>> Friday, March 14, 2008

Greetings everyone!!! Today has brought me a little more relief from that which ails me!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!! Just in time for the BIG birthday bash tomorrow as we celebrate grandson, Dillon's FIRST birthday!!!

No, Robert will not be flying to Louisiana after all and his cousin had told him from the get-go not to worry about it! Flights are just WAY to high (another unintentional pun!) so close to the date. Grandma Foster was VERY well-known in Rayville, a VERY active member of her church and believe me, this is going to be a CELEBRATION of her life WELL-LIVED!!!

So, just HOW do men handle such situations you might be wondering? Or, how is Robert handling the fact that he is unable to attend his grandmother's service tomorrow? Shhhhhh ... I know my SWEET man very well. He called me yesterday while running errands for me during his lunch break (dog food, printer cartridge, you know ... the necessities!) and informed me that he was NOT going to Louisiana and that he and several other people went searching for a flight (this included using a travel agency) and the lowest fare found was WAY out our league at the present time. So, how does a "man" compensate for such a disappointment??? Hmmmmm??? Well, he comes home with an NEW toy of course!!! Yep, that's what he did ... he bought himself a computer so that he can work on improving his keyboarding skills here at home as well as being able to learn more about his job as Gaming Commissioner!!! He's SO cute - just wanna squeeze him a little too hard sometimes! Oh, and he bought a very basic model without a monitor as he has one from work that he can use. He paid about half as much for it as he could afford to spend on an airline ticket. Ahhhh .... the things it takes to sooth the "savage beast"!!! Oh, I meant to say, "man"!!! Wise choice I must say as he LOVES to learn and this will allow him some extra study time here at home while I am busy creating!!!

All kidding aside, Robert is really a VERY tender man and I've learned to read his cues rather easily, which I am EVER grateful for! THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... each and EVERY one of you for your prayers, thoughts and well-wishes as they are gratefully received and tucked within our hearts! Y'all are just TOO darned sweet, ya know?

Okay, on to some business-at-hand! Tonight's freebie is an extension of my having "switched gears" while in horrific pain and unable to focus on my kit that needs to be in my stores! I created a layout and then made it into a "scrapatit" for y'all. I REALLY had fun planting my daisies and working with some custom shadowing!!! I LIVE to learn and each time I get the opportunity to spend a little time on something, I LOVE to play around and experiment. I hope you like it and, perhaps, find it something to inspire your creativity if you are fairly new to digital scrapbooking.

I will be sharing TWO layouts with you tonight. The first is a VERY special one that Elaine aka EVD sent to me of her PRECIOUS granddaughter using the freebies I posted from *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* - THANK YOU so much Elaine!!! The second, is my layout using *Fresh As A Daisy* and is a photo of one of Robert's cousins and his family as we all gathered to celebrate his younger sister's "50th" birthday this past December!

My nose is on it's way back into PS to finish up *Shimmerin' Shamrocks*, which I hope to be able to submit as my FIRST kit to Treasures To Scraps before leaving tomorrow and will also be uploading it to my store at 3Scrapateers before the weekend is over!!! I really, really need to find a balance in my designing as I seem to always find "just one more thing" that I wish to add and it goes on and on and on! I will SOON learn I'm sure!

Have a FANTASTIC Friday night and a SPLENDID weekend y'all!!! See you tomorrow night or Sunday, God willing!


Layout by EVD using *SHIMMERIN' SHAMROCKS* by Bon Scrapatit Designs
Is she not just the SWEET EST little Irish lassie!!!

Layout by me using my *Fresh As A Daisy Mini*

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