotland, Ireland and Poland! I shall wait until after me green-eyed lassie's weddin' day I suppose!!!

A BIG, SUPER-HUGE, HEARTFELT "thank you" to those of you who have joined Karen and I for THIS WEEK'S adventure in the Crop 'em and Swap 'em Challenge located HERE.

We've already got several VERY creative and LOVELY brag book pages decorating the gallery and if you'd like to take a peek to see what you will end up with by participating, you may follow the direct link to the 3S Crop 'em and Swap 'em Gallery HERE. You need ONLY submit ONE page to qualify to receive all submissions. The DEADLINE is MIDNIGHT EST, Monday, March 3rd! Come have some FUN and put together some EXCITING brag books quickly for your FAMILY and FRIENDS! What a FABULOUS way to share current events with relatives living far away or perhaps a family member who is serving in the military or a child away at college!

If you wish to join and don't yet own *WIN'TREE WEATHER*, you may purchase it HERE for ONLY $3.00, which includes a BONUS, "Glistening Snowflake Alpha", through Monday, March 3rd!!!

I hope everyone is FEELING FINE and is finding their weekend PEACEFUL, PRODUCTIVE (even if it's just taking it easy, relaxing and recouping from a LONG week) and POSITIVELY "scrap happy"!!!

I'll catch up with you tomorrow and until next we meet ....

Bon Scrapatit,

P.S. From now on, most all of my FREEBIE LINKS will only remain active for 24-48 hours for security reasons. I am going to be permanently archiving MOST of the freebies I've offered here on my blog in the 3Scrapateers' Freebie Gallery and will be working on this over the next several days (quite a bit of work!). Once the move is complete, I will replace the existing link with a redirect to the appropriate upload in the gallery! I am EXCITED about this as now I will have a place to keep them indefinitely! I am also going to be uploading to my 4-Shared account rather than Media Fire. Although a bit quicker in the downloading process, they seem to be losing files as of late and I just struggled with my upload while typing this, so I think for now, 4-Shared shall be my preferred method of transfer. Thank you for your patience in all of my transition! (Due to unforeseen circumstances while uploading to 4-Shared, I have had to relocate tonight's file to Media Fire after all!)

Not ALL links will be redirected. For example, *SHIMMERING SHAMROCKS* will only be available for 48 hours max as it will be put into my store for sale. I wish to and am hoping to, at least once per month, to give y'all an opportunity to download for free a kit that I will be adding to my store as my way of saying, "THANK YOU" for your friendship, your encouraging words, shares and the way you bring a BIG smile to my face each day!!! You're THE BESTEST!!!

This link is no longer active
Stay-tuned for for the debut of a full scrapkit coming soon!

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