>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

It has been a GRAND first day of spring here in Copperopolis! No, can't say it was short and sandal weather, but it was comfortable ... sweater weather, but at least it was not windy, rainy or snowy! I know that some parts of the country have been getting hit pretty hard. My friend, Osten (the DUDE!), was telling me about the flooding in Missouri and I was able to catch some news this morning. WOW! One little bitty town was completely submerged under water. So sad for those that have lost their homes.

I am just HAP, HAP, HAPPY to hear that the rains are subsiding and shall be hoping for minimal damage as the flood stages have not reached their maximum yet. For any of you affected or with family and/or friends affected, PLEASE be safe!

Change of venue for tonight since it is the FIRST day of Spring! I am giving you a little mini-kit from my *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* stash. I'm still not sure what I wish to do with this, but thought I'd start with a little something and see if it just happens to BLOOM into something bigger!!!

I will be back tomorrow night for FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY here at Bon Scrapatit Designs. I'm a little on the quiet side as I am just settling into my new store over at Treasures-to-Scrap and will begin working on my surprises for National Scrapbooking Day at 3Scrapateers!!! Shhhhh .... you did NOT hear a thing!!! ROFL! Anyhoo, if you've not visited TTS yet, please come on over and visit. There is a new "treasure chest" each month designed by the TTS designers and there are some SPECIAL goodies coming up in April in celebration of SPRING!!! Hop on over and take a look around. FOLLOW THE TRAIL ....

I will try to catch you up on the rest of my adventures tomorrow night!!! So much that has happened, has NOT happened and has YET to happen!!! LOL! I think y'all can relate to that, eh?

Are y'all out participating in the BIG egg hunt that Shauna has going on with her Sunshine Girls and Guy??? I'm hoping to jump in and have some FUN and sure hope to find some GOODIES!!! I haven't been on a GOOD egg hunt in just about FOREVER!!! Lots of neato stuff going on out and about!

I'm preparing for the DUDE'S "grand opening" on Saturday and hope to see y'all there. I got to take a SNEAK-PEEK at some of his SPECIAL treats and OHHHHHH my goodness! You'll just have to be there to check them out for yourselves!

Have a BEAUTIFUL tomorrow y'all!!!


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