>> Sunday, March 9, 2008

Okay, I was looking for something FUNNY to say as I RUSH IN and right back out again!!! Am I being FOOLISH??? I shall let y'all decide on that!!! Oh, the pressure! He, he ....

In all seriousness, you know it's been a BUSY little weekend with the boys about and although they were VERY well-behaved, it is constant noise that these ears aren't quite used to all day long, so it was rather distracting and unless I can FOCUS on what's at hand, it's almost futile to attempt anything!!!

I had so much FUN walking out and saying silly little things to Wyatt and Garret as they were playing with their BOY TOYS! They just LOVE the attention and it is just SO darn easy to give it to them!!!

We will be picking them up this coming Saturday to take with us to grandson, Dillon's, FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH which is being held at a hotel banquet room. Ninety people have been invited as this is a HUGE family and Dillon already knows how to "work" a crowd so it won't be overwhelming for HIM whatsoever! He is a CUTIE PATOOTIE for sure and has the SWEETEST "little man" look! I shall DEFINITELY have to share some photos and, perhaps, can do that sometime this week!

I'm leaving you tonight with a few more additions to *Shimmering Shamrocks* and this is playing off some of the other colors you picked up in the FIRST scrapatizer I gave out on the first! I LOVE this color palette and I'm thinking of renaming the upcoming scrapkit, *Shimmering Shamrocks of Old*, as it includes some rustic metals and reminds me of the "old country"! I hope you like it as much as I have playing with it!

I finished reworking *Floral Frenzy* today, along with a new set of previews for the stores and I hope to get that uploaded ASAP, but was trying to hold out for my debut at Treasures To Scrap and I'm not quite sure when that will be exactly!!!

Thank you for your patience with me as I adapt myself once again! It seems to get a little more difficult the older I am getting and I've always been VERY adaptable, just a wee bit slower at it these days!!!

Hope y'all had a GRAND weekend! Fill me in! Any layouts to share??? I really need some new ones to add to the slideshow below!!! PRETTY PLEASE ... with another FREEBIE on top!!! ROFL!

You know I love you NO matter what, but I'm missing your masterpieces!

Thank you Miss Rina for your WARM welcome! I have missed you so and am QUITE honored to be hanging my designer wings close to yours!!! Ms. Rina is someone I have looked up to in the design world for a LONG time now and she still NEVER ceases to amaze me with her INCREDIBLE talent and SUPERB creations!!!

Thank you ALL for the CONGRATS!!! Jonni, thank for the tip on Google! I shall give it a whirl as I already tried a few others with NO success!

Liz, thank you for taking the time to stop by sweetie! EVERYBODY, my dear SWEET friend, Liz Hutchison aka Sweet Digi Scraps has just started her VERY own site and I will fill you in on that, hopefully tomorrow night as I have THREE, count them, THREE grand opening events to share and I am SO privileged to announce them right here on my blog!!! The WORLD of DIGI just keeps getting BIGGER and BIGGER and MUCHO BETTER!!! WOO HOO!

Night all .... have a MARVELOUS Monday!!!


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