>> Sunday, March 2, 2008

I can't believe how quickly the "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" Gallery at 3Scrapateers has filled up with such PRETTY and CREATIVE brag book pages for ALL of us participating to collect next week!!!

A HUGE "thank you" to those of you that have already taken part and to those of you who have not as yet and may be pondering the idea, please go take a peek at the gallery now to see what awaits you for uploading at least ONE brag book page by MIDNIGHT EST, tomorrow night, March 3rd!!! I still have my additional page(s) to add as well, so it's NOT too late y'all!!! You will NOT believe some of the downright genius present in the gallery, which you can peek at HERE!

If you need information on how the "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" challenge works, you may read Karen's guidelines HERE!

If you wish to participate and still don't have *WIN'TREE WEATHER* in your scrapping collection, you may find it HERE!

And as a WEE bit more incentive to join us on this FABULOUS adventure, Ms. Carole Nordyke has GRACIOUSLY given one of her AMAZINGLY created brag book pages to me to give to y'all tonight!!! THANK YOU Carole!!! You SO totally ROCK girlfriend!!!

Marie! Dearest Marie! Can you see me? I replied to your e-mail a day or so ago - I hope you received it. I just needed to know what program you are using.

Sharon - I'm SO happy to hear that you are feeling better!!! WOO HOO for the both of us!

Carole dearest, I shall be thinking of you tomorrow as you make your trek for physical therapy. And to think, I was going to call you!!! Okay, so I wait until Tuesday! He, he ...

Sue, if you happen to catch this post, I have used digestive enzymes and should actually use them on a regular basis and will do so once I've completed my program. It actually contains LIVE enzymes in all of it's products so I'm good-to-go there. Sure does make a HUGE difference though, doesn't it sweetie? I'm just HAPPY to hear that you've found an answer for your digestive woes!!! YIPPEEEEEE! OW, OW!

Okay, this girl is off to bed before she gets WAY too giddy!

THANK YOU to all of you who have left comments on *SHIMMERING SHAMROCKS*!!! You are MOST welcome and YOUR enjoyment is my reward!

Until tomorrow ... SCRAP HAPPY Y'ALL!

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