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HI Y'ALL!!!!

It's been SOOOOO quiet around here lately! Where is EVERYONE??? What am I missing???

Well, y'all have NO doubt been VERY, VERY busy as I have been! Before I go any further and forget, I would like to thank ALL of those participating in the past week's "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" at 3Scrapateers with Karen and I once again for making it such a BIG success!!! TOTAL count of BRAG BOOK pages in the gallery is 33 and Ms. Karen should be sending those out to all of us within the next day or two!!! That is enough pages for THREE entire albums without duplicating pages!!! WOO HOO and THANK YOU!!! Y'all make things SO much FUN and that is why I enjoy what I am doing - because it's FUN, CREATIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE!!! Thanks to y'all, I don't think I watch hardly a bit of television!!! I'd rather be right here creating!!! It's SO therapeutic and relaxing too!

I REALLY am VERY excited about getting a few brag book albums put together quickly to share with our family when we go to celebrate grandson number two's FIRST birthday on the 15th!!! Oh, YES, even MORE photo ops there!!! And then on the 29th, we will be attending a BABY SHOWER for my FIRST grandson from the Walton clan!!! WHOA! Better make sure I download the birthday boy's photos first and be ready-to-go again!!! Another BUSY, BUSY year and here I was hoping for a few months at home with NO place to go!!! ROFL! That just DOES NOT happen in a BIG family, now does it!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who brought to my attention that they saw some of my freebie images on another site. I would also like to explain a bit about how I feel about all of this without going into GREAT length as very simply put, my health cannot and will not tolerate it.

While I do not have the stamina to go pirate hunting as many are, I do appreciate the alerts, but being a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser, I tend to handle things in a more diplomatic manner than exploiting people publicly as I've seen done recently in many places. I suppose at this juncture I might intercede with a well-known Biblical verse, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

I am not saying that piracy is alright by any means. I'm just saying that as MANY before me have put it SO eloquently, Adobe has not stopped it. If major software companies and the age-old music industry HAVE NOT stopped it, then we won't be able to stop it either. I also feel it can be handled in a more ethical and professional manner. I, personally, do not believe in "public hangings" so-to-speak.

I have heart disease (kicking myself for not sharing my story during heart disease awareness month in February!) due to accumulative stress. They could find NO other explanation as to why I, a completely healthy woman up until this time 3 years ago March 1st, at the age of 50 was having an angioplasty performed and a stent implanted into my LAD artery. Upon my own research (which is my second passion after scrapping, designing and photography), I came to the conclusion that I suffered from an accumulation of severe and traumatic stress for 4/5 th's of my life. That only makes sense as I lived many years in fear for my life and at times that of my children's. I was also diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I also deal with Fibromyalgia which, in me, is triggered by stress. No, I do not like labels and NO I don't plan on being this way forever!!! It is up to me to bring a balance about and to curtail the things that bring about an abundance of stress in my life. DRAMA is one of them. For any of those experiencing a majority of their life in abuse, this is EASILY understood.

So, long story short here, this body cannot get on the bandwagon with those that are pursuing digital pirates. Here is what I will do however. If I see another designer's creations in a place I don't feel they should be or I see their links provided and/or someone claiming said designer's goods as their own, I will contact said designer and contact the person violating said designer if easily accessible.

Things that I will NOT do are get involved in forum dramas or post things on my blog that I cannot prove or back up as being fact.

I'm sure you all realize that my enjoyment here comes from being able to help others to preserve their MOST precious and priceless memories and to be UPLIFTING and ENCOURAGING. All of this chaos has not been uplifting whatsoever. So, I'd just like to say for anyone who may not be privy to and/or is new to the Internet, digital scrapbooking, my blog and such, PLEASE respect the hard work of others and do not infringe upon their copyrighted work. If in doubt about something, ask. It is NOT ethical or legal to share another's work without their permission and you will be amazed at how willing people are to share when asked.

If any of you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to ask or comment and I will address them.

NOW! I would like to return to my REGULARLY scheduled programming and offer you something UPLIFTING in the form of a FREEBIE!!! I have included the original layout I created your "scrapatit" from tonight as I really liked the way it turned out. It is nearly a year old now, but SPRING is right around the corner and down the street and I just think it's *BLOOMIN' AWESOME* and I hope y'all do to!!! I am offering "two" versions of this "scrapatit". One with a bit of journaling and the other without.

Thanks for being the understanding, caring, compassionate and LOVING people that you are! Y'all ROCK .... and then some!!!

See you tomorrow with some EXCITING news!!! WOO HOO!!!


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