>> Monday, March 24, 2008

PHEW!!! We had a GRAND Easter (pun intended!), however, my day has been in SLOW motion today after spending a FABULOUS day in the sun and running around doing squats to capture the FUN and GAMES and, of course, our grandbabies!!! I will share some photos tomorrow! Natually, I had to snap a zillion frames to make up for the lost photo op last weekend!!! ROFL!

Marlena, mama to Dillon, was SO gracious and said we really didn't miss anything, but Dillon did - his nap the morning of his birthday! She said he was cranky and didn't think he was feeling well either. Bless his heart. As Marlena described it to me, Dillon wasn't himself and when everyone sang happy birthday to him, he thought he was being yelled at!!! OMGosh! This is the same darlin' that worked the entire crowd at the last HUGE family birthday party!!! About 65 people showed and I can't help but think that was ENTIRELY too overwhelming for a little guy who is just not feeling up to snuff. I know how I feel when I'm not well. I just want to be at home and curled up on the sofa or in my OWN bed with my family nearby!!! If I were in the company of 65 people, I'd want to crawl under the table!!! LOL! Not very ladylike I know! I'd most likely excuse myself politely and then find my way to the car, recline the seat ALL the way back and drift off to sleep!!! YUP, that's what I'd do!!!

How was your day yesterday? Anyone have any TALES to share??? LOL! We ended up NOT having an Easter egg hunt for the adults and we missed the one for the kiddos, so I am without photos of a GREAT hunt! Anyone have some they wish to share with me??? I'd LOVE to post them if you're willing!

How about photos of the family dressed in their Sunday best? Any new hats, Easter bonnets? I saw one Mom strolling her baby girl through the park with her little Easter bonnet on - my camera was not retrievable fast enough to catch a photo of her! I think I was taking a wee bit of a break and enjoying some INCREDIBLY divine salad made by one of our newlywed nieces! Kimmi and her mom make the BEST salads I've ever had and as Del put it to me after I mentioned to her that Kimmi bagged some up and put it in our cooler for me ... "we've got YOUR number Linda"!!!

Due to my inability to digest meat at the current time, I ate wisely so as not to aggravate my gall bladder and I snacked on fresh fruit, veggies and then my main meal of salad. But let me tell you, this salad was filling!!! It had a nice mixture of fresh greens, I'm thinking feta cheese, fresh raspberries and blueberries, cherry tomatoes, avocado and I'm sure a few other things I'm not remembering at the moment. I forgot to ask what kind of dressing, but I believe that it was something like a raspberry vinegarette!!! All I can tell ya is that it was YUMMY!!!

John, one of my 18-year-old twin boys, was the only one not working or off somewhere else for the day, so he joined us and was finally able to meet Travis and Sofie's baby boy, Lohgan, who is now six months old! It was good to see John mingling with Robert's side of the family as he has not had the opportunity to do so for some time! With my boys not having any family nearby, it's really a treat for them and for me to see them "plugged in"!

Okay, enough about my day, I would surely LOVE to hear about yours!!!

Tonight, I have just a wee bit more for you to add to the *Bloomin' Awesome* collection and will have a few more things for you throughout the week and then I'm on to some serious designing as I have contributions to make to three different compilations during the month of April as well as a SURPRISE coming up at Treasures-to-Scrap! Please send some MOJO my way!!! He, he ...

Sweet dreams all ...


P.S. There seems to be some intermittent troubles with my downloads via Media Fire. 4-Shared has removed the pirated files of mine so that they are no longer accessible, so I thought I'd give it a go again. I always check the links before leaving my blog. If you happen to come along to download before I've finished and you encounter any difficulty, please give it a few minutes and try again as if I find any snags, I will be altering the post to correct them!

My downloads via 4-shared will be "password protected". Tonight's password is "charmed" (without quotation marks!) - remember passwords are case-sensitive and tonight's password is all in lower-case letters.

Thanks for your patience as I try to find the best solution for all of us in getting my files to you!

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