>> Saturday, March 8, 2008

Well, I'm on the fly again tonight!!! It has been one of those days when you've set out to do one particular thing and anything and everything that could, does distract you!!!

Robert took the boys to WalMart for some belated birthday shopping and they couldn't wait to get home to show me their treasures and, of course, to play with them!!! They are really amazing young men! I've not heard a cross word between the two of them (then we don't live with them 24/7!) since they arrived and they just seem to perfectly content. Garret is actually on the sick side so I don't think he is quite his spunky self. He is such a HAM and is usually sneaking up on me several times throughout the day and giggling like crazy. He's mostly just sat quietly and played with his new "guy stuff"! He even went to sleep early, so I know he's not feeling so good - poor babe.

Okay, I guess I've kept y'all in suspense long enough!!! I am spreading my little 'ol designer wings and will be selling my designs at Treasures To Scrap starting sometime next week I believe. Paperwork has been completed and they are getting me all set up to go, so just waiting for the word and I'm ready to move in!!! Tracy Madsen and Wendi Rees are the owners and are just as sweet as can be. I am VERY excited to be joining the ranks of some of my favorite designers!

Yes, I will still be at 3Scrapateers, my HOME, SWEET, SCRAPPIN' HOME! It's like leaving home for the first time and stepping out into the BIG world that awaits you! I'm just a wee bit nervous, but know I'll be just fine and well taken care of!

Sharon, your guess about Osten ... well, close but NO cigar!!! All kidding aside, once Osten is up and running, comfortable and established, he may start taking in other designers and yes, he has offered me a place to rest my wings too!

I have a few other options as well, but slow and steady wins the race. If I take on too much at one time, well .... horrors, I don't wish to even think about it!!! I'm not 30 anymore and it's becoming more and more difficult to juggle, know what I mean? Please tell me you do, otherwise, there really is something horribly wrong with me!!! ROFL!!!! He, he ....

I will quickly explain to you why I opted to go non-exclusive at 3S sooner than planned. Having started at 3S over three years ago, I never really gave much thought to why I would ever not want to be non-exclusive until I read about Tracy Madsen's son-in-law Trevor on Rina Kroes' blog and really wanted to do something. Well, I posted all about it here on my blog but really wanted to contribute my designs to the store at TTS to go towards helping the family. One slight problem. I was an EXCLUSIVE designer, which meant that I could NEVER create a thing for anyone other than 3S and it be sold for monies. WHOA! Wait a minute! Hold the phone! I'm now feeling like I've lost a freedom! So, I've changed my status to non-exclusive and am FREE to roam about SCRAPLAND!!!

Love you guys and thank you for all the well wishes with the boys this weekend. They are a joy to have around and I actually get a BIG grin on my face when I walk outside of my room and have to step around toys!!!

Night all and I hope you like this little addition to "Shimmering Shamrocks"! I just LOVE the sheer ribbon and bow thanks to Monica Larsen's NEWEST action at Commercial-Use!!! I had to place all of the shamrocks myself as I didn't like the way it turned out with the action, so I just re-ran it with a plain sheer ribbon and added the glittered shamrocks as best I could for realism! I bought some FABULOUS St.Patrick's Day brushes from a VERY talented lady from Croatia. Her name is Silvia and her site is Graphics-Illustrations. I will be adding her to my sidebar just as soon as GOOGLE figures out what they've done that we are no longer able to scroll but halfway down the page of our elements to add, remove or change them! I am not complaining as I am EVER thankful for ALL that they have provided for FREE and to one who is HTML illiterate and would be TOTALLY lost without them!!!

Thank you GOOGLE!


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