>> Friday, March 28, 2008

Hi y'all!

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS week and I hope y'all have an even MORE fabulous weekend!!! I'm preparing for Mark and Jessica's baby shower for little Ozzie tomorrow afternoon, so it's gonna be another quickie I'm afraid!

I am SO hoping for a slow down after this week as for not feeling up to snuff and being as busy as we have been the past few weeks, I'm ready for a bit of "downtime"! Oh, and we have Wyatt and Garret this weekend. Robert picked them up after work and guess what? Poor Wyatt has "pink-eye"! He just woke up with it this morning and his mom started administering the drops used for Garret who had it the last time they were up.

Now, I must tell you that none of my kiddos ever had it, I've never had it nor has Robert so you must know that I am being EXTRA cautious as I certainly don't wish to contract it at this stage of the game, KWIM? LOL!

I've been educating Wyatt as to how to protect himself and I don't believe that we can be too careful these days - just SO much going around ALL the time! Anyhoo, he is such a sweetheart and I had to gently let him know that I was not picking on him as I informed each of my boys to exercise caution (they like to play "big brothers" and rough and tumble with them and that brings them into close contact) as "pink-eye" is HIGHLY contagious! So, here's to a SAFE and HEALTHY weekend for all involved!!!

I am SO behind and just haven't felt like doing anything (thus no photos yet - I'm sorry!) I am just taking it easy with myself and as I start feeling rejuvenated I know that my MOJO shall eventually return! Can I reach through the screen and rub some off from y'all??? ROFL! Hey, I'm desperate over here!!!

Tonight you will find in your package of goodies for FFF, a scrapatit from the layout I posted night before last and of course you KNEW there just had to be an alpha coming RIGHT??? Well, you were correct and you will find that along with the scrapatit!!!

I still have a few more pieces of *Bloomin' Awesome* to hand out to y'all! I have a little tip to give along with them as to why you will find me giving you frames that seem to be duplicates but aren't really!!! Stay-tuned for the reason behind it all and I'm sure MANY of you will already have it figured out!!! Smarty pants!!!

Until tomorrow, SCRAP HAPPY!

P.S. Please help me in extending SPECIAL birthday wished to Ms. Karen Halgren's darling husband Jon who is celebrating his "45th" today!!! MANY of you know Karen who has been around the digiscrapping sites for nearly four years now!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!

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