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WOO HOO!!! OW, OW and YEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!!! The second day of SPRING is going on (well, almost over ... he, he ...) and it is still BLOOMIN' AWESOME here at Bon Scrapatit Designs!!! How's that y'all ask??? I can hear you!!! ROFL! Yep, you guessed it - WAY past this girls bedtime tonight!!! Actually, I've felt rather silly just about ALL day long today!!! I'm cleansing ... perhaps I've rid my body of all the ho-hums, eh? LOL! That's a GRAND thought and I shall leave it at that!!! I FEEL GOOD ... da, da, da, da, da ...

It's STILL *Bloomin' Awesome* because I have another mini addition to add to the collection from last night! I mentioned that I was not sure where I was going with this kit, which was my second-ever creation just about ONE year ago this time!!! I will most likely add a few things to it a little more up-to-date as it is pretty basic, however, I just ADORE the colors as they are SO fresh and just make me feel good when I look at them. I hope they make you feel that way too!

You will notice a SWEET little "butterfly" in this installment, which I've made from background papers in my *Bloomin' Awesome* collection and a FABULOUS template from a dear "fellow" designer at 3Scrapateers who goes by Nicecrane aka Ignacio!!! Ignacio lives in Spain, has taught Photoshop for 12 or so years now and creates the MOST incredible layouts each and every time!!! He is SO talented and I am SO loving every NEW product he comes out with in his store as they are all TRULY unique! Ignacio has some LOVELY collaged photo templates, straw frames (yes, they look like the flex straws that we ALL know and love), glitter frames ( ya just gotta KNOW that I LOVE these!!!) and even some BEAUTIFUL glitter styles!!! The list just goes on and on and I can hardly keep up with his NEW additions!

I just went to get the direct link to the BUTTERFLY TEMPLATE and found that he has already uploaded these SWEET little animals that he started creating just today. He started with a "cow" and now has a package with 3-cows, 3-bunnies and 3-bugs. Y'all have just got to check out his ENTIRE store!!! You can find Nicecrane Designs HERE

Ignacio is also VERY intrigued with "origami" and has created some AWESOME digital origami items to add a UNIQUE touch to your layouts. Please pay him a visit, you won't be sorry and you will also find some VERY nice "freebies" on Ignacio's blog, which is HERE Some of his products are also for "commercial use".

And, of course, y'all know how to visit my store as the links are always located right below my newest products at the upper portion of the sidebar here on my blog! Have you checked out my two newest editions yet. I know St. Patty's has already passed, but it's NEVER to late to scrap and *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* is SO versatile and does wonders with NATURE photos as well or even heritage pages ifn' ye be of Irish decent!

Thank you SO much for visiting me and I wish you all a VERY Happy Easter and can't wait to hear what y'all do!

I have neglected to tell you (I was bummed for two days straight and really didn't even feel like blogging let alone telling my poor, feeble story!) that Robert and I did NOT make it to Dillon's FIRST birthday party last Saturday! YEP, you read me right ... we did NOT make it! How could that be y'all are wondering? Well, this OLD lady needs to have her vision checked or she needs not to spend SO much time staring at the computer screen!!! I misread the invitation (not once, but twice) to say "The first pitch is at 1:00". Mind you, there was no AM or PM or I might have had a better clue! (Yeah, I know, still my bad!) We were all packed up and ready-to-go and I had run back into the house to grab said invitation for driving directions when I found Robert on his cell phone with son #3 and heard him say, "what do you mean the party has been going on for a half an hour?" OOOOOOPS! It was 11:30, we had Wyatt and Garret to pick up and then another hour's drive from there. My whole demeanor changed. We drove my oldest to the store for work and I busted ... yup ... I cried. I had just spent the past four days with what I now believe to have been a gallbladder attack and I was trying SO hard to keep my emotions in tact so as not to stress my body as that seems to trigger so many things in me these days. I can't tell you HOW many times I apologized to Robert, who, believe it or not, was actually happy to not have to go as he just does not look forward to long drives after working all week. Bless his heart. He is TOO nice to me sometimes! He, he ...

All that to say this, we are going to a BIG family Easter picnic Sunday morning at 11:00 am! Robert teases me and asks if I'm sure it doesn't start at 1:00!!! Such a guy! He's a BONA FIDE nut! Keeps me laughing and I will NEVER fault him for that!

So, NO birthday photos from me - just hoping to get them from other members in the family that attended! I will be taking LOTS of photos of the kiddos AND adults during their egg hunts at the park. We are also having a bar-b-que and I get to eat!!! WOO HOO!!!

Love and hugs to y'all, have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL weekend and VERY special time with your loved ones.

Sweet dreams ...

P.S. Sharon - I'm sorry to hear about your loss of electricity and hope it's not something that will be happening to you again any time soon. Was it weather related? I had six consecutive power outages last weekend and that has NEVER happened to us here before. It was really, really strange even!

I forgot to remind y'all tonight that tomorrow, Saturday, is Osten Wilkins aka the DUDE'S grand opening over at OSTEN WILKINS DESIGNS!!! Hope to see y'all there - he's got LOTS of goodies for us!!!

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